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At my friend’s

Once my friend told me that he had seen his mother naked in bath and asked whether I saw my mom naked and I told him I never did.He told me he will allow me to watch his mom in bath.I asked him how and he said to come to his home.Next day I went to his home and he was very much excited to see me he said that she will go to bath around noon and there will not be anyone else here.I was also excited and my cock was hard under my pants he pointed at my cock and said its getting hard already and he also got hard and showed me his cock which was fully hard and pulsating.He was clean shaved down there and his cock looked bigger than usual I seen his cock when we jerk off to porn we used to touch and jerk off each other.He put his hand on my pants and pulled it down revealing my cock he told me that i should shave and it would look bigger.I told him I do it later and we watched some porn in his room.The video was about a mature woman bathing and a teenage boy watching her secretly and jerking off to her.He told me that we can watch like this today and he started to jerk his cock I also got hard and started to jerk off with him.At noon his mom served us food and we ate it then after an hour she went to take bath.He told me to come quietly to his moms room.we quietly entered her room and there was the sound of shower from the bathroom.The bathroom door had a small gap which allowed us to watch his mom bath.I was in a total horny state watching her naked.She had fair complexion.Her boobs were big and a bit saggy due to age but it was sexy her areolas were round and brown and her nipples were dark brown.She use to pull her nipples with her fingers and also cupped her boobs.Then I saw her pussy which had a small strip of hair neatly trimmed.She took her fingers and rubbed her pussy lips and inserted one finger inside.I lost control and took my cock out to jerk off I saw him already jerking off under me I held my cock in my hand which leaked precum and jerked it faster it made ‘flop’ ‘flop’ sound due to lubrication.He turned towards me and put his hand on my cock and told me to slow down.I took my hand from my cock and continued to watch her bath while he slowly jerked me off.She was fingering her pussy in bath for some time and took the soap and applied it to her body.She soaped her big boobs and her armpits which was also shaved then her stomach which was a bit on the plumpy side and she fingered her navel with soap then she bent down to soap her legs which gave me a beautiful view of her round ass cheeks which she parted to soap.I wished my cock was that soap rubbing her ass cheeks.She parted her ass cheeks to soap her asshole which was a little dark complexion compared to her skin.She circled her asshole with her fingers.She put soap on one finger and inserted it into her ass and fingered.I was going crazy seeing all this and started to hump my friends hand.He looked at me and saw me watching his mom like a hungry boy.He squeezed my balls which made me let out a small ‘ow’ sound and I looked at him.he told me not to cum here as she will know and took his hand from my cock.i returned to see her bath and she was now soaping her pussy and after that she soaped her face and turned on the shower.She rubbed her hands all over her sexy body.She cupped her boobs and ass rubbed her pussy and then the bath came to an end.She took the towel to dry her wet body and he told me that she will come out soon and we need to go to his room.We tiptoed out of her room and went back to his room holding our cocks in our hand.He asked me how the show was and I told him that it was awesome and i need to see it again.He told me that he will call me when he and his mom are alone at home and I was happy.He told me to jerk off in his bathroom as I need to subdue my hardon.I went inside the bathroom and jerked off thinking about his mom and cummed a lot.He was standing at the bathroom door and watching me cum he said that it was a huge load and came inside and took his cock out and jerked off.He also cummed hard.He played some porn videos and we got hard again.We jerked off each others cocks and cummed again.In the evening his mom called us for having tea.I watched her sexy body without her noticing and got an instant hardon.He saw me ogling his mom and gave a naughty smile.I smiled back and we finished drinking tea.After a while I went back to my home and he went back to his room for watching more porn…

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