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Born To Be My Lover – Part 2

Not knowing what to do, Sarah goes to Monica’s apartment for her advice. Monica is shock at the news and advises her to break up with Jeff. But Sarah knows that Jeff will not give up on their relationship so easily. So Monica suggests Sarah that maybe she can let Jeff catch her fuck another man in her room at the office, that way, Jeff will leave her for good. Sarah agrees with Monica that it would be for the best, so she decided to use Nick, an associate in the office who had the hot for her, to be part of her plan. Sarah knows it would be easy for her to seduce Nick into fucking her in her room. And Monica agrees to lure Jeff to Sarah’s room when Sarah fucks Nick. The next morning in the office, Sarah asks Nick to come in to her room, and within minutes of her seduction Nick puts her on her desk and fucks her with her legs over his shoulders. Meanwhile, Monica gets Jeff to go to Sarah’s room, and with the door cleverly unclosed Jeff sees Nick fucking Sarah on her desk. Heartbroken at the sight of Sarah cheating on him Jeff runs out of the office. When Sarah notices Jeff was no longer watching, she tells Nick to stop and pushes him away saying that she made a mistake and insists that they shouldn’t do this again. Nick, confused by Sarah’s two faces, he gets his pants back on and leaves her room. Right after Nick left the room, while Sarah sitting on her chair half naked, Monica walks in to comfort Sarah knowing that she is upset at what she was doing. She even had to fake her sounds of pleasure while knowing Jeff was watching at the door. Later that night at home Sarah was very upset about hurting Jeff, but she knew she was just trying to protect him from the dark truth. Heavy rain starts to fall, and suddenly the doorbell rings. Sarah sees Jeff through the window, but she couldn’t let him in. Minutes later Jeff is still standing in the rain looking into Sarah’s house. Sarah can’t bare the sight of seeing Jeff in the rain finally opens the door and let Jeff in.
While Sarah tries to dry him off with a bath towel, Jeff demands to know why she is doing this to him. Sarah cries and tells Jeff that what she did was for his own good, and that if he knew the truth he will be devastated, and they cannot be together anymore. But Jeff quickly answers back that he will love her no matter what happen. Unable to hold back on Jeff any longer, but couldn’t tell him the real truth, Sarah reveals to Jeff about her pregnancy instead, and that it was the reason why she did the things she did. Sarah tells Jeff that if he knew she was pregnant he will leave her just like her old boyfriend. But Jeff reassures Sarah that he will not leave her, and that he is thrilled to know that he will be a father.

Days passed, and Sarah continues her relationship with Jeff knowing that their i****tuous affair cannot go public, but with Monica’s support she regain happiness and tries to put the dark secret aside. Jeff moves in with Sarah and they live their love life to the fullest, and to wait for their new c***d to come. Months later, Sarah gives birth to a healthy boy, and she and Jeff were a happy f****y. However, happy time doesn’t last long when you have a dark secret to hide. One weekend, Jay, the private detective, calls Sarah and demands to have sex with her again for his support in keeping her secret safe. Sarah declines Jay, but he blackmails her with her secret, and she has no choice but to pay a visit to his office again. Sarah tells Jeff that she will be meeting Monica at her place and they will go out for some shopping, and leaves the house in a hurry. But Sarah left her house keys on the living room table, so when Jeff finds out, he calls Sarah but no one pick up. Jeff calls Monica, but she tells him that they didn’t have any plans together. Jeff gets uncomfortable with the idea that Sarah is keeping a secret from him, and he impatiently waits for Sarah’s return. Meanwhile, at Jay’s office, Sarah submits to his blackmail, and he fucks her again. After sex, as Sarah leaves his office, although she tells Jay that this must be the last time, she knows that this nightmare might never end. When Sarah walks to her doorstep she finally notice that she left her keys inside, but then Jeff suddenly opens the door for her, and pretending to know nothing about her lie, he tells Sarah that she left her keys and so he has been waiting for her. Jeff asks if she had a great time with Monica and Sarah tells him that she had a good time and that she is a little tired now. But then Sarah sits down next to Jeff on the couch and asks him if he would consider moving to another State and start a new life. Jeff is curious at the idea, but he tells Sarah that he would consider it if she likes to be in another State. Things seem normal for a week, but then Jay calls and blackmails Sarah for sex again, and Sarah tells him she will come over on the weekend like last time. Furious at Jay’s continuing blackmail, but Sarah knows that she must submit herself again for Jay to keep her secret.

Sarah tells Jeff that she is going out shopping again with Monica, but only this time Jeff gets aware and suspicious and follows her car. Arriving at the place, Jeff follows Sarah into the building, and then watches at the stairway door as Sarah enter Jay’s office. But after a few minutes Jeff couldn’t wait any longer and walks over to the office door where he then hears dim noise coming from the inside. Jeff slowly opens the door, and sees Sarah getting fucked on the desk by Jay. While Jay fucks Sarah, he tells her that she is doing this for her son and that she should be happy. Jeff thought that Jay was talking about their son and got confuse on why Sarah is doing this. When Jeff got to the point where he cannot stand the sight of Sarah with another man, Sarah pushes Jay away and tells him that it is enough and that she has to go now. Jeff silently walks back to the stairway door. And after seeing Sarah walked out of the office and left, Jeff rushes into Jay’s office and knocks Jay down on the floor. Jeff demands to know the secret that he and Sarah are keeping from him, but Jay keeps his mouth close and not says a word. Jeff then grabs Jay and tosses him by the window, telling Jay that if he doesn’t tell him the truth he would be flying out the window. Jeff asks Jay what secret he has about his son. But Jay reveals to Jeff that the son that Sarah is trying to protect is not their son, but Jeff himself. Jeff didn’t understand what Jay means, so Jay further explains to Jeff that he is Sarah’s son and that he has been fucking his own birth mother and conceiving a c***d with her. Devastated by the news but yet finally understood that the past behavior of Sarah was to protect him from the dark truth. Jeff pulls Jay back from the window, and before he left the office he warned Jay not to harass Sarah ever again. Jeff rushes back home, and as he walks into house he sees Sarah sitting on the couch crying, so he quickly attends to Sarah to comfort her. Jeff tells Sarah that he feels moving to another State to start a new life would be a good thing to do. Although there is still tear in her eyes, Sarah is happy to hear Jeff’s decision to move. Sarah, not aware that Jeff already knows the truth that they are mother and son, she and Jeff plans their new life together in a new place. They put the past aside and moved to a new city where Sarah is now married to Jeff and had her second c***d with him, living a life of husband and wife, and with a relationship as strong as mother and son. With Jeff knowing the truth, he loves his mother and wife even more knowing that he has them both in one person he loves the most. And Sarah, thinking that Jeff is kept safe from the truth, believes now that Jeff was born to be her lover.

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