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Bet wife against BBC

He bet the black man couldn’t fuck his wife and lost..or did he?

I had always had a fantasy about my wife Joyce fucking another man, but when I finally told her about it she reacted by saying, “I’ve never slept with anyone else before, and at age 42 I don’t intend to start now.” Then she added, “Why would you want the mother of your three c***dren to have sex with someone else anyway?”

She made me feel so terrible for ever suggesting such a think that I apologized profusely and let the matter drop. But a year later, something happened to make my desire to see my wife with another man come up again.

Leon is an attorney who works at my firm, and we had become close since he was hired three years ago. One day we were having lunch together when a waitress began flirting with him. Leon is black and good-looking, and he said that sort of thing happens to him a lot. He began talking about how a lot of white women are attracted to black guys. I said that there were also some white women that would never be attracted to a black guy, especially if it meant cheating on their husbands and Leon said he would bet me $100 that he could fuck any woman I picked. I gave it some thought, and that’s when the thoughts of my fantasy came up and I said “Okay, Leon, you’re on,” and I pulled out my wallet to show him my wife’s picture.

At 43, Joyce was still in great shape, with blonde hair, a full body with shapely legs and a nice round ass. Her face was very pretty, and her medium-size 38C tits were topped with large, sensitive nipples. Leon looked at the picture and raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Is this your wife?” he asked. I nodded. “If you still want to bet, you’ll have an opportunity to meet her at the office party in two weeks.” “Okay, but don’t cry if you don’t like the outcome,” he said, laughing. I assured him that I wouldn’t, and told him that in fact if he succeeded it would be the best $100 I ever spent. He asked me if I was sure that was really what I wanted and I confessed and told him I was never more certain of anything in my life and then we continued to talk, and I decided that in order to make it easier, we should have a plan. I told Leon that my plan would be for him to pick us up in his car the night of the party. I would pretend to drink too much, and after taking us back home, he would leave and then come back, pretending to have car trouble. I would pretend that in my d***ken state, I would be passed out, and he would have Joyce all to himself to seduce. I told him that I would make sure that our three k**s would be staying with friends and wouldn’t be home.

The night of the party, Joyce wore a very nice black knit dress that accentuated her curves. It was low-cut, showing a lot of cleavage, and had a slit in front that allowed her to display her legs. Black stockings and high heels completed her very sexy ensemble. Leon arrived to pick us up a little early, so we had some wine at the house, and we all felt a little buzzed even before we got into his car. Joyce sat between us in the front seat. Her dress was pulled very tight; and a lot of thigh was visible, and I could see that Leon noticed.

When we got to the party we had some more drinks, and Joyce and Leon were already acting like old friends, even though they just met that night. At one point I excused myself and already pretending to be a little d***k, went to the men’s room. When I returned I saw that Leon and Joyce were dancing together. I felt very proud when I noticed a number of men checking her out as she danced with Leon, although later I realized that they might not have of approved of her dancing with a black guy.

When the music tempo changed and a slow song came on, I was surprised when she and Leon stayed on the dance floor. I saw that they were dancing closely and sensuously, and my dick hardened and throbbed. As planned, I pretended to drink a lot and they danced together several times as the night wore on, until around one in the morning when the party started to break up.

Joyce and Leon helped me to the car and as soon as we got inside, I pretended to fall asl**p, though I managed to take a peek at them from time to time. They made small talk as Leon drove, and at one point I saw him put his hand on Joyce’s exposed thigh. He then asked if she’d ever been with a black guy. Joyce giggled nervously and said no, and then asked him if he’d been with a white woman. Leon said yes, and shocked her I think when he said that he loved fucking sexy white women like herself. “If you ever decide to try it, I know you’ll love it Joyce, you’re so beautiful and built the way black men love their women” I heard him tell her.

I still was pretending to be asl**p, but still peeking out of the corner of my eye and I saw Joyce reach down and remove his hand as he tried to slide it higher on her thigh. “No Leon, my husband might wake up and we don’t want any trouble,” she whispered. “Nah, there’s no way he’s waking up, he’s had way too much to drink and he’s out for the count,” Leon said. Then he took her hand and put it on his crotch. I saw her quickly pull her had away saying “My God that can’t be real!” and I nearly came in my pants. This time when he put his hand on her thigh she let him keep it there, though he didn’t try to go higher now.

When we got to our house, with me still pretending to be passed out, they got me into the house and Leon and Joyce carried me upstairs and put me to bed. Leon then turned and said that he better leave, but not before I saw him kiss Joyce, holding her close and sliding his hand down to squeeze and fondle her firm round ass. He held her like that until she pushed him away, saying that it wasn’t right and that he should go.

I heard him turn and leave the room and head back downstairs and then I heard the front door open and close. He left but then about 10 minutes later, according to our plan, he was at the front door, telling Joyce that his car had broken down at the end of our housing plan. Joyce came back upstairs and tried to wake me to tell me about it, but I still pretended to be out cold, so she went back down stairs to Leon.

When I didn’t hear anything for a while, I got up and snuck down the dark hall to peer in at them. They were sitting on the living room couch. I saw that Leon’s arm was around Joyce’s shoulders as he kissed her and nuzzled her neck. She let out a low moan, and he pushed her down on the sofa. She made no attempt to resist now; and I knew that she was obviously his to do with as he pleased. He pushed her dress up to her waist to run his hands over her lower body.

“Let me up for a minute,” Joyce said, and when he did she got up and removed her dress. Then she undid her bra and stood in front of him in just her black panties and stockings. She offered her creamy breasts to him, and he began sucking on them as she moaned loudly in passion. After a few minutes he slid his hand inside her panties, playing with her pussy. His other hand played with her firm ass cheeks as he slowly worked her panties down till they fell around her ankles.

Joyce jumped when he penetrated her with his finger, and I could soon tell from her gyrations and loud moans that she was cumming all over his fingers. They kissed again, and he told her to sit on the couch so she could suck his cock. She obediently did so as he dropped his pants and undershorts to his ankles. My wife gasped at the size of his big black cock when she saw it for the first time, then took it in both hands to stroke it before kissing the tip and opening her mouth to take it in, looking up at him as she did so. She was soon sucking and licking him as though possessed, her head bobbing back and forth on his black shaft.

When she pulled back to kiss the tip again he told her to put it back in her mouth, as he was about to shoot his cum. I was surprised when she took his cock as deep in her mouth as she could, fondling his big balls as she worked his cock. A second later he was cumming in her mouth, and she swallowed feverishly as he gave her her first taste of nigger cum. She must have liked it because she continued to suck him until his cock was soft, then let him go, licking her lips and smiling.

“You were right,” she said breathlessly, “I do love it.” And she went back to sucking and licking him again. When she put a finger up his ass his cock jumped to life again, more than ready to fuck her. As my friend pushed my wife back onto the couch, I lost it and shot my load all over the hall floor. By the time I looked back up Leon had her legs over his shoulders, and she cried out as he drove into her and began fucking her hard. She was soon arching up at him in an effort to get even more of his big black cock into her, her moans filling the room now. After what seemed like a half hour of frantic, a****listic fucking, Leon dumped another load of his nigger cum inside her and collapsed on top of her, both of them sweating and breathing heavily.

I hurried back to bed, and about fifteen minutes later I heard the front door close again and heard Joyce come back upstairs. After going into the bathroom and taking a shower, she came out and slipped in the bed beside me. Despite the temptation, to try to fuck her myself and see just how stretched out she was after Leon’s big cock, I decided against it and continued to pretend to be out cold.

Joyce never mentioned that night to me, and Leon refused my $100, when we got together for lunch the following Monday saying that fucking Joyce had been reward enough. He told me that he could tell that Joyce had really enjoyed his big black cock and that he was happy that my fantasy had been fulfilled, but then he told me that now that Joyce has had a taste of big black cock, he’s sure that she will want more…. lots more, and he said that he spoke to Joyce on Sunday to let her know that he’s available and that he also has several black friends that would like some of her married white pussy. He then told me that she told him that she definitely was interested but was worried about ruining her marriage and she told him that she loved me and didn’t want anything to happen that would hurt me. He said that in spite of her resistance, before their conversation was over, she did promise to call and set up a time when they can meet again real soon. Leon looked me in the eye and told me that when she does call, and he knew she would, he hoped that I’d be okay with him giving her lots more of his big black cock!

I told him that would be fine with me and that I really would like Joyce to know that I saw them together and that I would like to watch them again in the future and to let her know that it’s okay and that she doesn’t have to sneak around or hide. I even told Leon that we could make arrangements once a month for the k**s to visit their grandparents for the weekend and he could come and spend the entire weekend at my house. I even told him he could have the master bedroom and I’d take the spare room and he said that when he and Joyce get together, he is going to work on her to make it happen and I believe that he will be successful.

I guess as far as the bet was concerned, we were all winners.

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