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Brady Bunch: Massaging Marsha Brady

Greg was up late watching a movie. Marsha had been out
on a date. The rest of the f****y had already gone to
bed. Now was their chance. It was after 11, when Marsha
got home. Greg was watching TV, by himself. He heard
the door open but pretended not to notice. He didn’t
want to look too anxious. Marsha tiptoed up behind him.
She bent over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks for waiting up.” He turned sideways and their
lips met.

“I’ve been waiting, to get together again, all week.”
He blurted out.

“Me too.” Marsha said with that million-dollar smile.
“Why don’t you go up to your room and I’ll be up in a
few minutes.” He grinned from ear to ear. Then ran up
the steps as silently as he could. He was lying there
in only his pajama bottoms.

5 minutes became 10, then 15. He was beginning to get
impatient. When suddenly, he watched as the doorknob
turned. It had been 17 minutes since he ran upstairs.
The girl of his dreams slipped through the door,
covered in her big fluffy robe. His cock began to stir.

“Hi.” She quietly said. Then sat down beside him on his
bed. Her robe gaped open. “Sorry I took so long. But I
wanted tonight to be special.” She had taken a shower.
Marsha smelled as fresh as a new day. Greg wasn’t sure
if it was perfume or what. But his steps****r smelled
absolutely fabulous.

“It’s ok. Man, you smell great.” This bought a big
smile to his steps****r.

“Thanks.” She replied. Then she started the game. “Roll
over, would ya, honey.” Greg loved when Marsha talked
to him like that.

“I want to try something a little different, tonight.”
Greg was intrigued. “Let’s get these pajama bottoms off
first.” She unsnapped his pajama bottoms and pulled
them down his legs. His lengthening cock sprang out of
its confines. Marsha smiled, when she caught sight of
his cock.

“Roll over now, ok.” He happily agreed. Lying on his
stomach, he heard Marsha unknot the belt to her robe
then d**** it across the headboard of the bed. Greg
felt his steps****r sit down across his legs. He could
feel her the smooth material of her panties against the
back of his legs. That Marsha was such a tease.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked.

“It’s a surprise.” She replied. “I thought you might
like a relaxing massage.”

“Sure thing.” He replied. “Do I get to return the
favor?” He asked. Marsha leaned over his back. Her very
stiff nipples brushed against his back. “If you’re a
good boy, you do.” She whispered into his ear.” This
tease was driving him crazy. She massaged his back
using her oh so firm tits. “But first I want to get you
really hard, then you’re going to eat my pussy,
then,…….” Her voice trailed off as her tongue left a
saliva trail around his earlobe.

She got up, off of his legs and stood at the base of
his bed. Then grabbing his ankles. Marsh spread his
legs widely apart. Then she climbed back onto the bed.
Marsha swung her legs onto either side of Greg back.
She was facing his butt. Greg could feel the satin
smooth crotch of her panties, up by his shoulder

Marsha lay down on her stepb*****r’s back. Her firm
teenage breast pressing against the small of his back.
She took his ass cheeks in her hands and gently spread
them apart. Then a shiver ran up Greg spine as Marsha’s
red-hot tongue licked him on the asshole. Her tongue
was all over his butt hole. His erection strained
underneath him, against the bed.

Marsha tongue snaked its way towards Greg’s balls.

Greg was going nuts with lust. Marsha gently took His
balls in her hands and massaged and licked them
lovingly. Then, very slowly she left a trail of saliva
as her tongue led a path down the back of his thighs.
She crawled down the length of his back as she kissed
her way to his feet. Once again she sat on his legs and
raised his feet to her waiting mouth. He was on fire.

She sensuously took her time and gently cleaned in
between each of his toes with her white-hot tongue. He
groaned wordlessly into his pillow.

Oh Marsha, where did she learn to do this stuff?

Suddenly she was off of his legs and standing beside
the bed.

Greg rolled over onto his back, pulling his gorgeous
steps****r down on top of him. Her nipples scratched
against his chest. His cock rubbed lustfully against
her clit. He grabbed her by the ass and ground her
pussy against his crotch. He could feel her juices
against his prick. Their lips met and they kissed, like
two newly weds. Greg had never been so worked up in his
life. And Marsha wanted nothing more then to fuck her
hunky stepb*****r, but not yet.

“Let’s get over on the floor.” She lustfully whispered.
She gently pulled him to his feet then pushed him onto
his back. His lust filled prick obscenely pointing
towards her. Greg’s red-hot steps****r knelt down
beside him. She eyed his prick with sex on her mind.
Then she turned to face Greg.

Bending over she kissed his lightly. Then began gently
kissing her way down his body. Her lips stopped to suck
on his nipples. He held her head slightly as she slowly
bought her hand to his enraged cock. Finally grabbing
his prick and slowly jacking him off as she sucked on
his nipple.

“I’m gonna come, Marsha.” He said in a groan.

“Not yet.” She whispered, then quickly brought her face
to his groin. She placed the head of his cock in her
mouth and licked him. Then she spoke.

“Now you can.” His load shot out of his cock and
bounced off of the roof of her mouth. She then clamped
her lips around his dick head and jacked him off into
her mouth. He emptied his nuts down the throat of his
sex-starved steps****r, Marcia Brady, the hottest girl
in high school. She licked him clean, then, looking him
straight in the eye, smiled. Marcia slowly opened her
mouth. The load of cum Greg had just shot, lays
swimming on his steps****rs tongue. With a grin she
closed her mouth and swallowed his hot load.

She had his softening cock in her hand and was slowly
jacking him off through out this ordeal. Her efforts
were rewarded with a slowly hardening cock in her hand.
Marcia looked him in the eyes and said.

“Thanks Honey.” And she nuzzled his hardening cock
against her cheek.

“Come here.” Greg said in a lust filled voice. He
pulled his sultry steps****r up his body till they were
lying face to face. A lone drop of his come smeared
across her cheek. She smiled that million-dollar smile
and gently rubbed her satin cover snatch against his
pecker. Slowly his cock rose back to its full length.
They just lay there. Faces separated by fractions of an
inch. Breathing the same air, thinking the same lust
filled thoughts.

Marcia’s hardening nipples speared into his chest. Greg
slipped his hands down to her ass. The time for finesse
was passed. With one hand he grabbed the back of her
panties and pulled them tightly between his
steps****r’s ass cheeks. This had the effect of pulling
the material tightly against Marcia’s lust engorged
clit. She gasped as the satin rubbed roughly against
her sex.

With his other hand he snaked a finger into her pussy.
Marcia’s juices made her snatch slick with her lust.
Once his finger was well coated with her juices he
slowly slipped his finger back to her butt hole. With a
slight nudge and a shiver, he inserted his digit into
his steps****r’s red-hot anus.

Marcia rubbed against his cock in approval.

“Want to hear about my date tonight?” She whispered to

“Is it a sexy story?” He asked as his finger entered
his steps****r’s rectum. She gently ground her pussy
against his cock.

“Of course.”

“Then let’s hear it.” He replied. Marsha was leading
her stepb*****r down a lusty tease in preparation for
fucking him; he was game for any thing. She lay on top
of him as she told the tale, occasionally pinching his
nipple or rolling off of him to play with his cock and

Marsha Brady knew how to tell a story.

“Tony picked me up for our date about 6:30. He told Mom
and Dad that we were going to a movie but we were
really going to a party.” As she told the story she was
jacking him off. Greg to return the favor would gently
finger fuck her.

“So we get there and the party is already crowded.
There was some beer and pot smoking going on too. I
tried some of both.” The thought of his straight-laced
steps****r smoking grass or drinking beer really turned
Greg on and his cock lurched in her hands at the
thought, she cradled his nuts as she continued.

“Anyway, we go down to the basement, which was where
the make-out room was. There was only a single light on
and there was some really good make out music on the
radio. Greg pulled Marsha closer to him as she told the
story. Now they were cuddling on the floor of his
bedroom. Greg had a finger slowly reaming his
steps****r’s asshole and Marsha was running her hands
up and down Greg’s body. It occurred to Greg that he
was really falling for his steps****r.

“There were a few couples down there already. My best
friend in the world, Karen was down there with her
boyfriend and he already had her shirt off. Another
couple looked to be fucking right there in front of
everybody. It really turned me on.”

Greg loved hearing his sexy steps****r talk dirty like

“So Tony and I are sitting there making out and we hear
a groan. We looked over and Karen had her boyfriends
cock in her mouth and she’s giving him a blow job.”

It really fired Greg up to her his steps****r talk
about cocks and blowjobs.

“So, Tony was already feeling me up and I was fondling
his cock and balls, through his pants: so we just sat
and watched. Eventually one of the other couples
downstairs started to also get naked. I heard Tony pull
down his zipper and my hand wrapped around his naked

“Across from us Karen and her boyfriend are both naked.
Karen is sitting on his lap facing him and they are
going at it like wild dogs. I have Tony cock in my hand
as he is mauling my titties. He managed to unbutton my
shirt but I was only letting him go so far. He was just
too rough on my tender puppies.” Greg’s cock leaked
pre-cum onto his s****r’s hand. She smiled in

“After a while Karen and her boyfriend are ready to
cum. They are only a few feet away from us. Karen is
now facing us while she is sitting on the guy’s lap,
fucking him. We could see everything. Karen looks at us
and smiles from ear to ear. Then she whispers something
into his ear and he looks over at us too. I can feel
Tony’s cock swell in my hand, he’s ready to come.”

“Karen doubles her efforts in fucking him; with a groan
from the guy he throws his head back. Karen stands up
and his cock plops from her pussy, shooting cum all
over the floor. Tony cums at the same time covering my
hand with his goo. We kissed as the cum dribbled from
his cock.”

“What did you do after that?” Greg asked.

“We all got our shit together and went back up to the

“So after all that fucking around, you didn’t have an

“I’m getting to that.” Marsha adds.

“Well I had an idea I’d be coming home and fucking my
sexy stepb*****r, so I didn’t want another guy’s cock
in my pussy before yours.” Greg’s cock stretched in her
hand as she gave a good long pull on him. Marsha is so
fucking sexy, he thought to himself. She continued.

“After the party Tony and I drove up to look out point.
We park and before you know it we pick up right where
we left off. Tony has my blouse off and he’s trying to
get my panties off. Well eventually we are sitting in
his back seat. He’s got a finger up my pussy and I’m
jerking him off. I have a baby orgasm and he covers my
hand with his spunk.”

“The whole time he was finger fucking me I was thinking
about coming back here and fucking you, Greg.” She
cuddled up next to him and there lips met in a lovers
embrace. Marsha with her hand holding her stepb*****r
close, Greg with a finger up the red-hot pussy of the
sexiest girl in the high school, his steps****r. She
broke the embrace and stood up.

Slowly Marsha turned around then knelt down on all
fours, with her satin covered ass pointed right at
Greg. Looking over her shoulder she whispered.

“Now fuck me Greg.”

He was more then happy to oblige. He got up on his
knees behind her. Grasping her panties by the string
over her hips he gently pulled them down, exposing her
pussy and puckered asshole to his gaze, she was fucking
gorgeous. He could wait no longer. With her panties
half down her thighs he positioned himself behind her.

Marsha reached back between her legs and grasps his
cock. Sliding him to the entrance of her white-hot
pussy. With a snap he lunged all of his length into
her. Marsha gasps at the sensation, he head rearing
back as she approached her first orgasm of the night.
Greg rammed into his steps****r.

Man oh man, he practically came right there. Marsha’s
pussy was white hot and her juices were running down
her thighs. Greg Brady grasps his sexy steps****r by
the waist and ground his cock into the depths of her
pussy. Marsha ground her white-hot pussy back against
him, shivering as his balls slapped against her lust-
engorged clit. She could feel an orgasm approaching and
it was going to be a whopper.

Greg pulled Marsha up onto her knees. They stayed in
that position for a moment: Greg with both of Marsha’s
teenage tittes in his hands, her nipples proudly
sticking out between his fingers. The sweat from their
bodies mingled as they paused in a lovers embrace. Then
it was back to fucking. Marsha whispered into her step
b*****r’s ear,

“Fuck me, Greg. Fuck me hard.”

“My pleasure.” He replied. Then pushing her down to the
floor he picked up where they left off. Marsha’s head
was now resting on the floor. Her hair splayed out
around her. The sweat from their bodies slippery in the
tanned pools of her back. He pulled out of her pussy.
Marsha’s groaned in disappointment. Greg repositioned
his sturdy organ at the puckered entrance to her ass.

Marsha sensed what Greg had in mind and swayed her hips
in anticipation. Both of their bodies were slippery
with sweat. Greg slid his cock up and down her ass
crack a few times then readied himself to enter her ass
hole. Greg place one hand on the thin string holding
Marsha’s panties on her sturdy thighs; in one motion he
tore off her panties and lunged into her asshole. She
gasps at the sudden anal invader.

Greg took the remnants of her panties and as she turned
to him with lust filled eyes, he shoved the sex soaked
panties into his steps****rs’ mouth; she swooned as an
orgasm roared through her.

Greg felt like a sex machine. He had the sexiest girl
he had ever known swooning on the end of his cock as he
fucked her up the ass.

Life was good.

He wanted this moment to last forever, and it seemed
to. Marsha was grinding back against him as they
fucked. Every now and then looking over her shoulder
with half opened eyes of pure lust. The panties he had
shoved in her mouth, clenched between her teeth.
Marsha’s ass was loosening up to his fucking, so much
so that when he pulled out, her asshole stayed open to
receive his plunging cock. He rammed his anal assassin
back into her ready rectum. His sex drenched step-
s****r hammered back against him to receive his lust

Marsha’s asshole shook again as another orgasm
approached. The last time she orgasmed girl cum shot
out of her pussy and drenched his balls. As this orgasm
approached her rectum clamped down on his cock, he knew
the end was approaching.

With a jolt, he shot a load deep into the bowels of his
steps****r; he could feel her whole body shake as she
came at that exact moment. They collapsed on the floor
of his bedroom. The air thick with the stink of red-hot

After what seemed like forever, Greg rolled off of his
steps****r, his now soft cock slipping from the vice of
her asshole. A trail of cum slid down her thigh,
pooling with the other juices mingled on the floor.
Marsha eventually rolled over onto her back. She pulled
the panties from her mouth, kissed them then gently
placed them in Greg’s hand. Turning to her stepb*****r
she said, with that sweetest of grins.

“Same time next Friday.” He smiled in agreement. Marsha
got up to leave, they looked out the window, the sun
was coming up. They both grinned at the idea that they
had spent the night together fucking like dogs. Marsha
grabbed her robe and wrapped it around the sexiest body
Greg had ever seen. As she was going out the door she
turned to him and said.

“Thanks honey, that was great.” Then added with a grin.
“The last time I orgasmed as you were fucking me up the
ass, I think I actually peed all over myself.” A big
smile came to her radiant face. “It was fucking great.”
She turned, waved goodbye, and closed the door behind

Greg lay on the floor with a puddle of their juices
beside him. He thought to himself.

“Holy shit.”


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