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BLACK l****a 4

Black l****a 4


She felt the trouble brewing. But what did she really expect, after she let Jeff Wheeler fuck her. She was not some innocence little girl who didn’t know what the repercussions of her action could bring. She was well aware what fucking her father’s best friend could do to her f****y. But she wanted her Uncle Jeff, and two months after letting him take her pussy in her f****y’s pool house she still wanted him.

Jack Davis, l****a’s father is suspicious that another man might be getting into his daughter’s sweet pussy. It has been four months since Jack went to his sixteen year old daughter’s room, and took her as his lover. From that day on Jack has been obsessed with his young daughter’s body. It was on that fateful night that she learn the real power of womanhood. Looking back she has always known that she was in love with her dad, most young girls are. But there was something very special about their relationship that was there from the very beginning. It might have been the way he looked at her when no one was looking. Or the way he touched when it was just the two of them. With the first signs of her womanhood approaching Jack became even more aware of his daughter’s budding sexually.

`After giving her father the best piece of pussy he had ever had, l****a knew for sure that she not only had him wrapped around her little finger, but she held his very life in the palm of her hand. He had been bedding her for months. All while living under the same roof with his wife and the mother of his c***d, who knew nothing about their affair.

His marriage to his high school sweetheart had become boring and predictable. Its not that he ever stopped loving her. Pam was the love of his life in so many ways. They had faced the trails of being in a interracial marriage and all that came with it. In spite of their parents objection they follow their hearts and build a life together. The birth of their only daughter brought them great joy, and the life that they had worked so hard for was now their reality. But now after four months of having an affair with his beautiful daughter Jack is entangled in a relationship that he just could not walk away from.

She has the kind of body that no man in his right mind would ever be able to turn down. Not even her own father was able to resist her. The truth was l****a’s loved sex. She had developed a porn addition. She had started going to this adult book store that was owned by her best friend’s b*****r. And every now and then he would slip his s****r Jade and l****a into his shop. But that was only after they would let him eat their pussies.

She had took up pleasuring herself when the mood hit her. She had brought a few toys to aid her quest for satisfaction. However l****a always knew that there would be nothing like the real thing. She had looked forward to having a real dick inside her some day. It was at the age of f******n when she saw her father come out of the shower is when her obsession with her dad started. He looked so sexy with his hard body dripping wet. He had rippling muscles, and a hard ass that made week in the knees. The sight of his chest covered with blond hair was a sight to behold. But it was the sight of his long strong cock that left her speechless. It was long and strong, and from that point on she couldn’t wait to get on hands on it She had seen other women give head in her videos that she faithfully watched, so she had come to the conclusion that this was something that she would enjoy doing. It was soon after she had made up in her mind that her father would be the first man she would give head to. Two years of waiting and wanting to explore feelings that had consumed her had come to ahead, and now he was hers at last.

She had decided at some point that she needed more in her life then just being her dad’s lover. There was no question in her mind that her beauty and her body would be able to take her to places that she could only dream of. and she would be a fool not to take full advantages of what God gave her.

When she set her sighs on Jeffery Wheeler she knew he was a man that could help her to get to where she wanted to go in life. He was smart, rich, and sexy as hell. He was also very well connected to some of the power players in their state. She was sure that if she played her cards right that Jeff would help her in whatever she wanted to do in life

She glanced over at the clock, it said five thirty AM. ‘He’s been on top of me for almost thirty minutes, when the fuck is he going to cum?’ l****a thought to herself as her father pounded her pussy. Jack had left his sl**ping wife, for an early morning rump with his daughter. The pussy was just too good, and fucking her is what he lived for.
This was the third time this week that he had come to her bed, and each time he was like a wild out of control sex b**st, he just couldn’t get enough.

”God dam, baby girl, that was good.” He said as he rolled from on top of her onto his back. Out of breath, but very well satisfied he laid in the after glow of their lovemaking.

”Dammit dad you forgot to pull out again. You came again inside me. How many times do I have to tell you, I am not having your baby.” She scoffed.

It had been almost two months since he had brought up the subject of her getting pregnant. The idea of course didn’t go over that well. Jack had been online with other fathers who were also having sex with their daughters. He was so re leaved to know that he wasn’t the only father out there with an unnatural affection for his daughter.

It was during one of these chats that one of the dads let it slip out that he and his sweet angel were having a baby. From that day on Jack has been obsessed with the idea of getting l****a pregnant.

”Baby, do you know how beautiful it would be if we had a baby together. We would be creating a new beautiful little life from our love. Just think about how beautiful our son or daughter would be.” He pitched the idea once again.

”And what would we tell mom, you remember your wife. My god dad, she still don’t have a clue that her husband has been fucking her own daughter for months. So what do we tell her when I come up pregnant with my father’s baby?” She let that question hang in the air.

”Look we can tell her that you met a boy at school and that the two of you have been secretly dating. You started having sex, you were careless and now you’re pregnant. Its a perfect story baby, I know it will work.” Jack insisted.

”Daddy, that is the craziest thing I have ever heard, besides mom would never fall for a story like that. She would have too many questions. She would want to meet the boy, and his f****y. And where are we going to fine a poor sucker dumb enough to go along with this hair brain idea. No daddy, fucking you is one thing, but having a baby by you is a road that we are never going to go down.” She insisted.

She saw the disappointment in his eyes, and she hated hurting him that way. But she was just sixteen years old, and getting pregnant was no where in her plans for her life.

”Mom won’t be up for another hour, you want to go for another round?” l****a asked, knowing full well that he would never turn her down. She loved treating him to blow jobs, it was just one of the ways that could make him feel better.

”You want me to kiss it, lick it, love on it.” She said between short sweet kisses. Working her way back down, and back under the covers. Yes he was soft again, but she knew she could change that in a matter of minutes. He felt her small tender hands as she wrapped them around his pole, and for Jack nothing has never felt so right as his cock being taken in by his sweet l****a.

A week later when she was walking home from school Jeff Wheeler’s car pulled up beside her. It had been a few weeks since they had last been together. When she saw him he looked so fine in his custom made blue suite, that she creamed her panties right there on the spot.

”Get in.” He said as he leaned over to open the car door for her. l****a never hesitated for one second. She loved her time with Jeff, and all that came with it.

”Where are we going?” She asked as she settled in and buckled her seat belt.

”My place.” He said as they drove north headed out of the city.

l****a has always wondered about how Jeff Wheeler lived. She knew that he came from a pretty well off f****y. He was an only c***d, and as a result he came into a very sizable inheritance. From as fur back as she could remember Jeff and her dad had been the closets of friends.

It took less then forty-five minutes to get to his cabin that was near a beautiful lake. He had brought the cabin a few years back for such occasion as to the one that he was on now. He had lost count of how many girls he had brought up there. Young, beautiful, black, white, blonds, brunettes and sexy young red heads have all had their time in Jeff Wheeler’s love shack.

The moment they pulled up in front of the cabin l****a felt as if her heart would stop it was so beautiful. The cabin sat on four high beams overlooking the leak that looked so clean and beautiful. Getting out of the cat Jeff pulled out a blanket and a basket of food from the back seat. They walked hand in hand down to the leak where Jeff laid out the blanket and the food. ”I thought it would be nice to spend some time together.” Jeff said as he held out his hand for to joint him on the blanket.

She looked at him knowing full well what would be their fate. Slipping off her shoes l****a took a spot beside him. She still had a hard time believing that a man like Jeff really wanted to be with her. The first time they fucked in her parents’ pool house, she thought it was just a lark. She had been attracted to her father’s best friend for years. Never really thinking anything could ever come of it, she always found it kind of cute when her Uncle Jeff would flirt with her. But she was just a thirteen year old k** back then, and now at sixteen after taking her own father as a lover she now had the confidence to use her youth, her beauty, and her body to get what she wanted in life.

”How have you been Leta?” he asked

”I’ve been good.” She said as she gave him her sweet sexy smile.

”Well baby I already know just how good you are, but we will get to that a bit later. He said with a wink. They sat and talked for hours it seemed. She had known him all of her life, but she still did not know all the things that a lover would know about the person they were sl**ping with.

”How is school going?”

”You know school.” She said with a half heart-ed smile on her face.

”Are you having problems, anything you want to tell me, you know you can. I’m always here for you l****a, I just want you to know that.” He told her.

”I just can’t wait to get out of there. I’m not learning a fucking thing at that school that I didn’t already know.’ She complained

There was so much that she wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t. She wanted to tell him about all of her hopes and dreams, but she couldn’t because sometime she would dream that her dad left her mom, declaring his love for her. She dreamed that she and her dad would one day just ride off into the sun set to fine their happily ever after. But she knew that it would never be. There were other dreams that she had, but they were off limits to him as well. Her dreams of having the life she craved would require her to sell her soul as well as her body.

”I don’t think you brought me up here to talk.” She just smiled and pulled him down on top of her. She knew he wanted her, that is why they were out there, so Jeff could get in her pussy again. Within minutes she had some how manged to get her white blouse undone. Needless to say that Jeff was all over her. It had been almost two weeks since he had came by her parents saying that he needed to speak to her father about some urgent business. She still don’t really know how they ended up in in the back seat of one of her dad’s old vintage cars having her brains fucked out, with her parents just a few feet away.

Grabbing a hand full of tits and ass he had worked one hand inside her jeans. He slid his fingers in and out of her tight little snatch, she felt just as good as she did that day in the pool house. Jeff Wheeler was no slouch in the manhood department. Once they were out of their cloths, nothing was off limits.

The forbidding body of a sixteen year old prove to be too tempting for Jeff Wheeler. He laid her lovely naked body out on the blanket. Basking in her youth and beauty he could no longer bare not being inside her a minute longer. Spreading her legs apart the very sight of her pussy nearly drove him mad with lust.

She was so fucking tight, tighter it seems since the last time he fucked her. There was one thing in all of this that l****a was sure about, she loved fucking Jeff Wheeler. While she might have had only two lovers at that point, still she knew that nothing on earth could bring up her mood when she was down more then a good fuck. Jeff’s cock felt so good as he pounded her sweet little fuck hole. Wrapping her body around his, she gave up the pussy freely.

”OH GOD JEFF, THATS IT, FUCK MY PUSSY BABY, MAKE ME CUM, OH OH, AW AW, THAT FEELS SO GOOD.” They fucked for well over an hour, and as they lay under a warm sunny sky. He loved being inside her, even when he wasn’t even fucking her, he loved the feeling of his cock marinating in her pussy, and when he started to fuck her again his dick was covered in her sweet juice, watch made fucking her even sweeter.

Two days after fucking Jeff at the lake l****a was home alone writing in her journal, something she had start doing after her first encounter with her father. She loved witting about Jeff and her father and how they were as lovers. She wrote about how much she loved fucking both men, and the comparison she made between them. l****a wrote about her father and what they did in bed together. She wrote about how much she loved making love to him, and how he would beg for her pussy some nights when he would crawl into bed with her. She often talked about what they would do if her mother ever found out about them. Apart of her felt guilty. A small part of her knew that what they were doing was wrong. However, mostly she just didn’t care how much it would hurt her mom. The way she looked at it if her mom kept her dad happy in bed, then he wouldn’t feel the need to come to her bed night after night. She felt like her father’s whore instead of his daughter. But then that is what she wanted.

l****a had a more softer tone when it came to Jeff. He was her lover and she always felt special when she was with him. Her softer tone towards Jeff often reflected in her journal as she writes about the loving connection between her and Jeff Wheeler. She loved being his lover, and the way he would touch her, or look at her would send her body into over drive. Just the thought of him made her pules race, and her pussy so wet with excitement of him being on top of her, or inside her that is nearly drove her crazy.

Of the two men it was Jeff who had the best dick. It was big and strong, just the way she liked it. Whenever she felt him inside her, l****a felt alive again. Sex with Jeff felt good, and not like a chore, like it is with her daddy at times. These are the kind of things she would write in her journal.

It was about five o’clock that evening when she hard his car pull into the drive way. He was home early and that could only mean that he wanted to get at l****a before Pam got home. He found her at the kitchen sank and she had just put a glass back in the dish rack when she felt his arms wrap around her pulling her into his hard on. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he planted small bites and kisses on her neck.

”How is my sweet girl tonight? He asked as he slowly ran his hands up and down her firm body.

”You’re home early tonight.” She said as she tries to stem off the growing orgasm that was coming on as he continue to play with her young body.

”Your mom called me at work and said she going to have dinner with Aunt Sara, and then they were going shopping. So since mom was going to be out of house I thought it would be a perfect time for me to come home and fuck my little girl.”

She knew she couldn’t say no, or fight him off, not that she really wanted to. When he spun her around to face him, she saw his lust for her in his eyes. There was no question that he craved her as he pinned her against the counter and tore away the sexy red jumper she was wearing. Jack couldn’t help himself, he had been wanting to get into that sweet sexy body all day, and with Pam being gone for the evening he saw no reason not to take full advantage of their alone time.

”Dam baby girl we got the whole house to ourselves for the next couple of hours, I say we make the most of it starting right now.” She saw that naughty glee in his eyes that always said that he was up to something.

He couldn’t keep his hands off of her as he prepared to fuck her in every room in their house. ”I have always wanted to fuck your mother in every room in the house, but she was never up for it. But I know my baby girl will give me what I want, won’t you baby/?” He said as he hiked her naked body up on the counter.

”Yes daddy.” Was all she said.

Once he disrobe it was time to get to his business. She was waiting with her legs spread wide just for him. He tore into her like a starved man who hadn’t had a meal in months. She had the sweetest cunt he had ever tasted, and the fact that he helped make it made it taste even better. Ramming three fingers in and out of her pussy at a fever pitch had l****a thrashing back and fourth as he finger fucked her, while taking her sweet little bud between his lips just so he could suck it dry.

”OH DADDY PLEASE, DADDY PLEASE, PLEASE.” She cried out as the first of many waves of pleasure swept over her. Whatever she was pleading for it didn’t matter much to him. He was in a fog of lust, and there was no place he would rather be then have his face buried between her thick brown thighs. Oh he ate her alright. Jack thought that eating pussy was one of the best parts of sex.


Of course there is nothing on this earth as good as fucking, and Jack and l****a knew better then most just how wonderful sex could be between a father and his daughter. Yanking her from the counter Jack carried his girl over to the kitchen table. He has always wanted to take a woman on a kitchen table. Unfortunately Pam was not as sexually advanced as her husband was. So doing anything outside of their bedroom would be very taboo for her. However, and much to her father’s delight their daughter seem to have no problems with giving up the pussy whenever, or where ever her father needed it.

There was no holding him back as he climbed on top of his sweet girl who was now laying spread eagle on the kitchen table. Jack was hard and ready for the most amazing fuck of his life. Positioning himself between her legs Jack took her sweet hairy cunt. She so loved when the sex b**st in him was let out to play. He pounded her pussy hard, never letting up for one minute, Jack took them to places where he and l****a felt whole and connected.

It started in the kitchen and then they moved from room to room, and each time the sex just got better and better. In the middle of the living room floor it was just about raw sex. l****a was so turned on by now that all she wanted to do is ride her daddy’s big cock. She had only rode his dick a few times, but when she did ride him, it was to perfection. Climbing on top she found that he was more then ready as she placed her tiny canal over his sizable pipe. Rotating her hips back and fourth, and side to side, she felt him sank deeper and deeper inside her. ”OH YES DADDY YES, I LOVE RIDING YOUR MONSTER COCK, OH FUCK YE.” She cried out as they came together.

After a much need break and a shower where they renewed their love of fucking under a hot shower. It was on to Jack’s office. Where Jack found his daughter’s treasure box ready willing and able to give her father the best office fucks he has ever had. They started in his big brown leather easy chair. She rode his cock again, but this time putting her own spin on her specialty. After pumping her pussy five or six times, l****a would rotate her hips, and grinding his cock deeper in her pussy. He loved watching her tits bounce up and down as she rode him over and over again.

By the time they ended up in Jack and Pan’s bed they both would be able to go to any room in their home and know that they had fucked in every room. But for Jack a dream of a life time was about to come true for him.

Jack never gave up on the idea of l****a having his baby. He knew that he would have to take the matter into his own hands in order to get what he wanted. He had thought about it for days and he had come up with a plan to get his daughter pregnant with their c***d. Jack kept a secret stash of condoms in his truck. l****a always insisted that he wear them whenever he fucked her. Of course that night as they made their escapade though the house l****a always made sure that she was well protected. But what she didn’t know is that he had punched holes into some of the condoms. So the chances of her getting pregnant with her daddy’s baby was more then likely.

In the few months that he had been carrying on with l****a there was one painful conclusion that he had to face, he was no longer in love with Pam. So taking his daughter to the bed that he still shared with her mother was not going to cause him any guilt. l****a was now the love of his life, and he saw no reason not to take her to his bed and show her all the love that he felt for her. He laid her on his bed, the bed that he would soon think of as theirs. She was so breathtakingly beautiful as she opened her arms and legs to him once again. Without knowing their coming together would bring them both joy and sorrow in the coming days and weeks. But for that one night Jack and l****a passion for fucking would overshadow all future events.

Having her in his bed seemed to whip out any memory of what it was like having his wife in his bed. l****a was his complete soul mate in every way. Her body was so much more then just his sex toy, she was everything he always dreamed his woman should be. As he sled into her, fucking her with all the energy and excitement of a young man who had just found the girl of his dreams, he had also found the peace of mind to love her without reservation.

For the next few weeks life had gone at its normal pace. The Davis f****y from the outside looked like the all American f****y. But then looks can fool the most observation eye. Inside this once happy normal f****y was slowly coming apart. After spending weeks thinking about just where his life was headed, Jack had made the painful decision to leave his wife for their daughter. He wanted a life with her. He wanted to build a f****y with her as his lover and wife.

There were so many things that Jack had to consider. How would these turn of events change the lives of the people that he loved. How would Pam take the news that husband who vowed to love and protect her is now in love with someone else. But it wasn’t just someone he had met at work or at a bar and they stuck up a friendship, and now they are in love. No this was much more insidious. The fact that Pam’s rival for her husband’s love was her very own daughter, and no matter how hard he would try to soften the blow, the hurt will be felt for years to come.

It had been quite some time since Jack had spend some time with his old pal Jeff. In recent years they had gone in different directions in life. Jack had become the settled f****y man. While Jeff was now single again after his first wife walked out of the marriage. Jeff certainly loved the life that he had carved out for himself.
They met at their favorite bar, it had been a few months since the two old friends had seen each other. So when Jack give his old friend a call and suggested they have a boys night out, Jeff was all in.

Billie’s Place was a bar that was own by an old fuck buddy of Jeff. What Jeff didn’t know is that Jack was fucking her about the same time as well. Unknowingly this was something that they had in common, fucking the same girls at the same time. It had happened with Pam. Two days before her wedding to Jack, good girl Pam had a moment of weakness when Jeff who had wanted her from the very first day he saw her. Jeff who was the very best friend of the man she was about to marry. Jeff who in two days would stand at the alter beside his best friend while he marries the woman he had just fucked. It was an event that Pam and Jeff agreed never to talk about, and that Jack would never know about.

The two men sat talking, catching up on what was going on in each of their lives. Jack has always been just a bit jealous of the life that his old friend had made for himself. Its true Jeff was born into great wealth. But it can also be said that he took his f****y wealth and increased it many time over. His money and his good looks made him the target of so many lies and rumors until no one really knew what true and what wasn’t true.

”You know you have the life that you have build for yourself, you’re a very lucky man my friend.” Jack told his friend during their third round of drink.

”I don’t know how you can say that. You have everything any man could ask for. A great job, nice home, beautiful wife and daughter. What more could you want?”

”I want a divorcees. I have met someone, and we’re in love Jeff. I don’t want to hurt Pam, but I can’t live like this anymore.” The words just slipped out, he never meant to get into, but this was his best friend, and without revealing many details, Jack confided in his old friend.

”She is so amazing. I have never met anyone like her before. I knew I loved her from the first moment I saw her. I can’t explain it but from the minute I touched her, kissed her, I knew that she owned my heart. I know it wrong, its so wrong. But I can’t help myself, I can’t stay away from her.”

His friend’s confession left Jeff speechless. Never in a billion years could he ever vision Jack stepping out on Pam. He wonder what could this woman have that would ever make risk his life with Pam and l****a.

”Man, are you sure about it, I know you have a good thing at home with your wife and daughter, why would you ever want to mess that up?”

Jack had to smile to himself, because Jeff didn’t know just how close to the truth he was. Jack wondered what he might say if he knew the truth. If he knew that the woman that he has been fucking is his very daughter l****a, what would he say.

”Sure, no I’m not sure about anything, except that I love this woman, and I don’t want a life without her.” Jack confessed.

Jeff had never seen his friend like this. In all the years that they have known each other Jeff had never seen Jack in such a state. Jack is always very calm and very sure of himself. However, Jeff could understand how he felt, in a way Jeff was in the same position. He wonder what his old friend might do if he knew about the new girl in his life. As wrong as it was the fact that Jeff was fucking his best friend’s daughter was going to bring undeniable trouble.

”Tell me something, have the two of you… you know?” His shy wicked smile said all.

”Believe me when I tell you that I have never had pussy that good. Like I said I have never known anyone like her. All that fresh pussy is all mine whenever I want it.”

Again Jeff knew just how Jack felt. l****a seem to be always at his beck and call. She was the best sex kitten that he has ever taken to bed. She has been going back and fourth between Jeff and her father. By now both men where obsessed with l****a. Both had had her sweet young body, and nether one could get enough of her, or even think off giving her up.

”Well old friend I know just how you feel. I have a new little honey in my life. And I must say she’s as sweet as candy. A body that most men would kill for. And her pussy, well I have no words for just how good she is in bed.” Jeff bragged.

For hours the two old friends for talked about the new woman in their lives. Of course Jeff could never tell Jack that it was his daughter that he was fucking. Jeff always feared that if Jack ever found out that he had fucked Pam the night before their wedding, that it would be the end of their friendship. He could just imagine what he may do if he knew he was bedding his sixteen year old daughter.

It was two weeks later when Jack decided to leave work early to pick up l****a from school. He wanted to take her to their favorite hide away, and make love to his daughter for the rest of the afternoon.

When he got to her school he knew he would have no problem in pulling her out of class, after all he was her dad, who would ever think that he would be picking her up to take her to a out of the way hotel to have sex with her. When he walked into the school office he was instantly recognized. ”Mr. Davis how are you today.” The old blue hair lady behind the desk greeted.

”I’m fine Mary. Look I’m here to pick up my daughter, l****a.”

Jack noticed the odd look on Mary’s face. ”But Mr. Davis you just picked up l****a over an hour ago” Mary said, as her plumb face turned as pale as a ghost.

”I’m sorry, but what did you say?” He asked as alarm bells went off in his head.

Mary Pete didn’t know to say. Other then a man had call the school that morning saying that he was l****a’s father, and that he needed to pick her up from school, that she had some kind of appointment, and that she won’t be back for the rest of the day.

It was as if a switch had been flipped and everything that was good in his world was suddenly gone. ”What are you talking about, I never call here. Where is my daughter. My god lady did you just let my c***d go with some stranger that you don’t even know? I want to see the principal and you need to call the police so they can fine my daughter.’ Jack demand.

It was around ten o’clock when Jeff Wheeler called his lover’s school pretending to be her dad. He never dreamed that it would be so easy. He had woke up that morning craving l****a. He dreamed of tasting sweet pussy that was dripping with her honey jounces. It had been two whole weeks since he last had her, and he just couldn’t go one more day without her.

Ten-fifteen, l****a’s heart nearly stopped when she saw her lover walk though the door of her math class. She watched as he walked over to her teacher Mr Sherwood and introduce himself as Jack Davis, l****a’ father. l****a didn’t know what to think when Mr Sherwood call her up to the front of the class and told her that she was dismissed for the day and that she could leave with her dad.

After picking her jaw from of the floor, l****a recovered just in time to play along. Five minutes later they were walking hand in hand towards Jeff’s car. Needless to say l****a was speechless as she climbed in to Jeff’s car. ”How did you do that, why would you do that?” She asked as they went racing out of parking lot.

”What are talking about baby?”

she couldn’t believe he didn’t know what she was talking about, and from the cocky look on his face she knew she was right. ”You know dam well what I’m talking about. Why did you tell Mr. Sherwood that you are my dad, and where are we going? She demanded to know.

He entered freeway 106 going south. ”We are headed back to my please for a little loving. Its been two weeks since I last had you in my bed. As for what I told your teacher about being your dad, it was the only thing I could come up with that could get you out of class. I told them that you had a doctor’s appointment that I forgot about. And they said fine, take her. I knew your dad wouldn’t bee the kind of dad that would be all up in your teacher’s face. He is surely not the hands on dad that I would be if you were mine.” He said as he placed his hand on her knee.

She really didn’t know what to say. She really couldn’t tell him just how much of a hands on father Jack really was. However, she was glad that she didn’t have to go back to school, she would much rather spent the day in bed with Jeff then some stuffy old classroom. As they hit the freeway l****a noticed that Jeff couldn’t keep his one free hand off of her. He had moved his hand from her knee and had slipped it between her soft tan thighs She felt so fucking good as he made his way up her thighs to fine the top of her panties. The black mini skirt she was wearing made it easy for him as he worked his way inside her panties to find her just as he had thought he would, wet and tight. For the life of him he could not stop himself from given her the best finger fuck right then and there.

”Oh Jeff please.” He heard her moan as he drove three fingers deep inside her. It was a good thing that Jeff was so well experienced in the some what difficult art of driving while finger fucking. A task that he had done many times.

”Dam baby, you’re so tight and wet, daddy can’t wait to get you home.

l****a felt her first wave of pleasure sweep over her, consuming her sex. At that moment Jeff owned her. He was for once the center of her world. Pulling up into his driveway Jeff knew he wouldn’t be able to wait until they got in the house. Turning off the car he turned to her and he pulled her down on the front seat of his car. Ripping off her panties he took a moment to drank in her beauty. And then without warning he took a big bit of her sweet jounce pussy. Sending her to a place where nothing in this world mattered except her and Jeff Wheeler.

It seemed like years had passed since Jack walked into the office of his daughter;s school and discovered she was missing. So many scary thoughts went though his mind as he waited for the police to arrive. There was no question in his mind that if anything happened to his baby girl that there would be hall to pay, starting with that rat Mr Sherwood. While he was so angry at the school for not doing its job in protecting l****a, Jack also knew that he had to be very careful when he talked to the police. He couldn’t risk raising any questions about his relationship with l****a.

When the door of Julie Easter, the school’s vice principal open Jack stood to his feet and watched as Ms Easter e****ted a tell leggy red head into her office. ”Mr. Davis this is Detective Maggie Day, she here to help us fine l****a.”

”Mr. Davis, its nice to meet you, sorry we have to meet under these circumstance but I am going to do everything in my power to see that your daughter is returned safely to you and your wife.” Detective Day assured him.

For the next three hours Maggie conducted interviews with the last person to see l****a, Mr. Sherwood and and his students. According to Sherwood a man came to his class and said that he was Jack Davis, l****a’s father. He said that he was there to pick up his daughter for doctor’s appointment that he had forgot about. He said nothing seemed off, and l****a voluntarily left with him. When Detective Day interviewed Jack she asked was his daughter was seeing anyone. Of course he said no. But somewhere in the back of his mind the seed had been planted.

The fact that they made it in his house, and then to his bed seem to be a miracle. After nearly ripping off each other cloths s the made their way though the house and to his bed. Plopping down on the bed as their naked sweaty bodies melted together, Jeff fucked his young lover to the point of pure ecstasy. It was an afternoon where pure lust and raw sexually took center stage.

Once Jeff got l****a into his bed, it was on. There were so many things that he had dreamed of doing to her body, until he really didn’t know where he wanted to started. ”I have been planing this for a long time baby, the day I make you my sex slave.” He blurted out as he gave her body an endless pounding.

She had no idea what she was in for, but whatever Jeff had in mind she was all in. They had taken a short break after he had made her cum a number of times, it was time to up the game. They share another deep passionate kiss as he laid her back down in his bed. ”How would you like to play a game?” He asked, as he saw that naughty sparkle in her eyes.

”What kind of game?” She asked.

”Well I don’t have a name for it, but I promise you going to like it.” Jeff assured.

”Well what do I have to do?”

”Trust me.” He said as he planted a kiss on her temple.

l****a put herself in his hands not really knowing what the outcome would be. She was told just to lye back a relaxes. He opened bed side table draw where he pulled out a blindfold. He laid soft sweet kisses on the back of her neck, while he placed the blindfold over her eyes. Butterflies started to invade l****a’s core as her lover began to play with her body. He softly laid her down in his bed where he tasted every inch of her honey brown frame. Her body was a slice of heaven for him. He found the four tie downs that he had hidden around his bed.

”Do you still trust me?” He asked as he restrained her hands and feet.

”Yes, I trust you.” l****a assured Jeff as she laid spreed eagle across his bed.

Oh yes she was right where he wanted her, he could do with her just as he please. The first thing she felt something cold and hard run up her thigh. Then she heard a a soft buzz as a vibrator connected with her clot. The very sensation to her clot had l****a nearly climbing the walls. She had never felt anything like it. As he continue to play with her cunt with the vibrator, his mouth claimed her sweet young nipples. They were so ripe and tender as he started to feast on her loveliness.

After disrobing he climbed back on to his bed, and between l****a’s legs. She felt like she was on fire as his every touch seem to ignite something so strong and primal that she really didn’t know what to feel. Shocked, sad, happy, and scared was just a few of the emotions that came into play. ”Oh my God Uncle Jeff I want to fuck so bad, oh God please fuck me.” He heard her beg.

He wanted to grand her wish, but he knew he had so much more he needed to do before they got to the main event. ”Oh baby I have so much to teach you before we get to the main meal. Just have a little patience my sweet girl.” Jeff whispered softly I her ear.

It had been close to three hours since Jack had arrived at his daughter’s school. His plans were to pick up l****a and take her off to one of his favorite hotels, where they would have lunch, and then go up to the room that he had reserved where they would spend the rest of the afternoon wrapped in each other arms making love. But all his plans seem to go up in smoke when he arrived at his daughter’s school only to fine that she had left with a man who said that he was her father. The thing that he could not understand is why she would go off with a complete stranger. Or was he really a stranger. ‘Could his baby girl be screwing another man.’ The idea of HIS l****a giving her pussy to another man made his bl**d run cold as ices. He hated the very thought of another man’s hands touching what is his, and his alone. She was his from the day she was born, and on the day he draws his last breath, she will still be his. The thought of another man’s cock fucking the sweet pussy that brought him back to life nearly drove him mad. Jack knew he had to talk to Mr. Sherwood, after all he has seen what this other man looked like, maybe that would help him find his daughter.

Sitting at his desk where he was grading a stake of papers Leland Sherwood found himself in the middle of a mystery. One of his students had ran off with a dud that said he was her old man, turns out he wasn’t. But he did wonder what was with the hot little bitch that sat front row and dead center in his class The fact that he had to see her everyday gave him a good idea of what l****a Davis was all about. She was a cock tease. And Leland should know, because she had been teasing his cock for months.

It all started that first day of class. Leland Sherwood was getting ready for his first day as the new eighth grade math teacher. He had been teaching for over five years and was known to be a very good and fair teacher. There was just one thing about this perfect teacher that not very many people knew about. He had a weakness for young girls. If the truth be told it was his main reason he went into teaching.

There had been talk at the last school he had worked at that he had touched a few of his female students. The truth was he had only fucked one girl who was s*******n years old. She would come to his office almost everyday where he would take her on his desk. He could truthfully that she wasn’t the best he had ever had, but it was pussy, and all pussy was good as fur as Leland Sherwood was concern.

The first time he saw l****a Davis he knew that it would be just a matter of time before he would be in her panties. She sat in the same spot everyday, giving him a bird’s eye view of what she had to offer. Those cute little mini skirts with the t-strap tops that she wore everyday always seemed to send Mr Sherwood cock into overdrive. The fact that she sat right in front of his desk was no mere accident. The one good thing she knew for sure she was good at was reading men, and l****a read Leland the very first day she saw him. Did she want to fuck him, maybe she would for a good grade if she just had to, but it was a sure bet that he wanted l****a Davis’s pussy in the worst way.

He heard a knock at the door. Sherwood looked up from the stack of papers he was working on and saw Jack Davis standing on the other side of the clear glass window. For some reason Leland had a strange feeling about this man, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. ”Come in” Leland watched as a somewhat nerves Jack Davis entered his office.

Jack stormed into Leland Sherwood office loaded for bear, and looking for a fight. He wanted some answers as to why this man would let his sixeen year old daughter go off with a perfect stranger. ”I want to talk to you Sherwood, I have a few questions for you, and you had better come up with the right answers.” Jack made it real clear that he was in no mood for bull shit.

”Really Mr Davis, there’s no need for all the hostility, I am sure whatever questions you have I can answer.” Leland stayed calm, because he really wanted to get inside Jack’s head.

”I want to know why you let my daughter walk out of your classroom with a man you know nothing about. You were in charge of the well being of all your students, am I not right, so tell me why is my little girl missing?” Jack demanded to know.

”Well Mr Davis, at the time nothing seem to be off. The man said that he was l****a’s father, and I had no reason not to believe him. Besides your daughter didn’t seem to be scared of him in any way. She seem to know who he was, and she was very happy to see him, and she was more then willing to go with him.” Leland saw the look on Jack’s face, and it was not the total look of just a concern father who was worried about his daughter;’s whereabouts. But Sherwood knew the look in the eyes of a jealous lover when he saw it.

”Look I need to find my daughter, if there is anything you can tell me about this man, what dose he look like, what was he wearing. What did he say to her that would make her go with him? I have to fine my sweet girl, I need her so much, God I love her so much, I would die if I couldn’t have her again.” Rather it was guilt, lust or love, it was clear that Jack was a lot more then just a worried father.

‘My god the little tramp is sl**ping with her dad.’ Leland thought to himself.
The very idea of a father fucking his own daughter has always been such a turn on for Leland. He hadn’t married yet, but the idea of having a beautiful young daughter to use as his plaything had its appeal. The truth was that he had a thing for young girls like l****a. Now if he could just come up with a way to use this information to get what he wanted, one night with l****a Davis in his bed.

”What are you saying, that l****a never said anything about this man not being her dad, she just walked out of class without a fight?” He asked.

”That is what it looked like to me Mr Davis. And I bet wherever they are at this minute she is putting quit a smile on his face.” Leland suggested, adding even more fuel to Jack’s nearly out of control rage.

”Whats that supposes to mean?” Jack said as he tried to keep his anger in cheek.

”I think you and I both know what I meant. That little girl of yours, that must be one piece of fine ass. Tell me how dose it feel to know that another man might be tapping that pretty little ass, even as we speak. God only knows how many time you have tapped that sweet thing.” He said with a chuckle.

That was it, the last straw. He had had enough of this school and its incompetent staff. ”Look I don’t know who you are or what you think you know about me and my f****y but whatever it is you save it until I fine my daughter. And I swear on the soul of my mother and father if one hair is harmed or is out place on my girl’s head, I will hold you personally responsible.

”I know one thing the way you looked when I told you that pretty little slut of your went with this lucky baster because she wanted to, and not because she was f***ed was not just the look of a concern father, that was the look of a jealous lover. No I can’t prove that you have been with your own daughter, but with just the right word here and there I can make your life a living hell.”

Jack has never been the type to start a fight, but this guy had really gotten under his skin. By the time he realized the he had swung on Leland Sherwood he was pinned up against the wall gasping for air. Leland being a lot younger, and a bit faster on his feet was able to avoid being hit, while at the same time he gain the upper hand.

”Nice try bud, but we both know I am right. Now why don’t we put our heads together and see if we can’t find that sweet daughter of yours.” Leland strongly suggested.

It was a very often that Jack had to admit defeat, but his back was against the well, and he didn’t trust the police, the thought of then poking their nose into his f****y business was something he could not have. ”What do you want?” Jack was nearly in tears when he agreed to Leland Sherwood demands

It was close to five o’clock in the afternoon when l****a opened her eyes. It took a moment to remember where she was. The soreness in her body brought it all back. What Jeff had done to her, and how much she enjoyed discovering this very kinky side of herself. ”So my sl**ping beauty has woken up.” She heard a voice from behind her say. When she rolled over and saw him standing in to door with a hot cup of something in his hands, she sat up in bad and gave him a smile that told him that everything was all right between them.

He walked over to the bed and handed her the hot mug. ”Here drank this, it will help with the soreness, and I have a hot bath waiting for you.” He said as he kissed her forehead.

”You know I have never done anything like that before.” l****a said as she took a few ships of her tea. Taking her in his arms Jeff felt the need to reassure her that everything was good between them, if not better.

”You are so beautiful, and what we have between us is so perfect, this afternoon proved that. Its not just about me getting into your pussy, all tho that is an amazing bonus, its more now, I think I’m in love with you l****a.”

It was as if someone had turned on a bright light, and now l****a could see herself for the first time. Suddenly it was hard to think of herself as anything other then a low life slut, who had set out to make to men fall in love with her. Of course now she had to face her own feelings. When she set out to seduce her father it was just a matter of having fun. She thought that it would be a real kick if she could one day tell her friends how she got her own father to fuck her. All her friends would always tell what a hot and sexy dad she had. One day she saw him as he was just wrapping up his work out. It was one of these OMG moments that she will never forget. It took her only a few months to get him into her bed.

At first she only meant for it to happen that one time, never really expecting that sex between her and her father would b e as good as it was. She never set out to hurt anyone. And she surely she never meant to hurt her mother by sl**ping with her father. But she also knew that her father wanted her, that she had giving him a new least on life, and he was not about to let her go.

”I don’t know what to say Uncle Jeff, except that what we have is great, and I really care about you.” That was all she could say right then.

”You don’t have to say anything love, I just wanted you to know that what we did here today was more the just good sex, I made love to you in every way possible. Now come lets get you in that nice hot bath, and then I will take you home.” He said as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to her awaiting bath.

They had just finished their bath together. Jeff had bathe his young teenage lover, settling in the bath tube beside her, Jeff and l****a continued to explore each other. Each time they were together they discovered something new about each other. l****a loved being pampered, she loved the way Jeff took such good care of her, after putting her body though a session of rough sex. l****a had just slipped into a bathrobe when they heard a loud banging at the front door.

”JEFF, ITS JACK. I KNOW YOU’ER IN THERE, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT LOIITA.” The angry voice of her father came through loud and clear. The look of panic in her eyes spoke to just how frighten she was.

”My god its my dad, what is he doing here. If he finds me here like this he will kill me, he will kill us.” She insisted as she ran around Jeff’s bedroom looking for her cloths.

He had never seen her like this, she was always in control no matter what the situation. It was one of the reason why he loved her so. ”l****a, baby don’t panic, I will take care of this. You just stay in here and be very quite, while I get rid of him.” He said as he held her in his arms to sooth her.

”Come on Jeff, open this door, I know you have my daughter in there.” Jack was screaming and pounding so hard on Jeff’s door, that Jeff was sure he would attract unwanted attention from his neighbors.

When he open the door he found a man that he barely recognized. His face was beat red with anger. Pushing his way past his old friend, Jack had some questions that he needed answers to, and whatever it took, he was not leaving there without them.

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