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June woke up in the middle of the night with her pussy on fire. She needed to fuck now. She got up and walked naked to her dad’s room and opened the door and quietly walked to his bed and lifted the covers. She knew he slept naked and she got under the covers and began to rub his cock then she licked it as he woke. He said “June baby, do you need more cock? Daddy fucked you twice after dinner then I licked your pussy for over an hour when I tucked you in bed. I am very happy to fuck you more. This time I am going to fuck that sexy ass first. Suck my cock till it is hard then get up here and slide that asshole down over my cock and I will ass fuck you till I fill you full of cum. I knew the first time I licked your little pussy you was going to be quite the cock lover.” June took dad’s cock deep in her mouth and as she sucked she ran her tongue over his long shaft. She wanted to suck him till he filled her mouth with cum but she knew he loved ass fucking her and filling it.

She then got up and raised her ass over his hard cock and slid down on it letting it go deep up her ass. She loved letting him fuck her ass as he was long and thick and always went in deep. As he fucked her tight ass his fingers found her cunt and he shoved two in her hole deep and ass fucked her with his cock and cunt fucked her with his fingers till he had her moaning and begging for more and harder. He loved her tight ass. Fucking it was favorite of his. Fucking her was so good. She seemed to want sex more and more. He was happy to satisfy her. Her mom left when she was a baby and he had raised her. He used to lick her pussy for years when she was quite small. Then he began tongue fucking her then finger fucking her and at a very young age he was cock fucking her and she loved it. Now in her young teen years he was fucking her day and night and she wanted his cock more and more. She also learned to be a great cock sucker and would suck him a lot each day. She loved to swallow his cum as much as he loved sucking her cum out of her tight cunt. She was always naked around the house and he loved fingering her making her cum. He was used to her waking him up by sucking his cock and licking his balls. She was great ass licker too.

Now with his cock deep in her ass he was pulling her down making his cock go deep and fucking her hard as his fingers fucking her cunt feeling her cum. He had raised her right loving his cock in any hole he chose. He had strong sexual needs and some days kept her in bed all day licking and sucking and fingering and fucking her. Even at her young age she could handle the hours of hard rough sex. Even last night after fucking her twice after dinner and then eating her pussy for over an hour when he tucked her naked body in bed she was back in less than three hours wanting more cock. He had good stamina and the other night after he fucked her twice he then rammed his cock in her cunt a third time and fucked her for two hours till he could cum again. When she began wanting more and more of his cock he bought some great cock pills from Mexico and he could keep a hard on for almost ten hours. The first day he took them he tried them out and fucked her in every hole for eight hours with out stopping. Then she sucked his hard cock for two more hours.

June had always been home schooled and he worked from home and they loved to laugh about recess sex and lunch room sex. She loved to get under his desk and suck his cock and he loved putting her on his lap and sitting her on his cock as he worked on reports. She wanted to be fucked more and more.

Tonight he had his cock deep in her ass pounding her hard fingering her cunt as she begged for more. The he took his other hand and began rubbing her clit between two fingers as he heard her scream loud. She was cumming so hard and cum was running out her hole and on his body. He worked her clit harder and put a third finger in her cunt and was now really fucking her ass and cunt hard as he rubbed and twisted her clit. She wanted to be fucked in the middle of the night and he was giving her a deep hard fuck making her scream and cum non stop. She had her legs spread wide as she bounced up and down on his cock and his fingers. He watched his fingers as the fucked her cunt and fingered her clit. He then yelled “Ride me hard baby. Shove that ass down on my hard cock. Get that ass fucked hard tonight. You wanted cock and you are getting cock. I am going to fill your ass with cum and then pull you down here beside me and fuck you again first thing in the morning. Then I am going fuck you again on the kitchen table after breakfast. I will then eat your pussy till lunch time. After lunch I am going to lick your ass then fuck it and then fuck your mouth. I have doubled up on my cock pills and I am going to have my cock or tongue in every hole all day long. By the time we go to bed your cunt and ass are going to be raw but I am going to fuck you all night. Tomorrow you will have a hard time walking from all the fucking but you can still suck cock and lick my ass.”

He then filled her ass with cum and pulled her down beside him. They went to sl**p with his fingers in her cunt and in the morning he started by fucking her cunt deep. Then the day went just as he planned. The pills kept his cock hard and kept him super horny. He just thought of fucking when he took the pills and today he took two. Today he fucked her in the bed, Then the kitchen. Then the bathroom then took her to his office and fucked her on his desk. He ate her pussy several times and she sucked his cock. He fucked her all night and the next morning her cunt and ass were raw. She sucked his cock and swallowed his cum and he took her to the bathroom and douched her cunt and ass with warm water to make her feel better. He fingered her clit then sucked it making his sweet baby cum hard. He ate her pussy several times that day and did not fuck her again till night. By that time she was wild for cock again. She was freak for sex and he loved her for it.

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