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Brady Bunch: Marsha’s New Bikini

The bikini Marsha was trying on, could barely be called
a swimsuit. It was more of a suit for tanning. Barely
covering anything. Two small triangle’s capped her
large breast and a barely there triangle covered her
crotch. Her honey blond bush of pubic hair was sneaking
out around the edges.

“You’re going to have to do some trimming their girl.”
Jan said pointing to Marsha’s abundant pubic hair. They
both laughed. Marsha turned sideways to see how her
butt looked in the mirror. This was the really
scandalous part of the suit. The back of the bikini
bottom consisted of a slender string that ran in
between her ass cheeks. Forming a ‘Y” that fastened,
high on the hips to strings holding the front up.
Marsha liked the way the bikini showed off her butt’

“Moms going to freak out when she sees you in that.
Where’d you get that anyway?” Jan asked. It’s not like
you could walk into a department store and buy such a
revealing suit.

“I got it in a store down at the beach?” That was
almost the truth, but Jan didn’t need to know that
right now. “Besides, I’m not going to go swimming in
this. Can you imagine the looks I’d get. Going to the
beach, with my Butt hanging out, like this. No, I’m
going to get the best tan ever, this year. ” Marsha
said proudly.

“Jan you haven’t tried your new suit on yet.” Marsha
was trying to change the subject. Marsha had always
thought Jan had a great body. The girls had been
getting their tans in the back yard, since they moved
in here. There was a spot behind the garage that was
hidden by a hedge. Here they could sun in peace and
quiet. In the last couple of years they had been taking
off their tops so the wouldn’t get a tan line. Their
step b*****rs knew about the girls little hide away. So
from time to time. They would join the girl; catching
some rays. Of course at times like that, Jan and her
kept their tops on. Teenage modesty and all that.

“Come on Jan, let me see what your suit looks like.”
Marsha said. Jan had changed into the new suit. And
stepped up to the floor length mirror.

“You look great.” Marsha exclaimed. Jan did look great.
The Yellow one-piece suit, hugged like a second skin.
Cut high on the hip, it really accentuated her tight
butt. Jan went for the more modest swimsuits. Her fair
complexion didn’t take a sun tan very well. She had to
watch it or she gets a nasty sunburn. The suit was cut
very low in the back; practically to her butt.

The swimsuit cradled her butt and separated the cheeks.
The Front was rather normal. And plain, But the
openings for her arms were cut halfway to her waist.
This had the effect of showing a very slight side view
of her firm, young breast. The crotch was very tight
between her legs. Marsha pointed at Jan exposed pubes
and said.

“Now who needs a trim, jungle girl?”

They both got a good laugh out of that.

“I guess your right.” Jan headed over towards the
dresser in the room. She reached in and took out some
scissors, and shaving accessories. Then crossing to the
bathroom that joined their bedroom went inside to trim
her pubes.

While Jan was in the Bathroom trimming her bush, Marsha
had removed her Bikini bottom and was doing the same.

“Have you ever thought about shaving all your pussy
hair off, Jan?” Marsha asked.

“Eyy-ww, God No. that’s gross. I waited years to grow
all this pussy hair. I’m not going to shave it all off
and have all the girls in Gym class, laughing and
making fun of me.”

Marsha thought about it some more. As she sat on a
towel on her bed and trimmed off more and more of her
curly, blond bush.

“I’ve thought about it a couple of times. I think it
would be kind of exciting. Like walking around with no
panties on.”

Marsha remembered the time she and her best friend
Karen had gone to the mall wearing skirts and no
panties on. They rode up and down every escalator they
could. Teasing guys all day long. Karen even bent over
one time and flashed some old guy her pussy. They
laughed about that for hours.

Marsha had trimmed her bush into a narrow stripe . It
looked so hot, she just could not wait to show it to
some guy. She put her bikini bottom back on. Now there
was no stray hair showing. The stripe of pussy hair,
barely pushed the front of the bikini out. Marsha
smoothed the suit in approval.

“Jan, what are you doing in there, gawd!” Marsha yelled
into her s****r.

“Just a minute I’m almost done.” Jan had put her
swimsuit back on. She then stepped back and up to the
mirror. Marsha stepped aside and let Jan use the

“Yellow really is your color, Jan.” Marsha said
appreciatively. Where did you get that suit, anyway?”
Both teenagers were now posing in front of the large
mirror, viewing their suits from every angle. Marsha,
would always return to the view of her beautiful butt,
in this string bikini.

“Oh, just some shop down on the beach.” Jan hesitated
in her reply, just as Marsha had. ” Oops, got to go
pee.” Saying that, Jan went back to the bathroom and
closed the door behind her. She left it open a little
so they could talk while she was in the bathroom.

Marsha heard a door open down stairs.

“Anybody Home?’ It was their step Dad, “We’re up here
Dad.” Marsha reflexively said. She heard his footsteps
coming up the steps. Jan was still in the bathroom
taking a leak. Mike Brady walked into his daughter’s
room like he had a million times before.

This time was different. His Teenage step daughter had
been replaced with this beautiful, sexy young women.
Marsha stood there, in front of the mirror. She was
facing the Mirror, so Mike had an unobstructed view of
his step-daughters’ great butt. The strings of the
bikini crisscrossed Marsha’s back. Her high, firm
breast reminded him of her Mother.

Carol had great tits when they first met. Gravity had
done its damage, but Carol was still great in the sack.
Marsha posed for her step-dad. Giving him a side view
and then turning with bounce, a front view of his
barely dressed step-daughter, her nipples straining
against the thin material.

“What do you think Daddy?”

“Beautiful.” Mike said lustfully. He stepped up to
Marsha and put his hands on her hips. Eyeing her up and
down. Marsha had a sexy glint in her eye. She had one
thing on her mind.

“How does it fit ? You know I searched all over town to
find one in your size.” Mike said.

“It fits great,” Marsha added,” But I needed a trim, ya
know, down there.” She giggled. Jan had been listening
to all of this. Marsha obviously knew Jan was there.
But, her step dad didn’t. What game was Marsha playing?
Jan got up off the toilet and peeked through the crack
in the door.

What she saw practically made her gasp. Marsha and
their Step-Dad were kissing. Not just kissing. But,
making out like lovers. Marsha had her arms around
Mike’s neck. And Mike was grinding Marsha’s pussy into
his crotch with both hands on her exposed butt. Jan had
to see more.

Marsha hopped up and straddled Mike’s waist, with her
legs. Mike had a firm hold onto her butt. They broke
their kiss. Mike spoke.

“I knew you’d look great it that suit.”

“Wait till you see how I had to trim my pussy hair to
fit in this thing.” Marsha said with a lusty smile.
Marsha bought one of her hands onto her step-dad’s
shirt. Weaving it inside and teasing his nipple.

“You tease you. Two can play that game.” Mike moved one
of his own hands from Marsha’s butt and moved up to her
neck. Finding one of the strings, holding up the
bikini, he gave it a tug. The bikini top fluttered to
the floor. Mike eyed her tits like a lecherous goat.
Her nipples stood out like two big strawberries.

“Gorgeous.” Then he took his hand and guided the firm
breast to his waiting mouth. Marsha threw her head back
in ecstasy. His tongue was like a snake. He nibbled her
pink nipples, bringing it to a quick erection. Marsha
started to dry hump Mike as she felt his erection grow.
In the mean time Jan, eagerly watched.

Marsha tightly hugged Mike to her breast. She looked
over to Jan in the bathroom. A big smile crossed her

“Let me see that great butt of yours, Honey.”

“Sure, Daddy.” Marsha said in that little girl voice of
hers. Mike held her step daughter by the hips. As she
released her grip around his waist. She then stepped
back, so he could get a good eyeful of her gorgeous
body. The she sweetly spun around on the balls of her
feet. Bending at the waist, she placed her hands on her
knees. Then with her long blond hair deviously masking
her face. She looked over her shoulder at her step-dad.

“You mean like this?” Marsha said with a purr. Her tits
swayed as she bent over. Her nipples, erect with
excitement. Marsha’ ass was Mike Brady’s for the
taking. She spread her legs slightly apart and the
scent of her sexual juices filled the room.

Marsha’s Ass was perfection. Two golden globes framed,
by the thinnest of strings. Holding up the tiny, tiny
bikini bottom. When He had purchased the string bikini.
This was exactly how he pictured Marsha. Topless, bent
over, offering her ass for his adoration. He was her
humble servant.

He dropped to his knees behind her. Pulling the thin
string aside he dove into her exposed pussy with his
probing tongue. His nose rubbed against her tight
asshole. Her pussy was red hot. Her sexual juices ran
down his chin . Marsha groaned in approval, grinding
her twat into the probing tongue of Mike Brady.

Marsha then looked over towards the bathroom where Jan
was hiding. Jan was squatting down on her hunches. She
had turned the light off . Marsha could see one of
Jan’s hands supporting her against the door. Her other
hand was slowly rubbing her clit, through her new

Mike Brady stood up. ” Come here Honey.” Marsha also
stood and turned towards her Step dad. Marsha rubbed
her hand up and down the tent in Mike’s pants caused by
his boner.

” Looks like somebody needs some relief. ” Then Marsha
kneeled at Mike’s feet . She rubbed the crotch of his
pants with both hands. Paying special attention to his
ever enlarging prick. Finally she pulled down his
zipper and reached inside.

“Uh-oh, it looks like somebody’s going to need some
special medicine from Nurse Marsha, Today.” Mike loved
it when she played these sexual games. Playing Doctor
became a whole new game, when you played with Marsha.
“Guess I’ll have to administer the treatment orally.”
And with a gulp she slid his prick into her teenage
mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of his prick
as she massaged his balls. Mike had always been amazed
at Marsha’s sexual appetite. Within a month of marrying
his wife.

Marsha had made sexual advances at him. She was very
young at the time, So Mike kept his distance. She would
swing her butt at him, rubbing against him in more then
a friendly way, accidentally fondle his prick, walk in
on him when he was in the bathroom, that sort of stuff.
As she began to become a young women her sexual
advances became more overt. It was like a game.

Marsha would flash her tits or ass or panties at Mike.
As the years went by, her advances got bolder. She
would walk around with practically nothing on, when
they were home alone. Eventually any pretence of
teasing was gone and she out and out seduced him. He
remembered the first time like it was yesterday. As a
matter of fact, it wasn’t that long ago.

It was late at night and Carol was out of town visiting
some friends. Mike was in his den watching TV in the
dark in his pajamas. He didn’t hear her enter, but
suddenly she was there.

“Hi, I couldn’t sl**p, want some company?”

“Sure Honey, come on in.”

That said, she came around the sofa and sat on his lap.
It was only as she came around in front of him, That he
saw what she was wearing. Marsha had on a very short
white nightgown. It became completely see through as
she stepped in front on the TV. Mike’s dick gave a
lurch, at the view of her swaying teenage tits. Marsha
sat solidly on Mikes lap and rested her head on his
chest, with a sigh. His hard-on nestled snuggly between
her butt cheeks. Mike began to doze off himself.

He was awakened by some rustling. He opened his eyes,
to a sight he would not soon forget. Marsha was naked
on her knees, between his legs. She had managed to
remove his pajama bottoms without waking him. She had
one hand, gently massaging his balls, and the other
jacking him off. Her mouth was wrapped around his dick
head and her tongue was trying to snake it way into his
pee hole.

The experience was just too much for him and he shot a
huge come of come into her mouth. Her lips clapped
around his dick head, taking every last drop of his
essence, deep into her gullet. Afterwards she licked
her lips, trying to get every last drop. He was sold.

Since that night they had been having sex on a pretty
regular basis. Some times she just blew him, or gave
him a hand job. Sometimes he would eat out that tender
pussy, and eventually that actually fucked. Marsha was
a sexual a****l. She would claw at his back and grind
her pussy into him. He always came like gangbusters
when they fucked.

Now, here she was, Bent over, offering herself to him
once again. Mike Stood up and grabbed Marsha by her
slender hips. She reached back in between her legs and
guided Mike’ s prick into her waiting vagina. She
moaned as he entered her. Mike grabbed the two strings
that hid the last of Marsha’s naked charms from his
eyes. With a tug, the string bikini bottom fell to the
floor. Now she was all his.

Mike gently pulled out of her red, hot box. Then just
as gently pushed back in. Marsha wiggled her hips
driving Mike’s invading prick deep into her sexual
recesses. Then Mike slowly increased the tempo of his
thrust. Eventually his hips were flying like a jack
rabbit against her tender behind. Marsha was moaning
and groaning, twisting her head and body around in
sexual abandon. She loved to get fucked from behind.
The first time He took her like this was Last
Thanksgiving. The two of them had gone into the
basement looking for some decorations. Marsha flashed
Mike her lacey white panties and the rest was bliss.

Now he was banging against her in abandon. The sweat
poring off of their bodies. Marsha had started coming,
the instant he entered her. Now she felt his orgasm
approaching. Marsha reached back to fondle Mike’s
balls. This had the effect of slowly down his thrust.

He was now taking his time, as his orgasm approached.
Pulling all the way out, then pushing all the way in.
Her juices had slicked up her crotch like hot grease.
He had to take a hand off of her hip to guide his prick
home. Another orgasm made Marsha shudder. Mike missed
his target and thrust right into her asshole.

Marsha whole body tensed at the sudden intrusion. They
had never tried this before. Just as suddenly her body
got use to the Phallic Invader and began to relax. Mike
resumed his thrust. Deep into her sphincter. He thought
to himself, “I’m not going to last long in here, by

And he didn’t. A few more thrust into her red hot ass,
and he shot a load, like none other, deep into her

They stood like that, frozen in bliss. Then Mike woody
began to soften and slid from Marsha butt. As they
stood there, Mike reached towards Marsha tits and
pussy. One hand fondling a nipple, the other lightly
stroking her newly trimmed bush. Marsha reached a hand
up to caress her step dad’s cheek, and their lips met
in a loving kiss.

Mike wanted to bring his step daughter to orgasm one
more time before they were through. After the huge load
he had shot up her ass. He wasn’t going to be ready for
another go round, for a little while. Marsha broke the
kiss and whispered into her step-dad’s ear.

“Don’t you think it’s time we bought Jan in her so you
can fuck her too.” Then she kissed her step dad deeply.

“JAN,” Marsha impatiently called,” What are you waiting
for? Get your ass in her, Girl,” Marsha jokingly
called. The three of them got a big laugh out of
Marsha’s behavior. Jan bounded out of the bathroom with
nothing on. Jumping into her step dad’s arms and
knocking him onto the bed.

“I want to get fucked in the ass like you did Marsha!”
She yelled at her Step Dad. Mike resting prick, began
to stand at attention. As Jan newly sheaved pussy,
rubbed against his prick.

Ya gotta love those Brady girls.


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