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Brady Bunch:Greg and Carol Brady

He was supposed to meet her on the school Quad at Noon.
Greg Brady’s Step-mom, Carol, was coming to visit him
at college. This was Greg’s sophomore year at State
University. He only got home about one weekend a month.
So it was a welcome, change of pace, when someone from
the f****y came to visit. His step-s****r Marcia had
been up about a month ago, for the weekend. They had
gone to a Concert, then a Frat party. Then back to her
Hotel, to fuck like monkeys, until the sun came up.

When he and his b*****rs had first met their future
step mom, Carol was just what they needed in life.
Their Dad really needed women to help raise his boys.
The two groups of c***dren didn’t get along at first.
But, as the Adults romance blossomed, so did the
friendship amongst the c***dren.

Eventually Mike and Carol got married. They bought a
new House and a new f****y was created. The girls now,
were more like s****rs, then strangers. Carol wasn’t
like his birth mom. She was more like a friend. Greg
had a real crush on her when they first met. Here he
was, this little k**, just into his teens and this
pretty blond women; came into his life. She was
friendly nice, and she really smelled great. Greg
remembered that the most when they first met. Carol
wore a perfume that barely smelled like roses. He was

Carol embraced the boys; as a Step Mom should. She was
an adoring Mother. Greg never really got over his crush
on her. When the f****y would go to the beach or the
pool, Carol was always one of the hottest women on the
beach. Even as a young boy. He would notice the looks
and stares His step Mom would get as she walked along
the beach in her swimsuit. A lot of his friends had
always been k**ding Greg about how ‘hot a babe’ his
step mom was. Greg already knew that.

Carol was the first real woman he had seen in a bra. It
was an accidental reflection in a mirror. Those scant
seconds, fueled his sexual fantasies for weeks. Sure,
Marcia and Jan and he had played Doctor and that sort
of stuff, when they were k**s. But Carol was a woman,
an attractive woman, at that. Marcia and Greg didn’t
really get it on, until she had graduated high school.
They had done a lot of fooling around. But they always
seemed to draw the line at actual sex. That was until
the summer after Marcia graduated. She turned 18 and
they went to town, literally. Those memories once again
came to mind as he looked around the crowded Quad for
his Step mom. Carol wouldn’t be too hard to spot in
this crowd he thought.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon at State
University. The weather was warm and the Quad was
crowded with students enjoying a warm Spring Day.

This was the first really warm day of the spring. Most
of the Student bodies were trying out various new
summer clothes. In anticipation of the hot weather
ahead, Damn, Greg thought to himself, He had missed
seeing all of these tight little co-eds. It had been a
cool winter, and most of the girls were out trying to
get a jump on this summer’s tan.

As he waited he decided to check out the girls. They
were dressed, or undressed, if you would, in all manner
of outfits. Some were in t-shirts and cutoff jeans,
others in midriff, or tank tops. Some of the girls were
even wearing bikini tops and shorts; lying out, trying
to jumpstart that tan. A particularly tight butt
attracted his attention. She had just walked past him
and was heading across the Quad. This was one of the
nicest butts he had seen in a while, tight with just a
slight wiggle as she walked. He could make out the
faintest lines of her panties, across her trim butt.
She was wearing low heels, which made her legs look
great. Her tan pants fit like a tailored suit.

Greg just stared at her butt for a moment as she
stopped and looked around the quad, searching for
someone. He couldn’t see her face from this angle. But
he could see her tits. They were not very large.
Swinging free nestled in her matching short sleeve
blouse. His eyes then moved up to her hair. It was a
sort of dusty blond. She kept it cut in short shag,
just like his Step Moms. She turned towards him. And
her eyes lit up in recognition.

“GREG, I was looking all over for you!” Carol shouted.
She ran towards and gave him a big hug and a peck on
the cheek.

Holy Shit, Greg thought. He had been checking out his
step mom; and man oh man did she look HOT!

“What’s a matter, Honey?” Carol asked. “You look like
you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Oh, nothing.” Greg replied.

“I know that look, Greg Brady.’ Carol took him by the
arm as they begun to walk around the Quad. ‘You were
probably checking out some of the cute girls out here.
And your ‘ol Mom interrupted you, in mid stare. ”

“Uhmm, I guess.” Greg fumbled for words.

“I’m sorry honey.” Carol said with a smile. “Why don’t
you show me around a little bit.”

They walked arm in arm around the campus. Carol would
from Time to time rest her head on his chest or
shoulder. If Greg didn’t know better, he was sure she
was flirting with him. Carol was a little shorter then
Greg, coming up to perhaps his chin. Walking around
like this, he was learning more and more about Carol.
She talked to him, not as a son or step-c***d; But as
an adult. They went on and on about life at College.
Carol had also gone to State. She was a Phys. Ed. Major
back then.

As the walked passed the administration building, Carol
pulled Greg inside. They walked over to the large
trophy case in the main lobby. Carol scanned the case
looking for something. Then finally finding it, she
pulled Greg next to her. There was a picture of Carol
on the college Gymnastics team. She was probably 18 or
19 in the picture. She was holding a very large trophy
. The trophy stood next to the picture, it had to be 3
or 4 ft. high. A big smile spread over Carol’s face.

Greg looked into the trophy case. He saw two visions of
his step mom. The one in the photograph. Beaming with
excitement over her newly won prize. Looking straight
into the camera, towards an exciting future, ahead. And
the other vision of Carol. Reflecting in the polished
glass. A women some 20 years older, the trophies and
accolades a fading memory. A sad smile crept across her
face. Greg broke the silence.

“Mom, I had no idea you were a champion gymnast. Why
did you stop?” He asked. She sighed.

“Well I was having a great season. Then during the
summer that year. I was warming up, tripped and broke
my ankle. I couldn’t compete for over 6 mos. It just
wasn’t the same after that. ” She said with a frown. “I
met the girl’s father, while I was recovering. He was
on the track team.” She began to search in the case

“Oh here he is.” She pointed towards a large picture of
the Track Team from that year. She was pointing to a
guy in the back row of the group shot. Greg could
barely make out his face.

“He sure was a honey.” She sighed again. And a tear
came to her eye. She bought her hand to her lips and
kissed it. Then she placed her hand over the Photograph
in the case. They stood there for a moment. Carol
stared blankly at the faded picture and wrapped her
arms around her step son and pulled him close. Greg
hugged Carol, because she really needed it. Then
breaking the silence Carol looked into Greg’s eyes and
said. Tears were filling her eyes.

“Let’s get out of here.” They broke their embraced but
still held hands as they left the Hall.

“God, that was depressing.” Carol said, wiping the
tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry Honey. I just didn’t
think I was going to get that emotional.”

“It’s OK Mom. I understand.” He didn’t, but it seemed
like the right thing to say. The sun was starting to go
down as they once again approached the Quad. Most of
the crowd was now gone. Just some couples like
themselves, out for a walk.

“So Mr. Brady, what are we going to do about some
dinner?” She asked.

“Well, I thought we’d go back to my place. I’ll cook us
some dinner, then go to a movie or a club or something.
What do you think?”

“That sounds great. But you might want to let me help
you with that cooking. I remember how bad your cooking
was before you gone away to school.” She k**ded him.

“Now Mom, My cooking’s gotten a lot better since I’ve
been away.”

“But it could always use a Mother’s touch.” Carol
added. They both got a laugh out of that.

They walked over to where Carol had parked her car.

“Wanna drive me, Mister” She said with a mischievous
glint. Then she pulled out her car keys and tossed them
to Greg. He drove them across campus to his small
apartment. As they got out of the car, Carol reached
into the backseat and pulled out a small suitcase.

“Well, you didn’t think I was going to wear this outfit
out tonight did you?” She asked with a smile. Greg
carried the overnight bag up to his tiny attic

Carol just lit up as they stepped into the small
apartment. It as small as most college apartments are.
A one room affair, with a kitchenette with views, out
the side window. The bathroom was tucked in a corner.
It was furnished with bare minimum. A Table, stereo,
bookcase and sofa. She looked around the apartment,
like rediscovering an old friend.

“I love it.” And sat down on the sofa.

“Where do you sl**p?” She asked

“You’re sitting on it.”

“You sl**p on the couch?”

“No Mom, It’s a sofa bed.”

“Well I hope it’s as comfortable as the one I had.” She
replied. “Come on, I’ll give you a hand with dinner,
I’m starved.”

“Can I get you something to drink?” He asked.

“Sure, wadda ya got?”

“Soda, coffee, Wine?”

“Wine sounds fun. I feel like whining to night.” He
uncorked the bottle and poured them both a glass.

The stepped into the kitchenette. As they prepared the
dinner together Greg began to get a new appreciation
for his Step Mom. As they joked around while making
dinner. Greg began to see her in a new light. Carol was
also treating him differently. None of that ‘Sonny boy

She was treating him less like a boy and more like a
man. He could now see what his Dad saw in her. She was
wonderful. Fun, exciting, clever. He had never met a
woman like her before. And sexy. He was getting a soft-
on as they danced around the kitchen, preparing dinner.

“Where’s the little chiefs room, Honey?” she asked.

“Around the corner.” He replied.

She put down the spoon stirring the spaghetti sauce and
lightly kissed him on the cheek. “Be right back.” And
she stepped into bathroom and closed the door.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Greg thought to himself. Was
he really having these ideas about his step mom. What
was more important. Was she having those ideas about
him. He refilled their glasses of wine. She returned in
few minutes.

“Ahh, that’s better. Now how’s that spaghetti coming

“Almost done.”

“Better check those rolls,” She then turned towards the
oven and bent over to open the door. This had the
effect of pointing her firm butt right at him. And man
oh man, did she have a nice butt. Bending over the way
she was, stretched her slacks tightly across her ass.
He couldn’t see any hint of the panty lines he had seen
earlier. She reached in to the oven and pulled out the
rolls then had been warming in the oven.

“How’s that look, Honey?” She asked.

“What?” He was staring at her beautiful ass.

“I said, “She glanced back at him and watched him
staring at her ass. Maybe it was the alcohol, who
knows, but Carol then wiggled her butt at him as she
said. “Do you think the rolls are done?” Then broke out
into a big laugh. This broke Greg’s concentration. She
stood up and turned off the oven, still giggling. He
tried to regain his composure, but he was found out.
Carol put the bread down and walked up to Greg as she

“You should have seen the look on your face, when I
caught you staring at my ass. It was priceless.” They
were standing very close now. He was trying to find
something to say. But the Alcohol was slowly him down.
Carol was standing right in front of him. She put one
hand on his chest and said.

“I’m sorry honey, but you had it coming. ” She
playfully slapped his chest. His mind was blank, so he
said the first thing that ran into his head.

“I’m sorry for staring, but… You’ve got a great ASS!”
He blurted out. Regretting it, as soon as he said it.
He thought Carol would be angry, but the opposite was
true. A big smile came across her face. She placed a
hand on his chin, cupping it. Smiled and said.

“Thank Honey, I really needed to hear that.” Saying
that, she pulled his face towards her own and kissed
him. Not like a mother and son; but like a lover.

“Now lets have some dinner, I’m starved.”

The dinner went along slowly. A candle lit dinner foe
two, with the moon shining in through the window. They
opened a second bottle of wine during dinner. As they
toasted Carol once again kissed him. This one lasted
awhile. Greg was sure he had felt her tongue, but maybe
it was the wine. After dinner they moved over to the
couch to finish their wine. Greg sat down and his step
mom snuggled next to him on the couch. Some romantic
music was playing in the background, as they sat in
romantic silence.

“Greg honey?”

“Yeah, Mom?”

“I didn’t ruin your weekend by coming up to visit you
did I?”

“Of course not, Mom. I’m always glad when you guys come
up to visit.”

“But what about your girlfriend? Weren’t you going out
with her this weekend?”

“No Mom. Nancy and I broke up a couple of weeks ago.”
This made Carol sit up a little.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry to hear that. She was such a nice
girl, what happened?”

“Well, it was stupid really. I caught her in bed with
another guy. One of my friends as a matter of fact.”
Carol hugged her stepson tightly hearing this sad

“That stinks.”

“Yeah I know.” They both reached for their wine glasses
and took another gulp. As Carol sat back down, her face
was even with Greg’s. Looking him right in the eyes,
she said.

“She doesn’t know what she passed up.” Then she kissed
him. And her tongue snaked it way into his mouth. Greg
was lost in the moment. This gorgeous woman was
exciting him like a long lost lover. She grabbed his
head and ran her hands through his hair. He put his
hands on her hips and gently swung her around to sit on
his lap. Carol was straddling his hips. Her crotch
placed squarely on his rampant hard on. Greg placed
both of his hands on her tight butt cheeks. Carol broke
off the kiss momentarily.

“Ya know,” She sweetly said,” we really shouldn’t be
doing this. ” Then kissed him on the nose. ” But, well
I don’t know, I JUST NEED THIS, SO FUCKING BAD !!” Greg
couldn’t believe his ears. Or his luck. Carol rammed
her hands down between them. Searching for, then find
his belt buckle and zipper. Like a flash she had her
hands down his pants and was grabbing for his hard-on.

“Holy shit.” Greg groped for his step mom tits. He
found them easily. Carol had already unbuttoned her
blouse and her breasts were swinging proud and free. He
pulled one of the erect nipples to his mouth and sucked
on it.

“Bite it.” She whispered through clenched teeth as she
fondled his dick. So he did.

“Harder!” He bit down again. Her whole body tensed and
then relaxed. She pulled the nipple from his mouth.
Then looked at him with the sexiest smile he had ever

“Get out of those clothes, Greg Brady. I want to see
what kind of body I’m gonna fuck.”

He had never seen or heard his step mother like this.
He liked it, a lot. Carol got off of his lap. Greg got
up from the couch and was out of his clothes in a
flash. His large hard on sprung from his short as he
pulled them down. Carol licked her lips.

“Well?” He asked.

“Very nice.” She was eyeing his cock. Reaching up she
fondled his balls. “Oh-www,… looks like somebody is
caring around a pretty full load there, young man.
We’ll have to something about that. Now you sit.” Carol
released his balls and got up to remove her clothes.
Greg sat on the couch. His rampant hard-on leaking pre-
cum . Carol had him ready to burst.

She stood up and removed her clothes slowly. Placing
each garment in a neat pile. The last garment was her
slacks. As she went to remove her slacks, she turned
around, then bent over, and pulled them down very
slowly. Greg was right. She wasn’t wearing any panties.
Her blond pussy hair was winking at him from between
her thighs.

With that, she was naked. She stood with her back to
him. Slowly she turned around. One hand covering her
pussy; another trying to cover her ample bosom. Greg
reached up and pulled her to him. She once again landed
on his crotch, straddling his hips. This time there
wasn’t any bits of cloth between them. Carol rubbed her
juicy pussy against his hot prick. She then reached
down and guided him into her steaming snatch. He
slipped right in.

She threw her head back in ecstasy and she begun the
ride. She would pull up till just the head was inside,
then plunge down till his balls slapped her ass. Up and
down, she rode him like a prize stallion. He in turn
would suckle on a stray nipple here of twist a nipple
there. She had great tits. He marveled at her. She was
perfect. Her breast still stood high and firm on her
chest. She had tiny little nipples that were almost
chocolate colored. Each time her butt slammed into his
thighs her whole breast would quiver. She was driving
him wild. Carol bought her lips to his ears and

“Marcia said you were a great fuck.” Greg was stunned.
But this revelation fired him up. He swung her around
on the couch, without untangling themselves. Now Carol
was on the couch and he was drilling her. This was how
Marcia liked it. He was pretty sure her Mother would
too. He was right. Carol’s whole body twisted in orgasm
as Greg drilled into her cunt, with his cock. Her
thighs clamped around him, like a vise.

Carol moaned and groaned like her daughter had. Greg
reached down and put his arms under Carol’s thighs.
Then he picked her up off of the couch. Her whole bole
body weight resting on his cock. Grabbing onto her butt
cheeks he was able to raise and lower her with ease.
This drove Carol right through the roof. She was
clawing at his back and chest. Pussy juice was pouring
down his thighs, Sweat was rolling off of their bodies
and the room just smelled of pure sex.

She threw her head back again and then came to her
senses for just a moment, in between orgasm.

“Put me down for a second honey, let me catch my
breath.” He put her back onto the sofa. His cock
slipping out of her with a squishing sound. She lay
back on the sofa in a half sitting position. One leg on
the floor, the other on the couch. Neatly spreading her
pussy wide open for his enjoyment. She sat back and
smiled. Carol bought one of her hands down to her pussy
and tickled her clit. Then she looked up at him with
those sexy eyes and sweetly said.

“Is it true, you really fucked my daughter in the ass?”

He was dumbfounded.

“Well then,” She got up on the couch on all fours; and
pointed her ass at him. “Guess your going to have to
show me how that’s done.”

That said, she reached back and spread her butt cheeks
apart. A tender virgin asshole winked at him.

“Come on stud, Show me what you got.” His cock grew
another inch at this incredible display. His cock was
so hard, He couldn’t spare the skin to smile. So
grabbing his cock, he plunged into her hot pussy. This
bought a groan to Carol’s lips.

He gently stroked in and out a few times and then
pulled out. Then very slowly she bought his dick head
towards her rectum. She was holding herself open to him
with both hands. His dick head nudged her asshole.
There was some resistance, so he pushed a little
harder. Carol’s breathing came in rasps and then
suddenly stop. As his cock head slipped into her ass.

Her whole body relaxed at once as she surrendered to
the sodomizing prick, reaming her ass. He could see a
contented smile on her face as he increased his tempo.
Soon she was matching his thrust, Groan for groan,
grunt for grunt. Her ass was like a love vise, bonding
him to her body. He reached around and played with her

Her body went into over drive. Thrashing around like a
wild woman. He kept massaging her clit as wave after
wave of orgasm swept through her body. Her tight
asshole was acting like a cock ring, keeping his
erection rock solid. He could feel the pressure in his
balls building, but his orgasm seemed to have no
escape. Then just when he could hold back no longer;
she yanked her ass off of his cock.

He orgasmed instantly. It felt like a lightning bolt
had shot through his body, and exited by way of his
balls. It seemed like he would never stop coming. His
come, shot up her back into her hair. Carol spun around
on the sofa and took his cock in her mouth. Greg shot
another load deep down her throat. She was like a calf
on an udder. Milking him of every last drop of cum.

As his orgasm subsided he collapsed in a heap, at her
feet. They both just sat there panting, trying to catch
their breath. After an eternity, Carol reached for
their wine glasses. She refilled them and handled one
to Greg. She spoke first.

“Well, so what club are we going to?”

Carol Brady and her step son Greg were relaxing after a
wild fuck. Greg had not moved, since he collapsed in
sexual exhaustion, at her feet. Carol’s body was
covered in sweat. Greg had never dreamed he would
actually someday have sex with his step mom. But here
they were. Carol had come up to visit him at collage.
They walked around the campus and then went back to his
apartment for some dinner.

Maybe it was the wine; maybe the romantic setting.
Whatever. The next thing he knows, His step mom is in
his arms fondling his prick. She was like a wild cat.
At one point she even told him that, his step s****r
Marcia had told her mom, about Greg and her fucking.
Marcia even told her mom that Greg had fucked Marcia in
the ass. So of course, her mom wanted to try that too.
He was more then happy to comply with Carol’s wishes.
He had fucked her in the ass and shot a load of come
into her hair. What a women.

Now they were just enjoying the moment.

“So what club are we going to?” Carol asked.

Greg’s mind was a blur. Carol had moved on the couch
and was now sitting behind him on the couch. He was
sitting on the floor and she had d****d her legs over
his shoulders . He could feel her moist pussy on the
back of his neck.

“Uhh, I was thinking of taking to you to club on campus
called the Cellar. It’s really popular and they’ve got
live music tonight.” Greg replied.

“Sounds good.” Carol sat up and untangled her legs from
his arms. ” Let’s get ready.” Carol got up from the
couch and pulled Greg to his feet. “Come on now, slow
poke. Don’t tell me an after dinner boff, has wiped you
out for the night. We’ve got a whole evening ahead of

Her hand reached down, to fondle his cock. “Besides, I
still want some more of this big dick of yours. Now
into the shower with you while I’ll clean up the dinner
plates.” She spun him around and playfully slapped his
butt. Greg headed into the shower.

The warm shower revitalized him. Only now was it
sinking in, what had just happened. One of his life
long sexual fantasies had come true. HOLY SHIT! He had
just fucked Carol. Stepping out of the shower he shaved
and splashed some after shave on. Wrapping a towel
around himself he stepped back into the apartment.

His step mom was standing at the sink doing the dishes.
She had put on one of his flannel shirts. He walked up
behind her.

“Hi ya beautiful.” He gave her a big hug, and kissed
her on the cheek. Carol stopped doing the dishes and
snuggled back against him. He swore he could hear her
purr. She reached back and before he knew what had
happened, His towel fell to the floor. He ground his
slowly rising prick against her flannel covered ass. A
soft moan passed from her lips. Then she turned in his
arms. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him
close. Their lips met, with a kiss. Carol pulled back
first, then released her hold on his neck.

“Time for me to get ready.” Her hand once again went to
his prick. As soon as she touched it, he got a raging
erection. She slowly stroked him as she spoke.

“As much as I’d like to stay her and have this monster
prick of yours, inside me again. I’d like to save that
for later tonight.” She released her hold on him. Now
you get dressed while I get ready. I’m going to be a
while, so after you get dressed, can you go out for a
walk or something. I’d like to surprise you with what
I’m wearing tonight.”

How could he refuse an invitation like that. “Sure!”
She kissed him on the cheek and went into the bathroom.
He quickly got dressed and then knocked on the bathroom
door. Opening it a crack he peeked in. Carol was still
in the shower. “I’ll be back in a little bit, OK?”

“Make it about 20 minutes Ok, Honey?”

“Sure. I’ll see ya then.”


About a half hour later he returned to his apartment.
Carol was still in the bathroom.

“Hi, I’m back.” He called out to her.

“Hi honey, I’ll be out in a minute.” He stepped over to
the table and poured them another glass of wine.

“How do I look?” She said. He turned around. She was
gorgeous. Greg almost dropped the glass of wine he was
holding. He had never seen his step Mom like this. It
was like seeing her for the first time. What a knock

“You like?” He was speechless. The dress was
incredible. He couldn’t take this gorgeous woman to
some dirty college bar. She was stunning. The dress was
a shimmering blue wrap. It was an off the shoulder
little thing that hugged her like a second skin.

The dress hugged her hips like leather and came to
about mid thigh. She was wearing dark nylon hose with a
floral design up the side of her legs. Carol raised her
arms above her head. She spun around so he could get
the full effect of the dress. Her tight butt was
accented by the lines of the dress. Black heels
completed her outfit.


“WOW, you’re gorgeous.” He walked over to her and took
her in his arms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss.
No hesitation this time, as their tongues tangoed.

“Thanks Honey. You make your ol’ Mom feel like a young
girl again. Now let’s get going before we get too
worked up here.” Carol picked up her small purse and
they were off. As they got to the car. Carol said she
wanted to drive. No problem, Greg thought.

As they drove through the campus, Greg looked at his
Step Mom. He had never seen her so happy.


“Yeah Mom.”

“I’ve been thinking about what happened earlier.”

Uh-oh Greg Thought. A big smile came to Carol’s face.

“It was great. Honestly, no man has ever made love like
that to me before. You’re going to be quite the ladies
man up here as the word gets around. But I was
thinking. I’d really like the rest of the night to be
even more.”

They pulled up to a red light. “Tonight I don’t want to
be your Mom. Tonight I want to be your date. Could you
do that for me?” Her hand reached across the front seat
and came to rest on his thighs, inches from his slowly
rising cock.

He gave her the biggest smile he could muster. “You bet
ya, we could.” This evening was taking an interesting
turn. “I guess I should call you Carol then, huh?” He
asked. She moved her hand up his thigh and gently
rubbed his cock.

“You bet cha! And if you’re a nice guy I’ll take
special care of your little buddy there. ” He once
again had raging hard-on . She was driving him nuts.
The light turned green and they were off.

“Where are we going?” He asked.

“A little place I use to go to when I was a student
here. This use to be the hot spot off campus.” Greg
hoped it wasn’t going to be much further. He really had
to take a leak. They drove a little while longer and
pulled into the parking lot of a bar called Liddie’s.

Greg had never heard of it before. But he really hadn’t
been to many of the clubs off campus. They went inside.
The bar was a little crowded. It was mostly a middle
aged well dressed crowd. Out for some fun on a Saturday
night. A band was playing in the far end of the bar.
They stepped up to the bar.

“Carol, I’ll be right back. I really go to go to the

“Sure sweetheart, I’ll get us a couple of beers.

He hurried off to find the restroom.

When Greg returned. He couldn’t find Carol. He looked
around the bar and spotted her over at a table talking
with this gorgeous brunette woman. Carol waved to him
and he joined them at the table.

“Hi honey.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I just ran
into an old friend of mine. Helen went to school here
way back when I did. We were even in the same sorority
together.” Greg looked at Helen. Helen was beautiful.
She was wearing a simple sleeveless black dress. It was
gathered just below her bust, so she got the full push-
up effect. An ample cleavage spilled out of the top. He
also noticed, just the hint of a tattoo above her right
breast. Carol continued, as Greg took a gulp from his

“I was just telling Helen how we met this morning; on
the Quad. Helen’s thinking of coming back to school to
get her Masters.” The conversation of the two women
went on like this. Then Helen held up her hand with its
wedding ring and asked Carol.

“Is yours a beard too?” The two women laughed. Greg
didn’t get the joke. Carol explained.

“A beard honey. It’s like a shield. When you’re at a
bar or club and you don’t want guys to try and pick you
up.” Helen finished the explanation. “You wear a beard.
Most guys see a wedding band and don’t bother you.
Besides,” She put her hand gently on Carol’s cheek.
“I’m still not as interested in guys.” Carol nuzzled
Helen’s hand and then looked at Greg. The astonished
look on his face made both of the women break out in

“Come on,” Helen said as she got up from the table.
“Let’s go have some fun.” She took Carol’s hand and
pulled her up. Carol took Greg’s hand and he followed.
Helen led them out of the club and back out to the
parking lot. As they approached Helen’s car. She
stopped walking. Then taking both of Carol’s hands in
hers. She quietly spoke. “I’ve really missed you. Ya
know that pumpkin.” And they kissed. Greg nearly shit
himself. His Mom was kissing this gorgeous woman and
apparently liked it, a lot. The two women broke their
embraced. Then looked over to Greg.

“I guess your feeling kind of left out, huh lover boy?”
Helen asked. She took Greg in her arms and kissed him.
Kissed him deep. Their tongues wrestled between them.
Carols was hugging him from behind. Snuggling against
his back. Helen had reached down to his crotch and was
gently rubbing his cock. She spoke.

“Your right. It feels like he got a pretty big cock.
Let’s go back to my place so I can find out for my
self.” Greg was again astonished. He had never met
women who acted like this. He was loving it. Helen got
into her convertible and Carol and Greg followed in her
car. They talked with nervous excitement, never losing
sight of Helen car. In a few minutes they pulled into
the driveway of a house. They quickly entered . It was
small house. Neatly and plainly decorated. A large case
in the living room held several trophies and ribbons.
Greg bladder began to go into over drive. He really had
to take a leak. Helen directed him down the hall. When
he returned to the living room. The women were nowhere
to be found.

“Carol, Helen? ” He called out.

“We’re out here.” The voices came from the backyard. He
walked out the back door, to a sight he would not soon
forget. Carol was laying back on a lounge chair while
Helen was kneeling between her legs. Helen was naked
except for her stockings and heels. She was happily
licking at Carol’s panty covered pussy. Carol still had
all of her clothes on. Carol spoke.

“Get out of your clothes honey and join us.” He was out
of his clothes in a flash. The yard had a very high
privacy fence around it. All of the patio lights were
on, so Greg could see every thing. As Greg removed his
shorts, his cock sprang to attention.

Carol looked over to him and motioned him to her. She
grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her waiting
mouth. Her tongue danced along the shaft as he plunged,
slowly in and out of her mouth. She pulled his cock
from her lips and said.

“Why don’t you stick that big dick into Helen’s
snapper. She really needs it bad.” You didn’t have to
ask him twice. Helen raised her ass up in the air in
anticipation of his phallic invader.

He stood behind her and placed his hands on her hips.
Then he bent over and shoved his tongue deeply into her
juicy snatch. Helen moaned in approval and ground her
pussy back into his face. His nose was pressed firmly
against her asshole. The thick, scent of her sex was
all he could smell.

Then standing back up. He positioned his cock to drive
into her. Helen reached back and guided him in. The
Moment his cock head touched her hot pussy lips he
thought he would orgasm. Her pussy was red hot. She
slid his cock head into her pussy and then he started a
slow fucking rhythm. Helen would moan into Carols
pussy, each time Greg pulled out of her.

Carol was just laying there, legs spread wide.
Surrendering herself to Helen’s invading tongue. Greg
was in heaven. After the enormous load he had shot into
Carol’s ass, he was ready for some more fucking. Helen
was up to the task. Greg closed his eyes and
concentrated on not coming too soon. He wanted to savor
the moment.

Helen had pulled the crotch of Carol’s panties aside as
she tongued her slit. Greg watched the two of them in
their erotic ballet. Carol had on a pair of black lace
panties. He could just picture her snugly putting them
on, earlier this evening. In anticipation of Greg
removing them before he fucked her. Carol was also
wearing dark nylons with a beautiful garter holding
them up. Her alabaster skin looked like fine china in
contrast to the nylons.

Helen swung her hips each time Greg lunged his hard
cock into her. Her body was covered with an all over
tan. Obviously Helen had done a lot of nude sunbathing.
She had an ornate tattoo of a dozen roses that covered
most of the top of her butt. She must have been quite a
sight, in a bikini, Greg thought to himself. Her body
was on the thin side. Much like his Mom’s. Helen,
however had been spending a lot of time in the gym. As
Greg held onto her hips, he could feel tight, hard
muscle beneath the skin. Helen had one tight hard body
on her.

Carol was in a sort of sexual euphoria as Helen lapped
at her pussy. Greg could see that she was slowly
climbing towards an orgasm. Then, just as suddenly, she
clamped her thighs around Helen’s head. And collapsed
back against the lounge chair, with a contented smile
on her face. The front of her lace panties, was soaked
with her juices.

Helen then removed her face from Carol’s crotch and
directed her attention towards Greg. Helen stood up and
Greg slipped out of her Pussy. She turned towards him
and pulled him close. Their lips met in a fiery kiss,
as one of Helen’s hands reached down to fondle his
throbbing cock.

Carol was watching all of this from the lounge chair.
Helen knelt down in front of Greg and rubbed his cock
all over her face as she was jacking him off. He could
feel another load getting ready to shoot, at any

“Keep that up and you’ll make me come.” He whispered to
them. Carol was watching through half opened eyes.
Still recovering from her orgasm. Helen took the
situation in hand, or I should say mouth. She took
Greg’s cock in her mouth. He was right on the verge on
coming, but he wanted to enjoy the velvet warmth of
Helen’s mouth just a few moments more.

His Mom had now opened her eyes and was watching Greg
and Helen intently. Carol had bought one hand down to
her panty crotch and was gently rubbing her clit,
through her cum soaked panties. As Greg saw this, he
could hold back no more and began to shoot his load.
His legs began to shake and his knees went numb. The
first shot of his load, hit her lips.

She sucked him into her mouth, like a vacuum. Her
tongue went into over drive. Bathing the underside of
his cock with sensations. She began to vigorously jack
him off, into her mouth, trying to get every last drop
of his seed. As the last drop of his load leapt from
his cock he collapsed into a chair. She had sucked the
life right out of, by way of his prick.

Helen was sitting on the ground. Relaxing before the
next round. Carol stood up and walked over to Greg. She
sat down on his lap. Putting her arms around his neck,
she romantically kissed. Then she turned her back to
him and said.

“Un-zip me would you, Honey?” Greg eagerly complied.
The zipper was whisper quiet. Carol took a few steps
away from Greg so he could fully appreciate her
stripping for him. Helen got up and stood next to
Carol. Greg was right about Helen’s tits. They were
huge. Well, maybe not enormous but at least a pair of
38’s. Carol and Helen began to make out. Carol had her
back to Greg.

Helen reached towards the open back of Carols dress.
She put her hands down the back and gently massaged
Carols perfect butt, from inside the dress. Greg cock
was once again beginning to stir. Helen bought her
hands up Carol’s back and took the two open sides of
the dress in her hands. Helen pulled the dress off of
Carol’s shoulders and down her body.

Carol’s skin was like fine china. Later on, he was
going to have to convince her to get more sun. Helen
pulled the halves of the dress down to Carol’s waist.
Carol was not wearing a bra. One of Helen’s hands
reached up between them to fondle Carol’s breast.

Carol moaned in approval. She then looked over her
shoulder at Greg. Helen turned Carol around so that she
was now facing Greg. Both of the women eyed Greg’s
erect cock. Helen now had both of Carol’s tits in her
hands. Carol spoke to Greg.

“Help me off with this dress and panties would you
sweetheart?” He didn’t need to be asked twice. Greg
stood up and approached the women. Her took Carol’s
face in his hands and lustfully kissed her as Helen
continued to fondle her breast. He then knelt down in
front of Carol. His face was even with her crotch.
Taking the dress in his hands . He slowly pulled it
down pass the flair of her hips. Her black lace panties
came into view.

They were cut very high on the hip. Her pussy hair was
plainly visible through the thin lace. Her juices were
once again running down her thighs. Greg rubbed his
cheek against the soaking crotch and then kissed her,
right at the top of her slit. He looked up, into her
eyes. Carol’s eyes were wild with lust. Greg quickly
pulled the dress down all the way. Carol stepped out of
the confining garment.

Now he was going to direct his attention to her panties
and the treasures they were concealing from his view.
Looking up at her face; Greg watched as her breast
would rise and fall with each breath. Her nipples stood
out like rock hard peaks, on her tear drop shaped
breast. He could only hope that, Marcia would look this
fucking good when she was her Mom’s age. He directed
his gaze at her panties.

They were beautiful. An ornate floral design that
matched the design on the side of her nylon was
stitched into the lace. Her pussy juices had stained
through the front of her panties making them almost
transparent. He stuck out his tongue and licked her
along the length of her slit. Carol shivered in
approval. He put his hands on her hips and slid his
thumbs under the waist band.

Slowly, teasingly, he lowered her panties to her knees.
He stopped for a moment. To truly appreciate Carols
wet, juicy pussy. She a thick golden blond pussy hair.
She had trimmed into a stripe, just like Marcia had.

Oh those Brady women.

Greg started to slowly lick Carol’s pussy. Helen
reached down and was holding Carol’s pussy lips open,
for Greg’s invading tongue. His tongue began to delve
deeper into his step-moms pussy. Helen was gently
masturbating Carol as Greg ate her out. Carols grabbed
her step sons head and rammed it against her pussy.
Helen had moved from behind Carol and was lowering her
to the patio deck.

Carol was once again on her back, legs spread wide
awaiting Greg’s throbbing fuck pole. He spoke.

“No. Not this was. Up on all fours. I want to do you
doggie style.” Carol’s eyes lit up with a wild spark.
She quickly flipped over and was up on her hands and
knees, in a flash. She looked over her shoulder at Greg
and shouted .

“Let’s do it!”

Greg placed his hands on Carols alabaster hips. Helen
eyes were afire with lust. Carol’s was shaking her hips
in lusty expectation. Greg was stretching out the
suspense. Helen was kneeing next to Carol. She took
Greg’s cock in her hand. Then bent over and started to
blow him.

After a couple of slurps, she took Greg’s cock and
positioned it at the entranced to carols pussy. Helen
rubbed the throbbing dick head against Carols quivering
pussy. Carol was getting impatient. Then Helen made her
move. She quickly positioned Greg cock at carols rectum
and pushed against Greg’s ass. Greg instantly sunk
balls deep into his step mom’s sphincter.

Carol whole body went rigid at the phallic invader.
Then she started to get into it. Ass fucking was
something new to carol. She liked it. The were
beginning to develop a rhythm. Helen sat down in front
of Carol. Offering her pussy to Carol. She accepted the

Carol bought a single finger up to Helen snatch and
slipped it in between her pussy lips. Then a second
finger, and a third, then a forth. And with a small
squeal from Helen. Carol slipped her entire hand into
Helen’s pussy. Then the real fucking began.

Greg was drilling into his step mom’s rectum, for all
he was worth. Carol was fist fucking Helen like a
demon. Their moans and groans echoed off of the high
fence. Then Greg felt that familiar stirring in his
balls. He knew he was close.

Helen was a quivering mass of orgasmic flesh. Helen
gently removed her hand from Helen’s pussy as Helen
collapsed in exhaustion. Now she was directing all of
her sexual energy at her step son.

“I’m close.” Greg whispered.

“Pull it out. I want to take this load in my mouth.”
The thought of taking his cock which had just been in
his step mom’s asshole and shoving down her thought
ignited a fire storm in his libido. He was sure he
could feel his cock grow another inch. He pulled out of
her widely stretched asshole. He had so thoroughly
reamed he that her asshole was still a gapping hole as
he pulled out.

Carol turned around and pushed Greg, onto his back.
Then she grabbed his pulsating cock and took it in her
mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, paying
special attention head. Greg struggled to hold on back
Carol’s fucking tongue was just too much.

Just a tiny leak came out of his cock head. Carol took
this as a sign. She quickly put his cock into her mouth
and continued to jack him off with her lips. He shot a
load like none other, into her mouth. She took one of
her hands and started to jack him off with that.

Greg was sure he had shot about a quart of come into
step mom’s waiting gullet. He just kept coming and
coming. Eventually some of his load started to leak out
of his mouth. She swallowed what she had in her mouth
and then went after the stray strands with her tongue.

As the last drop of come drizzled from his dick. His
cock shrank back to its boyish length. Carol sat back
on her haunches. Then she moved over next to Greg; and
put his exhausted arm around her shoulders. Helen had
begun to stir. She sat down next to Carol and rested
her head in Carol’s lap. Then she said.

“So what are you two doing tomorrow night?”

The end

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