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Many years ago in the 1980’s I was renovating a house for a friend . My friend Karl was a good bloke but liked to rub his wealth in his friends faces. Whenever he bought anything new he would go round his friends showing things off.He was the kind of guy that would disappear when it was his round in the pub. He had bought this old farm house just outside of Hull near a village that needed extensive internal work doing to it ,he knew I was cheap labour and got me to do the work on my own . I got a phone call one Saturday morning with Karl complaining how long the work was taking.
“Karl , I am working on my own with limited tools and limited cash..What do you want for the money? ”
Karl instantly calmed down on the phone as he could guess I would walk from the job if he pissed me off. He knew he would not get anyone professional for the peanuts he was paying me .
On the Monday I noticed someone had been in the house by the way things were left, but there was no break in and the whole place was secure . The downstairs was stripped down to bare brick but I had not done upstairs and there was still some remnants of furniture left . There was an old chest of drawers and a single bed in the back bedroom complete with 1960’s trippy curtains . The bed had been moved and the curtains had been closed. I knew I had opened them to assess the work needed only a week before.
I spotted something on the bed just under the pillow and I picked it up. It was a slightly crumpled Polaroid picture and straight away I recognised the girl in the photo. It was Karl’s daughter Becky . Becky was a lovely girl 17,about 5ft 2 blonde hair down to her bum and really bright blue sparkly eyes . She had always seemed really shy and quiet. I could not believe what I was seeing , Becky was laid on this very bed with her legs apart smiling , her perfect tits with puffy nipples showing her shaved open pussy dripping with cum .She looked fantastic with the camera flash sparkling off the oozing white mess . I checked the bare mattress and sure enough there was a damp stain . I looked at the picture again and realised I was rock hard in my pants , I took my cock out which seemed bigger than normal and I wanked while looking at the photo which I had placed on top of the chest of drawers so I could see it as I wanked harder and harder wishing it was my goo leaking out of her. It didn’t take me long to reach orgasm, I turned slightly and aimed my spurts at the wall as I did not want to damage the photo . I put myself away and I watched my spunk dribble down the wall . I remember having a giggle to myself about it. Well , I was pleased as I had a nice picture I could use as a fantasy any time I liked ! AND I actually knew the model in it ! . I went downstairs and put the photo in my wallet which was in my jacket . I had kept my jacket in the understairs cupboard to keep all the dust and debris off it . I decided to put the kettle on for a cup of tea , The kettle being the whistling kind on a camping gas single burner . As I rinsed my cup out it wasn’t long before I started to wonder who was the lucky cunt behind the camera , the one who had dumped his balls inside Becky. I so badly wanted to quietly confront Becky with the photo and ask but I had no access to her . I ever only saw her when I was asked to BBQ’s or get togethers which were very rare as Karl only invited people he needed to do things for him . Becky was closely guarded by Karl , a succession of young lads had called for her at the house and he sent them all packing . How could I get hold of her? there was no such thing as facebook, email or even the internet or mobile phones in those days. Only the house phone and Karl had that in his home office .
The whole of the week was a blurr as I could not concentrate properly on what I was doing or the job in hand. The job in hand usually ended up with me going for a wank whilst staring at the photo . I knew I was behind that week and decided to pull my finger out and spend extra time at the house . I was happy by Saturday afternoon as I had cleared all the back garden and leveled the ground giving access to the double garage that hadn’t seen daylight for years. Sunday morning came and I cleared all the old crap out of the garage and swept it out . On the Monday morning Karl came to visit and congratulated me on a good job and seemed happy with the progress . When he went I made a cup of tea , whilst drinking it I got the photo out of my wallet . I went upstairs and headed for the back bedroom as this was the only room where I could sit in comfort with curtains closed to have a wank. To my surprise , the same thing had happened as it had the week before . The curtains were closed and the bed had been moved away from the window where I had left it. It was then I knew Becky was using this place as a temporary shag shack . I figured out it must be happening on a Saturday night . I could not wait until next Saturday night as I was going to hang around and find out . I got really exited and started to “prep” the house for its clandestine visitors . I borrowed a Polaroid camera from my retired neighbours who only used it to go on holiday. I explained to them I had to get examples of my handyman skills for future customers… a kind of portfolio . After going to Boots the chemist and getting charged a fortune for the film I went back home and got my Panasonic cassette deck which had Mic input in it . I went back to the house and set up the cassette deck in a wall cupboard in the back bedroom with the microphone wire hidden under the old carpet in the room finishing at the mic under the bed… I had what I needed ! Saturday evening came and I waited for hours with nothing happening …I felt a fool ! Setting all this stuff up and no-one turning up . I sat in the dark garden with a cigarette wondering if it was me being watched. ! Paranoid or what! .. The countryside was so damned quiet you could hear cars miles away so I thought I was quite safe. A short time after 7pm I heard a car coming down the lane l shot into the house and ran upstairs to the back bedroom and pressed REC&PLAY together and the recording was on ! I shut the cupboard door and darted into the front bedroom and hid behind the door. The car got closer and stopped outside the house . I was shitting myself as I didn’t know what was going to happen. I heard the key in the back door…not what I was expecting ! .. I heard a cough and someone walking about downstairs. I could feel my heart in my throat thumping away and every breath carefully inhaled and exhaled as not to give the game away. I stood there for what seemed to be hours but was probably only 5 mins or so. I heard another car approach the house . The car door slammed and a few seconds later I heard voices and giggling in the kitchen downstairs.Soon they came rushing up the stairs and into the back bedroom . I heard Becky speaking and eventually the guy started to talk . I could hear them getting clothes off and sloppy kissing each other . I was desperate to see who she was letting cum inside her and I started to move very slowly from behind the door toward the back bedroom they were obviously too busy and noisy with each other to hear the floorboard creak as I stepped on the wrong one . It was dark in the whole house apart from that back bedroom . I just remembered ! BOLLOCKS .. I thought…….I have left the Polaroid in the car which I had secreted in the garage so they would think I had gone home. I was pissed off . I slowly worked my way toward the broken panel of frosted glass in the upper part of the door and I got a good look at the guy . I saw him and recognized him from somewhere, but couldn’t remember where from.. I watched as he sat up in bed and she kissed him right down to his dick . Grasping it in her right hand she took the top of his shaft into her mouth and started to slurp and bob her head up and down . They were both naked and she looked gorgeous with her arse pointing in my direction sucking this guy off. I started to concentrate on this guy ..where do I know him from .. it bugged me but I stopped thinking about that when she got up and slowly sat on top of his cock she moaned wonderfully everytime he thrust upwards. Soon, she got on all fours and knelt in front of him . She moaned as he pushed deep inside her , he thrust in and out building up steam , he stood in a crouched position on the creaking old bed with his dick inside of her . I could see every thrust in and out and I could not help touch myself . I felt like I was going to burst but I didn’t . He muttered something and she moaned “Yes Jake….. shoot inside me ” I watched as he shouted out he was cumming and he violently thrusted inside her finishing with a shudder as he was deep in her . They stayed there for a few seconds and he slowly pulled out , I saw a good load of baby batter splutter and dribble out of her fanny hole dripping onto the bed . They moved from the bed and stood there holding each other giggling and catching their breaths . My throat was really dry and I dare not move , my heart still banging away scared I was going to get caught . As they cleaned up with help from a toilet roll they had hidden in the chest of drawers they talked about how they would have to make new plans as this house was not going to be available to them for long . I suddenly recognised this Jake guy….. It was none other than Jake her own Cousin ! I recognised him from the BBQ’s I had gone to. I knew I had to slowly move back into the front bedroom until they had gone . I could not believe what had happened !. When they had gone I waited carefully for a while and moved . They had gone alright as both cars had gone. I rewound the cassette and listened ,it had picked up beautifully . All the next week I had off due to bad winds and rain and wondered what I should do . Even though I had got the week off I still had the keys to the place and I was able to come and go as I pleased . I decided I would put a new lock on the garage and some bolts on the house doors . I waited and waited on the Saturday evening and sure enough Becky came first . I surprised her as she got out of the car . She made an excuse about looking for her dad . I said
” Sure your not looking for Jake?”
She went as white as a sheet , She made out she had no Idea what I was on about. I told her about the tape and I had the Polaroid photo . She started to weep and begged me not to say anything to her dad. I told her I would not say a word if she did what I asked. She agreed .
“Go put your car in the garage ..hurry” She obliged and I closed the doors . I told her to write a quick note to Jake saying :

Sorry Jake,
Not upto it tonight , got to do something important . See you next week get rid of this note
Becky x

I put it in an envelope with his name on it and sticky taped it to the back door . I locked the back door with her key and locked the front door . We went upstairs and waited in the dark . I could hear her breathing ,she was shit scared . I reassured her quietly and told her everything was going to be ok I was not going to harm her for gods sake ! Soon , I heard a car pull up . I could hear him try the back door then tearing paper as he opened the envelope . We could hear him say ” Fucking bitch , Standing me up , Shit shag anyway ” She started to cry and I quickly put my hand over her mouth so he didn’t hear us . He revved his car up and took off at speed.
I went and turned on the light . ” The bastard ! ” She cried.
” I’m sorry Becky, ” I said
She composed herself slightly and said ” Oh, So I’m a shit shag now am I , fucking cunt he is ”
“Well from where I was standing last week you looked like a great shag” I said
This surprised her . “Y,you saw me having sex with him” she said
I told her I saw the whole thing and told her about the polaroid and showed it to her . She thought he had taken it with him . I told her I had been wanking off to it and wished it was me blowing my wad inside of her cunt . By this point she had calmed down alot and was more or less back to her normal self . I told her I was not going to f***e her or anything but I would like to see her pussy upclose . She obliged by lifting her skirt and lifting up off the bed as she slid her knickers off. I could smell her sex hole . She sat up with her feet on the bed with her legs open and showing me her pussy . I asked her to play with herself and to my astonishment she did it and pushed her finger in and out of her pussy . She pulled her finger out and offered it into my mouth . I got my first taste of her sex. I stuck my head inbetween her pussy lips and licked her out . she groaned and thusted her hips about. As She came I got a nice warm ooze down my chin and into my mouth . She tasted sweet. With a wet chin I stood up and whipped my cock out and she tasted my precum off the end of my bell . She pulled my foreskin back and took my bulbous helmet into her mouth . She sucked me and used her tounge like a pro . It was too much and I had to pull from her mouth before I made an idiot out of myself and came. So, after stripping her of her clothes and me of mine I told her to lay on the bed and open her legs. She breathed heavily and moaned as I pushed my knob in her velvety fuck hole for the first time . She got very wet after cumming several times in the first few minutes and I was squelching in and out of her fanny .She came again and I made more effort to keep going and thrusting deeper and harder. I watched as her eyes rolled and eventually settled on me . “WOW” she exclaimed as she regained her breath . ” Your turn now … Spunk in me , gimme your cum” she said in a high pitched voice . I did not need her to say it again , that was my trigger. I obliged and felt my sack tighten and the rise out of my balls ” FUCK, I’M GONNA SPLASH IN YOUR GASH ” I shouted . With that I thrust deep in her and felt my cock pulsate in her with a great warm plush feeling around my cock. ” Ooh , Its pulsing in me she said ” .She wrapped her legs around my back and made me stay where I was . Every time my cock pulsed she gasped. Eventually as my dick shrank and the pulses subsided she let me go I watched as I pulled my dick from her and a warm stream of cum oozed out of her cunt . We sat in bed covered by a dust sheet and talked.
I asked how her and her cousin of all people ended up fucking . She blamed her dad for keeping such a close eye on her and no boy could ever get that close . She went to Newland school for girls in Hull and as you can guess from the name it is an all girls school.
“I used to ask the teacher if I could go to the toilet and I would meet a friend from another class at an arranged time in the girls toilet for a finger fuck , We used to take it in turns to finger each other so I would get fingered and the next time it would be her go . We did it like this as we did not have much time, other girls used to do the same in the next cubicle and sometimes it was fun to swap… eventually we bought toys and used them on each other , but I soon got bored and wanted a real cock , not a rubber one inside me . ”
She told me how at last years BBQ at her dads she was a virgin and was itching for her first cock to be inside her.She had decided that this was the day as she could not take it anymore. Most of her friends had popped their cherries at 13,14,15 years old and she was 16 and aching for her vacant hole to be filled. She had noticed a few guys there as potential candidates and had looked at where to get them on their own . She had noticed me as well , I was one of those candidates . She told me that she wanted to come and fuck me when I told Karl I would go sort the horses out for him . She had followed me to the barn but Jake had seen her and pulled her into a hay storage shed next to the barn . Apparently he had crept up from behind her and put his hand over her mouth and slipped his hand up her skirt to find a soaking wet pussy . By This time I had checked the horses and left the barn . He had still got his hand over her mouth and had pushed her into the hay so she did not know who it was at the time . She just felt two fingers in her pussy then her skirt getting lifted and a cock getting pushed inbetween her pussy lips . He didn’t last long and pulled out and came in the hay. She turned round to find it was her cousin. She said she didn’t mind getting ****d as she was desperate for cock anyway and liked being controlled like that, it would have just been nice if he had asked , especially on her first time and she would have done it anyway . After that experience she decided to go on the pill and had only fucked him 4 times in total . We decided to meet on a regular basis starting with the following week . She wanted to teach Jake a lesson for what he had said about her and everything was arranged .
The whole week I was worried that she would say something and I would be in trouble . Saturday Came and she arrived at 7pm . We waited until Jake turned up and then the plan was put in place . I hid in the garage and she turned the tape recorder on to record . She had left the back door unlocked so I could get in . Jake had wasted no time and was quickly getting undressed when I turned up . I had an old army olive jacket on and a balaclava over my head. In my right hand I had a machette knife . I filled the doorway and let out an evil laugh . Jake shouted “Oh god don’t kill me ” and fell to the floor . Becky had said nothing barring cry on cue as directed (good lass!) .
I threw 2 pairs of handcuffs at Jake and told him to handcuff himself to the bed . I handcuffed Becky to the bedhead so Jake could watch what I was going to do . I pulled her knickers off and fingered her till she got sloppy . I took my trousers off and Jake was fixated in fear as I slowly pushed my cock deep inside Becky . She screamed and at first I thought I was hurting her but when Jake looked away she winked at me . I screwed her until I popped by whole load inside her . I put my trousers and shoes back on and threw the keys at Jake . He uncuffed himself , Becky shouted ” What about me ?” Jake grabbed his clothes and said “unlock yourself I’m off ” . He grabbed his clothes and ran. He got to his car and sped off . I asked her why she had to scream . She said it was because she was cumming so hard she either let on she really was enjoying it or screamed to cover it up .
We met when and where I was doing houses for a year or so and we just fizzled out but she did say that if I ever get the opportunity again I was to take control like that again.
I must say, she was actually a good shag . This made up for shit wages knowing I was creampie-ing the bosses daughter !

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