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Becoming a Huge Show Off – Part One, It Begins

I got married a few years ago, and we had one rugrat immediately. As I have heard happens in so many other relationships, my wife pretty much lost all interest in sex about two days before going into labor and has not gotten it back since.

You can imagine how this is for a guy.

I’ve been given a thousand and one excuses. One was that having a baby demanding breast milk constantly makes a woman scared of having another baby. Birth control has never been an option (and maybe a good thing, with the way the hormones rage in this house at times). I’m glad the state paid for a vasectomy because that took care of one excuse, and it did help. Whether she is secretly off fucking other dudes or not, reasons she is giving me for being less comfortable with having sex with me are valid reasons because when I deal with them her behavior does change as a result. She just must be one of the hardest women for a sex addict like myself to deal with.

She caught me jerking to porn one day, and didn’t like it one bit. It made her very jealous. She was like I know I’m not giving you any but blah blah blah. Our relationship is basically based on her getting to have final say on everything, we both know it. It’s probably for the best honestly because I am such an idiot sometimes that I really need someone to be like seriously are you about to do that? One day when Burger King refused to enter my credit card number manually at the drive through I went into the store twice to raise hell with the staff about it. While yes, the logic behind denying the manual entry may be utterly broken, we’re talking about BK employees in a bad part of town so I don’t know what I really expected to go down. It’s that kind of shit that she is glad to remind me of whenever I begin to complain that I feel like a grunt that is mostly here to be a smiley faced dad, clean, and fix shit and on the rare occasion fuck that pussy.

So here I am, constant jerk addict, you can look at the type of stuff I favorite. Taboo, voyeur, fetish stuff… layer a few taboos to get really fun (Old-Young piss bukkake ? How about some interracial old young piss bukkake with old fat white dudes with disgustingly full bladders slowly releasing every last drop into the face of some young hot black slut?) The time my wife caught me jerking I had to tell her all about what I was jerking to and why. It was just some nice tame bukkake porn, but she was pretty offended that I enjoyed seeing women get cum sprayed into their faces and mouths and onto their naked and or clothed bodies.

She went ahead and admitted one reason it offended her was because she was not about to let me do that to her. One time I did pull out when I was still fertile and I sent several huge ropes up her entire naked body to land in her happy, open mouth and on her face and she immediately got super pissed off about it. So when the bukkake porn got discussed I am sure she was thinking oh I see how it is, I get mad you do it to me and you are sittin here jerkin off thinkin about doing it with other girls just to do it.

Whatever, I have really enjoyed bukkake porns since I first started surfing porns much ynger age. That’s another story. So is how I used to get ahold of my mom’s pantyhose around the same age. So are the things I did with our old school VHS camcorder and those pantyhose. (Let’s just say I wish I had not gotten so paranoid of friends finding out I was bisexual that I burned the tapes because they were amazing!!!)

One type of porn that I only gained interest in recently is exhibitionist porn. I’ve seen it before and didn’t spend much time on it, but that’s because what I had seen before was females flashing. That’s hot and all, and can be hotter in right situations, but since there are also like legit parades where women walk down street naked and waving it is less exciting to me. Men, men with throbbing erections walking down the street while pumping their hands up and down their cocks and having jizzm spasm out of the tips of them at random intervals, that’s the type of thing you’re not likely to see and part of the reason why the idea of just one male exposing himself in such a way is a huge, huge turn on for me, whether I think about another or myself doing it or it being done in group fashion.

I have watched several variations of male exhibitionist porn and love it all, big time. I don’t like the idea of a woman being f***ed to touch anything against her will, but the idea that she would just have to see or hear something even if she doesn’t like it because she happened to be in the same place as another person who is also allowed to be there and happens to want to show something is a big turn on.

I’m sorry but if the only reason it is considered bad is because of psychological reaction of the female in question, fuck off. Get over yourself and learn to enjoy watching a cock get pumped. I would be less inclined to play around with, or swallow the cum of someone whom I knew was more sexually promiscuous (so if you are, keep that a secret until after I swallow!). I definitely wouldn’t want to with someone who was ‘positive’, as I am one hundred percent clean.

However, I could sit and watch ‘positive’ old greasy penises get milked to completion ALL DAY LONG.

In public, all the better. Take a look, sweety.

So when a dude that I am guessing isn’t too bad looking and has a gorgeous cock makes a video of himself showing it to an unwilling female, I get super excited. Some people say it is f***e, I say learn the difference.

Anyway, I used to not feel this way, but my wife and I had some troubles with sex (and specifically my lack of ability to maintain or achieve erection) so I went to the doctor to get checked out for getting some sort of viagra type d**g.

After a few visits they decided to let me try it. Let me go ahead and say that I don’t care who you are, if you have a penis and you enjoy having orgasms while your penis is hard then you need to try this d**g.

You can take up to five at once safely, they say, and I’ve done it many times. I weigh a lot and I am a balls to the wall type of person that wants to get the most effect possible, so the first time I took any I went ahead and took five at once. I wish I could say that I did that because I was anticipating sex with the wife, but that only happens about twice a year and not even on my birthday. I always inspect her panties because I know if she was cheating on me I could easily find out that way, and I think she cheated a few weeks ago because the crotch part of her panties was totally stiff when I went to check them, the entire gusset, stiff. That’s from somebody else’s jizz she got first thing in the morning and it has been sitting on them congealing all day, I thought. It’s possible it is her sexual fluid also, and I am just as willing to believe that because as soon as I had a chance to talk to her again I tried hard (but carefully as she gets pissed off if I try too hard) to initiate sex and we had best sex of our relationship that night and following two nights.

Without those pills, the sex would have been very good but I would not have been able to cum into her pussy 14 times before losing count without ever taking my penis out for longer than half a second just to feel it slip back between those hairy lips again. Fucking her like that, like I have never fucked anyone before, made her extremely happy and satisfied with me (even if only for a couple of days) and it a also gave me such new confidence that a little blonde spinner that came into my work actually got hit on by me for like two solid hours, hit on well, and almost decided to fuck me based on me telling her flat out that I would tear her pussy apart while repeatedly cumming in it without ever getting soft. She liked that a lot, and I could tell her wheels were spinning thinking about my chubby mid 30’s frame jamming it out with her mid 20’s skinny legs wrapped around me.

Well the story of me showing off starts on a day I took five. I had been edging for days, as I often do at this point in my life. After my wife bitched on one of the two days a year she gives me a blow job that all that came out was a couple of drops I have made it a rule to jerk off to as much twisted taboo porn as I can WITHOUT ever cumming so I can make sure that I pump her full of semen produced while looking at other dudes and chicks doing things that would make my wife super grossed out.

I had taken the five and started going about my day when she suddenly called for one of her urgent needs. I had not planned to need to leave the house that day, and had just exited the shower and put on a pair of gym shorts I have.

These nike gym shorts are a bit ridiculous. They are grey, and on the longer side. I have a few other pair of synthetic, single layered nike gym shorts that are revealing enough on their own. Even when soft you can clearly make out the curves of my glans and the busy hole at the end of it. When soft, my cock becomes so short and tiny looking and wearing shorts like this you can clearly see how tiny it is by how it bobs around. The women and men sure stare now, but that’s now that I intend for them to see. Up until the day I am describing I had never really thought about it.

It’s totally legal to secretly video record anywhere you want to in this state as long as there is no audio. I know, laws that make no sense. So I just cut the audio and leave video record on all the time so that I can look at asses later. Nothing better than squeezing one out (ok lots better butt) I sure love a tiny teen ass in HD recording that I made, whether at some point during the recording she figures it out or not.

For guys interested in that stuff, you need to visit a few SA thrift stores. Holler if you know what I’m talking about gentlemen. Fuck to the yeah is all I have to say.

Anyway back to the day in question, these particular nike shorts are the most ridiculous in my collection. I say collection because after the day in question I started collecting as many similar ones as I could, but none hold a candle to this particular pair.

They are grey, one layer of very thin synthetic elastic fabric. I left the elastic part out, make sure these pants are always synthetic, single layer, and elastic. I also have some that have the breathe holes, but thy always come double layer so I have cut a layer out of a few of them (except one pair that are double layered but are still so incredibly revealing that I am worried about going in public with just them! you can seriously see the naked skin of my dick no problem through them, and the gap between my legs you can see no problem).

These particular grey shorts, when I get any sort of erection at ALL (much less a viagra erection) are impossible to ignore unless you are blind. Even when my cock is completely soft, the way they lay across it makes the little tiny glans and its enormous neighbor testicles stand right out. Women will glance, and occasionally even stare, even at this tiny soft cock because of how revealing the shorts are. They aren’t transparent but they are definitely not opaque either, so translucent is the word we learned in school. I have gone to the wading pool with them and when they get wet, wow… when they get wet and I start getting horny WOW.

When I start getting horny wearing them at the store… well let’s just go back to first time I wore them like this.

I had no clean underwear just them so reluctantly put them on and went to red targay store for my wife… cock stays pretty soft even when on viagra until slight thought of anything sexual enters mind, then POW… which is what was about to happen…


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