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Bus ride

Last Wednesday I had to use the bus for the first time in about 10 years. it was cold and wet so I wasn’t in a very good mood waiting around on the bus stop for nearly ten minutes.
Still the bus eventually turned up and as I had imagined, it was very full, there were people standing and all of the windows were steamed up. I spotted a space at the back and headed for it. It was one of those seats that face the back and there were people opposite me as well as behind me. After about 20 minutes the passengers started thinning out and the bloke beside me got off. I made myself more comfortable and moved next to the window with my knee on the seat. a few stops later the schoolc***dren that had been on the back seat also got off. I was looking around and thinking to myself that this journey was endless when I spotted the neck of somebody sat with their back to me. admittedly I hadn’t had any sex for maybe 2 months but I don’t know what came over me I had to touch that neck. I didn’t want to but the next thing I saw was my hand stretching out and gently stroking the neck just below the ear.
I snatched my hand back guiltily not knowing if my gentle caress had been felt, instantly the man glanced around and I am sure that my face changed colour, I don’t know whether to red or white and when he stood up I was sure that it turned white. He was big and had obviously been working all day and he came towards me as if he was about to punch me, but instead of punching me he sat down.
Still neither of us spoke as he put his hand on my knee and half smiled. The colour returned to my cheeks as I decided “in for a penny in for a pound” and I put my hand on his leg moving it quickly upwards under his duffle coat, I touched his penis through his trousers and noticed its movement so I stroked it a little harder and felt it getting harder to my touch. I could feel my own hardness pushing against my jeans, especially as he leaned towards me opening his mouth. We locked in a hot probing kiss which seemed to last for ever and whilst I was stroking his pulsating penis I could feel his hands snapping open the buttons of my 501’s and holding my now rock hard penis firmly in his calloused hand. I too then opened and unzipped his jeans and took his large hot testicles in my hand gently squeezing them and stroking his long hard penis. We pulled away from the kiss and I looked around the bus, there were only 6 or 7 people on the bus by now and none of them were looking around. I looked him in the face and this time it was me that smiled and I bowed my head into his lap and planted a light kiss onto the end of his penis which twitched again as if in recognition, I passed my tongue all around the top of his now bulbous organ and I felt him let go of my penis and use his hands to help him wriggle his jeans down below his bum and properly free his penis and testicles. By now I had nearly all of his penis in my mouth and whilst one hand caressed his testicles the other felt under him and I started to stroke his bottom, he by this time had his hand back on my penis and was slowly stroking it, as I was playing with his buttocks he moved around so that my hand was nearer to his hole, I inserted my middle finger whilst playing about with the outside of his hole with my other two middle fingers. I felt his hole loosening and moistening and very quickly felt his whole body involuntarily joining in with the rhythm of my hand on his hole, this was quickly followed by a twitching of his penis and I felt a gushing as my mouth filled with his semen. I swallowed it all and finished cleaning his penis with my tongue and turned my head to him before smiling again, he smiled back and went to stand and I thought to myself “just in time” as I thought he would pull up his jeans and get off, but he wasn’t finished yet, he moved onto my lap putting his hand under him to guide my aching penis into his by now lubricated hole. It was lubricated but not very(only naturally)and as he sat right down on me he took all of my 8 inches in one go, it was very tight and the dryness created a burning sensation, by now I had thrown caution to the wind and was kissing the neck that had attracted me in the first place whilst the both of us ground away and very soon I was shooting my full load into him. As I got smaller inside him he stood, pulled up his jeans and sat down again. Neither of us spoke and I also closed my jeans as we sat in silence. Three stops later he turned to me again and smiled then stood and walked down the bus.

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