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Belle’s story (Daddy/babygirl)

He opens the door and steps into his home, relieved to be home and exhausted from a long day. But more then anything, he’s relieved to be back to the place where his princess is. And the fact that she hasn’t come running the moment he stepped inside suggests she must be sl**ping.

And after hanging up his coat, he moves straight to her room, gentle opening the door to peer inside. Indeed she has fallen asl**p, though clearly not a proper sl**p, she rarely sl**ps well when he isn’t home. Instead she’s fallen asl**p ontop of the covers, the light on her nightstand is on and there are crayons and pictures spread around the bed.

For a moment, he just stands there, admiring his gorgeous girl. Her long blonde hair framing her angelic face, it moves slightly everytime she exhales and he smiles as he watches her little tongue dart out briefly, brushing aside a few strands of her hair. One of her legs is dangling off the bed, small and delicate but beautiful. She has such wonderful pale milky skin, and nobody knows better then him how smooth and soft that pale skin is when his fingers touch it. She’s wearing a lovely pink nightgown made of pure silk. It looks lovely on her, the pink matches so well with her sweet girly nature, the pale milky white of her skin, and it makes her look so much like an angel. His perfect babygirl. And yet the silky fabric of her nightgown and the way it tightly hugs her body reminds him that she is so much more. She will always be his babygirl, and yet she’s also grown into a gorgeous sensual young woman with a body most women would die to have, and most men would die to play with for a day. She’s so beautiful, so sensual, he finds himself struggling with the rising arousal in his own body for a moment, pushing away the urge to grab her, hold her down, and ravage her.

Wether it’s the light from the hallway, a sound he made, or simply his presence, her eyes flutter open and turn towards the door, relief and a smile playing across her face.


But then her face falls into a sulking pout and she pulls her leg onto the bed and she stares up at him sadly.

“You were gone so long.. I was all alone..”

Unable to resist his babygirl’s siren’s call he quickly moves to her bed, sitting down besides her and putting his arm tightly around her, letting her climb onto his lap and snuggle tightly against his chest. He smiles down at her and kisses the top of her head, taking in her wonderful sweet smell.

“I know, i’m sorry sweetheart, but daddy’s here now..”

She nods and rests her head against his chest, listening to the familiar comfortable sound of his heartbeat. Letting him comfort and seeking shelter in his arms as she climbs onto his lap even more, wanting to be as close to daddy as she can.

He smiles down at his little angel and his fingers continiously glide through her hair, gently stroking her soft blonde waterfall of soft hairs. Time seems to stand still in a perfect moment, so content to have her in his arms, and she so happy to be within his embrace, it’s like a perfect moment. And he tries to ignore the sensation of her small body wriggling in his lap, but that proves to be an impossible task.

Being a bright and intelligent young girl, she suddenly realizes what’s happening underneath her. A miscchievous smile crosses her angelic face, and her intense eyes start to sparkle with a rare wickedness. Slowly she starts to move again, but this time on purpose, very gentle rubbing her own body against daddy’s lap, and grinning when his body responds, barely able to keep herself from giggling.

It doesn’t take long to realize what she’s doing, and he reaches for her small hand, taking it affectitonatelly in his own to get her attention.



She cuts him off before he can finish his thought, slipping her little hand out of his own and using her hands to lift up her pink nightgown to her chest, staring up at her daddy.

“Do you like my panties?..”

His eyes move down her beautiful body and fix on her small panties, pink and silk they perfectly match the nightgown. And right at the spot where he can see the outlines of her little opening, the dark spot of moisture soaked into the panties. Such a beautiful enticing sight his brain seems to stop functioning and something else, something fierce takes over.

His hands move over her soft naked back, sliding down to her firm butt and into her panties, before moving up, taking hold of her nightgown and pulling it fully over her head, throwing it aside and sliding his arms back around her now nearly naked body.

He leans down, pressing his lips against her neck and kissing her soft skin, kissing that soft little spot again and again, before finally changing position and pressing his lips against her soft milky white breasts, finally uncovered. She let’s out a content soft moan and smiles, fully enjoying the attention and the reactions of her body.

His hands reach up and place hers around his neck, before picking her up into his arms and turning around, putting her down onto the bed on all fours. His hand slides over her smooth little butt and pulls down her pretty pink panties to her ankles. His fingers trail over the beautiful small slit between her legs causing a shudder of excitement to coarse through her body. Then suddenly his hand comes down on her butt firmly, leaving a slight red mark making her whimper and bite her lower lip in a pout. But she knows what it means, and obediently, she doesn’t move from the spot and position she’s in.

It doesn’t take long before he returns, and she’s still in the same position, sitting on the bed on all fours with her butt sticking up in the air and her panties at her ankles. Still she peers around and her eyes widen as they take in her daddy’s naked body, torn between an excitement she can’t put into words and nervousness.

His hands run slowly over her soft skin, moving to her hips where his fingers can press down into her skin against bone and take the best, firmest hold of her. He pulls her slowly to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and briefly fixing his eyes on hers, telling her without words there is no going back.

She gasps sharply and a whimpering moan runs through her body and out into the room as daddy enters her body. Her little fingers clutching desperately at the covers of her bed as she feels him moving deeper inside. Her chest rises and falls rapidly with her rapid breathing as he starts to move back and forth inside her with long powerful strokes, holding onto her own hips to keep her from slipping away.

The passion builds rapidly, more and more his primal nature takes over, forcing himself deeper, faster, harder. And with every stroke her nervousness is replaced more and more with pleasure. Already she has stopped whimpering and her small body is moving in unison with his. United in their powerful love making.

Then all that passion builds to a crescendo, and flows out of him in the form of a warm sticky substance deep inside her body. And together they fall on the bed, their writhing shuddering bodies wrapped together and their arms seeking each other out.

When finally they’ve recovered, he puts his arms around her properly and pulls her up against his body, dr****g her far smaller body over his. He leans down and kisses her soft sweaty cheek, his fingers sliding through her soft hair. Once again his perfect little babygirl. She looks up at him, happy but still unsure about what happened. But she knows she loves him even more then she did before, she belongs to him even more then before.

“I love you daddy..”

He smiles down and kisses the top of her soft blonde head, hugging her tightly to him.

“I love you sweetie.. Go to sl**p..”

With that he pulls the blankets over the both of them, and though exhausted, they both fall asl**p happily.

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