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Business meeting

I am a 26 years old man, average, 180cm high, black short hair and beard.
It all started when I purchased a new anal plug, it is one with 3 balls with different sizes and an interesting base, good for a long term use.
I was really exited by it and told my dear friend about it, I showed her the item she found it beautiful and then she said that my first time with it should be special, her kind of special.
I should wait until I had to attend to an important meeting like a business meeting.
To attend the meeting I should wear my new but plug, a pair of thongs, but a really tight ones, that would make some nice VPL, a nice bra, garter and stockings. On top of that I should wear a white shirt and a suit of my choice.
So I got the meeting, it was a “sales” visit, at a company that would never hire my services, it was a perfect chance! All dressed up, with all black lingerie and my plug, on top of all that I was wearing a 2 piece suit and white shirt.
It was no mystery I was wearing a kinky lingerie under the suit, I could see it all through my clothing. My friend said I looked perfect then she drove me to the company to make sure I was actually going to attend the meeting.
As I stepped out of the car my heart was pounding so fast and loud I could hear it, I felt ashamed, frightened and extremely aroused.
I entered the building and everything just stopped, a dead silence and a lot of people that just glanced at me in a reflex were taking a second look to be sure, I could feel all the looks piercing my skin as I walked to the front desk, with each step the plug stuck in my anus moved about and pounded my g-spot.
I greeted the receptionist and introduced myself, asked her for the people I should meet with a gentle smile she made same calls but I could see her eyes fixing at my chest, trying to identify a dark shadow that would be my black bra. She asked my to take the elevator up and wile I waited for the machine to arrive I could see, at a metallic wall, the reflection of people looking at me and whispering with others, I found a comfortable position to stand but I could feel something running down my balls, I was petrified, the last thing I needed was a precum stain on my pants.
I entered the elevator, there was a mirror, I was relieved there were no wet sports on my pants and I was momentarily free to breathe a little, but a few seconds later the door opened and a young man, in his 20s, greeted me and showed me to the meeting room.
As I walked through those corridors with glass walls I could see some eyes spotting me and that adrenaline rush came back, my heart was screaming and I barely could breathe.
Apart of me, there were three people at the meeting room, two women and the young man that greeted me. One of the woman is a tall beautiful person, in her late 30s with an amazing body, the other is in her early 30s, short and curvy.
As I entered the room, the tall woman greeted me and apologized for the broken air conditioner, I greeted her and we began the introductions.
Ten minutes in the meeting everything was getting worse, my penis was hurting inside those tight panties, my heart was beating faster than ever, I could not sit straight as the plug in my anus would move and jerk my g-spot, It was hot as hell and I was sure, now, that there was a huge wet spot on my pants caused by all the precum running out of me.
The young man asked me If I was fine, he said I looked feverish and pointed out I was seating a lot, the tall woman offered me water and suggested I took of my jacket. I tanked her for the water but kept my jacket on.
A few minutes later I could feel the wetness on my clothes, as I turned to the younger woman, she had a weird look in her eyes, like she was watching a crime happening. I looked down and I could see part of my white shirt had just become transparent from the sweat and I could clearly see the bra I was wearing, I was petrified. Everything become a silent slow motion movie, my head was a mess, I could not think straight and in that thoughtless moment I strip of my jacket revealing a white wet shirt and a black bra.
The tree people in the room just became silent for a second then the tall lady started saying something about their clients, she asked for younger girl to fetch some paper work and the boy for some brochures, as they left the room she could not hold in any more words and just asked: “Are you wearing a Bra?”
Everything was so fast, I was a little stunned but managed a shy “yes”.
Then she suddenly stand up so she could have a better look, then she asked “Are you aroused? Is that a boner?”
I replied another shy “yes”, in my mind I could not believe this was happening, but at the same time I was so ashamed I was thinking how could I gat of that place the fastest.
Thant, in a serious and much more deep voice, she ordered me to stand. I was frightened, aroused and ashamed, just like a shy stray cat, I slowly did.
My hard penis was almost ripping open the zipper on my pants, I was wet but not as wet as the front of my pants.
“What is this?” She asked. Then with a sudden movement she reached for my pants and ran her hands on the part that was wet from precum, she smelled it and in a shocked voice she asked “Is this CUM!?”
I was looking down and had no strengths to say another word, I could feel tears coming out of my eyes.
She crunched, looked into my eyes and sais with that frightening deep serious voice again “Strip.”
I said no, but she insisted, she said I was to show her or to the entire building, I refused than she almost screamed “STRIP NOW”, so I did.
There I was, In sexy lingerie, with a but plug in my anus, being watched by a complete stranger, I was scared, ashamed, aroused, exhilarated.
She ordered me to pick up my clothes and stand at the corner of the room, facing the wall. As I bend down to pick up my pants, she gasped, “What is this in your asshole?” I looked at her, she was covering her mouth with her hand and almost laughing, so I answered: “It is a Plug.”
She had a grim look on her face, she ordered me to put all my things on the table, and face the tall.
I her some noises, then some silence, I would not dare to look back so I was trying to figure out what was happening, then a heard a door opening and closing. My heart stopped for a second, I was afraid to look back, but I was petrified that someone else would be there.
A asked “Who is there?”
There was no answer, so I did again and again no answer.
I slowly turned my head, just enough to have a look and the room was empty.
On the table all my things, packed and ready to go but no clothing. At the top of everything a note: “We are not interested, find your way out, I will call security in 15 minutes.”
I looked around the room for anything that I could cover with, but there was no use I had to go that way.
I slowly stepped out of the room, looked at the corridor and I was empty.
I walked to the elevator trying to hide myself but no one was at sight so I ran to the elevator, the but-plug in my anus was dancing and pressing my prostate, I was almost cuming, I could feel that sensation all over my penis, but I could hold in, I had to flee.
As I turned left at the last corner, thinking about my next step, after the elevator then I looked up and saw everyone gathered there, at the reception area in front of the elevators. I was running, so when I managed to stop, I was at the middle of the entrance were everyone could see me. The tall woman that was saying something to everyone immediately stopped and everyone looked at me. I was shocked, I instantly felt cold and warm, shame, arousal, fear, exhilaration all in less than a second and after all that, I came.
I could feel that warm milk coming out of the tip of my hard penis, I felt it soaking my panties and running down my legs. My legs gave up, I fell on the floor trembling, exhausted and everyone was shocked at the sight of that man wearing lingerie coming in front of them.
A few seconds later, the tall woman handed me my clothes and said, “Get out.”
I summoned strength from my core to get up and rush in the elevator, on the way down I put on my clothes and ran out the building and into the street.
My friend was waiting me in the car, she looked at my face and said: “O my god, was it that good?”.
I replied the happiest “yes” of my life.

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