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Anonymous Relationship III

On Saturday morning I woke up and looked out my bedroom window just in time to see Melanie’s car pull up to the house. I watched as the redheaded woman got out of her car. She was an extremely attractive woman who was about five foot seven inches tall. She had pale blue eyes. I had always thought that her body was wonderfully balanced with striking curves. Her complexion was just what you would expect on a redhead with light freckles on pale skin. Maybe one of reasons she had such a great body was the fact that she had never had k**s. Today she was wearing a pair of slacks and a sweater.

I watched as my dad approached her and she seemed to become upset as he did. I could tell he was trying to talk with her but she raised her hand to indicate that she wanted nothing to do with him. Then my mom appeared carrying a small overnight bag. I could tell by watching that they all grew angry with the two women on one side and my dad on the other.

The women got in the car as my dad seemed to be pleading with them. Then the car started and quickly drove away. He just stood there looking at the car. Then I watched as he seemed to wipe his eyes. I wondered if it was the dust or tears that he wiped.

I had no desire to go downstairs until he had time to himself. Again I was struck by how odd it was that the three of them had been mutual lovers for so long but now my father was no longer welcomed.

I needed a distraction and I sent Stacy a quick text seeing if she had time for lunch. She responded quickly that she would meet me for lunch.

As I sat down in my chair I looked at my computer. Suddenly my mind was flooded with mixed thoughts on what had transpired in my life in the last week. First there was going to the adult site frequented by my friend Stacy. Then not only did I go but I started having cybersex with a stranger who I found myself more and more drawn too. Then I agreed to have sex with him as long as it was anonymous only to discover afterwards that it was my own father that had just fucked me. It hit me then that my mother and her friend were lesbians but had been my father’s lovers. To say that my life was getting weird would be an understatement!

All of that ran through my mind as I thought about what was going to happen next. It was one thing to find out that through misunderstanding that you had just fucked your dad but I was about to do it and I knew what I was doing. Even worse I now wanted it to happen. I looked at myself in the mirror at my blue eyes.

“You are the dirtiest slut ever!” I thought as I looked at myself.

I slowly undressed and stood looking at my slender body. My tits were firm and I had always liked the way my nipples were so pointed. My stomach was flat and led down to my pussy. I had started shaving it when I started having sex. I decided I probably should shave again as there was a little stubble starting to show.

I slipped on my robe and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I ran water in the tub and thought about how my father had admitted to me online how would peek at his daughter while she showered. I look at the lock on the door and decided that it would not be locked.

I slipped into the tub full of hot water. My body began to relax immediately as my eyes closed. I continued think of my dad and wondered if he was peeking at me. Well if he was I was going to give him a treat!

My hands roamed over my tits. My fingers pulled on my nipples as the erotic feeling of arousal surged through my body. My right hand moved down between my legs and I slowly ran finger over my pussy lips. I jerked involuntarily when I rubbed my thumb over my clit. My eyes were closed as I pushed two fingers up my pussy.

“Are you watching me daddy?” I asked in my imagination.

I must have been very horny because in a few minutes I was on the verge of cumming. In my mind I was on my back in bed being fucked with long deep strokes. The cock felt so delicious in my pussy. I just needed a little more! I was so close!

“That’s it baby fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I moaned.

In my fantasy I looked up and my father was looking at me smiling as he made me cum on his cock.

“Cum for daddy!” He moaned but was it in my mind or real.

My body jerked and I moaned as my pussy quivered with satisfaction as it orgasmed. As my eyes opened I thought I saw the bathroom door slowly close.

I tried not to move and wondered if my masturbation had been watched. I wished he had just joined me. Yes, I wanted to fuck my dad!

I quickly finished my bath and shaved my legs and pussy. Then I rubbed lotion on my body as I stood in front if mirror. I smiled as I once again watched at the door suddenly and silently closed. I was sure that he was watching.

“Good you will be a horny man when you meet your secret lover later! Maybe even as horny as your perverted slut daughter!” I thought to myself.

An hour later I met Stacy at the Dairy King where we both ordered a hot dog. We chatted like two girlfriends do but I kept having my mind wander back to all the things I could not talk about.

“So have you gone out to the site I told you about?” She asked as she looked at me.

I tried to shrug and just make it go away but as I did I felt my face grow flush. Stacy’s eyes grew wider as she looked at me.

“You little hussy! You did and you found a guy to play with!” She giggled as she looked at me.

“Ok! I did…you know…go and check it out.” I said hoping it would end the conversation but Stacy was not going to quit.

“So is he older and married?” She asked as she looked at me.

“Yeah….” I said as I desperately tried to think of a way to change the direction of the conversation.

“It’s ok. Most of them are older and married. That is why they like us young girls so much!” She laughed tried to pose in a seductive way.

I tried to laugh but I suddenly felt that my perverted secret might be discovered. Then I had a thought that best defense was offense.

“So are you still doing the naughty schoolgirl thing were the guy wants you to sit on his face while he jerks off?” I asked with a smile.

“To tell the truth he kind of lacked imagination. He just wanted to do the same thing over and over again. So I dumped him. I found a new guy and he is very creative!” She said as she winked.

“Creative? In what way?” I asked just glad to get on different subject.

“Well…this is really kind of naughty but he likes for me to call him daddy as he describes all the ways and places he wants to have sex with me.” She said but then she looked at me as the bl**d drained from my face.

“I think I just hit something there! Have you met a guy who has daughter issues too?” She said as she looked in my eyes.

I was so shocked at the turn of the conversation I had no idea what to say.

“It is kind of sexy and apparently there are a lot of fathers who want fuck their daughters.” She laughed.

“I guess so…” I said as I tried to get control of my shattered thoughts.

“Have you ever thought about…well you know…fucking your dad?” She asked.

I suddenly felt like a whore in church with all of her best customers! I stared at my friend as my mouth hung open.

“Well maybe I should not have said that but your dad is hot for an older guy. I would fuck him.” She said as she finished her lunch.

“I have to go now.” I said as I tried to figure how to get away before my friend realized the real reason for my shock!

“I hope I did not offend you I was just playing around…” I heard her say as I rushed out the door and drove away.

I decided that I wanted to have some alone time and as I did so often I headed to the town library. I needed to get my mind on something else and quickly.

“Hello Heather!” Said a familiar voice as I entered the library.

“I turned to see Ms. Peterson who had been one of my teachers when I was in high school.

“Oh hi! How are you Ms. Peterson?” I asked.

“I’m doing well. Just had some more research to do. You know from the outside you would think that this is just quiet little town where nothing ever happens but when you study the families that have been here a long time it can be shocking as to all the secrets that just below the surface. Well it is good to see you again, Heather!” She said as she walked away.

I wondered what that was all about but decided I needed to get distracted. I found a book and started to read it. Suddenly I found myself focused on the fictional characters. Nearly three hours had passed when I looked up.

My stomach suddenly churned as I realized it was time to go to the porn store where I would knowingly fuck my dad.

My face turned red as I remembered Stacy’s question of me: “would you fuck your dad?”. In my head there was only one answer: “Yes!”.

I drove to the porn shop which was next to strip club. As I pulled up I looked for and spotted my daddy’s old pickup. Today I was wearing a pair if jean shorts and a simple blue tee. I smiled at the manager as I stepped into the store. He looked up and then recognized me. He just gave me a curt nod as I walked toward the back.

This time when I stepped in I did not see anyone. A couple of the booths were occupied but the second to the last was the one that got my attention. I stepped in and quickly knelt by the hole. I could see a guy sitting and watching the porn movie.

“Do you have your daughter’s panties?” I asked quietly.

I watched the person stir and then a black thong was passed through the hole. I quickly started my movie and looked at the thong which had cum stains all over it. Then his cock pushed into the booth. I looked at it and my mouth watered. It was my daddy!

I slowly let my mouth suck him as deep as I could. My hands were against the wall as I slowly let the cock first push in and then slide back out.

“Oh Fuck!” His muffled voice moaned.

I let his fully erect cock slip from my mouth. I found myself breathing hard as I looked at it as it jerked. It was such a wonderful cock! My tongue came out and I teased the cock by lightly licking it. When I looked at it again there was a large drop of pre-cum and my mouth hungered to taste it but instead of taking it back in my mouth I let the pointed tip of my tongue teasingly touch the drop of male lubricant. My tongued smeared it around. I was licking the head and just below the head when he groaned loudly.

“Oh fuck!” He said as I sat back trying to figure out what happening.

Before I knew it I felt something warm hit me just below my right eye. Then more of it spattered across my lips. He was cumming! His cock jerked and another spray of sperm hit my face or landed on my tee.

“Please suck it!” He pleaded.

My mouth opened and I pumped the cock but most of his load was coating my face.

“I think you got a little excited!” I giggled softly.

“Yeah! Damn what you were doing to me just blew my mind!” He said as his cock withdrew. Then he laughed. “Actually it blew my load!” He said as we both laughed.

I quickly moved my face away from the hole as I knew he might try to get a look. I stood up and waited to see what happened next.

“Sorry I came so fast. Maybe I can get you off now.” He said.

“How?” I asked suddenly curious as to what he would do.

His hand came through the hole. I watched as he undid my shorts. Then his fingers pushed away my panties. I felt his strong calloused fingers probe my young pussy. My eyes fluttered as he obviously knew how to get a pussy excited. He ran a finger up and down my slit. His fingers were at least twice as thick as my own. He let his finger tip probe at my vaginal entrance but he did not just push in. He teased me in a seductive way that I had never experienced before. Then he lightly rubbed his thumb over my swollen clt. I moaned in pleasure.

“I think daddy’s girl likes that!” He said as I moaned loudly.

Then his middle finger pushed up my pussy. He slowly pumped it in and out.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as he rubbed my g-spot.

“Turn around and put your pussy up to the hole.” He said and I happily complied.

I was expecting to feel his cock push into me but instead I felt his tongue lightly lick my pussy. My eyes were fluttering as I found myself being eaten by someone who really knew how to please a woman.

“Eat me daddy!” I sobbed as my orgasm started to build.

Then his lips gently sucked on my clit. My body exploded with ecstasy. I could feel my pussy juice and his saliva running down the insides of my thighs.

“Ohhhhh! Daddy!” I groaned as I had to pull away from that wonderful tongue before I passed out.

I sat in my chair and found myself watching some porn queen sucking a cock. I was breathing like I had just run a race. My body tingled in post orgasmic heaven.

“So did I get you off?” He asked through the hole.

“OMG! Where did learn to eat pussy like that?” I asked.

“Hard to have two lesbians as lovers and not learn what gets a woman off!” He laughed.

“Besides it is a good way to get my friend back to the party!” He added.

“Your friend?” I asked mystified until I turned as saw his fully erect cock sticking through the hole.

I stood up and turned around. My pussy was a sloppy mess. I pushed against it and the cock quickly entered my pussy. I started to fuck my pussy up and down his cock.

“I’m fucking daddy!” I said in my head or least I thought I had.

“Yeah baby! You are fucking your daddy! Just like the nasty slut you are!” He said as my ass pounded against the wall.

This time our fuck was much longer and soon there was only the sound of a wet pussy squishing as a cock slid in and out. My legs were getting weak and I was afraid that I might have to stop. Then I felt him bucking wildly and I knew he was going to pop. I was going to have my daddy flood my pussy!

“Fuck yeah! Oh fuck!” He groaned as the thumping sound of our fuck filled the arcade in the back of the store.

I felt his cock pull from my sperm filled pussy. His cum dripped on the floor. I turned and looked through the hole. I could see his eyes but that was all. I had no idea if he could see me.

“Let me clean your cock daddy!” I begged as I wanted to please him.

I pushed my lips to the hole. Instead of a cock I felt his tongue run along my lips. I suddenly could not resists letting my own tongue play with his. My mouth opened and he was in my mouth. My hand went to my pussy and rubbed furiously as I suddenly needed to orgasm. I moaned into his mouth as my hips jerked again.

He pulled away but then his cock coated with our love making juices pushed into my mouth. The taste was erotic. I happily cleaned his cock.

“Thank you daddy! That was so good!” I said as I smiled.

“Fuck that was even better than the first time. I was not sure if you would really get into the daddy daughter role but that seemed so fucking real!” He said as I heard him breathing.

“Yes that was great! Here are my panties for you to take home. You can give them back when they as dirty as this thong!” I laughed as I pushed my cotton panties through the hole.

“Now remember, you have to wait ten minutes before you leave!” I said as I dressed.

I quickly slipped out the door and I was soon speeding for home. I looked over and saw my phone lit up with Stacy’s picture. She was calling and I started to ignore her but then picked up the phone.

“Hi Stacy.” I said.

“You should probably slow down before to cops bust you for speeding!” Her voice said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“Going seventy-five in a fifty-five on this road is asking for a ticket.” She laughed as I looked down at my speedometer.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“In the car behind you!” Stacy replied.

Suddenly my palms began to sweat and my stomach churned.

To be continued…

(A word from the author: I hope you enjoy this story continued. As you can tell there are many subplots going on here and some of things that seem unconnected are likely more important than you think. If you liked it a thumbs up tells me so. As always I do look forward to your comments and messages,)

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