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And Dad don’t know!

Brenda’s eyes rolled as she felt the hard pounding between her legs. Her lover was close to his climax and she was only a whisker away from it herself. Today, the missionary position and her long, slim legs curled around his waist, her ankles locked at his back, holding him into her as though he would fly away if she let go. And for Paul, he felt the thrill of every thrust into her tight, wet pussy. He loved her holding him like this. He too felt he might fly away in the height of his orgasmic pleasure and also he knew that when she came, she went wild and he had to hold on tight for the helter-skelter ride to the soft and gentle, post-orgasmic plains.

She was cumming. Her hips bucking and, despite his weight on her slim body, she was throwing him about but still he drove in and out of her and felt his own rising sensations starting at the tip of his rigid cock, buried deep inside her, and flooding down the shaft and into his body, spreading like a forest fire through him. He heard someone cry out and it didn’t quite register that it was him as he felt the rush of the first burst of his thick, creamy semen pump into the hot, wet cavity of her orgasming body.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, YES!” he heard her voice millimeters from his ear and sounding a mile away. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder you filthy little bastard!”

“Oh, you fucking whore!” he cried.

“Yes! Yes! Whore! I’m your whore! Treat me like one and fill my cunt you dirty little fucking….Ohhhhh! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS!” He cried. “I love you, mum!”

They were kissing as they floated on an orgasmic plain.

Then the descent. They lay in each others’ arms and twitched and laughed and panted and kissed and slowly returned to the land of sense and sensibility.

“Wow!” Brenda said when they had finally touched down on the bed again. “You were desperate!”

“Mmmm,” Paul said. “Very.”

“Bad day?”

“Run up to exams,” he said as he gently kissed her neck. “And I haven’t actually fucked you since yesterday. I was desperate!”

“Randy little bastard!”

“Well are you surprised?” He said taking his weight on his arms and looking down at her. “Especially after I heard you and Dad last night. You were being a trifle loud.”

“I know,” she said with a wicked look in her eyes. “I made sure of it. I know what I get when you hear.”

“My mother, the whore!”

“And aren’t you and that young prick of yours pleased she is?” Brenda laughed and squeezed the muscles she’d trained since she was a teenager. Paul smiled as he felt his cock massaged inside his mother.

“I love you, Mum!” he said. She smiled. You just have and…..”

Both froze! They had heard a noise.

“Fuck! It’s your father!” Brenda said. Paul rolled off his mother and headed for the door. “Wait! Let me go first.”

She rolled from the bed and scooped up the silk kimono she wore which she loved because it hugged her body.

Pausing only to straighten her hair she opened the bedroom door, turned and blew a kiss to Paul and slipped out. She met David half way up the stairs.

“Hello, Darling,” she said. “What are you doing home so early?”

“I just fancied surprising you,” her husband said coming to meet her. “But I did think you’d be dressed. Not that I’m complaining because you are very nearly how I want you.”

He had come right up to her and was hugging her. She looked towards her bedroom door. Paul was peering round it but had no chance to escape as she’d hoped.

“Well, then,” Brenda said to her husband. “Why don’t I make you a coffee and we can discuss…..”

“Fuck coffee! Get into that bedroom, woman! I’m in need and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!”

“Oh!” was all she could say and then she was being propelled towards their room. She braced herself for the explosion. David pushed her through the door. Frantically she looked around the room. She guessed that Paul had slipped into the cupboard in the corner and as David was pulling her to the bed, she saw the door move.

“God I want you my fucking little whore,” David said, pushing her onto the bed. “Now get that fucking dressing gown off and spread those lovely legs.”

“It’s a kimono!”

“I don’t fucking well care. Get it off you fucking whore!”

She slipped the silk gown off as he stripped. He was very excited and his cock stood rigid. Not as large as Paul’s but David could still use it well. She thought about her son’s juices filling her and worried. As David bent his face to go between her legs she pulled him up and onto her.

“Plenty of time to lick it after,” she said. “Just fuck me first!”

“Oh, darling. You seem ready for this.”

“I am. Come on, Give your fucking whore the fucking she wants. Stick that big cock into me and fill me up!”

David climbed onto her and used his hand to guide his cock into her.

“Wow!” he said. “You really are turned on, aren’t you? You really are a dirty little fucking whore!”

Brenda grinned

“Isn’t that why you married me?” she said and looking towards the cupboard, saw Paul watching. She looked directly into his eyes. “Mmmmm, I do love you fucking me, filling my cunt with that big cock and emptying all your thick creamy spunk into me.”

Paul smiled. She could see he was rubbing his own cock as he watched.

“Oh, Yes!” David was saying. “Oh fuck, yes! I hope our Paul finds a dirty slut like you to marry. A filthy whore who knows what her cunt’s for.”

“How do you know he hasn’t?”

David stopped for a moment and looked down at her.

“Has he?”

Brenda shrugged her shoulders.

“How should I know?”

“Would you fuck him?”

“Mmmm. Isn’t it every mothers’ dream to fuck her son?” she said.

“Oh, you filthy whore,” David said as he began to pump into her again, slowly. “Tell me how you’d fuck him.”

Brenda put her arms around her husband as he slowly shagged her and, looking into her son’s eyes, described to David what she and Paul had been doing just before he came home.

“Oh fuck, Yesssssssss!” David said as he emptied his balls into his wife. She had not orgasmed and lay with him on top of her, recovering his breath. Finally he rolled off her and lay panting beside her.

“How was that for you?” He asked. She rolled to him.

“Great, as always,” she lied.

“You were very graphic about young Paul. Seems like you’ve thought about the boy.”

Brenda smiled at her husband.

“Doesn’t every mother wonder how her son will fuck?”

David grinned and rolled off the bed.

“Just as long as theory doesn’t turn practical, “he said as he threw his clothes back on. “I got to go. I was only on my way through. Got a meeting and I’ll be a bit late tonight so don’t wait up.

He finished dressing and bent over to where she lay, propped up on one elbow, and kissed her on the forehead.

Brenda watched as he went through the door and after a little while the front door slammed. She could just hear the car start.

Paul eased himself from the cupboard and moved over to the window, Standing just out of sight, he watched for a while.

“He’s gone,” he said at last, turning to look at his naked mother. “Short and sweet, wasn’t it?”

“That describes your father’s cock,” she said.

“He didn’t bring you off,”


“Guess we’d better rectify that, hadn’t we,” the boy said climbing onto the bed. “Tongue or prick?”


“Mmmmm. I love my whore mother.”

“Better than all your little girlfriends?”

“Who said there’s others?”

“I know you, Paul.”

“Do you mind?” he asked, smiling down at her.

Brenda shook her head and smiled as she felt his cock slide into her again.

“Oh, no,” she said. “Especially that delicious little Jenny.”

“You fancy Jenny?”

“She looks a dirty little thing,” Brenda smiled. “I could do lots of dirty things with her.”

“You could,” Paul said, his hips beginning to work harder as he thrust. His mother’s legs came up around his waist and she locked her ankles behind him. “And she often talks about you. She’d love to have a session with you.”

Brenda reached out a long arms, trying not to disturb her son’s thrusting. She grabbed the handset and held it to him.

“Your father’s out til late,” she said. “Call her!”

Paul stopped and grinned down to his mother. Taking the phone he dialled and, looking into Brenda’s eyes.

“Hi, Jenny? Paul! My mum says hello and wonders if you’d like to come over?………Yes, She does mean that…….Have a word with her.”

He passed the handset to Brenda.

“Hello, Jenny…..Yes……We’ll be waiting for you…….”

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