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Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

I had enjoyed a quick trip to Ohio with my loving Victor, he had invited me to go with him and I had been delighted. My loving husband had been very busy during three days and finally we were boarding a plane to fly back…

While sitting on the plane I asked a blanket and received one and a pillow. Victor’s seat was in the aisle and I was on the middle. We had to get up to allow a huge man go through us, to his window seat. The man was really huge, bigger than my husband. Sitting in between, I had no room to move.

The plane took off, for a nice four hours night flight. It was dark in the cabin except for a few reading lights. As soon as we got in the air, Victor whispered something in my ear and then fell in his best dreams.
I tried to watch a movie in the tiny television screen on the back of the seat in front of me, with no sound…

The huge man next to me opened his lap top. I was seated arms by my sides, hands folded in my lap, the blanket over my shoulders covering me.
The man started to type. His elbows were way out into my space and rubbing my tits anytime. I was not wearing a bra under my summer dress and then I felt starting some kind of arousal with his touch…
I let it continue for a few minutes. I needed to go to the bathroom, then I removed the blanket and stepped over my husband’s legs.
When I returned, he was still typing, but his elbow was tucked tightly by his side. I thought it was very difficult for him to type in such position, so, I told him not to worry about bumping me. He answered he was sorry…

He started typing again, his elbow in, but trying not to touch me. I had enough of this and bumped my tit into his elbow. He moved his arm. But I did it again; I told him everything was fine to me…
Suddenly he closed his lap top and put away inside the pocket of the seat in front of him. Then he folded his arms across his chest. His right hand under his left arm, leaning toward me, he ran his fingers on the side of my tit.
I turned slightly to give him a better feel, barely letting him reach my nipple.

The blanket was covering me from my shoulders to my waist; I moved my hand, making sure to keep it covered, to the top of his leg and squeezed it. I moved my fingers to the inside of his leg and rubbed him. I tried, to move my hand toward his crotch and he moved to get his crotch closer to my hand. By now we both wanted my hand on his cock. I moved my buttocks close to the guy and leaned towards Victor, putting my head on his shoulder. I moved the blanket to cover my shoulder arm and hand that was now in the guy’s lap.
Trying to grab his dick through his pants, I could feel he was hard but could only feel the base of his cock. It must have been stuck in his pants pointing down. He reached down and fixed himself, making his cock pointing up.

Then I could grab the shaft and head, but still only through his pants.
He opened his zipper and then I felt the warmth of his cock in my hand. My fingers half wrapped around him, the underside of his cock and head up in the palm of my hand. Moving as little as I can, using my pointing finger to stroke him. I slid my fingers up the shaft to the base of the head. Squeezing and rolling it between my fingertips.

The ridge around the head of his cock felt huge in my fingers. I pulled and twisted it. He put his head back against the seat. With the head of his cock between my thumb and middle finger, I used my pointer finger, with little up and down and back and forth motions on that area. I could feel his head swell. I kept doing it and was surprised when I felt his pre-cum on my fingers.

This made everything slippery and I had to use all my fingers to hold his head, which seemed to be leaking more pre-cum, to his now hard shaft. Then the head of his cock swelled in my fingers to what felt like double in size. I felt the spasms; he was going to cum in my fingers…

Suddenly his cum hit the palm of my hand. He controlled his body without movement except for the cock in my fingers. I felt each spasm till they subsided. My hand was covered with him cum. I left it there for a second and then licked some of his cum before wiping it on the blanket.

He looked at me and gave the biggest sigh. I was pleased with my accomplishment. I left him with the blanket in case he needed it. I never saw what his pants or shirt looked like after we finished. He was always behind me as we got off the plane.

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