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Between Aphrodisia And Anathema


“Well that was… certainly different.”

“Different? That’s all you can say?”

“What else would call it then?”


“That’s worse than different.”

“Yeah, you got a point there.”

Neither one of them knew what to say at that point. There was plenty that needed to be said but both were so confused and a bit frightened by the night’s events that they couldn’t even begin to think of what to say. Looking at one another for a moment, the shorter haired one of the two finally broke the staring contest and pushed the sheets off her nude body as she sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed.

“Leaving already?”

“I really think I should get back to my room.”

“So I’m a one night stand? I’m hurt Melanie.”

“Sam, drop it,” Melanie snapped, reaching for her shirt which had been thrown onto the desk located on the other side of the room. Pulling on her shirt, she glanced over at her twin who was watching her intently and it did nothing to quell the butterflies still fluttering in her stomach. “Must you watch me?”

“We just had sex and you’re embarrassed over me watching you dress?”

“Don’t remind me.”

“I was that horrible? I’m shocked. Most girls tell me I’m great in bed.”

“Well I’m not one of them,” Melanie huffed, glaring at the most boisterous of the pair as she pulled on her skirt.

“Really? You could’ve fooled me from the way you were crying out my name-”

“Will you drop it?” Melanie hissed, clamping her hand down over Sam’s mouth to silence her but she quickly pulled her hand back with a slight shriek when Sam licked it. “I can’t believe you licked my hand!”

“Melanie moments ago I was licking your-”

“Must you always be so vulgar?”

“Of course. I’m Sam Puckett. Me and vulgarity go together like ham and potatoes.”

“Goodnight, Sam.”

“Night Mel. Come back if you get lonely,” Sam said with a wink and though she appeared to be fine when her s*ster left, the faux confidence she had shown her s*ster quickly fell apart and was replaced by something she couldn’t even name. It was something akin to doubt and confusion. She knew that much.

A sudden knock on the door broke her out of her depressing thoughts and she knew it had to be Melanie. Her mother never left the couch. “Yeah?”

“It’s me.”

“Couldn’t stay away?”

“I forgot my underwear.”

“Sure you did,” Sam teased with a smile, telling her to come in as she reached underneath the covers and pulled out a pair of cherry decorated panties. “Looking for these?” she asked, smirking as they were plucked out of her hand and her s*ster left the room for a second time. Groaning when she heard the door across the hall open and then slam close, she rolled over, not bothering to put on her clothes before deciding to sl**p.

She really needed some at the moment.

If asked what happened neither of them would be able to explain it very well. It seemed like one moment they were sitting on Sam’s bed talking, the two of them slightly buzzed and the next they were making out on the bed. It made no sense and when both woke up the next morning neither one could seem to make sense of it.

“Morning,” Sam muttered to Melanie when she walked out of her room that morning, offering her a piece of toast which she politely declined. “Not hungry?”

“I don’t feel like eating this morning.”

“How can you be my s*ster?” Sam asked in disbelief, not expecting an answer because she asked her that question every time she visited from her former boarding school. “Seriously are you not eating on your first day of high school?”

“It’s not my first day of high school. I’m a senior.”

“Well it’s your first day at Ridgeway and you have no idea how a public school works. You’re only used to those fancy boarding schools.”

“I think I can manage, Sam.”

“Whatever. I just hope you have fun finding your own way there,” Sam grumbled, shoving the rest of her toast in her mouth before she got up and headed towards her room. She was out the door fifteen minutes later. On her way out she didn’t even bother to spare a glance at Melanie and could only hope that her s*ster was late for her first day. It was what she would get for being that way at the breakfast table. She had only been trying to help.

Climbing into her car, which Freddie refused to step foot in because it was apparently unsafe, she drove the ten minutes to school and parked soon after. Upon stepping foot inside the school she was approached by Carly and tried her best to be friendly towards her eerily cheerful best friend.

“Morning Carls.”

“Morning Sam. Where’s Melanie?”

“At home, on the bus, or possibly in a dump truck. I don’t know and nor do I care.”

“Sam!” Carly exclaimed in disbelief.

“If she’s capable of being a bitch to me she can find her own way here.”

“What happened?” Carly asked, a frown marring her features as she turned towards the shorter girl. “You two have been getting along great ever since she came home in June. What changed?”

“Her not going back to boarding school,” Sam grumbled, frowning when she saw Melanie waltz through the front door. Damn it. She had been positive she would’ve been late!

“Morning Melanie!” Carly shouted while Sam just rolled her eyes as her s*ster smiled and walked over to them. “How’d you get here so fast?”

“I called up Freddie after you took off and he was nice enough to pick me up on his way to school.”

“How nice of Fredward,” Sam muttered, glaring at Freddie when he walked through the front door. “See you in class, Carly.” she added before walking off, leaving a bewildered Carly, Freddie, and a frowning Melanie behind.

Sam realized how much of a bitch she had been halfway through her third period and was overcome with the strange urge to apologize which she usually never had unless it involved Carly. During lunch she texted her s*ster and told her to meet her in the bathroom. When she received no response she decided to go anyway and continuously texted her s*ster for five minutes straight because she knew the more irritated her the better chance she had for her showing up just so she could tell her off.

“Finally. What took you so long?” Sam asked Melanie as she looked up from her spot on the oh-so comfy bathroom floor.

“I was trying to eat my lunch.”

“It took you that long to eat a salad?” Sam teased, sighing when Melanie frowned and turned to leave “Mel, would you wait a second? I want to say I’m sorry,” she told her as she stood up and walked over to her s*ster.

“… Really? You want to say you’re sorry?”

“Yeah. I acted like a bit of a bitch today.”

“A bit?”

“Don’t push it,” Sam grumbled, staring at her s*ster for a moment before she closed the distance between them and suddenly kissed her right on the lips.

She wasn’t sure why she did it. It was a random urge that had taken over her when she looked at Melanie. It reminded her of last night and how good it had been despite the confusing aspect of it. Arms snaking around Melanie in order to prevent her from bolting, she slipped her tongue into her mouth and to her surprise, and liking, her s*ster returned the favour.

Biting softly down on Melanie’s lower lip, a hand slipped up her shirt, brushing against her stomach as it continued its journey upwards. Once again pleased when she was not rejected or shoved away, she lightly traced the left cup of her s*ster’s bra with her pointer finger for a moment before her hand suddenly stilled when she heard two people talking outside the door. This broke the moment and Melanie quickly pulled away but before she could say even begin to comprehend what had happened, Sam grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearest stall, locking it quickly behind them with her back to the wall.

“Sam what hell were you thinking-” Melanie started to shout, clamping a hand over her mouth when she heard two people enter the bathroom. Once the threat was gone Melanie decided it was safe to speak again. “Don’t go kissing me in the school bathroom! What if someone had walked in?”

“So I can kiss you elsewhere?”

“I didn’t say that and anyway the answer would be no.”

“Why not?” Sam asked with a frown.

“You know why.”

“I really don’t know why Melanie. Would you please enlighten me as to why I can’t kiss you?”

“We’re s*sters… Twins, even! Besides it was a mistake.”

“… And you liked everything we did last night. Don’t try to fucking deny it,” Sam hissed, grabbing Melanie and pulling her towards her as she kissed her hard. “See? I don’t see you trying to fight me even though you keep telling me that this was a mistake.”

“Why don’t you just shut up Sam and fuck me already?” Melanie hissed, sounding very much like her s*ster when she was angry as she pressed Sam up against the stall door and kissed her almost as violently as her twin had kissed her a moment ago. Parting for a moment so they could both catch their breath, they went right back to kissing while Sam’s hands slid underneath Melanie’s short skirt, her fingers lightly brushing over her cloth covered sex..

“Gladly,” Sam whispered between kisses.

She wasn’t sure what had gotten into Melanie or what had made her change her mind. Frankly she didn’t care at the moment and she was, for once, going to do as her s*ster asked. Biting down harshly on her lower lip she slipped her fingers into her panties and brushed her thumb against her clitoris. Smirking into the kiss when she felt her s*ster jerk against her, she shoved two fingers inside Melanie without warning and relished in the muffled moan that escaped her lips.

Melanie returned the favour once she had caught her bearings. Unzipping Sam’s jeans, she wiggled a hand inside her pants and then boxer shorts, both teenagers groaning softly as they pressed their bodies close together and fought for control of the kiss. Rocking against each other’s fingers, Melanie was the first one to reach her climax, stiffening and letting out a soft whimper as she came. Sam quickly followed, swallowing her moan as she kissed her twin in order to muffle any sounds that might escape her.

Soft pants filled the air as they leaned against the stall door and each other for support. For a few minutes they stood there, trying to catch their breath and enjoy the feeling of their climax but the moment was soon shattered by the sound of the school bell. Melanie was the first to come to her senses, pulling away from Sam and quickly yanking her hand out of her pants. “Would you please move? Unlike you I care if I’m late for class,” she muttered, wincing at the sticky substance pooling on the crotch of her panties but she ignored it and tried to focus on leaving the bathroom.

“Whatever,” was all Sam could say as she moved out of the way, sighing as her s*ster waltzed passed her, grabbed her bag, and then made a beeline for the door.

She had probably caused more problems doing what she had done but something had come over her and when Melanie told her to fuck her she lost all control. It seemed as if both of them had lost some amount of control over themselves since their slightly dr*nken encounter last night… or maybe she truly was reading too much into it. “Fuck it,” she muttered after attempting to spend five minutes trying to figure it out. She didn’t care and she had class to get too. If she didn’t she’d be stuck with another detention with that bitch Ms Briggs and that was really the last thing she wanted.

They tried this thing called avoiding one another for a few days. It was especially hard to do when one lived in the same house with the said person they were attempting to avoid but somehow they managed to succeed for a little while. Their avoidance effort worked for at least a week. Then they bumped into each other in the hallway near where their rooms met and for a second stared at one another.

“Excuse me,” Melanie muttered, frowning when she was grabbed by Sam and shoved against a wall. “Sam! What the hell are you doing?” she growled, swallowing her next sentence when Sam kissed her, loosening her grip on her upper arms as Melanie returned the kiss until she finally came to her so-called senses and pulled away.

“Why do you have to keep ruining a perfectly good thing?” Sam muttered, moving to kiss Melanie again but she was stopped when Melanie clamped a hand over her mouth.

“You need to stop kissing and m*****ing me!”

Lifting a brow, Sam smirked as her tongue darted out to lick her s*ster’s palm, her lips quickly descending on her s*ster again. Gripping her arms tightly, her eyes fluttered closed as she moaned softly into the kiss and she could’ve sworn she heard a muffled curse and then a soft moan escape Melanie.

“Sam, Melanie, where’s the fucking beer?”

The moment was quickly shattered when their mother screamed for them. Wincing as Melanie shoved her away, she frowned as she watched her walk off towards the kitchen and decided to storm off to her own room.

Slamming the door shut behind her, she had just made it to her bed when her door was opened and with a sigh she turned around to face Melanie. “Have you ever heard of knocking?” Sam asked.

“Have you never heard of leaving me alone?”

“We live together, Melanie. That is impossible-”

“Sam cut out the sarcasm. You know damn well what I mean.”

“Fine,” Sam muttered. “How exactly would you like me to leave you alone, Mel?”

“You never kissing, touching, or m*****ing me would be a start.”

“Melanie I don’t know why you ins*st on being so fucking difficult!”

“I’m being difficult because you won’t realize that… that night was nothing but a dr*nken mistake.”

“… And that time in the bathroom? Was that yet another dr*nken mistake as well?” Sam countered, smirking when Melanie simply turned around and left. “Because, if memory serves me correctly, and it usually does, we were not dr*nk in the bathroom.”

Yeah, she had won that round.

She realized soon after Melanie stormed out that she wasn’t quite happy with what had taken place. Sam was hurt by what her s*ster had said and she certainly hadn’t helped anything with her comments. She was sure she had hurt Melanie and now she was god knows where while she was at home sulking in her room. It wasn’t a thing Sam Puckett often did and another thing she didn’t do was wait up for people which she did for her s*ster. She waited up for some time after Melanie left but after a while she gave up and decided she simply did not want to think about where her s*ster was. Laying down, she fell asl**p a few minutes before midnight and was fast asl**p until she heard a loud crash.

Sitting up, she ran her hand through her hair and glanced over at where she had heard the crash and saw her s*ster in the window with the front of her body hanging in the room and the lower half of her still outside.

“Melanie… what are you doing?” she mumbled, stumbling out of bed as she went to go help her s*ster but just as she reached her Melanie tumbled inside, giggling. “Are you dr*nk?”

“A little,” Melanie admitted with a smile, managing to get to her feet as she stumbled over to Sam’s bed and plopped herself down on top of it.

“And you’re in my room why?”

“The window was open and mine wasn’t.”

“We have a front door.”

“Mom lives on the couch. I couldn’t come through the front door,” Melanie explained with a laugh even though Sam knew that there was no point in sneaking around in the Puckett household. Their mother did not care if they snuck out and went partying. “Sam your bed is very comfy,” she whispered, turning around so her head was laying on Sam’s pillow with the rest of her sprawled across the bed.

Lifting a brow, Sam simply shook her head and laid down next to her s*ster who had her eyes closed, chest rising softly. Chuckling, she was about to close her own eyes when she felt a sudden weight on top of her and when she looked she found Melanie on top of her with her hands on either side of her head. “Melanie get off me.”

“I think I’d rather not,” Melanie whispered with a soft giggle, leaning down to capture her twin’s lips in a soft kiss that was quick to turn heated.

“Seriously stop it,” Sam hissed and it took all her will power to push Melanie away, gripping her upper arms tightly as she struggled to keep her in place and it was difficult especially since Melanie possessed the same amount of strength she did. “You’re dr*nk, Mel, and not in any shape to be doing this. Remember what happened the last time?” Sam reminded her.

It was almost like that night over a week ago. They had been in her room drinking and then started kissing. Sex soon followed. This time, however, she was sober enough to stop it even though it was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted nothing more than to kiss Melanie (among several other things) but she was not dr*nk this time and had the power to put a stop to this before their estrangement became even worse.

“I’m dr*nk enough to want to do this with you but not dr*nk enough where you have to feel guilty about it in the morning,” Melanie told her, frowning when Sam stopped her from kissing her.

“Sam I told you-”

“I know what you told me but I don’t want us doing whatever the fuck we’re doing to screw up our relationship even it already is.”

“Stop thinking and just fuck me would you?” Melanie whispered in her ear, smirking in satisfaction when her s*ster shivered slightly.

“I think I’ve been corrupting you a little too much.”

“Nah, I think it’s the right amount,” she told her with a smile before slamming her lips over Sam’s and silencing anything else she might say.

Moaning loudly into the kiss, Sam reached between them to cup Melanie’s breast, thumbing the nipple through her thin shirt and bra as Melanie broke the kiss and started attacking Sam’s neck with her lips. Plucking at her nipples until they had both hardened, she threw her head back when Melanie bit at a particular sensitive spot, soothing the bite with her tongue.

“Since when did you become such a tiger in the sack?” Sam breathed out, jerking slightly when Melanie’s cold hand slid up her shirt.

Smiling at her s*ster, she decided not to answer her question as she kissed down her neck and then down to the waistband of her boxer shorts. She was quick to get rid of them, lightly grazing her fingers over Sam’s slightly swollen sex before Sam yanked her back up and kissed her f*rcefully. Gasping slightly as she was rolled over, she allowed Sam to remove her clothes, a whimper escaping her when a finger thumbed over her right nipple and a mouth attached itself to her left. Squirming underneath her, she panted softly and nearly cried out when Sam lightly bit down on her nipple.

“Stop teasing!” she hissed, shuddering when Sam pulled away and looked at her with a lustful expression on her face that she was sure she mirrored.

“Can’t take it?”

“Sam!” Melanie cried, shuddering as she felt a tongue between her legs. “Oh god…”

“I’m flattered,” Sam teased. Giving her sex a few licks, she pulled away after a moment, hushing her s*ster’s protests as she pulled her up so she was leaning against the headboard and pressed herself against her. Lips quirking slightly upwards, she without warning, shoved three fingers inside her while grinding her own sopping wet sex against Melanie’s leg.

“Fuck,” Melanie whispered harshly, grabbing Sam by the hair roughly as she pulled her head down so she could kiss her.

Another battle for dominance soon began but neither one of the twins was a clear winner this time around. Moan and whimpers filled the room as Melanie rocked against Sam’s fingers and Sam ground against her s*ster’s leg. Sneaking a hand down to pinch Sam’s clit, she rolled it around between her two fingers, gasping softly as that spot inside her was hit. It wasn’t long after that when she clenched tightly around the fingers inside her and finally climaxed, Sam soon following as she fell against her s*ster, both trying desperately to catch their breath.

“That was something,” Sam muttered, pulling away from Melanie as she collapsed onto the bed next to her. Tugging her s*ster down with her, she closed her eyes for a moment and struggled to catch her breath, opening them once she had succeeded and as she went to kiss Melanie… she discovered she was asl**p. “Goodnight Mel,” she said as rolled over and closed her eyes, hoping tomorrow wouldn’t be as awkward like the last time they slept together.

“Headache?” Sam asked the next morning when she heard a groan from her side of the bed. It was the morning now and Sam had been awake for some time staring at the wall and waiting for Melanie to wake up though she would never admit to that.

“Yeah, a fucking terrible one,” she muttered, wincing as she light filtering through the curtains made the throbbing in her head worse.

“Do you have any disgust along with that headache?” Sam asked dryly.

“Disgust?” Melanie repeated, confusion flashing across her face as she rolled over to look at Sam.

“What do you mean by that?”

“We had sex last night. Do you happen to remember that?”

“Of course I do.” Melanie frowned. “I wasn’t dr*nk enough to forget it.”


“What do you mean by ‘oh’?”

“I don’t mean anything by it.”

“Sam…” Melanie sighed.

“Are we going to go back to avoiding one another again?” Sam asked, glancing over at Melanie who bit down on her lower lip and looked away. “A simple yes would suffice,” she hissed, moving to get out of bed but she was stopped by Melanie who pulled her back down.

“Will you not jump to conclusions? I never said I wanted to pretend last night never happened or whatever the hell you were trying to say.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

“Listen Sam I don’t want to pretend last night never happened and the same goes for everything else that’s been going on with us but…”

“We’re s*sters, and it just can’t happen right?”

“Stop interrupting me!” Melanie snapped as she tugged on Sam’s hair. “Now will you please listen?”

Sam reluctantly nodded.

“It was stupid of me to act the way I did but I was freaked. One minute we were s*sters and the next I don’t know what. Then I was suddenly looking at you in another way and it was like it came out of nowhere.”

“You weren’t the only one freaked out you know. When I first started feeling like this a few weeks ago I felt the same way.”

“A few weeks ago?”

“Yeah. It started soon after you came home and I tried to ignore it but that failed. Then as soon as I started to deal with it and accept that you would probably never feel the same way we suddenly have sex and you confuse the fuck out of me.”

“For twins we really don’t communicate well,” Melanie commented, frowning when Sam laughed. “Don’t laugh! It’s the truth.”

“I know and that’s what makes it so funny.” Sam grinned. “We make horrible twins.”

“We’re not that bad!” Melanie ins*sted, smiling as she scooted closer to Sam and looked up at her.

“So what now?”

“Well we could have some more sex if you don’t mind,”

“Sam that is not what I meant.”

“I know. I’m just trying to lighten a heavy situation,” Sam said with a sigh. “And to answer your question… I don’t know. All I do know is that we’ve crossed that s*sterly line.”

“I’m okay with that as long as you are,” Melanie told her, smiling when she received a kiss in response.

“We could have some more sex if you don’t mind,” Sam repeated herself.

“Okay,” Melanie found herself saying between kisses from the best person she had ever kissed in her whole life.

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