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Bighairyharleybiker Road Trip. part 1

I have spent a few hours (probably days) reading these stories and recently thought people may enjoy reading about a few of my experiences. To start off with I’m no writer but I do my best to use spell check punctuation and complete sentences, but you may find a mistake or two.

A little about me, I’m no wonder stud! Just an old biker. I’m 50 with a belly, shaved bald head long beard and an average cock. I can’t “pound” a woman for hours, but I will always make a woman cum before I do and I live to eat pussy.

I hope to tell so of my biker experiences that I have lived, these are real stories I will tell the good as well as the bad. I hope you enjoy them!

I love to do all the Big Bike Rallies and when work and wallet allow I head to Daytona and Sturgis, This year Sturgis was calling my name. I decided to head out about a week early to get some seat time in and not be in a big rush getting there. I live in South Western Va., and after a late start made it to the Illinois State line by evening. I travel the 2 lane roads to see the real world and I hate the interstates anyway.

I hardly ever rent a motel, mostly just find a spot by a stream and pitch a tent for the night, I rolled into the little town of Robinson, IL and my ass was dragging, I need some dinner and a six pack to wash away the dust. I found a little diner had a belly full of country fried steak, and while talking to the owner asked about a good place to spend the night. He told me his f****y had a big farm just west of town and there was a perfect place there to set up for the night. He would even call his dad and let him know I would be there so he wouldn’t come down and try and run me off.

A clear Midwest night full of stars, All I need was a six pack. There was a little Party Store on Main Street so I headed back that way to load up. I backed the Road Glide into the parking spot and went in to find the Bud.

Walking through the store I saw a 40ish lady picking up a pint of Vodka, She was tall about 5’11” about 180-190lbs heavy hanging breasts soft mommy belly and wide hips (the perfect woman in my book). From the wear on her I would guess a mother of several grown or growing k**s and by her business clothes held a full time job.

She smiled and then took a second look at me. I know I must have been a sight, dirty with road grime, and wearing leather chaps, but the look was not one of disgust. It was a bit of interest I have learned to recognize in my 50 plus years. In those years I have also learned to flirt with a woman and whenever a door is open I jump right in.

“Excuse me ma’am” I hate to be rude or disrespectful”, “But your about as pretty a woman as I have ever seen” She blushed heavily and muttered a thank you. And I walked away. Always open the door, but never f***e your way in. If interested they will come in on their own.

I made a point to be behind her as we checked out I was talking to the cashier asking him if he was familiar with the place I was spending the night, this let her know what my story was and where I would be tonight.
By the time I got to my bike she was in her car window rolled down looking at my bike. She told me she really loved my Harley and would love to ride one, she had never been on a Harley.

I’ll trade a ride for a ride I told her, she looked funny and said why would you want to ride in my car, then she blushed again and said oh! I could see the vodka and orange juice now in a cup between her legs and she was starting to loosen up. Hell no one has wanted to ride this in years she said, not even my husband. Well your are either married to a fool or a gay man was my response. She seemed to like that answer and she begin to laugh. Sometimes I think both she said.

We talked more, people walking by, I’m sure wondering why this local lady was talking to this biker trash. She wanted to tell her story how she worked all her life to support her f****y and how her deadbeat husband treated her like crap. Finally I interrupted and asked how about that ride? Her answer was “In these clothes?”

Hell any clothes I said, all you have to do is hold on. She agreed and said she wanted to park out of town so no one would see her. I followed her to a spot and she jumped out. I told her I wanted to head west to try and find the camping spot before it got too late. Before she got on I warned her about the allure of a Harley to a woman, that the vibrations of the big twin engine would often make a woman have an orgasm as they ride. Now personally I think that this is a “Guy Myth” but I have found if I suggest this to a woman it will happen about 90% of the time, especially with a little help.

This really seemed to excite her, she giggling and jumped on, “I hope so” she said, “It’s been a long time”. This was all I need so I fished in the saddlebag and came up with a tennis ball I carry for such occasions. Here hold this between your legs I said, and don’t ask! She just pushed it between her legs and didn’t say a word.

The sun was slowly setting as we headed out of town, deep reds and purples outlined the sky. The roads were straight and empty, I found a comfortable speed and set the throttle lock. My right hand the dropped to my side and I begin to message her calf, she was now holding tight to me her soft breasts pushed in to my back. Her chin resting on my shoulder you could tell she was enjoying the closeness. We rode like that for miles. Each touch of my hand would make her body tighten, she wanted to touch, the intimacy. I moved my hand behind my back touch and squeezing her inner thighs, her hips were starting to rock.

“Don’t do that” she said, as she pushed harder against me. “Why not?” I answered. “Because you’re going to make a terrible mess if you don’t stop!” She was now at a point she couldn’t stop if she wanted to her hips were grinding, her legs were stiffening, at points raising her off the seat, She was digging her fingers into my chest, squeezing me tighter and tighter. Her face beside my ear, heavy breaths, turning to a****l like grunts.

Everything building and building until a loud moan –scream, I thought she would squeeze me into. I could feel her body as if it was melting behind me her head dropping to my shoulder. Is I enjoyed her “afterglow” I kinda jumped when I felt a warm wetness on the back of my pants, “I told you there would be a mess to clean up “ she said.

Much more about this night but I need to get some work done. Sorry for being so long but when I remember these adventures I like reliving every detail.

If you like email me at [email protected]

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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