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I grew up with my mom in a trailer park in the south, she worked two jobs just so we could get by. We were best friends and got along amazingly well. It was really hard to say goodbye but she was so proud of me for getting a scholarship at a decent university a few hours away. It was tough we don’t own a car so it was hard to see each other. I worked a part time job to help pay bills but it wasn’t enough and I was getting desperate for cash.
I found an ad in the paper for a best assets contest. 500 to each winner best ass and best tits. My mother wouldn’t approve but it was 500 bucks and would be easy work if I won. I sent them an email and planned to go to amateur night at the local strip club. I think I am pretty enough. Not Angelina or anything but boys think I am cute, I am short at 5’2” and a bit thick, my breasts are big but still perky and full with fairly large areolas.
I dolled myself up, trimming my pubic hair leaving just a small short patch or fur on top. I wore my newest panties, black lace with a floral waistband, basically see thru, not quite a thong but cut deep in to my round ass cheeks. I put on a very short jean skirt that was torn up a little with matching black thigh high hose and on top I wore a matching black lace see thru bra that pushed the girls up and a tight low v cut, strappy black shirt.
I had tons of looks on the 30 minute bus ride to the strip club, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had been to one before with friends but this was all new to me. I was nervous and for some reason very horny. I signed in and they took me out back. The other girls were all there touching up make up and such. I checked them all out to see how I stacked up. I only signed up for the booty competition since I wasnt sure I wanted to take my top off. I had practice shaking my ass at home and thought I had a good shot at it.
We got lead out on the stage 3 at a time. The first girl swings around the pole then puts her hands on her knees and twerks her ass like no other. She was really good. My turn was up and I danced for a minute before my skirt slid up exposing my black panties to the crowded room of mostly men. I bounced my ass around the stage and worked it as best I could. I got more cheers then the first girl but then girl #3 started by climbing the pole and spreading her legs exposing her pussy to cheers from every guy, when she slid down to the ground, she went straight to her knees shook her ass like crazy. I knew then I had lost and was pissed because I thought she cheated.
As soon as I got back stage I signed up for the topless competition. I really needed the money. Boys always said my ass was better than my tits, but I had no choice I took a night off work for this. This time it was a little more controlled and we all walked out and did loops of the stage topless. I didn’t have the biggest boobs but I think my nipples were. I bounced and jiggled them as best I could and made the final 3. I stayed on stage with the other girls and tried to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples to get them hard. The girls were really fun and we played with each other getting the crowd going. Guys were throwing money at us and it was really fun. The girl that won was young and had small firm tits with puffy nipples. She was really hot and had amazing tits. I finished second with my big heavy jugs hehe and with tips from the guys made about 200 bucks.
I was bummed I didn’t win but I had a lot of fun, all those guys seeing my tits was such a turn on. I was leaving after to head back to the bus stop before it got really late. On my way out a middle aged woman politely introduced herself to me and said she really enjoyed the show.
“Hi, I am Heather, you looked great up there”
I said “thanks” as I was heading to the door.
“Would you like to sit and have a drink” she asked
“I can’t, I don’t want to catch the bus to late” I responded
“Here’s forty dollars for a cab, come have a drink”
I was a little shocked she would just hand over cash like that, I thought about it for a minute and realized it was only a 20 dollar cab ride, so I get a little extra cash and a free drink.
I sat down and her husband introduced himself.
Hi, I am Tim, he said with an outreached hand
Becky I responded.
Heather was dolled up but really looked like a school teacher, shorter dark brown hair, a white blouse covering her breasts which looked above average. Her skirt was dark and hugged her hips perfectly cut just below her knees. Tim work a nice off grey button up dress shirt and grey pants, his salt and pepper hair and dark rim glasses suited him well. He was tall thin and handsome. They both looked like the classiest people in the entire place.
We talked for quite some time and I went thru a couple vodka and oj’s. The conversation was easy and casual until Heather asked if I was into threesomes. I was starting to feel good from the vodkas but was still taken back from her forwardness. I told her I had not had one yet but hoped at some point to join my roommate and her boyfriend. I explained to them how my roommate and I had a few d***k nights together.
Tim just smiled and wiggled is his seat, Heather called me a slut and wanted to know the details. When she called me a slut I don’t know what came over me but I felt myself get soaking wet. They spent the rest of the night hearing about all my stories. They were both totally getting off on it.
The night was winding down when Heather asked if I wanted to have a sl**p over. I have just spilled every dirty detail of my sex life to these two married strangers and I was so horny I couldn’t say no.
We walked out into the parking lot, they are a very classy looking couple and I looked like a stripper. We climbed into their very fancy SUV while a crowd watch in the parking lot. When we pulled up to their house I was shocked. The place was huge. I had never been in a house like this ever. I was in awe as we walked in and they led me to the bedroom.
Tim went somewhere in the house and Heather and I were in the bedroom. Immediately we started t make out. She was such a good kisser, we continued to make out until she pulled away and removed her blouse, before looking back to find the zipper in her skirt.
Let me help with that, I said
Reaching out I slowly pulled her zipper down, watching the material split apart in slow motion made me bite my lip and moan lightly. I put my thumbs on her hips as she wiggled and the skirt fell to the floor. Her body was perfectly tanned, her breast were massive only held back by the bra she was about to remove. Her breasts were amazing, she unclasped from the front and these two large saggy melons were unveiled. They were still full just very heavy, they were beautiful. Each one was more than two handfuls when I started to play with and suck them. She lowered her red lace panties over her smooth round ass exposing her large meaty lips topped with patch of fur.
We were both so horny I didn’t take as long to strip. I pulled my shirt over my head and before I got it off she was undoing my bra revealing my big firm tits and large nipples.
Oh my they are even firmer then they look, so young, Heather said as she used both hands to caress them.
She pushed me back on to the big king size bed. I laid on my back with my knees up and bent, she reached up my skirt softly running her fingers over my soaked panties before she pulled them down out past my ankles. The more I spread my legs the less we needed to take off my skirt and for the first time my puffy simp slit was exposed to her. Unlike Heathers exposed meaty lips, my labia lips are all hidden inside my puffy slit.
Oh hunny your slit is so smooth and soft, you are so wet, she commented while running a finger just inside my slit and up over my clit.
My mind was racing and I had never been so horny in my entire life. Watching her caress between my legs, her smile as she looked at my smooth thick body, watching her breasts hang in front of me sent shivers done my spine.
She kissed my soft thick thighs making her way to my clit. She kissed me softly before her tongue slid between my slit and found my clit. She caressed my clit softly before she pushed a finger into my wet open hole. I moaned softly. If felt so good, she knew exactly what to do and when to do it.
I was lost in my own world until I felt Tim’s dick run across my lips. I totally forgot he was in the house. I don’t even know when he came in the room. My eyes were still closed as he ran the tip lightly all over my face. I let out a moan as Heather flicked my clit and Tim slid his hard dick in my mouth. His cut dick was hard as steal but wasn’t overly thick, my lips wrapped around it easily and he just slid deeper in my mouth until his balls were against my cheek. He slowly worked his dick in and out of my mouth. Because of his skinny and short dick he was easy to take. This went on a few minutes and Tim was really moaning when Heather said.
“Fuck me daddy, fuck mommas pussy”
I looked down at Heather as Tim pulled out of my mouth. My juices were dripping off her chin. She had a huge smile on her face.
“You taste so good hun”
Tim opened the night stand drawer and pulled out a huge real looking dildo with straps and started to put it on. I was a little confused for a second before I realized his dick slid inside it and it was a dick extension.
Omg are you going to take that? I asked
Oh yes, Heather smiled.
Tim shoved the tip of the big strap-on in my mouth to see if I could take it. I got my lips around the head but only an inch or so down the shaft. He pulled out of my mouth and walked behind heather. Heather had her ass in the air, her pussy exposed behind her. Tim crawled on the big bed and mounted behind Heather. I was shocked how quickly he slid into her pussy. He started slow but in no time Heather was moaning while fingering me and trying to lick my clit. It only took her a few minutes to cum, her pussy making all kinds of noise. Tim was really pounding that big dildo in her pussy.
Fuck me daddy I’m cumming, she screamed
With that her two fingers inside me curled upwards and sent me over the edge. I came harder than I ever have before and I have cum often lol.
OMG that was unreal, I said
Tim slid out of Heather and turned around on all 4’s to suck the juice off the strap on Tim was still wearing. I sat up to watch when Heather said.
Come help momma clean my juice off daddy’s dick. We licked and sucked the dripping toy and made out while Tim watched.
You taste so good momma I said.
With that they both smiled and had a twinkle in their eyes. Momma pushed me on all fours while she spread her legs beneath me. Her pussy lips were even bigger now, swollen from the pounding, her hole was wide open still. She grabbed my hair with both hands and buried my face into her pussy.
I had only done this a couple times before but I was so excited I was licking up everything, her hands in my hair just turned me on more. I was up on my knees now with my ass and pussy up in the air.
Look at that smooth little slit, Tim said and with that I felt his finger run from my clit thru my hole and over my ass.
“Fuck me daddy” I mumbled with a mouth full of pussy while shaking my ass at him. Thankfully he knew to take that huge strap-on off. It took him no time at all to find my open hole as he slid his bare tip in me. I was so wet and he isn’t thick or long he was able to go as deep as he could immediately. Although he was small his hands on my wide hips pulling me into is hard dick was amazing. Pounded on one end and momma holding my head licking her freshly fucked pussy on the other. I was overwhelmed and started cumming within seconds.
Fill me with cum daddy, I am cumming! I shouted
Tim slammed me hard and held his dick in me deep, I didn’t think he could get harder but his bare dick swelled up inside me as he pumped cum into my young pussy. Heather rubbed my hair with her hands as Tim started to go soft. He slid out of me. I was catching my breath while playing with Heathers pussy with fingers and my tongue. All of a sudden Tim started licking me again. I was shocked. Never has a guy eaten me out after fucking me especially after he just filed me with his cum. It was the greatest thing I have ever felt. His tongue running between my lips, lips sucking his cum back out of me.
Bring it to me baby, Heather said
Tim moved from behind me up beside Heather and they made out. It was all very hot. His cum, my pussy, his mouth, than her mouth. It was the dirtiest hottest thing I ever seen. Things calmed down, we got dressed and Tim drove me back to my apartment. I was exhausted but had so much fun.
Find out what happened in chapter two

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