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I loved my hubby.Ten years married, and my life was almost perfect.Almost. Jim was a great provider.I had two beautiful c***dren,a lovely detached house,and we both had high performance cars. He could cook like a chef, and he kept the garden like a Chelsea flower show winner. But he was boring.And so was my life.We had sex once a week.In our bed.Missionary position every Saturday night.Same position.Same old same old.When I once suggested we try something new in the bedroom,he suggested we leave the light on. Give me patience.
And I was sick of listening to my friends brag about their exciting sex lives.Tony apparently tried to have sex with Amanda in every room in their house.Julie was thinking of separate beds because Michael wanted it every night,in every position.And I was suspicious that our next door neighbours were swingers ! Really. I couldn’t decide which of them was the dirtier. And that left me. With my weekly 20 minutes of staring at the ceiling.
I thought about cheating.I knew Tony fancied me rotten.Always staring at my tits,small as they were.And next doors son Paul was quite cute,and recently single.But…. I couldn’t cheat.
Then I saw a programme on t.v. where the men didn’t think shagging prostitutes was cheating.I laughed.Where did Jeremy Kyle get these people.But,the more I thought about it….. It was more of a business transaction I told myself.
So I started looking at e****t sites.Most had male e****ts too.And they were all yummy.And not that expensive either.For the price of a day in the spa I like….well….and I told myself it was also an investment in my marriage… I kept coming up with valid reasons why I should,and couldn’t think of many reasons not to.I almost booked one a few times when Jim was in work.Then one day I was having a glass of wine as I pottered around the house.I say a glass,it was my third glass.A habit that was becoming a little too frequent.And I was having a look at my favourite e****t site when I saw Juan.
He wasn’t as young as some of the other guys,but he was was very yummy.Tall,with long brown hair,which I usually hate,and muscles like a builder.He was over from Almeria in Spain,and would only be here for a week.
His advert said he did massages,amongst his other services.So I told myself I would book an hour,and just get a rub down.Then maybe I could build up the courage over time to get more. So while I was buzzing from the wine, I phoned up and booked him for an hour later.
So about 65 minutes later and I’m having serious second thoughts. I’m on the verge of ringing back and cancelling, when the doorbell rang.I opened the door and I wasn’t sure if I would apologize and pay in full,or take the massage as planned.
But when I opened the door Juan was standing their like a God. He was fabulous looking.He had a pair of faded jeans with some holes in them,but they looked like they were well worn rather than shop bought.And he had a sports vest on that showed off both his tan,and his very big firm muscles.
“Hola”, he said, and I almost melted.I said hi and brought him in,almost showing him upstairs to the guest bedroom.I brought him in to the smaller of our two reception rooms. After some small talk, I told him my story of infrequent boring sex.I told him I was very nervous,and would have a massage only,if that was ok. He said I could have anything I wanted,in an accent that I swear made me a little wet.
He returned to his van outside and brought in a fold up massage table. He told me to go and undress,and come back when ready.I went to my bedroom and stripped down to my knickers and bra,and grabbed my dressing gown.Just as I got to the door,I paused,and removed my bra.I giggled at my naughtiness.
I returned to Juan who had lit several scented candles and pulled the curtains.It made the room very intimate.He told me to lie down,and I took off my dressing gown with my back to him and quickly lay face down.Juan didn’t even look.How very professional I thought,but I was disappointed he didn’t try to peek.
He warmed some oil with his hands and started rubbing my back.I was very tense at the start but I very quickly relaxed .
I asked him where he got his candles,commenting that the scent was very unusual,yet familiar.He told me he got them in Amsterdam,where he regularly travelled for work.I giggled as I realised I was smelling weed. He had brought a little portable cd player in with him and he pressed play,and a very relaxing almost hypnotic album played.Between the music,the weed,and Juans magic hands,I almost fell asl**p,also helped by the bottle of Albarino which I had finished.
I didn’t even notice how low on my back Juan was rubbing until his hands went into my knickers and squeezed my ass cheeks. His hands exited my knickers,and returned back to my lower back.He was talking about his many travels as he spoke and he didn’t pause as I gasped,as if it was the most normal thing in the world to touch me where no-one had ever touched me before.
This went on for about 20 minutes.He asked if he could remove my knickers,so they wouldn’t get ruined with his oils he said.I said sure,knowing it was a crappy excuse to get me naked.As he pulled down my plain little pink panties,I couldn’t believe I was allowing him to see my bare ass.Immediately I couldn’t believe a strange man was rubbing my bare ass. I had sneaked a few peeks at his package as he rubbed my back,and I allowed myself a grin as I could see he was enjoying my massage as much as I was.He was sporting a noticeable boner,and he even put his hand down his jeans to straighten himself up !
I couldn’t believe he did it so blatantly,knowing I could see him,and knowing I knew what he was doing.He smiled at me sharing a dirty unspoken moment.He continued to massage my ass,now ignoring my back.He then gently pushed my legs apart,giving him room to rub my inner thighs,and giving him a good. look at my wet pussy.I kept saying mmm,that’s nice,or that’s so good.Then as he rubbed my inner thighs,high up,his fingers gently touched my pussy.He knew by the sounds I was making, that I was loving it.He told me in his sexy accent that if I wanted him to stop to tell me.I said nothing as his finger circled my hole.Round and round,with an occasional thrust inside my ass.He took that as a green light to be more bold.His middle finger on his other hand moved to my pussy lips and entered easily.He started to finger fuck me with one finger,still rubbing my ass with the finger on his other hand.This was so new to me.It was incredible.He found my clitoris,and rubbed it gently as I became louder. Just as I thought it couldn’t get better,his finger slid inside my hole,slowly at first as I tensed,then all the way as I relaxed.It was more than I could bear,both holes being finger fucked,after a few minutes of increasingly quicker thrusts, I came loudly,any last inhibitions now gone.He slowly removed his finger from my hole as I came,but kept rubbing my clitoris with the other as I reached orgasm,and reached orgasm again.
As I finished,pushing his hand away from my clitoris, I collapsed into a heap.He bent down and kissed my ass,and even licked my brown hole,which was a little sore, and said he hoped I enjoyed that.Before I could answer,a buzzer went off confusing me.”Times up “, he said,and incredibly my hour was up. He kissed me on the lips and said he had to go,another client was waiting. He started packing up,and I said I needed to change,and in truth,get his cash to pay him.I went to my room ,amazed at what had happened.I felt no shame or regret.I knew my first time would not be my last.As I counted out the best hundred euro I had ever spent I heard a van start up.I ran to the window and Juan was already in his little battered white van,window down.I called to him.”Juan……..Juan……”. He just smiled a sexy smile and started to move off.”You’re money”, I cried, franticly waving the bundle of money.In truth I wanted him back inside the house, and inside of me. “Pay me double next time”,he replied,smiling,and then he was gone.

Incredible.What sort of gigolo was he ? What sort of guy sells sex for money,sells his body,then leaves without the money. When my husband came home later,I grabbed him by the tie,threw him on the sofa,and fucked him on the sofa.And I was on top.I told him things were going to change,and change they did.

I checked on the website again,a few days later,but Juans advert was gone.I checked regularly,but he never reappeared.I did click on the comments section from his other clients.All were excellent,and a few hinted that his rates were “incredibly cheap” or “priceless”. Did Juan ever charge ?

I was looking forward to my trip to Spain next month. I thought I might even look through the local papers adverts.You never know what or who I might find.

The end…….

I hope you enjoyed my story.All comments very much appreciated.You might enjoy some of my other stories too 🙂

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