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Aunt submits part 3

Be sure to read the first 2 parts of this true encounter to get the best take on what is going on here…. The next morning I woke up as usual and got the coffee started.Aunt Joan usually is right behind me and I heard her bedroom door open just after I finished pissing and was coming out of the bathroom.She ducked into the bathroom next and had her morning piss as well.Usually she watches TV in the livingroom and has coffee while I read the paper in the den.I poured us both a cup and retreated to the den and lo and behold she followed me and sat down in the recliner next to me.Im usually pretty quiet and not one for talking early in the morn.But she seemed to be talkative so what the heck.I noticed right off her thin niteshirt revealed her ample breasts and nipples seemed to be protruding,she wasnt wearing a bra this morn like usual.I gazed lower and didnt detect any panty line either hmmm the ol gal is nude underneith her niteshirt.I wonder what gives.Maybe just trying to be more comfy I figured.After a few minutes of idle chat about work and the weather sports scores and whatnot.She told me about her chat with my wife last nite. So what do you want me to do or not do now that you know all about she and I? She told me I am perfectly fine with anything you and your wife do and like and being just a guest I have no problem at all.We will be descrete I assured her and have been normally we dont wear much of anything at all when we live by ourselves,but we know that wouldnt be right now that you live with us.We can deal with it.She looked at me thoughtfully and said if you two like to be nude at home I dont mind I wont complain it is really kind of nice I think. You do I asked? Yes i dont think a nude body is dirty or anything Im not a prude even though Im old she chuckled.Well I will let her know and maybe we will resume our lifestyle of naked at home.That would make me very happy she replied.She then asked would you two care if I was naked as well? A little surprised I said heck no Joan you have a nice body!Oh Im glad you think so David thank you.She finished her coffee and stood up to get another cup.Do you want another she asked me. sure thanks I said. she bent down to get my cup and I had a clear view of her big tits and dark brown nipples man they looked nice.She turned her back to me and went to go to the kitchen when a small fart escaped her butt.ooops sorry dave that one slipped out.No problem Joan you know how i feel about that type of thing.She then asked ..want me to come closer so you can enjoy it? Yess very much so.She sat the cups down and backed her rear to about 3 inches from my face Hows that she asked? Perfect I replied.Her poop smell finally hit my nostrils and I smelled her fumes all up I moaned ummmm thats nice.After about a minute I patted her butt and thanked her.She turned to me and said you really do like that dont you? I sure do i said.Well let me get that coffee and by the time I return I will be sure to have another for you.Oh that would be great I said. she chuckled and shook her head and walked away.2 Mins.later she handed me my cup and sat hers down.she turned her back to me and pushed her butt right into my face she asked do you want this David.Give it to me I said I am ready She then surprised me and pulled her niteshirt up and revealed her big round butt cheeks to me a bit cellulited and a pimple or two but nice.She pulled her cheeks apart and I gazed at her big brown starfish I stuck my nose right up to it as she let a long gassy fart I opened my mouth and my cheeks bulged out as I drank it all in………….Part 4 to be soon

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 9:29 pm

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