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Anita’s first black experience Part 1

Anita’s first black experience

My wife Anita is 45 years old. She has long brown hair, and some big beautiful brown eyes.
She is working as a teacher home in Norway, and that’s how this all started.
Anita was informed by her boss, that she was selected to attend a two weeks training course abroad this summer.
Anita does not travel a lot, so she was quite excited about the opportunity to go to the US .
Well ahead of the departure she started to prepare . Buying some new summer dresses, and a new bikini .She also brought home some sexy new sandals , which I liked a lot.
I have always loved her feet, long and slim with long sexy toes, and there’s sandals made her feet look sexier than ever before. She used s lot of time, getting her body ready for summer and sun. Shaved her legs , and painted her toenails black, as she did every summer. I always thought it looked hot and slutty, but I had never thought it would lead this far…

They day of departure came, and I dropped her off at the airport, kissing her goodbye, wishing her a fantastic journey. I have since many years ago had a fantasy about Anita having sex with a black man, but I have always considered it just a fantasy.

After a long flight , she finally arrived. After going through immigration, she was met by the two leaders of the course. It was a married black couple in their mid sixties. Tanya was curvy,with wide hips and big tits. She looked hot for her age, and she wore a nice dress, showing her figure quite well. Her husband Aaron was tall and muscular. His short hair was all gray, but his body could easily be mistaken to belong to a 25 yo football player .

They welcomed her warmly , and e****ted her out to a bus, already filled with around 20 other teachers from all over Europe. It was around 50/50 with male and female attendees, ages from around 30 to 65…
They were taken to their hotel, and they had all gotten a nice room for themselves.
Next morning, they had breakfast, and then they were picked up byTanya.
She was giving all of them a hug, and told them she was so happy to see them all. They drove to her and Aaron’s farm, some miles outside of the town. They had bought the farm, and converted it into a conference center many years ago. It was looking really great, with all kind of facilities. Aaron and Tanya held a short welcome speech, and informed them about today’s agenda. Due to insurance , Tanya said, all attendees must have a medical interview with a nurse, and fill some forms. This may seem strange, but we need to know some basic information about all of you . It will be some waiting time, so I suggest you relax in the sun, there is a very nice pool out in the backyard… I hope you have all brought some summer outfits, as written in our invitation folder .

Anita went to the women’s changing room, and got into a blue, short dress, and found a place besides the pool. Some of the others jumped in the pool to cool down .

After a while it was Anita’s turn , and she was brought to the nurses office. Tanya followed her inside, and asked if it was ok for Anita that she was present during the interview .
My wife said it was OK , and that Tanya was welcome to stay. Tanya smiled a big white smile towards Anita : Thank you !

The nurse handed over some forms to Anita, and asked her to fill them.
It was a lot of questions… In the beginning, mostly routine . Like age, height , weight etc.
Then it was more detailed questions , about medication , lifestyle etc…

She filled her answers as good as she could, and it took about an hour.
The nurse collected the documents. : “Thank you Anita , just one more sheet to sign.”
“I hope you don’t mind signing this permission to let Tanya and Aaron go through your answers. Of course the information will be kept strictly private.” Anita thought is was little bit strange , but she signed the permission and handed it over to the nurse .
Tanya looked at Anita and smiled : ” Thank you sweetie”

The rest of the day was used to socialize with the other attendees, and in the afternoon they were brought back to the hotel.
Anita went to her room, and found a bottle of Champagne, and a card.

“Dear Anita ,
We want to invite you to dinner tonight at the farm at 7 pm.
We send a car for you at 6.30.
Looking forward to see you.

Tanya & Aaron ”

Anita had a nap, and then had a nice long shower. She dressed and got ready to be picked up . The Champagne tasted fantastic, and she felt a little tipsy when she went down to the lobby .

She was met by Tanya, dressed in a hot black dress . Smiling and hugging Anita:
” Welcome Anita, so great to see you ”
“I hope you don’t mind it’s just you that’s here. Aaron and me, just want to have a chat with you “.
“Please come in ”
Tanya guided my wife into the dining room, and it was prepared for 3 persons .
” Please have a glass of Champagne dear” Tanya smiled.
“Aaron will be with us in a moment”.
They both finished their drink before Aaron finally arrived.
He gave my wife a hug : “So great you wanted to come Anita”
“You look great tonight, and you smell wonderful”
Anita blushed : ” It must be my body lotion”
“I guess” Aron said, “I can see you take good care of your skin. It’s so smooth , and you do not look 45 ”
My wife blushed again : “Thank you “….
Tanya laughed, ” I must warn you sweetie , Aaron is mad about white women. ”

They all laughed, but Anita felt it was not just a joke….
She should soon find out her feeling was terribly true…

“Have another glass of champagne ladies” Aaron said, and filled their glasses.
They sat down at the table, and the dinner was served.

“You probably wonder why you are here tonight, and none of the others ”
Tanya looked her into the eyes, and continued.
“I hope what I will tell you now, will not scare you. You have had several glasses of Champagne , and I hope it helps”
Anita felt scared and excited at the same time…

“To go straight to the point ” , Tanya continued, ” You are here because of your results from the interviews ” …. “You were kind enough to sign the permission for Aaron and me to go through the documents, and Aaron strongly suggested it was you who got the dinner invitation for tonight.”

“It was not a joke that Aaron is mad about white women. Actually we both are”
Aaron was sitting totally quiet, and Tanya continued.
“Anita, every year for the latest 20 years, we select one woman from our courses, that we give a special attention. This year, it’s you sweetie…”

“Of the 14 attending females this year, , 8 gave us permission to read their answers.
Of course we read them all anyway ” she laughed.
“Aaron was selecting you right away, myself I had a few others as favorite . But I agree with him you have potential ….”

” In your hotel rooms, there are 8 hidden cameras . Aaron and myself have studied all 14 of you very thoroughly” Tanya smiled towards Aaron.
” Aaron already know which body lotion you use darling , as he watched you when you put it on. We know you have a hairy pussy, and that your breasts are small and saggy.
You told in the medical document that you have given birth naturally two times, and breastfed. That matches good with how your body looks…..
We will come back to that later,after your evaluation”

Anita was shocked, but Tanya continued ” give me your hand Anita”
“It’s nice, and your fingers are long and sexy…. I see you have a nice watch around your wrist, can you let me borrow it ?”
She took Anita’s watch off, and went over to Aaron. She kneeled in front of her husband , and opened his pants. Anita’s eyes became big , and she could hear herself moaning.
Tanya pulled Aaron’s cock out of his pants. It was so huge, Anita was sure it was a nightmare. Tanya fitted her watch around his cock, and it was fitting tight …..

“Look Anita, he is only half erected, and your watch is to tight for him..
His cock is thicker than your wrist darling….”.
Tanya’s voice got deeper and hissing…. ” I know what you are thinking … How does it feel to have it inside me? Will it hurt? ”
” I guarantee you it will hurt Anita, but based on your answers , you have been chosen as the best candidate this year”
They were interrupted by a knock on the door. ” We have all the stuff here Tanya” , the man said.
“Thank you Jamal , just place the luggage it in the love suite, it’s ready for her ”

Anita felt a freeze on her back….
“Anita darling , we have prepared a suite for you here at the farm. Jamal have been so nice and collected all your stuff from your hotel room. ”
“But…” . ” No buts… Anita” Tanya said, “Aaron and me insists you stay here with us.
And Jamal will make sure you are ok, he will watch after you all the time. And don’t be shy sweetie, Jamal has already seen you naked “. Tanya laughed.

Jamal smiled. ” Yes Tanya, for sure I have”

“Go and make her suite ready” Tanya said, and Jamal left.
She continued :
“The other participants will be informed that you had to go home in a hurry”

“Anita sweetie , as a guest in our house, there are some rules which Aaron and I expect you to follow.”

“We will go through them tomorrow, after your evaluation and preparation appointment.”

“Evaluation starts at 0900, and we want you to be freshly showered and wearing the nice bathrobe Jamal has prepared for you. No need for underwear.”

“What… ” Anita tried. “What kind of evaluation?”

Tanya smiled, ” It’s to much to mention now sweetie.”

But first a thorough body examination. Yes we have a lot of pictures from your hotel room, but we need to have much more info.”
Firstly Jamal will bring you to the photographer for a photo shoot ”

Then Jamal and me will perform an extended gynecological examination. ”
“Jamal is no gynecologist , but he loves to explore and experiment “. Tanya had a strange look in her face……

“But first you ,just sl**p sweetie. Jamal, please bring Anita to her room, and let her have a long sl**p. It will be a big day for her tomorrow.

To be continued…..

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