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…And My Best Friend Too

“…And My Best Friend Too”

(part 2 of a two-part story with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande)
(part 1:

Victoria opened the bedroom door slowly making sure not to make too much noise. She snuck back into bed and carefully slipped under the blankets as to not wake up her sl*eping friend. She settled into the bed, spooning her friend, nestling her head on the redhead’s back kissing her shoulder before readying to join her friend in slumber. Just as Victoria closed her eyes she felt Ariana move from her grasp.

“Where were you?” a worried look on Ariana’s face.

“I just went to the bathroom,” Victoria lied worried of what her friend would do if she found out the truth.

“You were gone for a long time.”

“Well it’s just that…” quickly thinking of her next words Victoria continued. ”You were asl*ep and I was still horny so you know…”

“If it’s to have some special time you can always wake me up. In fact I’m mad at you for thinking I would mind,” Ariana looked away pretending to be upset.

“I’m sorry. Next time I will wake you up, but do you forgive me this time?” the brunette reached her hand placing it on the redhead’s shoulder. “Please?” Victoria beg as she pushed Ariana’s bra strap off her shoulder.

Victoria leaned in and kissed Ariana’s shoulder slowly moving to her neck while Ariana closed her eyes. Victoria kissed her friend’s cheek when Ariana finally faced her, looking into each other’s eyes, before embracing in a kiss. Victoria just loved making out with Ari, her lips were so soft and she never over did it with the saliva, yup her friend was a great kisser.

Ariana moaned into her mouth every time the brunette tweaked the now hardened nipples. The kissing became more passionate as they both ran their hand all over each other bodies. Ariana separated the kiss to take off Tori’s shirt leaving both of them topless. Ariana, just like her friend, pulled at the perky tits while the kissing resumed. Feeling the pointy nipples between her fingers Ariana pushed Tori onto her back on the bed.

Victoria noticed Ariana’s lust filled stare as she frantically pulled at her boy shorts almost ripping them off the brunette’s slender body. Now a completely naked Victoria Justice laid on the bed. Ariana hovered over her slowly lowering herself until the redhead’s body rested on top of her friend’s. Their hard nipples stabbing at each other, their mouths opened wide allowing their tongues to dance from one to the other.

The redhead ran her hand along her friend’s skin caressing every little spot until it recognized the brunette’s most sacred place. Ari tickled the hairless skin, torturing her wanting friend and yet it pleased Victoria. She liked when she and Ariana had these sexual encounters more than with any of her other friends. With Ari there was no telling what would happen as one second they could be tender, like just now, or they could go at it like wild an*mals.

Not much was off limits when they were together.

Victoria jerked as Ariana now brushed her clit making her purr. The slight touch of her friend’s hot sex drove Ariana crazy, she tried her best to control herself but it was impossible. As soon Ari’s finger made contact with Victoria’s wet pussy the redhead couldn’t stand it anymore. Pulling away from her friend, who seem to be in a daze, Ariana f*rced the brunette’s legs wide open and dove her head to where the long limbs met.

Victoria let out a moan as she felt Ari’s tongue enter her vagina.

“Mmm, Ari, eat my sweet pussy.”

“You’re so wet,” Ari mumbled. “I’ve never eaten you when you were this wet.”

“It’s all your fault. You make me get like this.”

Feeling proud that all of the juices flowing from Victoria were because of the brunette’s need of Ariana, the redhead slipped her tongue as deep as she could into the wet snatch. Swirling her tongue around stimulating the “Victorious” star’s inner walls. When she finally took her tongue out from Victoria it was dripping more than just saliva.

VJ squirmed when she felt Ari stick two fingers into her co-star’s slick cunt, moving her hips to Ariana’s rhythm, Victoria urged Ari to go faster to which the redhead happily complied while her mouth wrapped around Tori’s clit. The nibbling at Victoria’s clitoris made her moaning louder as she felt an orgasm approaching. Not wanting to let go as Victoria bucked around, Ariana dove her fingers deeper inside her friend until they were completely out of sight. Victoria arched her back lifting herself from the bed, her heart beating fast and her breathing getting heavier.

“Mmnph, shit, shit, shit,” Tori let out with one last groan, “I’m cumming!”

With a long and very pleasurable orgasm Victoria finished while her redhead friend opened her mouth wide, letting all the juices flow along her tongue, into her mouth and down her throat. Still panting Victoria settled back down on the bed her friend still slurping her juices from her spent pussy. Victoria looked down and smiled as she found it sexy that not only was Ariana swallowing her juices but also some of her br*ther’s, Frankie, cum. The notion of having fucked Frankie then a few minutes later getting her pussy eaten by his s*ster and not only that but Ariana swallowing a Victoria/Frankie juice cocktail riled the brunette up somewhat.

Separating her friend from her snatch was a hard thing to do but Victoria had a sudden need to please her friend just how Ari had done to her. The redhead’s face was sticky with Tori’s sweet nectar made Ariana seem even more beautiful to the brunette. Holding Ariana’s head VJ directed her along her body while Ari took the time to kiss every inch of Victoria’s smooth skin along the way. Ariana kissed the wet folds, the hairless pubic area, Victoria’s flat tummy, then as Ariana approached the pert breast, Grande took a stiff nipple between her lips.

Sucking on the tit then releasing it to flick the nub with her tongue Ariana moved up until she was face to face one more time with her co-star. The teens began another intense kiss smearing the beautiful brunette with her own juices.

“It’s your turn,” Victoria moaned in between kisses.

Showing a big smile Ariana threw herself off of her friend, pulling her panties down her short fit legs and dropping on the bed in a similar position as Victoria. By now the brunette was already on top of her friend stuffing her tongue down Ari’s throat. Their bodies began to move making both girl’s wet pussies rub against each other’s leg. They moaned as the heat of their bodies rose and pleasure increased.

“Eat my pussy Tori,” Ariana cooed.

Wanting to fulfil her co-star’s wishes she moved down the redhead’s body, lips skimming across Ari’s skin. Victoria passed Ariana’s needy sex making the teen confused until Tori kept going down her leg to stop at the puddle she had left on Ariana’s leg. With her tongue out VJ cleaned up the mess she had left while her finger separated her friend’s sideways lips and ran along the pink slit. Once finished Victoria moved her attention to Ariana’s sopping wet clam which was ready for anything Victoria had in mind for her.

“How many fingers do you want?” Victoria drooled at the sight of Ari’s delicious cunt.

After hers, Victoria loved the taste of Ariana’s pussy. It had a tangy yet sweet taste that was unbelievable.

“I want all of them,” the redhead growled.

Victoria laughed as she knew perfectly well that Ariana was already crying out when she used two fingers on her and yet she was asking for her whole hand. Instead as a compromise the “Victorious” star used three and as she had assumed Ariana began to moan loudly while her body thrashed around.

Frankie stood at the door intently watching in disbelief as her s*ster gave oral pleasure to Victoria Justice, whom he had fucked only a few minutes before, and was now on her back legs wide open receiving the same type of pleasure. His mind was moving at a 100 mph as he tried to register what was going on. Not being able to sl*ep Frankie had waited until Victoria went into Ariana’s bedroom before he quietly followed her. He had watched the beautiful Latina sl*ep many times but this was a special occasion since they had shared a very intimate experience.

As he pushed the door opened he was in shock when he saw both teen stars making out, which led to his younger s*ster eating her friend out to eventually Victoria having an orgasm and cumming into Ariana’s mouth. It was all too much from him as his s*ster was not the one getting her pussy eaten. Frankie knew he should have closed the door and walk away but he couldn’t manage to get himself to move. It seemed his body ignored any command his brain sent.

The fingers moved in and out at a fast pace making Victoria’s hand get sticky with girl juice.

“Did you bring what I asked for?” Ari moaned.

Victoria nodded as she knew what Ari had in mind. Stopping for a while Victoria got up and walked to her bag, in the meantime Ariana positioned herself on all fours on the bed. Frankie moved away from the opened door as he heard Victoria search through her bag.

“Here it is,” Victoria waved the double sided dildo excitedly, Ariana just smiled.

Victoria knelled down by the bed, her back to the door, and her eye level to Ariana’s asshole. For someone who screamed like she was getting murdered, when her pussy got finger, Ari could take a fairly good amount of the dildo in the ass.

Frankie returned to his spot at the opened door when he gasped to himself at what he saw. Victoria on the floor with her hands on Ariana’s ass, spreading the firm cheek open as the brunette’s tongue made contact with the tight hole. Victoria tickled the puckered orifice as she left layer after layer of saliva prepping it for what was about to come. Frankie could feel his sweatpants getting tighter, his cock now fully erect.

Ariana purred as her ass clenched Victoria’s tongue. Was there anything that the “Victorious” star didn’t like about her co-star? Victoria simply loved everything about her redheaded friend: her lips and the talented mouth she had, her delicious pussy, the pert chest, the round bottom and the asshole was just as amazing as the rest of her body.

The horny guy looked on as Victoria tongue fucked his little s*ster’s ass, pressing her face against her rump then shaking her head while her tongue was inside Ari’s back door. Concentrating on both girls, Frankie didn’t notice that he had entered his s*ster’s bedroom and was now only a few feet away from the teens.

VJ could feel Frankie’s presence but she wasn’t too surprised, she had actually caught him spying on them while she was getting pleasured by Ariana. Now all Victoria wanted was to give the sibling a good time. Knowing what to do the brunette penetrated her friend’s pussy with her fingers one more time making Ariana place her face against the bed. Now that Ariana was too busy to turn around Victoria faced Frankie surprising him as he was now masturbating to the scene in front of him.

Moving Frankie’s hand away Victoria took control and engulfed the hard cock into her mouth, blowing him like she had earlier that night. Frankie tried his best not to make any sound instead he pulled at Victoria’s hair taking out his fury of not being able to openly vocalize his pleasure. Victoria licked the entire hardness as she was preparing it for the next step of her plan.

Frankie was actually a bit relived when Victoria stopped sucking him, almost making him sigh. Just then he heard something that made his heart stop.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Ari,” Victoria teased.

Frankie stood frozen worried that Victoria might rat him out.

“What is it?” Ariana yelped as her cunt was still being violated by her friend’s long fingers.

“You have to close your eyes first.”

Following her friends instructions the redhead closed her eyes and rested her body as Victoria removed her fingers from the wet sex. Victoria locked eyes with Frankie, a worried look on his face as he put the final pieces to the puzzle and was now able to see her plan. The TV star pulled her friend’s br*ther by his hard member making him get closer to what she knew would be an unforgettable night. Frankie walked slowly towards the bed with his naked s*ster on it, his mind racing as he was still in shock of what was happening.

He should have gone back to his room when he had the chance but his feet betrayed him as they kept forward. He looked at his s*ster and realized that this was actually something that he had wanted for some time now. There had been nights when he would touch himself before going to sl*ep and the first image that would come to his mind would be Ariana. Sometimes she would be wearing a skimpy outfit that she had worn to an event and other times she would be completely naked. Frankie inspected the naked body one more time comparing it to the one he had dreamed of so many time and he came to a conclusion, Ariana’s body is so much hotter than any he could ever imagine.

Victoria was now standing on the bed behind Ariana, one hand on the redhead’s hip the other still gripping Frankie’s manhood. She pulled at Frankie who no longer resisted her.

“How much longer for your surprise Tori?” desperation in the redhead’s voice.

“It won’t be long now.”

Ariana had taken fake cocks many times but she had never had the pleasure of a real dick, this made Victoria anxious to begin this new experience. With one last pull Frankie’s cock made contact with his s*ster’s backdoor. As soon as Frankie felt his stiffness touch the tight rim his brain told him to leave but his body continued forward. Bit by bit the Ariana’s tight hole began to get stretch out by what she thought was a sex toy, but in reality it was her older br*ther’s mushroom tip.

“Fuck, it feels so good,” Ariana cooed.

“I bought a new toy just for you Ari. It’s supposed to feel like a real dick,” Victoria now as turned on as she had ever been, watching how Ariana was getting anal from her br*ther.

“I love it, but do it how I like it.”

VJ turned to Frankie who was not paying attention to what the teens were talking about as he was too busy with how good it felt to be inside Ariana. Frankie was awaken from his trance of seeing how his hardness slowly went deeper into Ari’s round ass, that he jumped making his cock jerk inside Ariana. The redhead let out a groan impressed at what VJ was doing with this new “toy”. Victoria signalled for Frankie to speed up but he kept doing what he was doing as he was afraid that if he went faster he might hurt Ariana’s bum. He shook his head upsetting Victoria.

Taking matters into her own hands and pulled on Ariana making her take more of Frankie’s length. Just then Frankie moved back retreating from the redhead, but having tasted this forbidden pleasure he moved towards the naked teen once more. This time his cock went in more than half way before he moved out of the teen’s rear. His hips moved in speedy motion but still being careful not to penetrate Ariana fully.

Frankie felt as Ariana’s body began to perspire from the work out he was giving her. Victoria still held Ariana while she waved her teen ass in Frankie’s face, inviting him to play with her as well. Noting Victoria’s drenched cunt Frankie licked at the yummy pussy, still not slowing on his thrusting. The feeling of his s*ster on his dick and the taste of her friend’s clam made him lose control sending a clear signal to his balls that it was time to finish.

Just then Frankie ran his thumb along Tori’s asshole, and using some of the juices that had splashed all over, he inserted the thumb inside giving it a small wiggle. The sudden invasion of Tori’s behind made her flinch and accidentally push Frankie away who stumbled out of Ariana.

“Shit. Don’t stop,” Ariana begged.

Looking over her shoulder VJ mouthed “sorry” to Frankie who fixed his posture and walked back to the bed. As he got closer he couldn’t help but notice just how pink and tight Ariana’s young pussy looked. It seemed a waste to be here in this situation and not give her clam a proper fucking. With that he aimed at the star’s plum sex. Ariana’s legs were spread enough and her lips were enough that Frankie entered his s*ster fairly easy.

Ariana screamed her head off at the sudden jolt of pain that ran all over her body.

“What is Victoria doing?” the redhead thought to herself as Tori knew that she was only allowed to finger bang Ari. The “Victorious” star had dreamed of having sex until she got married but when she and Victoria began to experiment the teens had agreed that Ariana would not get anything other than finger fucking. As Victoria started to suggest using dildos and vibrators on each other Ariana decided that it was OK as long as she didn’t get penetrated from the front and her only other option was anal.

Tori had complied with the agreement, they even pinkie-promised, but seeing Frankie be the first guy to penetrate her friend made the brunette love the both of them even more than before. Frankie couldn’t believe just how tight his s*ster was, it was at this moment of pure pleasure that he let out a loud moan.

“Yes,” Frankie mumbled.

Ariana thought she had heard a familiar voice that wasn’t Victoria. Still in pain she took all the strength she had and glanced over her shoulder. She thought her mind was playing tricks on her as she swore she had just seen her br*ther Frankie standing behind her with his cock inside of her most sacred area. She looked back and confirmed that she was in fact getting fucked by Frankie. As she realized what had happened the entire time she felt sick and began to flail her arms and kick at Frankie. Ariana was flat on her stomach while her feet aimed at Frankie trying to push him away but seeing that Ariana had found out what was going on, Frankie to a firm grip of her limbs and spread them wide, pinning them to the bed.

“Calm down Ari, it’s OK,” Victoria now sat on top of her friend trying to control and comfort her.

“No. Get off me,” Ariana growled at the top of her lungs. “Please, Frankie, stop doing this.”

Frankie heard the pain in his s*ster’s voice but her pussy felt so good that he continued this time ploughing all he could into the young redhead.

“Why… are… you…” Frankie was half way in “doing th… uuuh,” Frankie had now stuffed his entire stiffness into his beautiful young s*ster.

He moved in and out, increasing the pace and getting a good rhythm going, while Ariana cried out in pain, shame and embarrassment. How could her br*ther be doing this to her? How dare he take what she had hoped would be something so special and turned it into something so wrong?

“You’re going to be fine Ari.”

Ariana despised Victoria right now as she had been in on the whole thing, she would never forgive her so-called friend for this. Just as Ari was plotting a way to get back at both of her friend and br*ther, Frankie rammed inside her forcing himself into Ariana more than he had before and hitting a nerve. Ariana flung her had back and grunted as the pain quickly turned into pleasure.

Noticing the reaction Frankie repeated this a few more times each getting a welcoming response.

“Fuck me harder,” Ariana thoughts changed making her hate herself for enjoying this. Her hips began to move encouraging Frankie to continue, which he gladly did.

The pleasure increased by the mere fact that Ariana was now enjoying the entire thing. Her muscles constricting his manhood as the friction increased making every stroke of his cock inside of Ariana mind blowing. Both bodies now moved in unison as the sound of Ariana grunting as she took Frankie’s entire stiffness filled the room.

No longer feeling guilty of what he was doing to his s*ster, as she too was now participating, Frankie welcomed his orgasm. He pulled out just in time as he sprayed Ariana’s back with his hot seed.

“I’m close Frankie, fuck me again,” Ariana panted.

Not knowing if he could continue as he had already cummed and was swelling down, Frankie decided to give it a try. To his surprise Frankie’s cock began to wake up inside of Ariana making driving her wild. The feeling of her br*ther getting hard inside of her and feeling of his warm spunk on her back sent the young redhead over the edge.

Ariana’s body tighten and trembled, her orgasm taking over her body. Ariana had never felt anything like this and she would have never thought that the person making her feel like this would have been her own br*ther. With a renewed erection Frankie kept on as Ariana climaxed for a second time but this time the sensation made Frankie reach the peak and as the redhead prepared for yet another fantastic orgasm, Frankie did the same.

This time Frankie stayed inside Ari filling her insides with his sticky goo. Ariana’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her third orgasm was better than the others since she had just been pumped with her br*ther’s cream. The orgasms subsided but Frankie remained inside Ari’s cum filled pussy while the redhead laid still on the bed. The awkward silence was interrupted Victoria who slurped up as much jizz as she could from Ariana’s back.

“Give me some,” Ariana shrieked.

Even though they just fucked, Frankie was surprised to hear that Ariana wanted to taste his cum.

Victoria’s face hovered over Ariana as the redhead tilted her head up to receive her prize. Victoria let a rope of the jizz gently settle on Ariana’s tongue then Victoria laid down on the bed allowing Ariana to spit the cum into her mouth. The brunette got closer and closer every time they cum swapped until both “Victorious” stars were kissing. Frankie was beginning to get hard again, seeing as Ariana and Victoria were making out while his cum covered their tongues and some dribbled down their cheeks.

The teens separated each taking their share of the sperm and swallowing it, Ariana taking more time to do so as she recognized the flavour. Gulping the cum down and standing up, Frankie’s semi erect penis leaving her pussy, Ariana turned to Victoria then Frankie.

“You two had sex,” Ariana rightfully accused, then turned to Victoria. “You slut,” she joked.

“How could you fuck my br*ther?”

“I don’t know, how could you?” Victoria quipped.

Both star’s turned to Frankie who lay with them on the bed, Ariana being between him and Victoria. Feeling like he was about to get attacked and beaten Frankie did the first thing that came to his mind. He pressed his lips firmly against his s*ster’s lips and kissed her as passionately as he had always wanted to.

Victoria pulled Ariana away and kissed her just as passionately, her hands roaming over her lover’s young body. Finally Victoria’s hand found Ariana’s womanhood and felt the cum dripping from it. As Victoria then pushed Frankie’s seed back into Ariana’s body she felt her breasts getting attacked by Frankie’s tongue and hands. A welcome presence if there was ever one.

When she felt relaxed enough from the recent activity Victoria pushed Frankie down onto Ariana’s body and between her legs. There he proceeded to lick her pussy until his cum was gone from sight. Then all three plopped themselves on the bed and gently stoked each other.

Suddenly all three teens burst out laughing as they realized to themselves what they had just done.

“He’s amazing, huh?” Victoria sighed to Ari, referring to Frankie.

“Yup. And he has a huge dick,” Ariana added.

“Thank you, ladies,” Frankie said, causing both women to giggle.

Victoria spooned Ariana as Frankie spooned Victoria, they were now tired and ready to sl*ep.

“Was I good?”

“You were incredible,” VJ assured.

“I love you Vee,” Ariana kissed Victoria’s hand.

“I love you too.”

“I love you both. Incredibly so,” Frankie said to both Ariana and Victoria.

The two satisfied female teens drifted off to sl*ep as they thought of how they had just gotten fucked by the same guy, and Ariana’s br*ther, Frankie. Frankie remained awake for a little while, trying to commit the sight he was in to memory, before he too finally succumbed to sl*ep. His arms reaching over his two lovers.


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