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Bi men and me at Chameleons

I go to a club on a bi night most weeks

Last week I was joined by my handsome friend from London, tall, blonde, good looking, we have met several times before.

He met me at a local restaurant and he wined and dined me, all the while we had a good giggle but the sexual tension was evident. He loves munching my clit and fingering me until I cum all over him. And even more he liked to fuck me and join in whilst I fuck others.

We left the restaurant and entered the club.

I slipped into a sexy little red number, with black hold ups and sexy shoes. He glanced an approving eye over my sexy curvy expectant body.

He cannot keep his hands off me but he has to learn to keep his place and wait his turn, he loved sloppy seconds.

We wandered for a while and sat in a public space where he began to caress and kiss me, hands and tongue everywhere hungrily exploring my sexy warm body.

The room began to fill up with exited curious bi sexual males, all with raging hard ons that were obviously for me.

My boobs were on show and being sucked by 2 different men, which I adore and someone elses fingers began to explore inside me.

I started to get moist, my friend was loving the attention and so was I.

Suddenly I stood up and pulled my sexy red panties to one side and and looked invitingly at the guys queueing up to explore all of me.

One pulled on his condom so rapidly and was inside me in seconds while I was grinding my tits into my friends willing face.

Hands bagan to wander all over my eager body, I was so willing to please all of them and the sooner the better and they sure wanted to pleasure me.

The guy with his throbbing hard cock in me was slowly pumping me and gradually began to get faster, his noises of exstacy amused me and enchouraged me to want him to empy his very full balls inside of me.

I could feel someones hands roaming over his balls and cock from behind me and the hand wrapped itself round the cock inside me, wow he thrust three deep and fast thrusts and was empty.

I giggled and said “next”

1 guy then thrust his cock in my mouth and another was popped into my nand, I so love to be the centre of attention with a group of men.

The second man thrust his juicy cock inside of me and came within a few minutes only, I lost count of how many men were pawing me with exitement.

The third, fourth and fifth all proceded to empty their lovely cum just for me and I was having a wonderful time, my heart was pumping, my fanny throbbing, nipples tingling.

I then sat down and 4 more guys thrust their willing cocks in our direction and I was more than happy to amuse them all.

We formed a human daisy chain, all wanking off the man in front.

By this pont, my arse and tits were covered in cum I’ve no idea whose.

Still the room filled with people watching and enjoying the show.

One by one, my men came in the hand or mouth of the guy in front and there was cum all over the floor.

All the men kissed me and thanked me for my time and shook my friends hand and requested a repeat experience.

I am sure there will be, what do you think?

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:21 pm

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