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As I hugged him, I realised, Daddy was Hard.

‘What the Fuck’.

I’m Carla.

Sorry, I know my fucking name is not sexy, like Amber, or Britney, but my father was a jerk-off, a man who’s penis went limp once I was born, and so here I am, with a boring tag called ‘Carla’.

But you know what, you have caught me just in time, because I’m hot.

Not because I’m menstruating, but hot because my sexual hormones, have hijacked my young body, and all I can think about is sex.

Well sex is second actually, being fucked in every hole I possess, yes even in my poop hole, is what I really want, ‘Jesus Fucking Christ, my f******n year old cunt want some cock to chew on, and there’s little in the way of getting some in my small village, so I have to call someone and masturbate while he tells me what he wants to do to me.

I have met girls who were named after their fathers wank material, and somehow they have become the epitome of their daddy’s vision, as he shot his spunk up their mother’s hole.

It’s two o’clock and I have been feeling myself silly for the past two hours, now I am home and about to rack up more charges to hear someone talk dirty to me, as I lie on the cool tiled floor, with my knickers at my ankles and the phone at my ear, rubbing away and screaming obscenities at my phone sex lover, until I cum.

‘Carla sweetheart’, he drools down the line, ‘everyone here knows you by your phone number’, he warms me, and I thank him for his concern, and ask him again to meet me, but he is in the city and it’s too far to come, just to put his cock into a thirteen year old nymphomaniac.

Then the bill comes and daddy blows a gasket, ‘This is premium rates Carla’, and I just nod like one of those nodding things in our car, ‘buy a fucking dildo or something’, he concludes, exasperated by my seemingly insatiable pussy.

He is lost, this was something for my mother to deal with, but like me, she was not getting any either, and started shagging the delivery men who came with the stuff she ordered online.

She packed up and went, leaving a note for daddy and one for me, apologising for making a horny little girl with her wild ancestral hormones, and promising to come back for me when I was old enough, for what, your guess is as good as mine?

Of course time is a great healer, and patience, as they say, will come to those who wait.

‘Carla, would you like to come to the city with me tomorrow’. His words were like music to my ears, and the smile on my face spread from cheek to cheek, and daddy was please his offer illicited such a glow.

He then produced a catalogue, full of sex toys and underwear, and my eyes opened wide with lustful thoughts. ‘Will you come in with me daddy’, I asked him, my eyes pleading, ‘Of course I will’, he replied, ‘after all you’re still a minor in the eyes of the law, but within these four walls’, he gesticulated with his hand around the room, ‘you’re the mistress of this house’.

My heart swelled with the acknowledgement of my importance from none other than my father, and I rushed over to him and embraced his neck and kissed his face a thousand times over.

As I clung to him, I realised for the first time ever, he was not pushing me away, like he always did, as if embarrassed by me, instead, he held my hips and pressed against them, his small imperceptible movements, felt rock-like, and as we clung together, I realised, I had given my daddy a fucking hard-on.

I looked out of our window which faced onto the houses opposite and saw an elderly man looking back at us. Up until that moment, I never thought about voyeurism or that people could and would quite naturally, look into others houses, like now, and I wondered what would he do if I were nude.

Daddy’s erection was becoming more and more evident, and he must have known I could feel him by now, but I clung around his neck looking at the old man opposite, and pressed back a little against my own father’s desire for me.

‘I could stand like this for an hour’, I deliberately whispered into his ear, pressing my breasts against him. Daddy groaned, that was the sum total of his awkward situation with his more than willing daughter.

Like the phone sex I could feel my ire rising, I was wanting something to happen, i*****l or not, so I pushed away sufficiently enough to look daddy in the eyes, ‘If you double me allowance for shopping tomorrow, I get rid of that problem in my mouth’.

I was offering my daddy a blow-job, in as articulate as I could. Sometimes grasping the nettle, can have the effect you want, and as I started my slow decent down his upper torso, I waved to the old man opposite, surely he would know what I was going to do, as my head disappeared below the window ledge and daddy looked upwards at the ceiling.

The first time is always the most awkward for both parties. but with my lusting satiated daddy and I developed a new understanding, and in doing so, opened a new door to girls my age, girls I would invite home for him to lust with, as they were many like me, cock-less, and hungry for one, our little home became a house of ill repute for nymphs, all by invite only of course.

My friends were comfortable walking around completely starkers, and shaving their pubes in front of daddy, and I got used to seeing my friends with daddy’s cock in some part of their anatomy, all part of growing-up, but Christ almighty, girls do make a lot of noise when they fuck.

A Little Female Afterthought

‘Daddy your friend has a fucking huge boner, I think he wants to fuck me’.

We walked back into the room where he sat, and sure enough, daddy saw his friends excited cock straining in his pants

‘Albert, my daughter seems to think you rather like her in her in an adult way’?

Albert coughs before answering, he stands up, and now the full extent of his erection clearly shows.

‘I make no apologies for this perfectly natural human reaction, on the sight of your beautiful daughters presence’, he answers, to me it looks as if it has a life of its own and is about to burst out of his pants and consume me.

‘you know it has been two years since my wife passed away, and your girl reminds of her when she was as young and beautiful’, he continues.

The mention of his departed wife of two years now dampens any ire or anger from the overtone of his hard-on for me, now it’s perfectly understandable as to why he has one, I was the cause, and daddy turns to me and points the finger.

‘Emma it’s your duty as a woman to ease Albert’s pain of need’, and at that he turns and walks out of the room, leaving me with Albert licking his lips, and now toying with his encased manhood.

Albert sits back down and beckons me over to him, which I do and stand close to him. He looks into my blue eyes and rose bud mouth, where he inserts his little pinky.

‘Lick my finger Emma’.

As he spoke my tongue darted over the foreign object inserted by one digit only, in my mouth. ‘Ahhhh’, was all he said as he felt my tongue brush against it, ‘good girl’, he moaned exquisitely, as I stood rock still, embellishing his little finger with warm saliva.

‘Do you want to put your cock into my mouth’, I asked him with an honesty that surprised even myself?

Two minutes later, I was doing it and swallowing his semen.

Daddy came back into the room and congratulated me for doing the right thing by his friend, who was staring at me and thinking what he had just achieved, looking at my tummy and thinking about his cum being digested.

It’s just amazing how quickly a girl can pick up things when watching her daddy’s porn.

One more after thought, this time as a MILF

My daughter’s boyfriend is beautiful, but then again, so is she.

They are both approaching their mid-teens, with bodies hijacked by hormones.

He makes me look at myself in my full length mirror, remembering my teens as a tennis pro. My body is still firm and taut even after two girls, but my husband has died in bed, for almost a year now. No matter what you think, it’s not right a woman be denied something she had plenty off, as a girl then a woman.

I think of my daughter’s boyfriend and try to imagine him here with me, looking at my naked body, as I stand in front of him and masturbate.

I like that idea, and want his dick in my mouth, in my ass, everywhere, that was when the doorbell rang, and I froze with fingers still inside my pussy.

There it was again, the doorbell rang, and I walked to the closed curtain and peered outside to the porch.

‘OMFG’, my heart skipped a couple of beats, it was him, my daughter’s boyfriend, standing on my porch, as if sent by God himself.

‘Coming I call out loudly, so he hears me and knows I have heard him. I pick up my wet towel and wrap it loosely around my breasts, making sure the ends are loose so they open to revel my nakedness.

I open the door and come face to face with him. ‘Oh Hi’, I try to sound surprised and make him feel welcome to my home, ‘what a nice surprise’, I say, as my eyes cast a glance around to be sure no one sees me invite this k** into my home.

‘Come in’, I say, and as he passes me I can smell his sweat, and feel his body heat as he brushes against me.

‘I’m afraid she is not home at the moment, I say to him in way of small talk. ‘Would you like a cola’, I ask him as we make our way into the kitchen, I can feel my pussy and it’s purring hard, as I wet and start to run down my inner thighs, ‘God this fucking k** is about to be ****d by me and I don’t fucking care’.

I open the fridge door and retrieve two bottles. I can feel his eyes on me, and wonder if he is wondering if I’m naked under the towel.

‘I was in the shower, you’re lucky I heard you at the last minute, sorry you have to see me like this’, there now he knows, as I hand him the ice cold bottle.

He takes it, he looks awkward and embarrassed, ‘I’m sorry’, I apologetically say again, ‘let me go and put some panties on’, that’s when I watch for his reaction.

‘It’s OK’, he says, ‘I’m fine the way you are’.

I sit down on a high chair, showing a huge expanse of bared thigh, just below my pubic line, ‘Oops need to be careful’, I say, pulling the towel back over, loosely.

‘It’s alright’, he answers quickly, his features look tortured, and I tease him, ‘I’m sure my daughter would be jealous if you saw where she came from’, and I lifted the bottle to my mouth and pushed it in deep as if it were his cock.

I had him where I wanted him. ‘Are you fucking my daughter’, I asked him with comparative ease, ‘I hope your wearing protection, and she is just f******n’?

His face went ashen, as the bl**d drained, and I saw his Adams apple bob in his throat. ‘It’s OK with me, shit I don’t fucking care, but her father, well you know men right’?

‘She’s on the pill’, he said weakly in his own defence. I nodded, ‘Yes but diseases can spread if you’re fucking other girls’.

I desperately wanted to jump his bones right there and now, it was too long since my last fuck, and I got up and let my towel drop, as he did his bottle.

His mouth was agape, as I placed my hands on my slender hips, instead of diving down for my towel, I think now he knew what I wanted.

‘You’re beautiful’, there, my question answered, as I walked over to where he stood, bent down and picked up the dropped bottle.

My naked feel stood in the cola, and I felt the fizz inside my toes, as I lent into him and kissed his soft mouth.

‘You need to be a man and fuck me’, I said as my fingers tore at his pants to free his dick.

I could only hear my name being called out as my daughter walked in on my mouth chewing on his glans, ‘Mom, WTF’.

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