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Beach sex as daddy rubbed oil into me.

My Mum was an asshole, and a whore, in that order. That’s why daddy divorced her, and left me to fill the void she had created. Life went on, as it does, but with profound changes, I had to grow up and get used to having my daddy around, instead of her, but hey, wtf, I might be young, but life was interesting, especially when my old man got d***k, and allowed me a whole lot of leeway, something most parents never allow a girl of my age, but having said that, daddy found a new interest in me, he missed having sex with mom, but what I offered with my maturing body, was something more exciting than just shoving your dick into a woman.

My father was a voyeur at heart, and we played this little game around our home, sort of like ‘Find the salami’, not that I was hiding it as the game implies, but allowing daddy to see me and watch me do, what curious and interesting things girls get up to when they think they are alone, how good was I, well lets just say I stepped into warm semen more than once, outside my bedroom door. I would hazard a guess and say, I was pretty good at what I did?

Of course watching your little girl grow up and discover a darker side in the shape of sex, as she evolved and developed, was all done at a safe distance, and just as I used to salivate outside our local sweet shop for the candy within, the time had to come when some of that sweet candy, would come to my mouth to be greedily sucked and swallowed.

The shop owner, old Mr Smith, saw that potential in my eyes and open mouth, with my pink tongue doing the rounds on my pink lips and he offered me a proposition, which I found very hard to resist.

Mr Smith made ‘Candy Rock’, with his name all the way through the stick, which was nine inches long, with a strong peppermint taste, that had me salivating like a slobbering dog, and one day he invited me into the back shop to suck on his 9″ peppermint rock, and to enhance the peppermint flavour, he would insist on applying my tongue to like his Aniseed balls, in that order, rock, balls, rock, balls, different textures and flavours, I never seemed to tire, and soon the juice from his balls flowed through his rock and down my throat, honestly, I was borderline diabetic, by my tenth birthday.

Once daddy was a free man, in the marital sense, he said something strange, as if he was divorcing me, his daughter, ‘I see you more as a sex object, now you are growing into a woman, that as a daughter’, he said, hand on his heart, ‘I still love you dearly, but as a woman rather than a daughter, that way it is easier for both of us’.

Daddy was removing that awkward barrier of relationship, to allow both of us to sexually express ourselves, and it began a lot sooner than I had planed, on the beach, with the application of suntan oil, on my red back, my skin warmed by the sun, my crotch brought to temperature by the solar energy, beating remorselessly on my bikini clad body.

I was face down when he asked if I would like some oil for my skin protection, and I said yes to him, I was surprised by my own response, my ‘yes’, was submissive, my pussy wanted to be touched, I guess that’s why sex is easier on sandy beaches, and I was no exception as I melted under daddies fingers.

My bikini top was fluorescent green and daddy’s observance warned it would stain with the oil, so I opted to remove it, and I lay face down in my skimpy thong, feeling the warm oil being massaged into my back.

I was squirming each time his slow strokes worked around my spinal base, ‘Do you like that feeling’, he asked me teasingly.

‘You know I like it Daddy’, I would reply, without looking at him, like a proverbial ostrich, with its head buried in the sand, these fingers touching my body, belonged to a fantasy lover, not my own father, that’s why I never turned r looked at him, ‘Do my bum too’, I suggested very throatily, my thong string offered little coverage, so there was a lot of flesh on show, but even so, daddy peeled it off slowly, and I squirmed even more, as it dropped onto the sand.

Now I was as naked as the day I was born, naked for all and asunder to look at by passersby, no wonder I squirmed, as oil run naughtily down between my lips, and pooled on my clitoris, oil and water don’t mix, as does oil and sweat, my bodily fluids were gushing that hot day, more so when daddy suggested I turn over.

Seeing my erectile tissue in full bloom, daddy wasted no time in crushing it, an action that made me orgasm. If only the men watching us could know how a father could pleasure his teenage daughter in public, but then again, we were on a nude beach, and masturbating older men were a common sight, and as I orgasmed, the ring around us grew tighter, until daddy was rubbing oil and ejaculated semen into my skin, as I squirmed in this flood of outpouring male ejaculate.

I arrived back late on weekend to find my daddy asl**p on his leather couch. He had been drinking and watching the porn channel, and fell asl**p, he was also nude, and his little man was at attention status, when I sat down alongside him and reached across and played with it.

I too had had a drink and sex, which was one more vice than poor celibate daddy, and sitting there feeling my lover, of fifteen minutes back, his lubricating semen run from me. ‘What a waste’, I thought, and I got back up, undressed completely, and sat back down, taking daddy inside me, and slowly brought my missing orgasm to fruition, my earlier lover came to quick, but daddy, with his odd way of showing his love for me, did exactly that.

I helped him into bed, then got in beside him and went to sl**p. What happened the next morning when we awoke was still to happen, but one thing was evidently sure, loving my daddy that way, was in my comfort zone, and I went to sl**p, like a sex toy, recharging her batteries, I held onto daddy’s cock, it’s tactile feedback, was like a fighter jock holding his gear stick, just a shame it was not Tom Cruise.

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