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Hi again, it’s Christy and I’m sitting here once again thinking all sorts naughty thoughts. As you all ready know the main focus of most of my stories has always been my sexual relationship with my father; needless to say that it has been the center of my life for many years and the most gratifying as well.

I started having sex with my dad right after I returned home from collage. I was in my early twenties and my parents had just spilt up; at the time I took
my father side in the divorce not really knowing the whole story of why they were splitting up. After mom moved out dad and I started living as lovers. I moved into his bedroom and his bed. I loved fucking daddy, sexually we were a perfect match.

However, my parents divorce made my relationship with my mom nearly impossible. Back then I did not understand how a parent will sometime make a choice for their own happiness, while hoping and praying that someday that their c***dren might understand. My mother made such a choice when she left my father, to be with the woman she had felling in love with.

The conflict between my parents took place while I was away at school, so I never saw the fights and how they ended up hurting each other. All I knew at the time was that mom had left my dad for another woman’s bed.

There were things about both my parents that I never knew about. The fact that my mother had an undying attraction for other women, or the fact
that she had been ****d as a young girl.

I surly never knew of my father’s obsession for young girls, nor did I know that this obsession included his own daughter. My father made his feelings for me clear one night when he put his hand up my skirt, and told me that he had wanted to fuck me from the age of thirteen. I suppose I should have been angry or scared, instead I was just turned on. That was the night that daddy and I made love for the first time.

I had spent years not talking to my mom, as fur as I was concern she was out of our lives for good. My father no longer had any use for her, he was no longer in love with her, I was the only woman in his life now, and that was how we both wanted it. And then one day from out of the blue I receive a phone call from this bitch asking to see me.

Needless to say I rejected the offer of a mother daughter get together; I had no need to see her. It was going on eight years since she had left our f****y, and she never bother to look back then. The fact that she wanted to reunite now, there just had to be more to this story.

The whole story finale came out one day after having lunch with my Aunt Jill, who told me that mom’s lover had been killed in a car wrack, and that mom was suddenly alone. Aunt Jill suggested that I go see mom, and that no matter what had happened in the past, that she knew my mom still loved me, and she needed me in her life. There was a lot for me to think about, I did not tell daddy, whatever decision I made, I wanted to be my own.

A few days after my lunch with Aunt Jill I phoned my mother and asked to meet with her. She sounded very happy to hear from me, and she invited me over for dinner the next night.

It was hard not telling daddy about my plains to see my mom, I knew that it would just upset him, and I saw no need to rock the boat, it was just one dinner, we would talk, and I would never see her again.

That night in bed with daddy was great; he couldn’t keep his hands off me. The minute I slit into bed he was on top of me, spreading my legs, and pushing his hard meaty cock inside me. Daddy must have sensed something was off, because he fucked me so fucking hard and good that night, until I almost changed my mind about seeing my mom, after all I knew that daddy would feel betrayed if he knew that I was opening the door for my mother to come back into our lives.

The next morning I told daddy that I was going to be spending the night with my friend Lilly. Lilly was only one of a handful of my friends that daddy liked. I supposed it was because Lilly had shared our bed on more then one occasion. Lilly was one of my father’s favorite fuck toys.

After talking with Lilly and making sure that she would cover for me, just in case dad called before I got over to Lilly’s for the night, I started to prepare myself for my long overdue dinner with mom.

I wasn’t sure how much she knew about my relationship with daddy. I’m sure that it would have come as no surprise that I have had my share of lovers, but to know that one of them was my very own father, I had no idea what her reaction would be.

I was to arrive at mom’s house by six thirty. As I got in my car and drove the twenty minutes that it took to get to mom’s place I was so nerves, but at the same time very excited about seeing my mother again. I had dropped by a store to pick up flowers and a bottle of wine; I guess you could say that it felt like a first date.

As I have said before it had been years since I had had any contact with my mother, and as I walked up to her front door and rung the doorbell I didn’t know what to expect. I was more then caught off guard when the door opened and standing before me was a breath taking beautiful woman.

“Christina, it so good of you to come, please sweetheart come on in.”

I walked in and we exchanged the usual pleasantry, there we were, mother and daughter, but it was as if we were meeting for the very first time. I sat in the living room, while mom took the flowers and the wine into the kitchen. Her home had a committable lived in feel to it. The beautiful modern decor fit together well. I notice the piano right away, as one of my early c***dhood memories was of my mother playing the piano at f****y gathering.

On top of the piano sat photos of my mother’s life, a life that I knew nothing about. The picture that caught my eye was of mom and another woman who seemed to be quite taken with each other.

“Her name was Lyn.” I heard her say.

I turned around as mom came into the living room carrying a lovely glass vase of the flowers that I had brought. She sat the beautiful arranged flowers next to the picture that I was looking at. I saw a sad smile come across her face as she reached for the picture.

“We never meant to hurt anyone; we just wanted to love each other.”

A look of sadness and longing over took her face as she whipped away a single tear. Mom asked if I would go into the kitchen and bring in the tray of snacks and the wine that I had brought, she needed a minute to pull herself back together.

I did as she asked; I got the tray of goodies and brought them into the living room. Mom was sitting on the couch, she seemed more composed then she was just five minutes ago. I sat the tray down on the coffee table and poured two glasses of wine. Handing mom her glass and sitting next to her on the couch, my long awaited conversation with my mother began.

“I’m so happy you call and that we can have the chance to catch up. I know this might be hard for you, but I really wanted chance to explain what happened between your father and I.” I wonder why she thought I needed or even wanted an explanation as to why she ran out on dad and me.

“Look you don’t owe me anything, I wasn’t a little girl when you left, and I understand things happen in relationships, so you don’t owe me anything.” I said, as I took nerves sip of wine.

Even after being away from me for so long, mom could still tell when I was not telling the truth. “Look I know that what I did was wrong, or maybe it was more about how I went about it, that was wrong, I cheated on your father, with another woman, and the fact that I was not honest with him about my feelings, I think that is what hurt him the most.”

I sat and I started to listen with an open heart and mind as mother talked about her life. “When I first met your dad I thought he was the most wonderful man I had ever seen, he was sexy and handsome. I knew that a lot of women were after him, but I was the one that he chose to be with. My desire for other women has always been apart of me. However, there were times in my life when I had to fight my own wants and needs just in order to stay alive.

“What do you mean when you say you had to fight them just to stay alive?” I asked.

“You did not know your grandfather; he died a few months after you were born. My father for the most part was a good man; he worked hard all his life in order to keep his f****y together. However, there was a dark side to my father; he could be cold and very cruel when he was crossed. I have always been very close to your Aunt Jill; it was a closeness that my father hated.”

As my mother continued her story I became very curious as to why I had never heard this side of my families’ history, it would soon become very clear as to why my mother’s past had been hidden.

“My father lived by an old code, f****y was everything to him. As I have said before father hated my being so close to my s****r Jill. I had assumed that I had kept my desire for other girls well hidden; however, my growing attraction towards my s****r was undeniable; my father saw it every time I looked at Jill. The summer before Jill entire high school was a magical time for your Aunt Jill and I, it was the time that we discovered our sexually, and all the wonderful thing that went along with it. Both mom and dad were working hard that summer, and long hours kept them away from home.”

A million thoughts raced though my mind as the story unfolds, but the one thought that I kept coming back to was just how much alike my parents were. For dad I was the object of his sexual desires, for mom it was her s****r Jill. We finished off the first bottle of wine, and we opened our second bottle as mom begin to talk about the dance of sensual Seduction began between two s****rs.

“It was a hot summer morning that I found that Jill and I were all alone. Jill had just turned fifteen, and I was a few months away from my eighteenth birthday. There had been something in the air for weeks between Jill and me, the fact that we were fighting a lot should have told us something. Our latest go around was over something silly I’m sure, but at the time it must have seemed like our world was coming apart.”

“At some point Jill just got fed up and went stumping off to our bedroom, I guess we needed a little cooling off period. After an hour or so I went to check on Jill. I found my little s****r still in our bedroom; she was lying on her bed reading one of her crazy mystery books that she so loved to read back then. With me being the oldest I decided that it was up to me to make the first move to patch things up.”

My mother’s story was so compelling I could hardly wait to hear what was going to happen next. “I went over and sat beside her, Jill pretended to be so engrossed in her book. I told her that I was sorry and I didn’t like it when we fought. I offer a hug just to make peace; I truly had nothing else in mind when I opened my arms as a way of saying that I was sorry for our fight.”

“Taking Jill in my arms for the first time was the most breathtaking experience that I had ever had. I knew that I wanted Jill, but could I really make the first move. For the first few minutes the thought of Jill being my k** s****r never entered my mind, and as she started to pull away I knew that a moment like this might never come along again. In that instance I stole my first kiss from a girl, my s****r.

I sat spellbound, this story was getting hot. Could it or would it actually happen, would my mom and her s****r really have sex? “I don’t know how long we engaged in the kiss, but before we knew it, Jill and I were in full make out mode.”

“For a fifteen year old my little s****r was not a bad kisser. Not wanted to scare the crap out of her it took everything within me not to take the liberties that I so desired, after a minute we broke the kiss. I don’t think Jill nor did I know what to say. We both knew that we had crossed the line of proper behavior, the only question was where did we go from here?”

The ringing of the doorbell snapped me out of my trance that mother’s story had me in. “I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered take out.” mom said as she reached the twenty dollar bill that sat on the end table.

The Chinese dinner mom ordered looked great, but my mind was not on food. The story my mom was telling was not only compelling, but if I am to be honest I was really getting turned on at the thought of my mother eating my Aunt Jill’s pussy.

As we sat over dinner I could not stop thinking about mother’s story, I couldn’t wait until she picked up with where she had left off. Of course there were other things to talk about, but nothing could compare to hearing about my mom’s first sexual tryst, and with her s****r no less.

After dinner mom and I settled back on the couch, we were working on our third bottle of wine. Mom started asking me questions about my life, when I just had to stop her, and remind her that she left me hugging and I wanted to know what else want on between her and Aunt Jill.

Mom just smiled and grabbed her glass of wine. “Well were was I, oh well your Aunt Jill didn’t put up much of a fight when I decided to take it a step further. We shared another kiss, only this time I allowed my hands the freedom to explore my s****r’s sweet young body. I started unbuttoning the little short top she was wearing. Her little apple shaped tits were round and firm, they were perfect and seeing them on display made my mouth water. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around those sweet hard nipples. There are no words to describe the feelings I had, I knew that what we were doing was wrong, but at that point I didn’t care. It felt so good, touching another woman felt right.”

By now I was so fucking hot and wet; I could almost see mom and Aunt Jill on the verge of making love; I think mom also knew what her story was doing to me. “Kissing my way down her lean tight body; my s****r’s soft moans of awakening sexual desires moved me even further.”

“I remember the fly button down jeans she was wearing that day, I never hated two tiny buttons more the two that was keeping Jill’s treasure hidden from me. Once I managed to get both buttons undone I tugged and tugged until I saw soft red hair shooting for that top of her mount.”

Just as mother was getting to the good part the phone rings, mom excuses herself to go answer it. I am on pins and needles by now. Not only do I want to hear what is going to happen, but how will it happen, and how will mom and Aunt Jill feel afterwards. There were so many questions swirling around in my head.

I poured myself another glass of wine as mom retuned to the couch. “I’m sorry, but that was work and I couldn’t ignore it. Now back to my story, I hope I’m not boring you?” she said.

“Oh no mom you are not boring me in the least” I said

“Well when I got Jill’s pants off, it was just as I thought; Jill’s pussy was covered with thick red hair. Needless to say that I couldn’t keep my hands off of her; Jill opened her legs for me, telling me that it was okay, I could do with her as I pleased.”

“Jill and I lay together on her bed, kissing and touching each other. We knew that we had hours to explore and play. My hands found their way to her hairy pussy. I played and massaged it. I tried to open her lips by sticking a finger in, but she was just too dam tight. Jill said that she had been fingering herself, but she was just too tight, she would get to a point and she couldn’t go past that point. I just smiled at my sweet s****r, and I told her not to worry, that everything would be alright.”

“I continued to play with Jill’s pussy, pulling and stretching her lips in an attempt to get inside her, I inserted two fingers in her. Jill was right; she was as tight as a drum. I had no idea of what to do, except to keep working her pussy. It took a little time, but eventuality she relaxed and like a beautiful flower her pussy unfolds.”

My mouth was dry however; my panties felt like a small dam had burst. My mom’s tale of lust and desire was so hot; all I wanted was a good fuck as my mother continued her story. “I knew I had to be careful, after all my s****r was still a virgin. I got on top while I again inserted two fingers inside her. This time I was able to go much deeper. We shared another kiss, this time it was deeper and more intense.”

“Once Aunt Jill and I finished undressing each other, I crawled back between her open legs. I had never tasted another woman’s pussy before, but I had thought about it, a lot. I started fingering her again; she began to respond, her hips bucking, and her moans of pleasure. At one point I withdrew my finger to taste the sweet residue of her pussy. One taste, just one taste was all it took and I was hooked.”

“I could no longer deny myself the pleasure of what I was seeking. Jill has said that I could do with her as I pleased; her beautiful body was mine for the taking. I slowly kissed my way down her sexy body until I reached her sweet hole. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wanted eat her sweet offerings, and that is what I did. Kissing her sweet pussy lips as they once again opened up for me, I found her tantalizing little bud yummy, as I took it between my teeth. As I give it a little bit, I heard Jill whimper. “Oh God please don’t, oh s*s you’re going to drive me crazy.”

“We send the rest of the day fucking and exploring. Yes sweetheart that was the first time your mom made love with another woman. After that day your Aunt Jill and I would look for every opportunity to be together. We didn’t dare telling anyone, especially our parents. We both knew that it would hurt if they knew that their daughters had become lovers.”

“It had been close to two months when my dad discovered that Jill and I were lovers. He came home from work early one day and caught us in bed together. He was furious, seeing me on top of Jill, his sweet baby girl. He blamed me for everything because I was the oldest. He said that he knew that I would one day try to ruin his f****y, and that he would do what ever he had to do in order to stop me.” Mom’s voice took on a chilling tone as she continued her story.

“By now I knew that my father hated me, but I didn’t know how much that hate had festered until one night he came home with three of his buddies. Mom and Jill were out of town, and dad knew I was alone in the house. When he came home I knew I was in trouble, he had been threatening me for weeks, saying how he was going to pay me back for what I had done to Jill.”

“My father found me in my room and from the moment he saw me he yanked me out of my chair and pinned me down on my bed. He whispered in my ear, “Its time you learned what your pussy was made for.” I tried to fight him off but it was no use, he was twice my size.”

“He ripped my cloths off, and told me not to dare scream. That this was my punishment for taking what belong to him. My father held me down while his three buddies took their turns inside me. After they left my father took what he felt was rightfully his. That weekend my father ****d me over and over. By the time my mother and Aunt Jill return from their trip, I was long gone.”

I was starting to get a clearer picture of what my mother’s life was like back then. “Shortly after I left home I met your father; and we connected right away. We fell in love, got married, and had you. And for a great number of years I thought we were happy; that is until I met Lyn and she showed me what real love and happiness was. “

“I am so sorry about the way that I walked out on you and your dad, but at the time I felt I had no other choice. Your dad and I loved each other very deeply at one time, but by the time you left for collage, the love that I once felt for your father had died. When I told him about Lyn he was so angry with me, he said that I had made our lives a lie, and that he never wanted you to know the real reason I left. But one fact will remain true until the day I die, and that is I love you. “Mom said.

“Yes I know daddy was hurt when you left him, I think that’s why he…” I
had to catch myself so I wouldn’t tell her that I was daddy’s lover.

“He turned to you” mom said as she covered my hand with hers.

At that moment our eyes locked on each other, it was the first physical contact I had had with my mother in years.

“ Yes sweetheart I know that you and your daddy have been sl**ping together. Your father couldn’t wait to gloat about the fact that he had a new young lover in his bed. I have known for years that he wanted you, and I felt I had no right to object based on it was i****t, not after what happened between Aunt Jill and me.” mom explain.

“So you don’t think its wrong, me sl**ping with daddy?” I asked.

“Are you happy?” she asked

“Yes, daddy and I make each other very happy.” I said

“Then no I see anything wrong with what you are doing. I know first hand that i****t can be a very beautiful thing between two people who love and care for one another.” She said.

Again my mother had left me speechless. But then how else could she have really felt. She had loved her own s****r in the same manner as daddy had loved me.

My feelings for my mom had suddenly changed; the idea of being close to her was not as repulsive as I thought. As a matter of fact it was the only thing I could think about. Mom had to know what I was thinking when I turned my head in order to avoid any further eye contact. Mother took my chin and turned it back towards her. Without a word spoken between us our lips met in a warm embrace.

It was a moment that transformed my life. For the past eight years I have hated the woman that gave me life, but now all of the hate and anger that I felt for her was slowly disappearing. Her lips were so soft on mine; and they tasted even sweeter. There was no use in fighting what was happening; I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

“Are you sorry I did that?” she asked.

“No” I softly said as a single tear escaped my eye.

“What’s wrong baby?” mom asked as she whipped away my tears.

“Oh mom I have hated you all this time without hearing your side. I know daddy was hurt and alone, but you are still my mother and I should have tried to see things from your point of view.”

“Oh baby its alright I understand, your father needed you back then, and I was glad you were there for him.” She said as she took me in her arms.

It felt so good to be held by my mother again. Her soft touch and her warm body made me feel loved and safe. She tilted my head back and brushed away a remaining tear, and then once again our lips met. This time our kiss lasted a lot longer, and went much deeper then either one of us expected.

I felt mother hands go under my blouse that is when I broke the kiss. My head was spinning, and I had no idea where this was leading.

“Mom do you want me?” Looking into her crystal blue eyes I heard my mom as she spoke her truth.

“Christina I would be lying if I said no. The truth is I have watched from a distance for many years. I have seen you grow into a beautiful desirable young woman. I loved Lyn, but she is gone now. Lyn knew that I always wanted to connect with you again, to have you back in my life.” she said.

“And maybe one day in your bed as well?” I asked.

“Yes, as I said before i****t can be a very beautiful and healing expression between two people. After I left home your Aunt Jill was very angry with me for years. She felt like I had ran out on her, just the way you and your dad felt. It wasn’t until a year ago that Jill and I started talking, one thing lead to another, until one day we connected sexually again. It was wonderful to have my s****r’s love again, and to make love to her again was the most healing thing we could have ever done.”

A million thoughts were running through my head as I sat listening to mom. I thought of my dad, and how much I loved him, and how I loved being his lover. For the past eight years I have given my heart and body to one man, my father. But now after only a few hours it seems that the mother that I have hated all these years is now back in my life, and she is asking me to betrayed the man that has cared for me all my life.

I got up and walked over to the fireplace, knowing that my next move could change the course of my life forever. As I turned around mother saw me as I was unbuttoning my blouse. She held out her hand for me, and like a young c***d I took my mother’s hand.

We walked hand in hand to her bedroom. “You are the first woman who has been in here since Lyn died.” she said as she removed my blouse.

The soft lighting from the bedside lamp set help set the mood. Our fingers intertwined and our eyes locked on each other we shared another kiss. Only now there was no need to hole anything back. Our lips became as one as we began to explore our mother daughter relationship.

Standing face to face we undressed each other. My mother’s body was beautiful and sensual, her breast were still as if she were a young woman. Her nipples were round and hard, and I couldn’t resist playing with them. Her skin was like silk as our naked bodies came together for the first time. Lying down on her bed with her arms open, mother invited me into her bed.

I stood over her gazing at the lovely work of art that was my mother. As she lay before me I was able to really soak in her hips, her thighs, her feet, and her long shapely legs. But the thing that caught my eye, and nearly took my breath away, was her well groomed hairy pussy.

I’m so use to shaved hairless pussies until it was really refreshing to see some old school hairy pussy on display. I crawled into bed next to mom, we never said a word, and instead we started making love. I craved the soft touch of my mother’s gentle hands that both soothed and excites me.

I started to nurse at my mother’s breast; it felt so good to be close to her. While I sucked her tits I felt mom’s hands as they roamed my body. I soon felt her open my legs and lightly finger my mound. I knew she wanted inside me. I kissed her again, and I lay back on the bed, allowing my mother to take complete control.

In the next few moments I would discover what a real loving mother was. Mom said that she wanted to savor every moment we have together. She started kissing me again, only this time it seems as if she kissed every inch of my face. My mom was determined to show me how much she loved me.

She started to kiss her way down my naked body. There were no feelings of guilt or shame as I give myself to my mother. I felt her open my legs again, and then I felt her soft lips lightly kiss my pussy.

She was soft and gentle, as only a woman can be with another woman. The opening of my love hole to her was more then sex, it was more then just fucking, it was finding everything we had lost in the past eight years.

Slipping one finger then two inside me, as she found my magic button that made my body quiver with desire was almost more then I could take. Mom knew how to make a woman come alive. She continues to push her way inside me, all the while sucking and biting my clit until I came, hard. It was the first on many organisms that I would have that night. There was no other feeling that could ever compare to that moment between mom and me.

I lay in my mother’s arms feeling whole again, it had been many years since I had felt this complete. Mom and I made love all night; she was right when she said that i****t could be a beautiful thing between two people who love and care for each other. I never wanted that night to end because I knew that I would have to face daddy with the truth, and the truth was that I loved him but I wanted my mother back in my life. Not just as my mother, but as my lover as well.


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