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Ana and a pain in her belly

Ana and a pain in her belly

One morning my loving Ana woke up with a severe pain in her belly.
She went to the nearer hospital and a Doctor made her all tests, but nothing helped and her pain increased more after two days.

Her girlfriend Helena recommended a good Doctor, who had met her.

That same day I went with Ana to see that Doctor. Our appointment was the last one, by eight in the evening, as we booked in too late. When our turn came I asked the Doctor if I could come in, to be close to my wife.

After taking all the details, the Doctor started asking normal questions about the pain Ana was suffering. He asked some embarrassing questions, about how often did we have sex or about any STD’s in the past… and worst of all, what position did we normally have sex… and if we did have rough sex.

He added that it was very important for him to knew, as the pain could be life threatening disease. After asking these questions he told my wife to lie down on the bed, so he could check her.
Soon the Doctor started the exam and asked Ana to strop her clothes off.

After that he checked her pressure, pulse, temperature, and breathing, he said he would check her breast first for any lumps.
Meanwhile he called an assistant to bring the pelvic exam kit.
Seeing the assistant, Anita got nervous and her nipples became erect, but the assistant barely looked at her.
Then both the Doctor and his assistant started pressing my sweet wife’s breast and the Doctor even pinched her nipples.

After the breast exam he started the pelvic exam. He started feeling Ana’s pussy and shoved his finger between her pussy lips and then said he thought it could be cancer. My wife broke in tears and I was shocked too. He then said to make sure he needed to do a fluid test and asked my wife to get a sample in the bathroom.

Ana was still sobbing and crying when she came back. Then the Doctor gave her some medicine and said it was stress relief.
Then he asked me to take the sample to his assistant in the laboratory.
I waited for that man and it took more than half hour to make a report.
Then I said him I would go to the toilet. But I went directly to the examination room, to check how Anita was going.

Just when I entered there, I saw the Doctor’s dick buried deep inside in my wife’s cunt. Ana was bent over the bed and the good Doctor was between her open thighs, fucking her from behind wildly. He was doing it so rough that my lovely wife was crying but she couldn’t do anything as she was almost passed out. The bastard had given her a heavy dose of sleeeping pills instead of stress relief.

When I suddenly entered the room the Doctor said he was just checking my wife’s rectal temperature and nothing else. He quickly slipped out from Ana’s cunt and zipped his trousers.

I stared at him with an angry look and he knew I was aware that he was fucking my wife, but I decided not to say anything else, because I knew that Ana had enjoyed it, although she had been passed out.
I took her and we came back home, knowing that her pain could be just a bad indigestion of a meal.

Next morning Ana was unable to walk. Her pussy lips were swollen and reddish. She said she could not remember what had happened there.
But at least, her belly’s pain had disappeared…

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