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Saturday afternoon is a lazy day for me, but a day at the mall for my daughter, Cindy and her mom. Cindy is 18 and my wife is now 39. They are both the loves of my life. Cindy, a long legged blonde, is in her senior year at high school and is planning to go to a prestigious college up north in the fall. That is the reason why she and her mom were at the mall. Cindy was getting a clothing overhaul. She had nice clothes but my wife wanted her to be ready for school and a Saturday while school was still in session seemed like the best time to blow into the mall and spend some quality time together.

For me, this Saturday was going to be a day of quiet vegetation. I planned to watch a game of baseball on the tube, read up the garage, and maybe sneak in a jerk off session if the mood took me. My buddy who downloads porn like a madman gave me a disk full of college sweethearts in various cram sessions. I had perused it last night and found a video about a little blonde going door to door selling magazine subscriptions and finding nothing but perverts at every house. She steers clear of them but stops at a house where there is a kindly grandmother waiting for her. But to her surprise the grandmother turns out to be a man in drag. It looked funny and the blonde was hot as hell.

The baseball game I wanted to watch sucked, the New York Yankees always win and by the second inning they were up 7-0 on a pair of A-Rod and Sheffield homers. I turned it off and headed to the garage a little earlier than I had planned.

Now if you are like me, you store crap on top of crap. My garage is a maze of various things I think are too good for the trash but not worthy of being placed in the house. I have stuff that I have kept because it is of good quality that I swore10 odd years ago that I might need or might find a use for it someday. Of course that day never comes and in the meantime more useful crap comes along and gets stored right next to it. My head swooned as I looked out at the garage and I debated walking right back in the house and getting to that jerk off session.

Well, the responsible side of me won out and I went to the refrigerator we have out in the garage grabbed a beer and popped the top. With my first swig, I pushed the garage door opener and watched as the door climbed open and hoped nothing stored by it got caught on the door and busted the damn thing. Apparently, I still have some room for more crap as the door opened undeterred. I took another swig and turned on the radio I have on top of the water heater and tuned it to a classic rock station. I don’t know any of the new music and only know of one station.

The station was playing blocks of music by various bands and telling the listeners some useless trivia about the members between songs. You know the kind of crap that when you were younger seemed so important but you could careless about now that you are paying bills and they are living in a mansion. “The lead guitarist of Spandex Thong has six fingers on each hand and believes it helps contribute to his ability to finger through the notes faster.” Duh!

I spotted a box I didn’t recognize and thought I’d investigate it before getting started. It was thrown on top of all the other stuff so I figured it had to be new. I set down my beer and opened it up. It was flap-closed. You know where you don’t use tape but just fold over the flaps until they lock the top of box closed. I pulled in the middle and the box exploded. Apparently my wife or daughter had stuffed the box so full that it was ready to burst. Out of the box sprung clothing and as it flew by me and fell to the floor and on various boxes and furniture in the garage, I realized it was my wife and daughter’s clothes. I noticed various undergarments that my wife had worn in the last few years as well as my daughter’s. Trying to catch the clothes as they flew and minimize the amount I’d have to cleanup caused me to spill my beer.

I instinctively groaned, ‘Crap’ and heard my voice echo within the garage. I shook my head as I was now wasting time cleaning up new stuff to get to the old stuff. I went and got a shop towel and cleaned up the spilled beer. I thought about using the clothing but wanted to just stuff it all back in the box and not have to explain why my wife or daughter’s clothing had found it’s way in the dirty clothes, especially my daughter’s panties.

I cleaned up the beer and got myself a new one. I popped it open and took a swig and began stuffing the clothes back in the box. How they ever got all the clothes in the box, I’ll never know. I had a good 85-90% back in the box when I started noticing some of the articles and checked them out. Now I can’t dress myself for crap but I know what I like in women’s wear. My wife and I have played some dress up in our day and I was noticing some of the things I had bought her in the past. A red teddy with crotch-less panties caught my eye and I thought about putting it back in my wife’s dresser. A slinky navy blue summer dress was next. I can remember quite a few afternoons when Cindy was at school and I would come home from lunch only to find my wife in pair of heels and the dress. When I explored further, I found her bra and pantiless and would bend her over the first piece of furniture I could find. I felt my cock stir at the thought of those moments. I was wearing only a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt now so my hard-on was free to rise.

I grabbed a tiger print thong and smiled. My wife used to purr when she had them on and that would be my signal to drop whatever I was doing and head upstairs to our bedroom. With them, I grabbed a few pairs of panties that must have belonged to my daughter, as I didn’t recognize them. Guiltily, I glanced around to make sure no one was watching. It was silly, because anyone passing by would not be able to see a thing in our cluttered garage. I laid them out before putting them in the box and smiled. A baby blue pair had a big smiley face right where my daughter’s tender mound would be looked back at me. The next pair was green and said ‘Thursday’ on them. I shook my head because I can remember when my wife gave them to Cindy and how she, then 15 was embarrassed when she opened them in front of our whole extended f****y. “One pair for every day of the week,” her perverted uncle yelled.

There was a pair of black panties with a little pink pussycat peeking out of little furry box. I grinned at their double meaning, felt foolish, and stuffed them in the box. I saw a pair of white, cotton panties and picked them up with a smile. White cotton was as retro as you could get these days, I thought. With all the ladies wearing thongs of all styles or nothing at all, white cotton seemed like something out of the dark ages. I picked them up and flipped them over and noticed a set of cherries, like on slot machines in the front. I smiled again and felt my cock throb as I was getting heated up thinking about how the panties would look on my daughter and how I would love to help her wiggle out of them.

I fingered the panties and they felt a little stiff. I got a devilish grin on my face at the thought that Cindy had not washed them before putting them in the box. My cock hardened and I raised them to my face. Any panty-sniffing bandit will tell you sometimes a pair of freshly worn panties can be the next best thing to the real thing but beware. A pair of panties can sour and the smell can disgust even the most perverted SOB. I held them to my nose and smiled. The smell was tremendous. My daughter’s tender crotch was delectable. I took a deep whiff and I envisioned me sniffing the front of a pair of panties she was wearing and slipping them off her. I savored the sweet odor and reached down with my other hand to rub my cock through the nylon fabric of my gym shorts.

Now in movies, when someone is surprised out of their mind, they play the sound of record album being scratched across a record needle. Well in real life it is pretty darn close to that except add to it the sound of fingers on a chalkboard and an internal and external blast of hellfire from embarrassment and shame on your facial cheeks.

“Hi, Mr. Jeter,” a voice chimed from the front of my garage. I dropped the panties from my face and they slipped down along my body to the floor. They fell at rate about a thousand times too slow for my liking. My hand came off my cock and rested on a box in front of me. u*********sly, I caught myself stroking the cardboard corner of the box and stopped myself. I looked to the large opening of the garage red-faced, wondering to whom I was going to owe a million dollars to.

There in the doorway was my daughter’s 18-year-old friend, Tami. I blushed at my predicament but then my eyes went wide in relief. Tami was sitting atop her bike trying to shield her eyes from the bright sun in order to peer into the garage. She didn’t see me but only a male figure in the garage. At least, I was pretty sure of that as she smiled and squinted.

“Hi Tami,” I shouted, trying to appear nonchalant as I prayed for her to go away once I told her Cindy wasn’t home.

“Hi Mr Jeter, is Cindy home?” she asked as she stood down on the ground between her handle bars and seat and moved the bike forward and backward nervously.

‘You know Tami, she isn’t. Her mom and her went shopping and she probably won’t be home for a few hours,” I said and thought of what a looker she was. Tami grew up down the street with her mom and worthless dad. Her mom was a gorgeous brunette who turned the heads of all the guys in the neighborhood. Tami was built just like her, about 5’1 or 5’2 and maybe 100 pounds. Both had jade eyes, were athletic and had tight little bodies and perky breasts. Tami’s mom, Terri, was probably a D cup while Tami was most likely a B cup. Terri was still incredible looking and sort of a cult figure with the men around town. Her husband, Dan, was a cretin, gambler and a d***k. He had the finest ass in the world living under his roof and he would rather fuck things up downtown. He was about a quarter of a million in debt from gambling when he blew town and left Terri and Tami to fend for themselves.

Terri was resourceful and got a lot of odd jobs done around her place. We all joked that we knew how she got her new car, her new porch and her rent paid. She wasn’t outwardly promiscuous but when the job or deal was done, the contractors or salesmen always went away happy.

I was hoping for Tami to leave but also for my cock to soften so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. It was sticking up in all its glory, threatening to pop out of the top of my shorts. I smiled at the thought of my daughter’s 18th birthday party. Tami was there and she had on this skimpy bikini and the fabric was so smooth that her bikini bottoms hung to the outline of her pussy. It wasn’t so noticeable dry but when she got wet, the fabric clung to her puffy lips and the outline and her slit were evident for everyone to see. I beat off about ten times in the next five days thinking of her little swimsuit. The thought wasn’t helping my cock problems nor was I getting rid of Tami.

“Oh that’s alright,” Tami quipped with a frown, “I’ll call her later tonight.” I smiled and then frowned as I tried to show some disappointment that Cindy wasn’t home and waited for her to turn in the driveway and ride off on her bike. I felt foolish about the facial gestures because she probably couldn’t even make them out. I waved goodbye and was surprised again.

“Oh, Mr Jeter, perhaps you can help me,” Tami said, doing her best Detective Columbo imitation, pretending to leave and then coming back to say something else. I watched in amazement as she turned her bike around and began slowing maneuvering it into my garage. She didn’t get off the bike and walk beside it but instead scooted with it between her legs. She was smiling as she pushed past an old couch and swung between a pair of standing lamps and a gumball machine. My garage was so cramped and cluttered but here she was acting like Moses and splitting the Red Sea. If you had told me she was going to try it, I wouldn’t have believed it could be done.

As gorgeous as I thought Tami was, she probably couldn’t look anymore beautiful then she did right then. She was wearing her long brunette hair in a single ponytail and had on a white fluffy cotton halter-top and short-shorts. They might have been tennis wear but she didn’t look like she could move in them without spilling out. She had on sandals and her perfume was intoxicating.

I cursed myself for not showering this morning and hoped I didn’t smell too offensive. I laughed to myself as I hoped the beer I spilled earlier would mask any funky odors. I pulled my t-shirt down at the bottom in hopes of hiding my hard on. I smiled and moved to the side so she could push her bike right up in front of me.

“How can I help you?” I stammered and when that didn’t sound right coming out of my mouth, I added, “What do you need help with?” Both lines sounded dumb and I realized I was tongue-tied and felt like a high school boy asking a girl on a date for the first time.

Tami looked at me and there was an awkward silence as she seemed to be measuring me up. She smiled with a little twinkle in her eye and looked around us and I almost fainted when she saw my daughter’s panties and the other clothing lying around. She seemed to be thinking about them then turned back to me and stated, “Its my bike, I haven’t ridden it in ages and well it needs air, the seat wiggles, and it squeaks.”

I smiled back at her and found myself lost in thought about what Tami thought about the panties and clothes. Rather than responding to her about her bike, I blurted out that I was spending the day reading up the ‘whole’ garage. I subconsciously slipped in ‘whole’ as a way of saying not just my daughter’s panties box.

“Oh?” Tami said with a smile. She seemed perplexed by my answer and looked down at her bike as if to remind me that is why she was here.

I felt flustered but figured I could pull out of it as long as I focused on the bike. I looked down at the bike and could see that the front tire was indeed low on air pressure. My eyes swung to the back tire but with her standing right in front of me with the bike pointed long ways toward me, I had to look at her and more importantly her waist and legs. I stopped there as my eyes caught sight of her shorts and how they hugged her tiny waist. Looking down, I noticed how the shorts clung to her crotch and rode up her legs. Like her bikini bottoms, the shorts barely covered her mound and their tightness left little to the imagination. I could almost make out the folds of her pussy lips as I noticed the image on her panties beneath her shorts. My eyes aren’t like Superman’s but her shorts were that thin and sheer. I could pleasantly make out the faint outline of a devil’s face and smiled.

‘Mr. Jeter?” Tami asked and shook me from my wet dream.

“Yeah, the front tire needs air,” I said authoritatively and glanced around her now. She watched me and leaned the opposite way so I could get a better look-see. As she did this, she spun her arm behind her and I could see down the front of her. Her young breasts were definitely budding C cups and her cleavage looked so inviting.

“The back tire is almost flat,” I chimed as I traded glances at the tire, her chest and her face.

Tami’s eyes went wide and though she didn’t say it, I could read her little mind, “Yeeaaah like, that’s what I just told you.” She smiled instead and ran her little tongue across her lips to moisten them. She was either wearing a thin layer of lipstick or she had the reddest lips I have ever seen.

“Well, I can fix your tires no problem,” I proudly said. “Where does it squeak?” I asked looking down at the small patch of area where her shorts covered her little twat.

Tami frowned and said, “It just squeaks.”

“Hunh, do the tires squeak? Or the chain?” I asked wanting to pin point the problem area.

Again Tami was perplexed and thinking she started to point to areas she thought it might be squeaking from. As she did, she bent and stretched and pointed to various parts of the bike. I wasn’t listening but watching carefully as she bent over and showed me her cleavage again and stuck out and up her lightly covered ass. My cock was alive again and stiffened, watching this nubile teenager.

Tami straightened up as she finished and asked me quizzically, “Does that help?”

I nodded and shrugged my shoulders. I figured I would oil all the areas anyhow so we would probably fix it one way or the other.

“Now didn’t you say your seat wiggled?” I asked and caught myself from laughing. If I had said it to my wife or an older woman I was flirting with, she would have got the pun but Tami just looked at me straight faced and nodded.

What happened next would go down in the archives of my life as one of my most sensational moments. Without prompting, Tami lifted herself up on to her bicycle seat and wiggled her little ass on it, causing it to wiggle back and forth. My eyes were transfixed on the outline of her young pussy as she gently gyrated on the nylon-covered seat. My cock throbbed and I smiled as I watched for an agonizing five or six seconds as she looked down between her legs at the seat. She wiggled her loose bike seat up and down and then from side to side.

“Wow, your seat does wiggle,” I said and became a little emboldened by Tami’s naiveté.

She smiled and nodded, and almost knocked me to the floor, “Yeah, it hasn’t been worked on for a while.” I suppressed a laugh and looked away to catch my composure. She had me about to explode in more ways than one and I needed to focus. My cock was sticking straight up in my shorts but I had the fact that they were black, my shirt was pulled down over it, and we were facing each other to thank for her not noticing, yet. I was afraid to turn sideways for fear of her noticing the bulge. I didn’t dare reach down to cover it or her eyes might follow.

“Well you are in luck,” I said changing the subject. “I can fix your seat and all those things for two gazillion dollars,” I joked as I didn’t know what to say to seem cool and nonchalant so I figured if I was goofy maybe she wouldn’t notice how worked up I was. “Oh I can’t pay you today,” Tami started and then the amount registered. She giggled and grinned at her stupidity. “Just two gazillion, that sounds cheap,” she played along and we shared a laugh and a smile.

“Let’s take care of the air pressure, first” I said and backed up towards my compressor. I didn’t want to turn sideways to reveal my bulge and Tami’s cute little eyes watched me. She looked me up and down and I felt uneasy. If she noticed I had this big hard on, she might blab it to the neighborhood so I tried to get her attention on something else.

“Do you know what pressure your tires take?” I asked, as I turned quickly and picked up the hose.

“No, I wouldn’t know about that,” Tami said and glanced down at her tires as if it might be written on the treads.

“If you get off your bike for a second and read the side of tire, it usually says the PSI,” I told her and moved back towards her.

Tami stepped off her bike and bent down beside the front tire. As she did she was facing me and I watched as she crouched down, her little shorts riding up between her soft, tender legs and revealed more and more of the outline of her tight little pussy lips. She definitely wasn’t modest as her young legs bowed out and her knees almost pointed in opposite directions, giving me more than ample view of one of her sweetest assets.

I stepped up in front of her and my eyes got a wonderful view down her little top and at her soft round orbs. I moved my thumb to the adaptor and tested it for pressure and the air shot at my face. Playfully, I shot the second test of air at the top of Tami’s head and she was caught unaware as the air parted her hair. She wiggled in her sandals and almost fell backwards.

“Oops,” I laughed as my left hand came out instinctively and caught her shoulder to steady her. She giggled as she looked up and realized what I had done and how she had over-reacted. She looked up from between my legs and smiled. I smiled down at her and apologized for scaring her.

“I thought something had flown in my hair,” she giggled and didn’t even seem to notice her positioning between my legs. An awkward silence fell on us again and I backed up a step and took my hand off her shoulder. I wanted to run my hands through her hair but I restrained myself.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to test the gauge,” I said. I watched as she looked down at the tire. “Did you find the PSI,” I asked.

“I think I found it,’ Tami said and bent over in her crouch and I looked down at her back. Her white top rode up and her shorts rode down. Her shorts were barely above her ass crack and I silently hoped for her to lean a little further forward so I could get a view of it. “It says 35-50 PSI,” she said authoritatively.

“What type of tire is it?” I asked now as she sunk in her crouch and looked up at me. It wasn’t important but might afford me a peek at her delectable ass.

“Oh,” she mouthed as she bent forward to look for the brand name. “It says,” she replied as she glanced up and down the side of the tire. “It’s a Groemer,” she said as her ass rose as her shoulders dropped. I could see down her shorts and her panties slide down exposing the top of her ass crack and her soft skin there.

“That’s what I thought,” I said as I stood over her and watched as she climbed from her crouch to stand beside her bike and me. She flipped her ponytail from one side of her head to the other and smiled at her ability to find the correct tire pressure. Her tongue licked her lips and she watched me for what to do next.

“Alright, steady the bike,” I told her and it was my turn to crouch. As I bent down, Tami remounted her bike. Lifting her right leg, she swung it over the middle bar and I caught a glimpse of her crotch as she did. My mind had a narrow focus now as I envisioned her puffy lips and how I would love to open them and lick her tight, little hole. I looked up at Tami’s face and we exchanged a smile and I began uncapping the valve.

Tami held her handlebars and lifted her ass up on her seat. She was steadying the bike by holding the handlebars and pushing the pedal under her left foot backwards to keep the back tire from rolling. Her right leg was stretched to the ground as she stood on her tippy-toes. Her young leg muscles flexed and I yearned to massage them.

A silence fell over us again as I put the adaptor on the value stem and the hiss of the air broke the quiet. Tami wiggled on the edge of the seat to balance herself and then pointed her left leg and knee outwardly, exposing the inside of her thigh to me. I held the tire at the top and could feel it stiffen. Something else stiffened as I thought how fun it would be to explore her little nubile body. Her front tire was probably about 25 PSI short so it took a couple seconds to get the tire to fill up. I cursed myself for having such an efficient compressor. I wished I had an old foot pump so I could have more time leering.

“Your tires probably just lost air from non-use,” I told her. I looked up at Tami standing over me and she smiled. I figured she couldn’t care less about her bike except that it worked when she rode it. I smiled and changed my tone, “If you ever need to fill up your tires, you now know where to come.”

“Yes, I do,” Tami said and I think felt self-conscious as she looked around the garage again. Her eyes caught the panties on the floor again and the box above it. She smiled and looked elsewhere.

“You got a lot of stuff,” she replied as she looked back at me.

“Yeah,” I said and added, as I glanced around the garage, “A lot of junk I need to go through and throw out.”

“Aw,” she said, as she looked around the garage again. “It looks like great stuff,” she tried to make conversation but I think she wasn’t sure where to go with it. I had a feeling the panties and our proximity to each other was affecting her thought process. My eyes eyed her little mound faintly covered by her shorts and panties and I was the next one to lose focus or better yet become too focused.

The front tire was full so I capped it and I stood up to move to the back tire. I could feel Tami’s eyes on me and was wondering what she was thinking. My cock was hard in my shorts and I was having a hard time thinking of anything other than her hot little body and how fun it would be to explore it. I pulled on my hose and it swung in behind me as I moved around her. Because of the boxes in the garage, I had to swing close to her again. I could smell her perfume and womanly scent as I slide by her and purposely and playfully rubbed up against her arm and side as I fumbled to get by. Her body was warm and soft to the touch and I apologized for bumping into her.

“Sorry about that, Tam,” I said as I got around her. Tami giggled as she steadied herself and looked back over her shoulder at me.

Kneeling down, I began uncapping the value cover for her back tire. I looked up and caught her smiling at me and I winked back. “So how’s your mom?” I asked making idle chit-chat as I filled her tire and enjoyed the view of her backside and pretty face.

“Oh she’s fine,” Tami said, and frowned a little. She looked around the garage as if she didn’t want to talk about it. I shrugged it off as a girl not seeing eye-to-eye with her mom right now.

The back tire filled up fast and capped it off and stood up. I began wrapping up the cord and flippantly said, “Now let’s check your seat.” I smiled at her and I could tell she wasn’t smiling anymore.

“What’s wrong, Tami?” I asked as I looked into her eyes. She frown/smiled and looked sheepishly at the ground.

‘Okay, I won’t charge you a gazillion dollars, make it half a gazillion bucks,” I tried to make light conversation as she seemed suddenly down. I put the hose and gauge away as she tried to talk. I picked up my wrench for her seat and listened carefully.

Tami stammered out something almost audible and laughed at her sudden emotional turn.

“What?” I asked and put my hand on her soft shoulder. Using my other hand, I tilted up her soft chin and looked into her eyes. “Did I say something wrong?” I asked and looked into her warm, sad eyes. Tami’s eyes diverted mine until she had to look at me.

“It’s my mom’s new boyfriend,” she blurted out.

I shrugged my shoulders at her, wanting more information.

“Well,” she paused searching for the right words. I smiled at her, trying to convey she was safe to tell me anything. “Well, he looks at me funny,” she stammered. Her eyes diverted mine and she looked me up and down. I was glad my hard-on had softened and we were in a dark place of the garage so she couldn’t see it stretching my shorts outwardly.

My silence was her cue to continue and she did slowly and agonizingly. Seems her mom’s new boyfriend has been ogling her with his eyes. Having tapped her delicious looking mom, he obviously was trying to complete the mom-daughter package. I inquired what the ‘cretin’ had been doing and she spilled the beans. As she talked it became apparent his sexual harassment didn’t stop at his eyes. She told me that at first he just seemed to like to watch her walk around the house. She could feel his eyes on her as she passed him and she caught him stealing glances at her when her mom wasn’t around and than even when mom was there. She once was ‘weirded out’, when her mom and him were playfully making out on the couch, he looked over at her and winked.

I asked if her mom was aware and whether she had told her mom. She said she didn’t think she was aware and didn’t want to as it might break her mom’s heart. I asked her for more details and she sat back on her loose bike seat and continued.

“He likes to walk around the house like he owns the place and he usually doesn’t wear much of anything, maybe a pair of shorts or a boxers,” she stated and smiled at the thought. She wiggled a little on her seat and went on, “He likes to take a shower and then walk around the house in just the towel.”

I smiled at her and his blatant attempts to tease & woo her. She seemed so incredulous that a guy would do that in her mother’s house. Looking over her tight little body seated before me, I couldn’t blame him.

“What does your mom say?” I asked and shrugged my shoulders.

“She laughs and yells at him to go get some clothes on,” she laughed out loud and added, “But he never does.” Her cute grin turned me on like a schoolboy. She had a wonderful grin and her eyes sparkled when she became animated telling her story. “Seems like you get a kick out of his exhibitionism,” I said and watched for her response. She sat for a moment and let it sink in before answering.

“Nah, no,” she protested and giggled at my suggestion, than shook it off. “No way, he’s a creep,” she replied as her mind raced a hundred miles an hour and she began to blush. She fidgeted nervously in her seat and it wiggled back and forth. She sat straight up as a shock rose up her spine as her little twat rubbed against the hard vinyl corner of her loose bike seat. She looked at me when it happened and we both knew what had occurred. She tried to shrug it off as nothing but her embarrassment made her face go red.

“Come on,” I stated and looked into her eyes with a knowing look. Her eyes diverted mine and he laughed at her predicament. She had been found out and she was getting off on her bike seat to boot.

“Come On, you think he has a hot body?” I jokingly asked. She was blushing now and it caused her to shift n her seat and she wiggled as it wiggled.

“No, no way,” she protested and could see her thinking hard about him moving around her house. She glanced at me and grinned, then looked away. She knew there was truth to my accusation but she wasn’t willing to admit it yet.

“Tami’s blushing and she’s fibbing,” I mocked and taking my right hand shook her handlebars to shake her bike. The bike shook and she had to steady herself as her seat swung back and forth with the motion.

“No way,” she replied, “He’s old.” She stated ‘old’ as if it was the definitive answer to why there was no way she could be interested in him. She didn’t believe it and it showed as she tried to look at me steadfast but couldn’t. Age wasn’t a barrier and she knew it but hoped it would stop my uncomfortable ribbing.

“So what else did the ‘old guy’ do?” I asked as I pushed her to tell me more.

She seemed relieved to talk about him rather than take my ribbing. She excitedly told me how he liked to rub up against her as she passed hi in the kitchen or hallway. “He thinks he’s so clever,” she said, “apologizing like it’s an accident.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, feigning bewilderment.

Tami smiled and asked, “You don’t know what I mean?”

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. I waited anxiously hoping she’d show me.

“Here,” she said, climbing off her bike seat and kicking down the kickstand. She moved around the bike and moved towards me. “Back up a little,” she advised me for her demonstration. I backed up a couple of steps and awaited her direction. ‘Now you are me and I’m him,” she clarified. “We are walking down the same hallway and you come towards me,” she instructed. I took two steps up to her and she turned her body towards me moving past me. “He likes to bump into me like this,” she demonstrated and as she passed me, she rubbed her young body, breasts and crotch against my left side. She wasn’t done there and turning around told me to pass again and as we passed each other she added some pointed hand grabs. Her left hand swiped across my chest and her right hand swung around and slapped me on the ass.

“Really?” I said as I fought back my surprise at her slapping my ass.

She shook her head ‘yes’ and smiled.

I moved back around her and our closeness was intoxicating. I thanked my lucky stars for her soft, smooth skin rubbing against my arm and thigh. “Mom doesn’t ever catch him?” I asked.

“Nah,” she said as she moved back to get on her bike. She acted if nothing had happened as our bodies rubbed against each other and I was fighting back a hard on. “He doesn’t do it when she’s home,”

“How does it make you feel?” I asked looking her up and down as I watched her remount her bike. I was moving behind her as I spoke getting in position to work on her seat. I can honestly tell you I wasn’t prepared for her answer and had to bite my lip to suppress a laugh.

“I get goose bumps and my nipples get hard,” Tami answered frankly as she watched me move around her.

“Wha—?” I said dumbfounded, her words sinking in slowly. I smiled at her and tried not to look so excited.

“It, his bumping into me sort of turns me on, it makes me feel all funny inside,” Tami said, waving her small hands around in front of her groin.

I didn’t know what to say so I bit my tongue and allowed her to talk. She was revealing a heck of a lot and I didn’t want her to stop. I turned my head a little indicating I didn’t understand what she meant though it was the furthest thing from the truth. I looked her over for the umpteenth time and thought things were getting very interesting.

“I don’t like him,” Tami stated as if she had to assure me, “but it’s the way he touches me…” she added and trailed off.

I was growing more and more dumbfounded as she talked and my mind was working hard to show the appropriate level of concern and empathy without popping a monster boner. I stared at her and tried to restrain myself. I couldn’t, she was just too hot and adorable and as she talked about getting turned on by her step dad I became more emboldened and moved closer to her. If her step dad bumping into her got her going I wanted to see what I might be able to do.

“Lets’ take a look at that seat, why don’t we,” I stated and moved to the back of her bike seat and within inches of her. Tami looked over her shoulder as she watched me work and I sensed she was disappointed I had changed the subject. Little did she know we were on the same subject just I was coming at it from a different angle. Taking hold of the back of the leather seat, I wiggled it back and forth. Tami’s sweet ass shifted on it as I wiggled it.

“Ooh,” Tami murmured as the seat tickled her inner thigh.

“Sorry,” I lied and did it again. Tami cooed again as the seat wiggled between her thighs and on her ass. I stayed focused on the seat and pretended I didn’t know I was indirectly getting her off on the seat.

“Here, lift up off the seat,” I told her as I brought wrench under the seat to adjust and tighten the bolts there. Tami did as she swung her little ass to the side so she could watch me over her left shoulder. Her little white shorts had begun to sneak up her tight little crack and I figured if they did anymore she’d be showing lip.

“So he likes to bump into you and it sort of excites you?” I asked as a mischievously thought crossed my mind and I began acting on it. Fiddling with the seat, I looked her in the eyes as I waited for her answer.

“No, I mean yeah but,” Tami’s little mind tried to explain. She was trying to make sure I knew she didn’t like her step dad in “that way” but his advances did have their intended effect. “It does turn me on, but he doesn’t,” she swore. Her eyes looked away from mine and around the garage as she said it, so I knew she was having a hard time convincing herself or me. I smiled and as her eyes saw it she smiled back.

“There try it now,” I said as I slapped the seat.

Tami looked down at the seat behind me and her eyes went wide. “But,” she started to stammer but I stopped her.

“Just try it out,” I told her as her forehead furled as she wondered what I was up to. She looked hesitant so I assured her. “It’s to test the bolt and whether the seat will still wiggle side to side.” Tami looked at the racing bicycle seat behind her and it’s odd angle. I had tightened it so that the front of it pointed up at her on an angle. I wanted to see her wiggle on it at this angle so the front of the seat would be pressed up against the front of her inner thighs and pussy. I hadn’t even set the side bolt so she could ride the soft leather back and forth to her and my delight.

“OK, I thought you were going to leave it like that and I was going to tell you I didn’t want my seat like that,” she stated with an amused smile, feeling silly of herself for thinking I would leave her seat that way.

“Oh No, I need to fix the first bolt and make sure it is just right before I work on and adjust the other,” I fibbed, waiting anxiously for her to test it out. I laughed at her apprehension and said, “You probably thought I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Tami cringed and then smiled with a shrug, “I just thought it looked weird.” We shared a laugh and she bought my perverted little lie. Carefully, raising herself on the pedal and lifting her sweet ass and pussy over my perversely set seat. She set herself down on it as I reached forward and steadied the bike by grabbing a hold of the seat from the back. Tami oohed as she slid on the seat and got comfortable. The seat wiggled slightly and I heard her gasp as the seat angle had its intended result.

“How does it feel?” I asked, devilishly.

“It tickles me between my legs,” she quipped and moved to get up feeling a little self-conscious in front of me.

“No, don’t get up yet,” I told her, “Try to see if the seat wiggles from side to side.” I was looking over her shoulder as I grew close to her by grabbing a hold of the handlebars. Tami’s chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath and recollect herself. Her face was a little flush as the seat pressed against her mound.

“Ahh, OK,” Tami relented as I could tell she was trying to figure out how she could do it without getting herself off at the same time. She was trying to play it cool but I could tell the firm leather seat was affecting her. Slowly she began to wiggle the seat and press her thinly covered pussy on the seat.

“The bolt is a little worn so I think it might not hold you,” I said, pretending the sight of this gorgeous little brunette fidgeting on bike seat didn’t affect me. Tami was lost in thought and I watched her shiver as a spike of electricity ran up her spine. Using the bolt as a diversion, I allowed my right hand to rise from her seat to the small of her back. The move was perfect as my hand massaged her back and held her pelvis to the seat.

“Ahh,” Tami gasped as she wiggled on the firm seat. She was having a hard time staying on the seat as her legs spasmed. My hand reminded her of her step dad and she felt a tinge of excitement. The seat was like the firm handle of her hairbrush she loved to lie in bed in the dark of night and massage her little twat with. Only the seat was firmer and she felt much naughtier doing it in front of her friends’ dad.

“That’s it, see how far it’ll pivot,” I told her, amazed by her little body and her determination to help me get the seat right. My hand rubbed her back and shoulders and I think it helped the young little nymph enjoy her ride. “Ahh,” Tami repeated as she rubbed her little pussy and mound against the bike seat. Her eyes fluttered and I was glad to see she had lost her inhibitions to the seat’s firmness. Her legs pushed on the pedals in order to increase the pressure on the long narrow seat front.

“I’ll have to tighten it up when you get off,” I quipped and laughed to myself at my double meaning. Sliding my hand down her taut back, I cupped her ass cheek and leaned into her. She smelled incredible as her little arm and shoulder trembled against me.

“AHHHHHhhhhh,” Tami cried as the seat pushed her over the edge. She had ridden her hairbrush numerous times and enjoyed it immensely but this was different. Her legs felt like jelly and her ass tightened and released as she rode the seat hard. She couldn’t believe the sensations wreaking havoc on her body. She thought she was going to fall off the bike but Mr. Jeter held her and the bike steady. Her body convulsed as she leaned into him.

‘Ohhh God, ohhh god,” she heard herself swear in a voice that seemed to be coming from outside her body. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip and allowed the feelings to wash over her body. When she felt her friend’s dads’ lips cover hers it felt natural to kiss him back and allow his tongue to enter her mouth. She uttered, “Ohhh ffffuck,” as a new wave hit her and sucked on his tongue as she felt his hands grope her young body.

“Yeah that’s it, that’s it,” I told her as I broke our kiss. Tami was beside herself and I knew she had cum at least three times before she had to wiggle off the seat. The strong sensations had waned and her pussy lips were growing tender. My hands were on her and she didn’t seem to mind. I pulled down her tight cotton top and her young breasts presented themselves to me. Her perky titties were perfect and her eraser-size nipples were hard. I took my thumb and forefinger and gave each a gentle tweak and admired their flexibility. Looking into Tami’s eyes I smiled at her and began planning our next move.

“See I told you,” Tami laughed referring to her getting hot and bothered by the touch of a man. She looked at each of her hard nipples then at me. She wasn’t self-conscious in front of me, instead was sort of proud of her assets. She looked so cute and the vision of her cumming numerous times on her bike seat in front of me had me rock hard and wanting more. Bringing both hands to her chest, I massaged her round orbs as I bent forward and kissed her hard. Tami leaned on the bike against me and kissed me back. Her mouth warm and inviting as her tongue assaulted mine.

I kneaded her young breasts and played with her nipples as she groaned in my mouth. Knowing we were hidden in the back of the garage with all the boxes in front of us I knew I didn’t have to worry too much about being caught. Breaking our kiss, I smiled at her and she grinned back at me.

“Now Tami, this is going to be our little secret right? ” I asked and waited for her answer. My marriage hung in the balance and probably any relationship with my daughter.

“What? That you fixed my bike?” Tami k**ded and giggled at her joke.

” You can tell people I put air in your tires but I wouldn’t say anything about fixing your seat, OK” I k**ded back and Tami laughed.

“OK,” she answered as we tore into another French kiss. I dropped right hand from her left breast and took my gym shorts down. My cock was aching like no other time in my life. It burst from my shorts like a stallion and stood proudly between us. I broke my kiss with Tami and looked down at it, drawing Tami’s eyes along. She looked at it with amazement and I wondered how many cocks she had seen in her young sex life. Her eyes went wide and I got another shot of pride and the head twitched and throbbed.

“Fuck,” she said as she looked at it. Now I’m only about seven inches in length but women have told me I’m thicker than most they have seen. I figured Tami had seen a few but maybe only in the dim light of a drive-in or a guy’s basement.

“What?” I asked, alternating my glance from her face to my cock and back.

“You’ve got a big cock, Mr. Jeter,” Tami said, her bright eyes not blinking as she studied my cock.

I laughed and shrugged my shoulders, I had nothing to do with it, I was just born with it. “You ever see a cock before?” I asked and watched her eyes for a reply. Tami’s eyes didn’t leave my cock but instead she gave it a sideways glance as if she was judging a contest at the fair.

“Yeah but not that big,” she answered her eyes glancing up for a second and then returning to my cock.

“Really,” I quipped and felt foolish for getting so much joy or pride from such a compliment. I felt self-conscious and took a breath and got up the nerve for my next move. “You want to touch it?” I asked.

Tami smiled and winked and took her left hand off her handlebars and brought it to my proud staff. Her small hand looked great wrapping around my shaft. She gave it a squeeze and then began pumping it up and down. It was obvious to me that she had done it before and I smiled at the vixen.

“Somebody’s done this before,” I quipped and felt the incredible sensations boiling up in my balls.

“Yeah,” Tami laughed and taking her thumb off the shaft rubbed it across the head and slit. She paused for a moment to think and then started pumping again. She was obviously gauging what she was willing to tell me about her young sex life. “My ex-boyfriend liked me to do it for him,” she said, matter-of-factly and then giggled, “Like all the time.” She laughed and it made me laugh too.

“Ex-boyfriend?” I asked and watched her eyes.

“Yeah apparently I wasn’t the only girl he liked to have do it for him,” she said with a little remorse.

“Awww,” I replied.

“Suzi Slut-Hutchins and him are going out now,” she mentioned her grip loosening and tightening on my cock as she stroked it up and down.

“Hutchins?” I said, almost incredulously. She was a pretty blonde but not I the league of Tami. I thought that Suzi had to do a hell of a lot more to in a guy over who had been with Tami. “She’s not even in your league,” I said, with a smile.

Tami, the typical girl she is, didn’t know if I was complimenting her or not. She looked at me sideways. She looked at me with a sneer and her hand stopped on my cock.

“Wwwhhatt?” I asked but quickly realized she didn’t know it. My mind reeling as the sensation on my cock was feeling so great I needed more and Tami was withholding. “Tami, you are way more pretty than Suzi, don’t even think about it,” I tried to assure her. My words ringing in my ears, I sounded like a schoolboy trying to get a date. I was stammering in hopes of getting her hand back on my cock.

Tami’s mean look dissolved into a smile and a giggle, as her self-esteem had been stroked. Her young hand resuming its job of stroking my self-esteem.

My right hand came up to her head and I gently rubbed her hair and head, conveying that I thought she was silly to think otherwise. Tami laughed at herself and began stroking my cock in earnest. She was still leaning into me and straddling the girly bar between her seat and handlebars. She took her right hand off her handlebars and brought it to my cock and like a pro slipped it under my balls. She gently began to fondle them and tug on them.

It was my turn to swear, “Fuck,” I said, amazed at the sensation and Tami’s expertise. Tami laughed at my outburst. She smiled at me as she stroked and I felt like I was in heaven. Leaning forward, I kissed her hard on the mouth again and she reciprocated.

I broke our kiss and smiled at young Tami. She was every man’s dream, a willing nymph and gorgeous to boot. My mind kept playing her getting off on her bike seat and I was afraid I might explode.

Reaching up with my left hand, I squeezed her sweet lips in between my finger and thumb and kissed her pursed lips twice with quick, rapid kisses. “How about you show me how you used to suck your boyfriend’s cock?” I asked and winked at her.

Tami giggled but stopped her stroking, “What?” She looked at me like I knew something she didn’t. “I never sucked Johnny’s cock,” she said, surprised by my insinuation. “I’ve never done it,” she stated proudly like someone might talk of her virginity.

“What?” I said, incredulously. Any girl who had repeatedly jerked off her boyfriend had surely sucked him off too. “Well that makes sense, then” I added nodding my head ‘yes’.

“What? What makes sense?” Tami asked, wondering what I had realized.

“Johnny, if that’s his name, probably got tired of trying to give you the hint, Suzi knew what he wanted and bam! You were yesterday’s news,” I joked. I watched her face and knew I hit a nerve. Her face fell and she was sullen at the thought of what cost her a boyfriend.

“Oh don’t feel so down,” I told her. I took my left hand and cupped her chin and raised it up. “You are probably better off without him,” I added. She smiled but it was f***ed. “Any creep who wouldn’t wait until you were ready to do it, wasn’t worth your time or love,” I continued trying to assure her of her worth. Tami’s smile grew brighter and she leaned into me further. “That’s it, forget about him, Suzi can have the loser, you are much better than him or her,” I finished up my feel good speech. Tami shook her head in my hand in agreement.

“Thanks Mr. Jeter,” she said, and looked up at me for a kiss. I didn’t have to be asked twice. We kissed for about a minute and then came up for air. My hands explored her wonderful chest again and her hands began to work their magic on my balls and cock. In seconds, I was rock hard again. I thought it was a pity she didn’t suck her boyfriend’s cock and wondered if I might be lucky enough to be the first to explore her mouth.

“Your welcome Tami,” I answered belatedly, my right hand dropping down behind her to squeeze and fondle her warm and tight ass cheeks. She oohed and pushed her butt against my hand. “Why didn’t you suck his cock?” I asked, trying to choose the right time to broach the subject.

“Eeoow,” Tami quipped, “I think it would be gross.” She made a face and smiled at me. This was from a girl who showed no hesitation in handling a cock. I laughed and reached down with my left hand and tugged at the front of her tight, white shorts. I pulled her shorts and panties away from her taut belly and looked down at her pussy. Her scent wafted in the air and I was intoxicated. She had a little tuft of hair just above her lips and I could tell she shaved. It appeared like a little landing strip but I was going to have to inspect closer. I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts and put my palm gently against her mound, clitoral hood, and lips.

“Ohh God,” Tami cried, the feeling radiating from her pussy caused her to wiggle on my hand and tighten her upper thighs around my hand. Her panties were moist and wet the back of my hand. Her wet lips smeared my palm and fingers and made sliding my middle finger inside her easy. “Ooohhh,” young Tami moaned and stopped her stroking. She was on her tippy-toes as my finger piston in and out of her young cunt. She was as tight as you might expect but I don’t remember a girl being so easily turned on and so moist. “Ooohhh Fuck, don’t stop,” she urged me and I wrapped my other arm around her and held her tight.

“Come on Tami, cum for me, cum for me,” I egged her on as my hand worked magic between her legs. My finger moved up inside her as my palm pressed against her sensitive little clit.

“Oooh God, Oooh God,” Tami cried as she was beside herself. Her arms clung to me now as she held on for dear life. Her eyes were closed now and her mouth agape. This little hellcat was a hot little nymph who was almost insatiable. Her hot little body was almost too much to play with and then to watch her cum so hard made me want to explode.

“Come with me Tami,” I said and lifted her up off her bike. She didn’t say a word but rather lifted her young legs up off the bike and wrapped them around my hand. I carried her around the bike and it fell to the ground. I made a thud and Tami looked out the front door of the garage to see if it alerted anyone. No one came and she turned back to me and watched as I carried her over to an old couch in the corner of the garage. I lowered her onto it and as I did I withdrew my finger from her tight snatch. Tami moaned in dismay as it left her and she shuddered.

“Lie on your back honey,” I told her and she did. Her legs stretched out in front of her with a slight bend in the knees. Her arms begrudgingly let me go and she laid there looking at me for my next move. Kneeling down, I smiled at my prize and my mouth salivated at the thought of her creamy twat. Reaching to each hip, I grabbed at her shorts and panties and tugged them down her legs. She cooed as she felt them slip down her legs and the cool air of the garage tickled her butt and moist pussy.

“Take your hands and grab your knees from behind,” I instructed, putting her hands under and behind her knees. She did as I asked and watched me intently with interest. “Now spread you legs wide,” I added and pushed slightly at her knees to make her know what I wanted. She did just as I asked and was now lying spread open to my eyes, tongue, fingers, and mouth. I buried my face in her sweet snatch and began lapping at her honey pot with gusto. Tami moaned as my blunt tongue came in contact with her moist pussy and I tongue fucked her tight hole for the first time. Tami’s young twat tightened and loosened under my assault.

‘Oooh Mr. Jeter,” Tami cooed as she tried to wrap her legs and thighs around my face and head. I pushed her thighs apart and mouthed her tender lips as I brought my finger back to her tight hole. She could feel my finger begin to slide into her moist snatch and the sensation was almost too much for her. Pushing her hips forward, she ground her honey pot into my face and tongue. “Oohh Yes, Oohh Yes,” she repeated as she brought her hand off her knees and grabbed at the hair on my head. Sliding my mouth upward I covered her clit and its hood. Her hips began to roll as I kept pressure on her stiff little nub and fingered her pussy.

“Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Tami urged e as she grabbed at my head and held it to her pelvis. Her hips began to slowly buck my face and she got a rhythm going until she began to cum and gush. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, eat me, eat me,” she started with a strong, hoarse curse and whithered out a lamb as her body spasm on my face and our little couch. She held my face to her little cunt until it was too sensitive and she had to pull me away from my prize.

“Oh God stop, please stop,” Tami whined and rolled on her side in a fetal ball as my finger still laid inside her tight hole. Her body spasmed and her little pussy tightened and loosened on my finger along with her body. Her legs were shaking and I could tell she was coming down slow from her orgasm. Her eyes fluttered as she quaked and I watched with delight as she alternated biting her lip and softly blowing air through her lips.

Her pussy was sopping wet and with my hard on fighting through the fabric of my shorts I decided to get her ready for it. Sliding my finger almost out, I slid my index next to it and added it to her juicy twat. Tami was numb from cumming so it slid in pretty easy. Keeping the moisture moving, I made sure her outer lips were as wet as her young hole. Tami watched me with interest as she looked over her hip at my face.

“Did Johnny ever make love to you?” I asked as I wiped my face with my free hand.

Tami didn’t answer but instead just shook her head, ‘no’. She was quiet and I could tell she was hesitant to respond. I think she was thinking about the first time and maybe it hurt.

“How many times have you made love?” I asked, wanting to make this moment special if the other times hadn’t been.

“I…I,” Tami stammered as my fingers began stretching and opening her tight little pussy. “I’ve never done it,” she murmured as her left hand covered my right hand and slowed my pace on her pussy.

“Oh,” I said as I looked down at her lovely ass. Her young pussy lips were moist and open as I fingered her between her two thighs. My mind reeled as I thought of being the first and how much her step dad and Johnny would kick themselves for not being more aggressive or persuasive. I smiled to myself as I thought about making Tami enjoy her first time and teaching her how to fuck.

“We’ll take it slow,” I said and rose up so that my hips were level with her hips. I wasn’t going to give her a chance to think too long about it as I was afraid she’d balk. With a quick tug of my shorts, I dropped them to my ankles and my cock sprang out. Tami groaned as she saw it and I knew she was wondering if it would fit. Withdrawing my fingers from her, I spread her juices from my fingers on my cock head. “Slide your hips to the edge of the couch,” I told her as I took my cock shaft in hand and pointed it at her young quim. Tami wiggled her hips and moved to the edge. She looked like she wanted to open her legs but I thought it would be great to fuck her in the fetal position, so I put my left hand on her hip to keep her legs closed.

“Now spread you ass for me,” I instructed showing her with my left hand so her pussy opened before my cock. Tami did and bit her lip, anticipating the possible pain that might come. She was very wet so despite her tightness and being a virgin, my cock head slipped in about an inch without problem. Tami moaned as her young cunt responded to the hardness, thickness and warmth of my hard on. “We’ll take it slow,” I tried to reassure her, pulling my cock out slightly and then sliding it forward about an inch.

“Ahhh,” Tami moaned as her pussy began to stretch around my hard cock.

“Little at a time,” I said and rocked away and back into her, my cock slipping between her lips about an inch and a half. The feeling was incredible and couldn’t believe I was fucking this hot, young girl. I leaned forward and kissed Tami on the mouth and she responded by kissing me back. With a little buck of my hips I began to saw my cock back and forth in her tender little love box. She was so tight that her pussy squeezed my cock and my cock head throbbed. “That’s it,” I murmured as we broke our kiss and she moaned as my cock slipped a little deeper with each thrust.

“Oh God, you’re so big,” she moaned as I fucked in and out of her. I must admit that it made me feel incredible to have this young nymph comment on my cock size. It also made me increase my pace as I worked my cock in and out of her about two to three inches.

“Oh god, oh god,” Tami moaned and I knew she was about to cum again. She had cum now at least four times and the sight of her about to get off again made me lose my composure and my cock slipped deeper than anytime before. Her eyes went wide as I slammed into her little hyman and I felt its resistance. I watched her eyes for my next move and I didn’t have to wait long. “Don’t stop, stop fuck me,” she moaned incoherently.

Following my young nymphs’ lead I began bucking my hips against her and felt her hyman explode under my assault. She groaned but didn’t ask me to stop but instead pushed her hips against me hard. She was cumming and her young cunt was on fire around my cock. Feeling emboldened by my prowess, I rolled her on her stomach and began fucking her tender pussy doggy-style. My cock was on fire and my balls were boiling and I felt ready to pop. Leaning forward, I kissed her on the side of the face as she buried her face in my couch.

“Come on push your ass back against me,” I yelled as I fucked her with abandon. Using my hands, I turned her face to me and kissed her as I banged her hard. She was groaning despite a smile on her face as I sucked on her lips. Feeling my orgasm building, I thrust like a wild dog until I couldn’t hold back any more.

“Ahhh Fuck Tami,” I moaned as my balls exploded. “Fuck,” I said as I pulled my cock out of her lovely pussy just as my first spurt was about to fly. “Yeah,” I said as my hand grabbed my cock and began stroking it hard. The first burst was powerful and I shot a load of creamy cum on Tami’s back. Stroking hard and aiming it, I came on her ass cheeks and asshole. “Fuck,” I exclaimed as I shot a few more times before running dry. Tami rolled over, proud of herself and feeling great to lend a helping hand to my balls. Her hand was almost too much as I was incredibly sensitive to her touch. She grinned as she looked up at my suddenly spent cock and me. With a shudder, I squeezed out the last drop from my balls and it fall on her chest. Tami smiled as her eyes followed the drop and she looked at it on her breast.

“Oh god,” I said as she cupped my balls and gave them a playful tug. Falling beside her on the couch, it was my turn to roll into a fetal position. Well not really, but I was through working n the garage and thought a nap seed like a great idea after a warm shower.

Well, I better get going before someone sees us,” Tami joked and stood up from the couch. I little red dripped from her pussy and she saw it. Picking up her panties, she dabbed at it and wiped it clean. She grimaced at me and pulled on her white shorts. Looking at her panties and not knowing what to do she flipped them on the pile of them on the garage floor.

“Bye Mr Jeter, thanks for fixing my bicycle,” she said and picked up her bike and turned it to negotiate her way out of the garage. I watched her and laughed to myself as I looked at her seat, still fixed in the obscene way. She ignored it and stepped up on the pedals as she got to the edge of the garage and rode off. She was careful not to sit down but instead rode home standing.

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