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b*****r AND s****r

You how most b*****rs and s****rs dont get along,well in my case we are the opposit from that.every time we are near each other we trying to COP A FEEL or trying to pleasure ourselves ORALLY until bedtime when we can sneek and k**s we sl**p in the same bed for a while,me in my night gown no panties and him in his drawers.usually he would be on his side of the bed.but on those cold nights we would morning his hardness would be pressing up against me.i remeber one night I had to go to the bathroom,so i finished peeing and noticed i was itching down i wiped and discovered i had a little hair growing and my chest was tender especially around the nipple,my chest was budding.I ran back in the room and woke my b*****r up (Dont ask why I didnot go to my Mom)Maybe I always felt safe with him.anyway I told him what i saw,and said let me see.So i lifted my gown up to my chest,and looked at me for a moment.ok i know what it is ,then he hesitated and i said WHAT,WHAT then he said your becoming a i drop my gown back down.and he ask does it hurt,i said my chest is sore.He said i can do like the Bandaid commercial and kiss it and make it feel better.I said REALLY,he said he sat up on the bed, feet on floor and told me to take off my gown.he said come stand in front of me.he puts hand s on my hips and pulled me closer to him.he started kissing my nipples one at a time,then he ask how do that feel,i said feels better,do you want me to stop,no give me more,the he started licking and sucking like he was a baby.but my little box was tingling while he was sucking my chest.i guess i was grinding,cause he said do your kitty hurt too,i said its tingling.he said ok lay down on the bed.he said open your legs,and he kissed my belly button and went down on between my legs and started to kiss me there.does that hurt,i say no feels nice,is started to moan a little,he SHHH be quiet,am i hurtin you,NO.then he found my button and started to lick it ,i grab the pilow to cryout in it.then more he licked the better it felt,something was happening to me,i started lifting my but off the bed to meet his tongue.I could not take it any more i felt like i had too pee or something,I whispered to him please Stop i have to pee,he said that not pee let it happen go ahead let it loose.I grab the pillow and scream into it,my legs was wide open,his tongue deep inside me and body started to shake and quiver.he came up and kissed me and layed on his back,i felt compelled to get it his arms.when he pulled the covers up ,he had a tent or tepee under the covers.i looked under the covers and for the first time i saw his thing,dont get me wrong,i felt it a many nights up on my backside,but never saw it.i came back up and said your pee pee,looks likes it hurts can i kiss it and maybe make it feel better.he sure just do what i did to you ok be gentle.So i pulled the covers back and kissed his navel and work downward.i grabbed it he said hand could hardly hold it.I started kissing the head.and kissing the pole,and kissing his balls,he made a sigh,ahh then he said lick each ball,now pull one in your mouth and suck the other.i started licking upward the pole and found the head,at first i could not put the whole thing in my mouth,so i just kept licking it.he showed me how to jerk it while sucking it,finally i decided that i was going to get head in my mouth even it its hurts,so im sucking and jerking when his legs start to shake and he started to pee in my mouth,but it was thick and creamy,yes i gagged,but i did not move my mouth (he did not move his)a lot of it spilled back out, taste salty.he got up went to the bathroom to clean up.came back and we kissed and he said tomorrow night we going to do like the grown-ups do.I am going to make you woman and you make me a man.Cant wait I’M EXCITED,maybe theres a PART2

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 9:30 pm

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