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I was in that misty place between slumber and full consciousness. I knew it was early morning and the memories of last night had me aroused back to complete stiffness. I was laying on my belly, my cock pressed hard on the soft comforter. I felt two hands spreading my ass apart and a wet tongue lick my hole. It was quickly replaced by a finger. The tongue again and then the finger. Then it turned into fingers massaging my prostate and opening my man cunt for an eventual pleasure probe. But that’s not where this story starts.
Last night I slipped away to a bar; more like a club. It was the only gay bar in town. I escaped while my wife was at her s****rs. I thought it was the perfect time to let my “Freak Flag” fly. I never get away. I’m extremely kinky, a fact lost on my wife, Michelle. She is so vanilla. She absolutely lost her mind when her son Michael, my stepson, came out of the closet after his 18th birthday. She never knew about my little excursions to the local adult movie store for sucking and fucking in the booths. It was a rare treat but I loved getting fucked by a couple of guys while I got my fill of cum sucking at a glory hole adjacent to my favorite movie room.
Back to the bar. I was feeling pretty comfortable and was scoping out a couple of easy fucks trying to guess who was the top and where I could get my fill of cock. I became a little to complacent and lost in the rhythm of the music and the smell of the beer. I had the urge to hit the Jon but had the weird feeling I was being watched. Easing myself off the bar stool, I stepped towards the bathroom at the end of the bar. As I stepped through the door, the smell of piss, man sex and sweet seed wafted in the air and heightened my senses driving me sex crazy. To my left was a small sink followed by two urinals and a wooden stall. Against the wall to the right was a guy playing pocket pool watching a guy sucking cock in the stall. I moved to the farthest urinal while trying to restrain myself and not drop my pants and get my dick serviced. I had more in mind for my man clit. I released my semi hard cock and focused on pouring my golden load into the white porcelain piss pot. I heard the door open but really didn’t pay attention to who came in. He straddled the urinal to my left and I looked at his tool still trying to keep my head from swimming away with lust. His build and clothes seemed familiar and I drifted up to see him staring at me with his dick in his hand.
“Busted”, he said. It was my stepson, Michael. Oh shit, I thought. For a brief moment I tried to think of some excuse why a had a growing cock in my hand in a gay bar bathroom. Nothing came to mind. “Wait”, I thought, “I’m an adult”. So what if I’m here. But this was my stepson. I felt a rush of fear come over me. “So you caught me doing what?” I asked. “You’re cruising for cock.” he said. The sound of his voice speaking truths sent a shiver down my spine and yet I was completely turned on. There was no denying I wanted some cock now. I was harder than Chinese algebra. He stood in front of me with his dick in his right hand, slowly moving it back and forth. “What are you going to do?” I asked. “Tell Mom if you don’t play along. I can tell that isn’t going to be a problem.” He reached forward and started petting my stick with his left hand. He pulled me me close by my hard lust rod and licked my neck nibbling my ear and pumping both our tools in some new found rhythm.
“Oh Michael. Wait. I’m not sure about this.” I remember fantasizing about him when he was younger but never acted on it. I’m not gay but I love rough man sex from time to time. Michael, however, has never had a girlfriend and was a little shy in public. This attitude from him, this forwardness, was shocking and very sexy. He bent over in front of me and swallowed my swollen member. I nearly lost my mind. I began for buck my dick into his mouth. I was overcome with desire and lust. “This wasn’t going to take long”, I thought. But he stopped. He was holding his piston in his hand and it was beautiful. He went to the stall door, me in tow, and, with a commanding voice, said, “out”. The two guys who occupied the stall quickly zipped up and left the washroom. The lurker against the wall didn’t move. Michael grabbed my hand and led me into the stall. He face me towards the door and sat on the toilet. Pulling my pants below my knees, he f***ed me over until I was bent in half. He proceeded to eat my ass, flicking his tongue greedily into my wanting man pussy. Then, without warning, He stood behind me and filled my whole with his dick. He eased it in but didn’t stop when I jumped. Once he had buried the shaft completely in my ass, he began a slow thrusting fuck into my tight fuck hole. It was controlled at first and then became faster and more intense. The voyeur against the wall moved forward and put his cock in my face. At first I was shocked; somewhat taken aback. But for some strange reason I opened my mouth and inhaled his waiting cock. I was completely gone with passion. I sucked his dick like I intended on keeping it forever. Meanwhile, Michael’s thrust became faster and harder; deeper into me. The steady slapping of his balls against mine was driving me wild. I had softened a little to semi-hard but no less turned on by what was happening at that moment. I knew I would last long with the assault on my man cunt.
Suddenly, The lurker began to thrust and fuck my face. I knew I was about to get my reward. Then it happened. He shoved his rod into my throat and I could feel his love juice hit the back of my tonsils. I thought I was going to choke but I ate every wiggly little cum drop as he continued to slam his tool into my mouth.
Michael started his own thrusts of orgasm and I felt him shiver and shake his seed off in my ass. I was being bred like a bitch and I was loving it. I shot cum on the floor and into my underwear now around my ankles like a hobble on an old stallion.
As everyone calmed there was licking and kissing. The stranger fell out of my mouth and he quickly left me and Michael attached in the stall. And then Michael slipped softly out of my ass. I felt his juice slide down my inner thighs as I bent over to pull my wet underwear and my jeans up over my waist. Michael spun me around and kissed me deeply.
“I have some friends at a table in the club area. I’m going to get them and then we are all coming to your place. You are my bitch now, Dad.” Honestly, I couldn’t wait. (To be continued after I get some cock in my ass and not before.)

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