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Auntie helps Mummy

My stepmum rang the bell and auntie opened it. We both went in and my stepmum settled herself on the couch her pregnancy bump was now forming nicely and large breasts must run in the f****y as she was as big as her s****r. “Well go on you two off you go for your night out i’ll look after junior”. It was six months since my auntie had given birth. And she had insisted on taking me out for a meal and a drink for all my help. My auntie’s breasts pressed against her little black dress the nipples pressing on the thin black material. Her knickers indented the fat around her middle showing the outline of a skimpy pair of briefs. She had lost most of her mummy fat but as she was still breast feeding for two (the baby and me) the size of her tits was disproportionate to her returning figure.
We headed for town. I walked behind to watch her hips jiggle and sway as she walked in her high heels. Auntie knows i like pints of stella lagar and she kept them flowing the whole night. She enjoyed gin and had a few although i noticed a fair few less than me. I thought there’s something up here. All became clear when i went to go for a piss. “And where do you think your going” she said. “Oh come on auntie i need a piss”. “Not till we get home auntie, wants to use you”. My cock gave a little twitch at this as my imagination ran riot. “Let’s go home now auntie i’ll get a taxi for my mum and we can have the night to ourselves” . She laughed at my impatience but said okay. We got to the front door and went in. Mum was sitting on he couch looking a bit spaced out.
My auntie looked at her and said “are you all right”. My mum slurred yes why. “Well it looks like your pissed” auntie countered. “I took a couple of your pain killers i didn’t feel well and now i feel all funny and fuzzy”. Auntie went to the medicine cupboard and returned you’ve had my valium she laughed. Mum started to look uncomfortable again. I had a pain in my you know where she said and looked at me. Auntie said “you leave us now and don’t you dare do anything until i tell you”looking at my crotch and swollen bladder. Yes auntie i said and went into the kitchen to secretly listen. “So s*s whats going on with you?” auntie asked. “Well i’m really constipated and my haemorrhoids are itching me”. Plus my tits are so big it’s hurting my back i think i’m starting to get milk in them. And i haven’t had a good fuck for about three months no one wants to fuck a pregnant old woman like me”.
Auntie gave her s****r a cuddle and crooned “there, there i’ll make it all better”. I stared through the crack in the ktchen door as my mum and untie started to kiss. My mum pulled away and slurred “oh these tablets are making me feel all funny and relaxed i want to relax and go to sl**p”. She began to kiss her s****r again their tongues out of their mouths and touching. My auntie started easing my mum out of her clothes. She removed the front fastening bra and released a pair of large droopy tits with blue veins and a creamy consistency of skin that has never been exposed to the sun. She then rolled down her panties and tights her black unkempt bush exposed to me. By now i was really turned on my cock was practically standing on tip toe and all thought of having a piss vanished. I ogled my stepmum’s tits and as i released my cock from my trousers i banged against the door. Auntie looked over and saw me. Get in here you naughty man. My mum laughed when she saw me “oh you bad lad my s****r was right about you your a horny little fucker with a cock like a stallion”. I blushed and said “please don’t swear mummy you sound like a slut”. My mum grabbed her nipples an opened her legs and said “i am a slut and so is my s****r come on sort us out”. Auntie gave mum a cuddle again and made a shooshing sound. “All in good time s*s first let’s sort out your back door problem. You, she said come here”. I went over and auntie reached into her handbag and withdrew a little tube of pile cream. She covered my cock in it and masturbated it under my foreskin till i was nearly fucking the fresh air. I wanted to thrust my hips and get it in any tight hole i could. Auntie eased her s****r forward on the couch till her anus and cunt were fully exposed and her knees were up around her tits. I could see what looked like a balloon knot. Auntie inserted a finger into her s****rs anus and worked the cream back and forth. My mum moaned “oh thats so good and soothing “. “She glanced up at me and said well what are you waiting for your mum needs your help”. I eased the end of my penis into her anus and worked it all the way till my balls were resting against her labia. I then began to work back and forth the full length letting my tip be ejected by the anus through the pressure of her sphincter. My mum reached forward and guided my hips back and forth cooing “oh thats so nice your a good boy doing this for your mum. I feel so full i feel like having a shit oh thats so good fuck me harder you little wanker come on your mum not good enough for you fuck me you little cunt”.
I was mortally embarrassed by her language but auntie had now positioned her self behind me and was massaging my bladder and stomach. “Oh auntie stop i’ll have to go to the toilet and mum will hate me for not helping her”. Auntie encouraged me on and said “look your mums constipated we’ll give her a piss enema and kill to birds with one stone. She’ll be so pleased with you”. I concentrated hard and sunk my penis to it’s greatest depth a little trickle followed by gushes of piss filled her colon i kept on going all the lager spilling out of me into her. Mum groaned “oh it hurts but its so nice and hot oh you clever boy keep it going this is the best your the best”.
Finally i had emptied my bladder. Now auntie held my hips and withdrew me slowly as my 10 inches of cock was withdrawn. Be careful auntie said you might get blow back and we want it to loosen all the dried shit up her arse and ease her problems. “Now s*s hold onto all that lovely piss it’ll do you good”. Mum nodded through thin lips as she concentrated. There was sweat on her top lip and rivulets running between her breasts. Auntie moved me aside and began to suck on my mum’s tits kneading them with her fingers and pulling at them slowly. A small white drip on each one signalled her intentions. “Well don’t just stand there get sucking boy i’ll do the right one you do the left”. We sucked until her milk flowed a steady stream and as auntie finished first she got the reward of crouching over her s****r’s face and lowering her cunt flaps over her mouth and nose and face fucked herself. As she came a large glob of fanny juice deposited itself on her chin and dribbled down over her neck. Auntie reclined gently frigging herself as i finished of my job. Right boy that’s that sorted should take some weight of her back. Now let’s carry her to the toilet i think it’s time we evacuated her bowel for her. I carried her gently to the toilet and placed her on the seat. Come on mum you can shit now i said. The aroma of piss and shit filled the air as she fired stream after stream of shitty piss in the bowl. After she had finished we carried her back to the couch “oh your a helpful boy” she said as i laid her face down on the couch. raising her arse in the air”.
Auntie appeared with an anal speculum. “Okay s*s open up our arse i want to check your stepsons handy work” she inserted the speculum and we gazed into her darkest secret sanctum as she withdrew it mums anus was left gaping “oh auntie it wont close”. “True my boy that’s cause there’s no shit in there the body has relaxed. “Oh can i have a p*o in mum’s shitter that’ll close it. Auntie gave me an appraising look you are an evil little git with a filthy mind. She kissed me and said i love you. I reversed myself onto mum’s open anus and sealed it with mine and pushed a long hot turd out into her anus she took the lot and murmured “oh it’s so full i love it”. I turned to view my handy work there was no sign of the excrement and the anus had magically closed. I turned my attentions to auntie. I want to fuck you both now my cock is doing cartwheels. Auntie positioned herself in the same arse up position next to her s****r and spread her lips. I was lost for who to do first auntie said go on mummy’s boy do her first. I eased my penis up her and fucked her G spot till the fluid ran out of her pussy and coated my balls. I fired a wad of spunk into her and immediately transferred to auntie giving her the same treatment. My cock vanishing and reappearing out of her ginger hairy cunt till i creampied her arse and cunt. Auntie saw my insolence for what it was how dare you spunk on auntie. Now get licking boy she said as she sat on my face and rocked herself to another orgasm.

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