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One gorgeous spring morning strolling into the kitchen my other half hands me a cup of coffee and says a beautiful weekend for a first run on the bike ,looking over the rim.of my cup smiles a weekend away with you sounds heavily when we leaving finish your coffee I will make you breakfast then we will pack the the bike.
We are ready dressed bike is packed asking him any place in mind he says we will let the bike decide ,the bike comes to life vibrating with anticipation on our destination ,lift my leg straddling the bike wrapping my arms about the Mr.
Driving the road to know where we have been riding awhile we come up on a sign to a small town called nowhere exit one mile .
Pulling into the town quaint small full of life people everywhere we pull up to a restaurant we are both famished stroll in take a seat the waitress smiles hey folks have not seen you in these parts before we smile tell her we are out for our first ride she tells us you folks picked the right time to wonder into there small town people will start roaming into our from.all over we are popular for our first day of spring festival,she tells us we should stay enjoy our town take in the sights.
Over lunch we discuss weather we should stay are continue down the road we decide to stay,we call the waitress over asking where the closes campsite is she says from.what I hear there is one room left down the road at the bed and breakfast we pay our tab thank her we are on are way to get a room.
We get the room head up to freshen up after are long ride ,walking into the bathroom stopping gasping turning looking back baby want to take a bath it’s a garden tub for two he walks up past my bum.looks smiles start the bath water.
As we are in the tub I wrap my legs about him pulling my self into him as I lean my head on his back he whispers honey you know that fantasy I told you about now would be the perfect time to act on it smiles lift my head whispering my choice he nods yes ok then ,but for now let’s finish our bath I maneuver my body so I am.sitting on his lap lags wrapped around his waist her circles his arms about my waist pulling me in closer kissing me moans softly grinding my body into him he moans lifts me sliding me down slowly on his erect cock my hips move slowly at first as I ride him our breathing heavier hearts pounding our grinding deeper faster grasping me pulling me in as he cock hardens my pussy squeezing around his cock and releasing my head tilts back slightly my arms wrapped around his neck as I ride him looking into his eyes baby I am.ready to cum fuck me harder my pussy swelling squeezing around his cock gasping he thrust deep and hard we collapse into each other’s arms as we explode not moving letting our bodies release holding the other as our bodies calm ,he tilts my chin up to his lips kissing me softly telling me we should finish our bath .
After our bath we curl.up in bed taking a nap be for the nights festivities ,we wake to noises coming from.outside we stroll to the window looking out to see the town has come to life ,looking down the road we see a fire glowing in the distance we also here music he turns looks shell we dress and join the festivities.
Sliding on my button up Lee’s pulling on a soft green pull over sweater slipping into my riding boots fixing my make and hair turn and whistles baby your sexy ,shell we get this party started we had out in to the streets walking towards the center of town where we hear the music coming from and seen the fire glowing .
As we walk in to the park the band is playing rhythm and blues we continue to stroll further in smiling and nodding as we go ,we are at the center by the bonfire a song comes on he enjoys her circles my waist swaying to the music leans in kissing my neck whisper has any one caught your eye not yet raising my arms up an back around his neck as I am pressed in to him moving with the music scanning the crowd when my gaze catches the sight of a tall rugged Harley boy he notices me checking him out smiles nods I releasing my hold on my man turn and say I spotted the one taking his hand strolling towards the gentleman looking so fine in all his gear yummy he is standing at a table set back a ways from the bonfire in the shadows he is removing his gear as we are walking towards him we grab some brews not wanting to be emptied handed as we offer up our fantasy.
We say our hello making small talk when the gentleman stands asking my man if he can away for a dance ,the song is slow sexy the kind of song that makes you lose all controll pulling me into him grabbing me about the waist sliding his hands down my bum gripping them lifting wrapping my legs around his waist all in one motion as he continues to move to the music looking into my eyes as he leans in closer kissing my nose then my lips parting my lips with his tongue sliding it in between my lips swirling it then biting my lip causing me to gasp not releasing his hold on me makes his way back to the table sitting me down on the edge looking around my man is now where to be seen .
The stranger grabbing my legs pulling me closer to the edge of the table once again wrapping my legs about his waist grinding into causing me to gasp moan and quiver leaning in his lips taking controll as he places kisses down my neck his hands reaching up my sweater cupping my breast sliding my strips down reaching under my bra finding my nipples pinching twisting rolling them my moans grow he presses in more grinding into me my pussy is swelling wet wanting more his hand sliding down my stomach between my thighs rubbing me through my jeans moans softly whispering fuck me now he steps back sliding his jeans down pulling me in to him kissing me lays me back removing my jeans pushing my sweater up revealing my breast as he cups them squeezing them pinching my nipples I gasp almost screaming out he thrusts into me pinching my nipples again as he does he thrust deep and hard wrapping my legs around him pulling as I do I noticed my man leaning on a near by tree rubbing his cock through his jeans as I am.being fucked the thrust become faster harder my moans louder he slides a finger in my mouth then two I bite down softly to keep from.screaming as he thrusting in deep my hands are being pinned down above me looking up I notice my man above me holding my hands down stroking him.self moans escape my lips biting my lip to keep from.screaming looking up at my man telling him.I want to suck.his cock as I am.being tucked he slides around grasping his cock he spanks my lips telling me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue he spanks my tongue with his cock teasing me next thing I know I hips being lifted my pussy lips being spread and spanked I moan he spanks it again burying his face into me his tongue circling my clit my back arches moans are louder I turn my head grabbing my man’s cock stroking him flicking the head biting Ooooh fuck I want to cum sliding my lips down my man’s cock with fierce strokes as I am being sucked and probed the feeling so intense I suck my man harder faster pulling off I flick and bite his head telling my stranger I need you to fuck me now I am.going to cum he stands spreads my legs lifting my hips thrusting hard deep I am sucking the very life from my man with every thrust that is slammed into my swelling wet pussy my man’s cock tightens, my pussy is squeezing the strangers cock tightens as I squeeze around him my man’s cock is throbbing his voice is deep gruff baby I am.going to cum I suck faster harder deeper ,the strangers thrust matching my sucking our excitement builds I scream as I climaxed man blows his load down my throat the strangers shoots his wad deep into me we all collapse ganging our composer catching our breath just laying there in bliss.

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