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Camp 2

Things between Traci and I continued to heat up as the summer was ending. The last camp was in session when Traci confessed her mixed feelings for me and her fiancée. She had decided to tell me in bed while I was slowly going deep inside her. My mind was racing …. I didn’t want to stop having sex but I didn’t want to lie to Traci as she stared longingly at me. I did have feelings for her too but just not as strong. I reluctantly stopped moving but left my cock inside her. Traci’s chest was heaving with anticipation. I paused even longer worried that my words were hurt her. I decided to tell the truth. I told Traci I did have strong feelings for her but with me going off to college and her still being engaged I was uncertain about our future together. Traci began to cry. I moved out from between her legs and pulled her into my arms. I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. She cried then sobbed for several minutes….it felt like an eternity. When she finished, I asked if she wanted me to stay. Traci didn’t say a word and just squeezed me. We held each other until we both fell asl**p.

I awoke from a terrible nightmare covered in sweat. It seemed to pour out of me. The bed was soaked and Traci woke from the intense heat my body was radiating. I could never recall the dream except something bad happened. Traci had gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom. I watched her chubby backside walk away and thought how I liked the way it looked. Traci called from the bathroom and asked me to change the sheets. I jumped out and ripped the covers off. It was almost 3am when we put the bed back together. I had washed up in the bathroom afterwards. I remember looking into the mirror just before returning to bed asking myself how I felt about Traci.

It was very dark as I felt my way into the bed. I got under the covers and Traci snuggled up beside me. It was an amazing feeling being with her. I felt warm, at peace and it just seemed right. I had my arm under her neck and Traci had an arm around my waist. Then without hesitation, I told Traci “I love you” very softly before kissing the top of her head. She looked up at me with huge starry eyes and we started kissing. The kissing wasn’t aggressive but sweet and gentle. She moved on top of me. It was intense just looking into each other’s eyes as Traci reached down taking my cock and then lowering herself onto me. I can’t explain how it happened so fast but it felt really good being connected. Traci felt so warm and full as she grinded down on me. Her body shuttered and then relaxed. I felt relaxed too. She just sat on me rubbing my chest and I had my hands on her thick hips. Without warning before I could react to pull out, I shot my cum hard up into her. I panicked and tried to move but felt this crushing wave of weakness over me. My body twitched and jerked as I kept cumming. Traci just pressed herself down on me. I had never cum so much in my life. It must of been like 7 or 8 good sized loads I spewed up into her. As soon as I finished, Traci laid down on top of me and we kissed long and soft. I got really tired and soon fell asl**p with Traci on top of me.

Traci and I were abruptly woken up by pounding on her cabin door. It was Karen. We heard her using keys to unlock the door. I quickly jumped out of bed scrambling to find my clothes. Karen burst into the bedroom. I had just pulled up my underwear, Traci had jumped back into bed using the covers to hide her naked body. Karen looked pissed and was stunned. She overlooked me and ordered Traci to get dressed and down to the main building for breakfast. We had overslept and the camp k**s were waiting for food. Traci looked pale as she pulled the covers with her to the dresser. Karen just stood there watching her. I put my shorts on and shirt. I waited until Traci got dressed before leaving. Traci took off for the main building and I went back to my cabin. Karen stormed off after Traci.

I quickly changed shirts and went to clean the pool and check the pH balance. I had my back away from the main building and didn’t see Karen come up from behind. When she spoke I jumped. I figured I was in for hell. Instead Karen’s voice was calm. She wanted me to check hut number four about flickering lights first then asked to check the tethering on the rock climbing wall. She turned after I said sure and walked off. I really wanted to talk to Traci but she was busy with the k**s.

The day seemed to drag on. As soon as I finished up with one thing Karen would hunt me down for another task. It was after supper when I got to the main building. Everyone had finished eating and I put together a sandwich before helping clean up. Traci was outside walking around the pool as the k**s were swimming. I was in the back putting water into the mop bucket when Karen confronted me about Traci. She asked how long Track and I had been seeing each other. Karen then reminded me that Traci was engaged and how awful a person I was. She made me feel shitty. I felt shame and couldn’t make solid eye contact. Karen told me to come to her house after I finished cleaning.

I took my time in the hope Karen would not be up by the time I got there. I was heading up to Karen’s when Traci walked over to me. She grabbed my hand and the k**s made several oohs and giggled. We talked a little before I informed Traci I was going to Karen’s house. Traci asked if I’d be over later and I said I would try. Traci gave me a hug which was followed by more giggling from the k**s.

I reached Karen’s front door and before i could knock she opened the door. Karen must of just gotten out of the shower. She had a towel wrapped around her and a towel on her head. She let me in and told me to have a seat in the kitchen. I sat down as Karen went to the bedroom. I heard her blow-drying her hair. Then Karen back still just wearing the towel. She strutted behind me and lightly touched my shoulder. She walked over to a chair, pulled it out, turned it around in front of me and sat down straddling it. Karen knew what she was doing. She smiled and waited while stared down at the open towel that showcased her completely shaved clit. I really tried not to look but it was right there in front of me. Karen moved her legs, fanning them. Her towel loosened at the top and fell to the floor. Karen smirked and got straight to it. She asked how Traci was. I wasn’t comfortable talking about it and f***ed myself to look everywhere but at Karen. She stood up, stood in front of me. She placed both hands on my legs, leaning over she asked again more slowly ” how was Traci?”

I was getting turned on and I hated myself for it. Karen messed my hair up and then put her mouth close to my ear. She whispered “bet I was better” then she bit my ear. I yanked away and stood up. I felt bl**d from ear and looked down at my hand. I was ticked! Karen seemed amused by it. I called her a crazy bitch and moved for the door. Karen jumped in front of me. I tried to grab the door but Karen blocked it with her body. I demanded to leave still clutching my ear. Karen then threatened to tell Traci about us. I had never told her about Karen and I out of fear. Then for no reason, Karen moved away and opened the door telling me to leave. As I walked by her she scratched my face with her fingernails. Once again, she drew bl**d. I ran to my cabin and took a shower. I tried cover up the marks with bandages.

But as soon as I got to Traci’s, she just stood there looking at me with an empty stare. My heart sank as Traci asked about Karen and I. I tried to play clueless and asked what about her? Then Karen appeared from the living room. She was still wearing the towel but there were scratches all over her arms and face. Traci asked how I got the scratches on my face. I told her Karen did it. The Traci asked why I did it. I said what did I do? I heard sirens coming from up the road. I tried to explain myself but Traci shut the door on me.

I was put in handcuffs and hauled off by the sheriff. I spent the night in jail and was bailed out by my parents. Karen dropped the charges stating it was just a misunderstanding. I never got paid that summer, I never ended up going to college and I never heard from Traci again.

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