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Anna the Slave and Brutus’s Special Place

Brutus and I lay quietly talking. I was absent mindedly running my fingers through his hair as I answered his questions about his father taking me anally. His breath was warm on my breast and my nipples were hard little points from the conversation and his warm breath.

I could feel myself getting wetter by the moment as I described the delicious sensation of his fathers warm wet lips on my butt hole. The feel of his wet pointed tongue probing into me.

For a moment I thought that I was betraying intimate secrets my husband and I shared. I realized that by telling Brutus how gentle and loving his father fucked my pink little shit hole Brutus would want to emulate his father.

In doing so would give me the anal pleasure I had been longing for, aching for. I sighed out loud as I recalled the feel of Julius’s perfect cock slipping slowly into the recesses of my bowels.

Brutus turned and looked up at me and asked if I was ok. Yes my handsome son, I’m more than ok. I ruffled his hair and smiled down at him and said. I’m just thinking of you entering my special place, and how lucky I am to have two handsome strong sons with more than adequate cocks to provide me with such sensual pleasure.

Mom asked Brutus, if Cyrus hadn’t made his demands of you. Would this have happened? My answer was quick to come to me. No Brutus it wouldn’t have happened at all. Don’t take this wrong mom but in a way I’m glad old Cyrus is such a perverted bastard.

Oh you are , are you? I feigned anger in my voice but the smile on my face gave me away. Brutus surprised me by pulling me down onto the bed and kissing my lips with warm tender passion.

His tongue pushed into my lips. I opened my mouth to let his tongue explore mine as our tongues intertwined and danced like lovers in a passionate rage of emotions. I felt his hand cup my breast and softly moaned.

His lips left a wet trail along my neck as they traveled down and nibbled and engulfed my nipples between them. The soft wet texture of his lips followed by his tongue flicking over my nipples caused me to sigh out as I held his head to my breast.

Mm oh god Brutus I moaned out as I felt his hot thick cock press into my thigh. I reached down and gently wrapped my fingers around his pulsating shaft, then slid my hand down and cupped his big heavy balls.

Your father would start out making love to me just like you are. Softly, gently and rain tender kisses down on my breast and tummy and my silky thighs. He would press his hard thick cock into me just like you are now.

Driving me wild with desire to feel him in me, to take me and possess me. He would deny me though and continue to kiss and nip at my flesh until I squirmed and the smell of my fragrant aroused cunt would begin to fill the air as I gasped out in desire.

He would deny my wet fragrant cunt lips the pleasure of his mouth. He would cup my buttocks in his hands and lift my anus to his tongue and slowly lick and teasingly probe the wrinkled soft skin of my pink tight asshole.

Your father called it his special place. He was the first man to take me there. Oh Brutus how I remember the soft wet feel of his lips on me there. Kissing my puckered little hole. Tenderly probing his tongue into me.

How I moaned and sighed and pleaded with him to fuck me there, to take my asshole and possess it with his long hard cock. Did he mother Brutus whispered. Oh yes my handsome son your father lovingly prepared me to receive his hard throbbing cock in my damp pink shit hole.

Oh Brutus I sighed out he would lick and suck on the flowering silky soft lips of my flowing wet cunt. He would hold my pussy open and delve his hot pointed tongue deep into my vaginal sheath.

My hips would rise to meet his tongue and my soft quiet moans would fill the room as he drank the sweet warm juices of wet my cunt as they flowed into his waiting mouth. Oh god Brutus how I miss your father’s cock in my tight pink asshole.

He would slowly slide his finger in and out of my hot wet slippery pussy. Then he’d lovingly rub his finger in little tiny circles around my anus. My breath would come in short quick gasps as my hips undulated and rose and fell to his touch.

Feel Brutus feel how hot and wet the succulent folds of my silky pussy lips are. Yes I loudly sighed when his finger slid between my enflamed warm cunt lips. I squirmed and sighed when his finger penetrated my sopping wet hole.

Like this mother? Did father kiss you too as he put his finger into you? Yes, yes Brutus, your father tenderly kissed my lips and bit and sucked at my neck and my shoulders. He’d take my nipples between his teeth and slowly bite down until I moaned with passion at the sharp feel of his teeth on my sensitive hard flesh.

Brutus almost felt guilty because he remembered watching his fathers cock slide in and out of his mother’s warm wet glistening pussy. He remembered his mothers soft quiet sweet moans as she lay under his father and moaned out in pleasure as he fucked her.

I’ll do that now for you mother until my father returns from the march of the Moors. Janus and I will be your lovers mother. We’ll bring you the pleasure you should have. I felt stinging tears run out of the corners of my eyes and over my cheeks at his love filled words.

Brutus I’m your mother I can’t continue to let this happen my son, can’t you see that? I searched his face our eyes meeting. He cupped my chin as if he was my loving husband Julius and tenderly kissed my lips.

We know and understand the sacrifice you’ve made for us mother. Rather than see us sent to the mines or put to death you gave your body to us so we might live. Tears filled my young sons eyes and for that we owe you our undying love and gratitude.

Lay back mother guide me in the way my father made love to you. Help me help you. Please I beg of you mother. Let me please you as my father did. Tears freely streamed down my cheeks as I lay back and patted the bed beside me indicating for Brutus to lay with me.

Brutus chose to lay with his head snuggled warmly against my breast. His hand reached out and covered my vagina and softly caressed my wet swollen pussy lips. I wiped the tears from my eyes and continued to tell my son how his father prepared to take me anally with his hard thick cock.

Your father gently probed my virgin anus with his finger slowly rubbing and relaxing my asshole. Then he’d press his tongue inside me and swirl it in long slow circles getting my opening wet and slippery for his hard meaty cock.

I cried out yes, yes my sweet lover, oh god yes Julius I want to feel you in my dark puckered asshole so bad, oh hurry my husband I’m wild with desire for your cock.
Your father though went slow despite my sexual madness.

I sighed out as I felt Brutus’s finger slip into my dripping wet pussy. My hips moved on their own violation as my pussy clamped down on my sons wiggling finger as it explored my steamy hot cunt.

Mm Brutus I softly moaned that feels so good, yes uh huh keep doing that to my pussy with your finger. Your father continued to tease and manipulate my tight little butt hole until it began to relax and open to his probing finger.

I gasped out in shock and a little pain when his finger actually penetrated my butt hole. But my desire for him was such that the pain dissipated and was replaced by a longing and urgent need to feel his cock buried in my bowels.

Did he fuck you then mother asked Brutus. Oh no my son, he knew I wasn’t yet ready for him. He continued to lick and probe my anal opening with his tongue wetting it with his saliva until his finger slid easier into me.

Mm I heard Brutus whisper as I felt his finger tentatively touch and seek out my puckered up pink anus. Ah I sighed out, uh huh like that Brutus, only your father also used his tongue on me.

Uh huh I heard Brutus whisper but he also kissed you and sucked the hard nipples of your breast and whispered into your ear how much he wanted to fuck you in your tight little virgin asshole.

Yes your father did Brutus but he also stopped and teased around my dripping wet pussy before he placed his mouth over it and drank deeply of my flowing cunt juice. And flicked his tongue over my clitoris and nibbled softly on it and sucked it into his mouth.

My hips were now rising and falling as Brutus’s wet finger went from my flowing wet pussy hole down over my twitching anal passage. Both impatient for his hot young cock to fill them with the thick steel hard shaft of his cock.

I moaned out long low whispering sighs such was my need to feel my son’s hard thick cock push my puckered little shit hole slowly open as it sank into my warm bowels. I sucked in a deep breath as I felt the warm wet lips of my son on my sopping wet pussy.

Yes uh huh oh god yes Brutus that’s it uh huh just like that soft and slow. Mm that feels so good when you lick the succulent fragrant silken folds of my dripping wet cunt. I moaned out loudly and whimpered yes as I felt his hands slide under my butt cheeks and lift my burning wet pussy to his lips.

His warm wet tongue slowly slid down and snaked its way over my puckered pink butt hole. Oh god yes Brutus, oh god yes, uh huh I cried out as I held his head with my hands and pulled him closer to my waiting anus.

His soft wet tongue elicited cries of pleasure from deep within my throat as he held my butt cheeks and softly and slowly licked up and down the wet crevice of my asshole and quivering hot pussy.

He paused and raised his head and asked me if he’d be to big for me. No , no you won’t my son, you have your father’s cock. It’s perfect for me it’s just the right size for my butt hole. So don’t you worry at all about that.

I did think that at first though I have to admit I said to Brutus. When your father wanted to take me there I cringed and grimaced at the thought of such a large cock going in me there. He made me ready though just as you will Brutus.

My special place will open like a flower to your hard thick cock. You just keep being gentle and tender with your mother. Of course you’ll enter my vagina and make soft sweet love to me so I’m at the heights of sexual pleasure before you attempt to take my pink little butt hole.

Your fathers secret was to fuck me slow and gentle coating his hard thick cock with my vaginal secretions and once again wetting my butt hole with his warm wet tongue. Mm yes it felt so good when he’d lather my asshole with his hot saliva and then dip his cock back into the warm soft wet folds of my pussy.

Then gently press with his cock until my asshole opened up to receive him. Mm how I would moan so loudly and shiver with delight as his hard thick cock split me open. Then your father would caress my back and wait until I hung my head in submission and then send his long spear deep into my bowels.

I would throw my head back and scream like a she wolf in heat and look over my shoulder at your father and beg him to fuck me in my ass with his big hard cock. He said my eyes would shine and sparkle as he plunged his cock deep into the very depths of my hot bowels.

I ran my fingers through my sons long blonde hair as I sighed and moaned out yes, yes, oh god yes Brutus, that’s it just like that my love. Oh god your tongue feels so good on my clit and probing so wet and deep into my tight pink asshole.

Mm soon my son soon you’ll have to come up here and make slow tender love to your mother and soak your cock with my hot wet cunt juices until you make me orgasm on your fat hard young cock. Then you can fuck me in my special place.

Brutus had my pussy and asshole twitching and yearning for his hard fat cock to fill them both. I lay back and closed my eyes and lost myself in the physical pleasure my son was giving me. Deep long sighing moans escaped past my lips as my hips rose and fell in a sexual fever.

I felt a slow deep tingling deep in my vagina as Brutus’s tongue found my clitoris and it swirled in slow circles around my enlarged pleasure nub of nerve endings. His finger poked and probed my tight little poop hole as his tongue sent waves of pleasure coursing through my vagina.

I held his face to my juicy wet pussy and moaned and shook as an orgasm began to build to a crashing crescendo like a waterfall splashing wildly onto the rocks far below it. My cunt quivered with toe curling spasms of orgasmic delight as a flood of hot wet juices flowed from my gushing fountain of delight.

Now Brutus now I screamed out come fuck me my son , come fuck me slow and gentle. Fill my warm wet pussy with your thick hard cock. As our lips met I tasted myself on his mouth. I licked my juices from his chin and kissed his wet shiny cheeks.

Oh god yes I moaned out when I felt the soft hot skin of his hard cock sliding between my soaking wet bl**d engorged pussy lips. Yes I hissed as I clenched my teeth in pleasure as I felt him enter me and slide into my vagina.

Yes, yes , oh god yes burst from my lips as I lay beneath my son impaled by his hard fat cock. Quiet whimpering sighs filled the room as his cock slid in and out of my tight hot cunt making squishing sucking wet sounds as my pussy gripped his retreating thick shaft.

We moved together like the rhythm of the sea. His powerful hips rolling and twisting as my hot wet pussy squeezed and milked his hard young cock. I sighed out in a soft voice, yes my sweet young son, uh huh fuck your mothers pussy, oh god you feel so good in me.

I sighed and moaned as my silken wet pussy gripped his thick hard cock. Yes, Brutus, oh god yes, my love, uh huh fuck me my son fuck my pussy so gently with slow long piercing thrust that fill my creamy cunt with your hard beautiful cock.

Brutus held himself over me and I looked down and watched his cock coated with my shiny pussy juices pump in and out of me. I shook my head and began moving my hips in long languishing circles, as long moaning sighs filled the room.

Sighs of yes, yes mm oh, oh god yes, fuck me uh huh oh Brutus you feel so good in me. Your cock fits perfectly in my hot wet cunt hole. Mm so good I sighed as he slowly ground his hard thick cock deep inside me.

The warm feel of his heavy balls caressing my tight butt hole made me gasp out and arch my back. Mm I whispered to Brutus you’re throbbing cock is going to feel so good when it opens me up and slides deep into my warm bowels.

I sighed out oh Brutus it’s been to long since your father has taken me there, oh god how I need to have you split me open and fuck my tight pink asshole with your hard young cock. To take me like a wild wanton woman possessed with sexual need.

Brutus lay on me his youthful chest pressed against my soft yielding breast. He whispered in my ear. I’m not father, but I’ll try my best to bring you the pleasure you want and deserve. No my son you’re not your father but when I close my eyes I feel him in me through your beautiful meaty cock.

Am I like my father in this way mother asked Brutus. Yes I told him in so many ways my son, your cock is almost exactly like his and when you fuck me it reminds me of how your father fucked me.

I need you to fuck me in that special place we talked about Brutus. I need to feel your cock slowly plunge deeper and deeper into my warm tight bowels. Oh god I sighed, how I need to feel a man’s steel hard cock slowly enter my asshole then savagely take me like a wild a****l is taken.

Brutus growled and rolled me over and I felt his hands brutally spread me open. I cried out when I felt his warm wet tongue enter my anal passage. Yes, yes Brutus prepare me for your hard thick cock.

Smear my sweet wet pussy juices over my puckered little asshole I demanded as I looked over my shoulder. Ah yes I sighed uh huh push your warm wet tongue in me .Open me up my son. Finger fuck my pussy Brutus, finger me and get your finger wet with my slippery cunt juices and slowly rub them on my shit hole.

I lay face down and my moans were muffled as I felt Brutus’s finger slowly penetrate my tight anal ring. I raised my hips up and rotated my soft round butt wantonly inviting my son to stab my asshole with his hot fleshy spear.

I moaned out yes, yes when I felt the head of his fat cock rubbing up and down on my dripping wet pussy. I sucked in my breath when I felt him once again enter my hot wet vagina.

I felt Brutus’s two strong hands reach under me and pull me up. I pushed back and up as my hard nipples grazed the bed sheets as he positioned me. My elbows were on both sides of my head. My face turned sideways, my hands in front of me gripping the sheets in anticipation of what was to come.

My breathing was long and deep then sighed out slowly. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut when I felt the soft skin of Brutus’s hard meaty cock press into my anal opening. Are you ready mother? I heard Brutus say, yes my son, just remember to begin slow, once you’ve opened me up then you may take me as you like.

I felt the subtle change in Brutus. Now his grip was firm and sure as he growled deeply and pressed his hard cock until my asshole yielded to let him in. He moved his hips with a slow yet confident movement.

I pushed my smooth round ass back on to him and let out a long satisfied moan as I felt myself opening to his hard thick invading cock. Mm yes Brutus my sweet son, you’re doing it just fine I reassured him.

I clenched my teeth and hissed out a long slow yes as his throbbing hard cock pushed past my anal ring. Brutus paused , once again I assured him I was fine. Go ahead Brutus, uh huh that’s it oh god yes, yes, oh my god yes. I cried out as his steel hard cock inched it’s way into me.

For a moment I lost myself and cried out my husbands name in wild lustful need to feel him once again take me like an a****l and pound his thick meaty cock savagely in and out of me as only he could.

All of my emotions came to a boil as I realized it was my own voice screaming and moaning out, yes, yes, oh god , yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck my tight pink asshole. I was urging on my own son to ravage me with his hard thick cock.

The realization that my own son had his hard thick cock buried into my bowels pushed me over the sexual edge. Orgasm after orgasm exploded through my body as the son I gave birth to was behind me eagerly thrusting his young hard cock into my tight damp asshole.

A powerful feeling of wicked decadence overcame me as I took my son’s thick hard cock happily up my ass. Moans and sighs of a****listic lust poured over my lips as young Brutus held my hips and pounded my asshole with hard deep punishing strokes.

Yes, yes, my love , oh god yes, fuck me , fuck my ass, uh huh fuck me up the ass with your big cock, fuck me, yes, yes, oh god yes, fuck me. I was a woman possessed with raw sexual power flowing through her veins.

Take me Brutus. Take me like a bitch in heat, have your way with me. Pound me hard and fast, oh god Brutus please, please my son , please fuck your mother’s tight little asshole. Ram me, stab me, oh god my son , yes, yes, I cried as yet another powerful orgasm ripped through my battered body.

I felt Brutus’s grip on my hips get tighter as he wildly plunged his cock in and out of the depths of my savagely fucked bowels. His breathing became fast and labored as his thick cock swelled in my tight ass.

His hips were a blur as he eagerly thrust his steel hard young cock into me with deep pounding bowel twisting strokes. I feverishly rubbed my clit and threw my head back and howled out in forbidden lust for my own son to fuck me like a wild b**st.

Yes mother Brutus growled from deep within his throat as he relentlessly pounded my bowels with his fat hard cock. He was now pulling me back onto his long meaty cock and growling as I felt his cock begin to pulsate and throb wildly within me.

Yes, Brutus I whimpered loudly uh huh fuck me my son fill your mothers deep dark bowels with your scalding hot thick sperm. Yes, oh god yes shoot it in me. Hurry Brutus I’ve waited so long for a man to once again fill my bowels with his thick gooey gobs of molten hot sperm.

Brutus slammed his cock into me and held me fast to his hips and kept his thick cock buried to the root in my loose gaping asshole. I felt burning hot sperm splash deep into me as his cock pulsed and his balls pumped endless streams of steaming hot sperm deep into my battered bowels.

Brutus collapsed forward onto me keeping himself buried in my cum filled butt hole. He kissed my neck and shoulders and expressed his undying love for me. I love you too my sweet son I muttered, and I’m glad it was you who took my special place.

I warmly smiled and told him he reminded me of how his father would fuck me there and how I’d scream and gnash my teeth as he pounded his hard thick cock into me. Brutus? Yes mom, I giggled when I realized he was still very , very hard and still very deep in my ass.

I wiggled my butt and pushed back and up on his hard cock. Brutus whispered into my ear, your ass is now mine to possess as he began a slow grinding rhythmic motion that sent shivers up my spine. Yes it is yours I answered my son as I lay in submission under my son as he once again began to slowly fuck me…Until next time Mrs. X.

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