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Beauty and the Smurf pt 2

Beauty and the Smurf Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed & Decision

For a few split seconds, no one in the castle knew what to say. It was strange enough that Lotus and Paige are from the future. But for them to know Valentina the fairy godmother is even stranger… Finally, Papa spoke, “Lotus, Paige, how do you two know Valentina the fairy godmother?” Lotus answered without hesitation, “Mademoiselle Valentina was our next-door neighbor in Paris. But tha’ still doesn’t explain why she iz here…” King Gerard had kept quiet the whole time the conversation went on. He had learned early on from Homnibus the enchanter that fairy godmothers are not to be messed with, so the young king figured that he wasn’t going to speak unless he had to. Not to mention that he knew Valentina is the meanest of all of the fairy godmothers and he’d rather remain a human instead of becoming a mouse.

“That is because I am immortal. Therefore, I can retain my memories of both here and the future. Your father entrusted me with your care and only after he discovered that you’re both needed here when you were both old enough to understand.” Valentina explained bluntly. The twins were beyond shocked. The same questions ran through their confused minds. What is their purpose here? Why were they needed here in this time period? And more importantly, will they be allowed to go home once they were done doing whatever it is that they need to do here? “W-Why?” Paige asked after a minute of silence. That was when Papa noticed the birthmarks on their shoulders. Lotus’s birthmark is on her left shoulder while Paige’s is on her right shoulder. “It’s because of their birthmarks, am I right?” Valentina gave a curt nod to Papa’s question.

Handy noticed that the birthmarks have golden arrows pierced through the hearts. Therefore, the engineer realized that these were not Valentina’s normal birthmarks. Gutsy, Clockwork, and Smurfette also took notice of the unique birthmarks. “Our birthmarks? A-Are vou sayin’ tha’ our birthmarks are ze primary reason why we’re here?” Lotus asked, still quite baffled. She knew that her birthmark made her completely different from other c***dren, but she never had thought that the stuff she read in fairytales as a young c***d would be real. Paige was also curious about the birthmark business, but unlike Lotus, the auburn haired beauty is more open-minded to countless possibilities. The village elder sighed before answering, “Yes, it appears so, Lotus. For you see, your and Paige’s birthmarks are the birthmarks commonly found on Love Keepers.”

Gutsy continued to smirk as the information sunk into his brain. Not only are the new Smurfettes quite beautiful, they are powerful as well. They’re definitely his kind of women, especially Lotus. “Well, lassie, it looks like we’ll be gettin’ to know each other betta’ if ye know wha’ Ah mean.” Gutsy said in a semi-flirty tone. Yet, his statement went unheard or so it seemed. “Vat are Love Keepers, Papa?” the redhead asked, ignoring the Scotssmurf for the time being. She can get Gutsy for his statement later. That is, if he chose to keep talking. “Love Keepers are elemental sages that use love-based magic and occasionally, weapons to keep love in balance. They all train under Cupid and other Keepers until they start developing their own battle style.” Papa started explaining. Paige’s pale green eyes widened in fascination at the village elder’s explanation. So far, she found herself unable to contain further excitement.

“Other Keepers? Of other elements, oui?”

“Yes, of other elements. However, not all Keepers are good. There are Dark Keepers, often referred to as Shadows and there are the corrupt Keepers. Some of the corrupt Keepers can be cured by Cupid’s love arrow, but only fired and coated with a special curing spell by a Love Keeper. And even then, the corrupt Keepers will truly be free if they still feel remorse for betrayal.”

Lotus couldn’t believe just what she was hearing. Yet, in some ways, it made total sense. She was blessed with a power that she never knew existed within her. Paige was also shocked by the news, but she also felt some form of excitement. “Sacre bleu, A-Ai never would’ve thought… A-Ai mean, w-who knew…?” the redhead stuttered as certain memories came to her. Including the memory of her learning one particular song. It wasn’t until years later that she figured out just what that song is as well as the type of song. Paige watched as her s****r relived certain memories of their c***dhood. Lotus then sighed before asking, “Papa, there is a song that A-Ai picked up as a c***d. It goes like thiz:

Flower, gleam and glow Let your power shine Make the clock reverse Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt Change the Fates’ design Save what has been lost Bring back what once was mine…

What once was mine…

Vat does it mean?”

Both Gutsy and Handy were swooning over Lotus’s singing voice. She sounded beautiful enough when she talked, but her singing made her sound more heavenly. Smurfette gasped before whispering, “Oh my smurf…” to herself. Papa was also floored before regaining his composure and letting out a small cough. “That, my dear is a commonly used healing incantation sung by the Love Keepers. Depending on the rank you’re put in, you will have access to all kinds of incantations, including ones that put you under a love spell. However, not all incantations work immediately on the first try. In some cases, you may have to sing one powerful incantation while another Love Keeper sings one of the less powerful incantations in order to break Cupid’s spell.” he answered, still stunned that this human-turned-Smurfette knew the incantation from memory.

“I was quite surprised when I saw her perform that incantation as well. It was on Valentine’s Day in New York City, 2004. I recall it like it was yesterday.” Valentina mused before remembering just why she had come to Selor in the first place. And so far, the fairy godmother was relieved to know that the twins’ mother and French step-father hadn’t followed them to this time period. Well yet, but Valentina knew that eventually, Callia and Pierre will come knocking and when that happens, the fairy godmother will be ready to confront them. “How many ranks are ‘here in ze Love Keepers, Papa?” Lotus asked, curiosity getting the better of her. The village elder chuckled before answering, “There are three ranks, my dear. There’s the Pink Order, the White Order, and the Red Order.” The twins nodded in understanding. Clockwork was in awe over the whole thing.

“Papa, as much as I find all of this fascinating, I did call you and the other Smurfs here for a reason.” Gerard pointed out, redirecting everyone to his original purpose. “And vat would tha’ be, King Gerard?” Lotus asked, crossing her arms. “Lotus, Paige, you’re both quite amazing Smurfettes and I’d love to have you both live here with me and Clockwork, but I’m afraid that it won’t be possible.” the young king answered. The twins didn’t have to ask him why. However, they didn’t have to explain anything either. “I agree with him. It won’t be long until Callia, that dog Pierre, and his daughter Chanel come here and I’d rather have you two be safe in a place that’s well-hidden.” Valentina added, crossing her arms as well.

Lotus’s emerald green eyes widened as realization dawned on her. Even though she and her s****r are safe now, it wouldn’t last long. The redhead knew her and Paige’s mother and French step-father very well. They will come looking for her and knowing their step-s****r Chanel, she will follow her father. “What King Gerard is suggesting that…” Papa started explaining. However, the village elder never finished his explanation as the light went off in the twins’ heads. “Of course, King Gerard is suggesting that Lotus and I live in Smurf village for our protection. It makes total sense now…” Paige finished as the realization hit her as well. The redhead sighed before pinching the sides of her nose. Gerard meant well, but still, he didn’t ask her or Paige first.

“You and Paige do have a choice, Lotus.” Smurfette said, speaking to the redhead for the first time since introducing herself. Lotus turned her attention to the blonde, an emotionless expression on her face. “Whatever you, Papa, and King Gerard decide on your current situation, we’ll support your decision, whether we agree with it or not.” she added, not intimated by the other Smurfette’s facial expression. The redhead thought over what has happened to her and her s****r so far. They’re no longer human, have a couple of unwanted suitors that’ll probably grow if they do agree to go to Smurf village, and are supernatural beings. Lotus let out a wistful sigh before asking, “If we don’t agree to go with vou to vour village, vat will happen?” It was a stupid question for her to ask, but still, she had to know the outcome. “Simple, my dear. We will continue to gently persuade you to change your mind.” Papa answered in a calm tone.

Handy and Gutsy remained quiet this whole time. Gutsy was really hoping Lotus would say yes and not just because he desired to win her affections. He longed for a major adventure and if this Love Keeper business provided that, then so be it. Paige also remained quiet because she knew that her older twin’s the boss. Not to mention that the auburn haired beauty wasn’t going anywhere without her s****r. After a couple of minutes, Lotus cleared her throat. “After careful thinkin’, Ai’ve decided tha’ it iz for ze best for me and Paige to go with vou to vour village.” she announced. Gerard let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that the young king couldn’t protect his new friends. Rather, he didn’t want a war on his hands because their deranged mother and French step-father were after them. Clockwork, on the other hand was a little sad, but in the end, the robot knew that it was for the best. Papa smiled for he knew that the redhead made the right choice.

“Tha’s great, lass. It won’t be long until…” Gutsy started speaking. However, the Scotssmurf never got the chance to finish speaking because Lotus went over to him and grabbed him by the strap of his kilt. She then pulled her arm back with her hand curled into a fist looking ready to punch him. “Let me make thiz clear to vou, Monsieur Gutsy. Ai’m not of those girls who goes goo-goo eyed at men of vour type. If vou try anythin’ with me, Ai’ll break vour teeth. Are we clear?” Lotus sharply threatened. Gutsy swallowed before nodding his answer. Yep, she’s definitely his kind of girl. The redhead then let go of his kilt strap and lowered her arm. Handy felt his jaw drop at the scene in front of him. He mentally reminded himself to never piss off Lotus.

Smurfette rolled her eyes before giggling. Gutsy has a lot to learn about spunky women. And Lotus will be his teacher, whether she wanted to be or not. “You won’t regret this, Lotus. Cupid will be delighted to meet you and so will the rest of my little Smurfs.” Papa responded warmly. Lotus simply sighed before replying, “Ai hope so, Papa.” Paige was happy about going to Smurf village. The auburn haired Smurfette longed to make new friends. Valentina never showed it on her face, but she was relieved deep down that her godc***dren will be safe. Yet, the fairy godmother began to mentally prepare for the inevitable confrontation that she will have with Callia and Pierre. Their avaricious deeds will be their inevitable downfall. “This is great! We have two new friends!” Smurfette squealed with delight. Gutsy and Handy agreed with her as they began to lead the twins to the front of Selor Castle.

Lotus sighed wistfully before muttering, “Ai just know that Ai’m goin’ to regret thiz.” under her breath.

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