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Blackpool Memories

It was a stormy and blustery ,late October night in Blackpool. I was there with my new boyfriend, Steve, I was just 19yo and Steve was 22yo. We had been out to a “School Reunion” night in a well known Blackpool pub, both dressed in uniform, Steve in Blazer, shirt, tie and flares, me in blazer, white shirt, school tie and an ultra short navy skirt, typical of my wear at school just three years earlier. It was not more than 15 mins walk to our B&B, but after a night drinking ciders and shots I soon needed the loo, Steve said that he thought all the loos would be locked at nearly midnight, he stopped a couple rushing home and asked them, they said a public toilet on Lytham Rd might stay open, so we hurried there as it was roughly on the way home to the B&B on Withnell Rd. I soon spotted the dimly lit loo and hurried off , my heart sank as I saw the Ladies Loo all shuttered with the dreaded “Out of Order” sign on it. “Shit!” I cried out, feet dancing on the pavement, Steve disappeared for a moment, soon returning saying the Gents was open, not stopping I pushed past him and for the first time found myself in a Gent’s toilet, noting the pretty awful smell and unfamiliar layout I saw the last cubicle was empty and quickly rushed in, there was no lock on the door though and Steve, following me in stood against the door to stop people coming in , dropping my knickers to my ankles I sat down carefully upon the broken seat, as my relief flooded through me as I pissed , seemingly forever into the loo beneath me. My eyes took in the walls of the cubicle, Steve asked if I was done, I said to give me a moment, I was reading the stories and rhymes on the wall, ‘Angie was a slag’, Donna Hope was a great cock sucker’, ‘Tony JJ wanted a young ass to fuck’, etc. As I read my eyes caught a movement on the other wall, “Steve!”, I called sotly,” look!” I was staring at a semi-erect uncut cock poking through a hole in the wall, Steve whispered it’s a glory hole thing , probably thinks there’s a gay in here, wants it sucking, “Really? “I said , my hand almost involuntarily touched the disembodied cock, it twitched as I did, Steve hissed ,’Anne No!’ Too late as I took the cock between my finger and thumb as I gently pulled upon it ,feeling it grow and stiffen I bent forward on the seat gently licking the red bell end, I glanced at Steve he was staring transfixed as I moved my mouth over the end of the cock, sucking gently, the guy began to slowly fuck my mouth, his cock growing to its full size, suddenly he stiffened further and I felt the familiar spurt hit my throat, I sucked every drop from him then he pulled out and withdrew from the hole, “Thanks Mate!” He shouted and I heard the bolt on the door open and he left, Steve called me a horny, daft cow, the bolt slammed into place, a moment or two later a thin,brownish cock appeared in the hole, Steve shook his head I put my finger to my lips and said,” Sshhh!” My fingers gently wanked the new cock, my mouth soon engulfed the hardening prick, he was longer but thinner than the last, whilst not black it was certainly brown, Asian guy I guessed, he lasted just three minutes, shot a salty load in my mouth and quickly left. Almost immediately the door closed the bolt was shot and a small, wrinkled cock appeared, hard and ready I gave him what he wanted and five minutes later had my third mouthful of spunk in fifteen minutes, Steve stood shaking his head in disbelief as another seven cocks appeared in the hole over the next 20 minutes, my mouth and lips were covered in spunk, my tongue held so many tastes from the ten assorted cocks, longest about 7 inches, shortest 4 inches, longest lasted about seven minutes, shortest less than a minute. Steve gestured for me to go, I motioned one more with my hand.As I held up the one finger the door opened again and I smiled as I heard the bolt slid across. a minute later a long ,jet black cock appeared , Steve breathed in deeply as I gently took the prick in my hand, giving it a slow wank. Amazed at its speedy growth I licked my fingers and rubbed spittle and spunk upon the angry looking red bell end , my mouth dropped and my tongue licked at the end. Slowly I swallowed the cock, sucking hard as I did, he fucked my mouth like an expert, withdrawing his prick then pushing it deep into my willing mouth, I loved the taste and feel of it, after five minutes he suddenly pulled out and shocked I heard him unlock the door and leave, I sat there disappointed at not getting my reward. Suddenly Steve fell forwards as a kick pushed our door wide open, a tall, solidly built black guy in his mid 40s stood there. Quickly he entered and pulled Steve back against the door, “I thought it was a sweet bitch’s mouth sucking my meat!” I sat unable to speak or move, “Right so my little schoolie you like to suck cock and tease, let’s see how you can take a real cock!”
He pulled me to my feet turning me around and pushing me down on the seat I felt his hands open my cunt and then I felt his cock ram into me, “See how a man fucks a bitch boy, I might let you clean me after!” He laughed as he said this to Steve, his cock continued to fuck me, his ferocity increasing , “You like this cock bitch, fucking you OK? Reckon you’ve never had one like this? (Little did he know!) Hope you’re on the pill bitch cos here it cums!” His spunk nearly pushed me over, I had never felt a cock cum so hard or so much. As he pulled out I felt his spunk oozing from my pussy and down my legs forming, almost, a stream of thick, glistening spunk. He turned me round, wiping his used cock onto my shirt and tie then across my face leaving me like a cum stained whore, turning to Steve he motioned to him to kneel and had him clean my juices and his spunk from his dwindling cock, “Good boy”, he laughed as the ,before now, horny heterosexual twenty two year old feasted on the black prick that had so recently shagged me so well, “two good little fucking school sluts”, he pulled away from Steve, zipped up and pushing his way out left.
Steve looked at me sitting on the toilet , spunked on and so very well fucked. Crawling to me he lapped at my puffy,pink fanny lips and licked me dry, all my juices, piss and thick black cock spunk, all cleaned .
As he finished another cock appeared at the hole, hungrily taken by Steve, feeling fucked I let him and then for another half hour we shared another eight cocks, old,young, big, not so big, couple of Brown ones, I swallowed every drop, to my amazement so did Steve, letting one guy plaster his nose and chin with a load that I eagerly licked from him.
On our way home we laughed as we remembered, despite the pouring rain we wandered home happy, my face and clothes covered in spunk, my legs smeared with rivulets of black spunk. At the B&B we fucked and sucked the rest of the night, warnings for breakfast in a hungover, fucked out state, but deliriously happy.
I never saw Steve again after that holiday, but I wonder if he ever thinks about his little school uniformed slut who shared so many cocks with him on that breezy and wet autumnal, Blackpool night.

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