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Cant get this out of my head

Inspired by conversations with a *friend*

Laying in my bed tonight, the flash back comes.
It was warm, to warm for a blanket.
The sheet that had been fresh and cool now pooled around my hips.
I lay on my stomach. Face turned, left arm bent upward so my had rest next to my pillow, my other hand in under me on my stomach.
He opened the door.
He came in.
Closed it.
Locked it.
Roughly nudged my feet apart, falling to his knees behind me and buried his face in my pussy and ass.
He slurped me, licked me, nibbled at my inner thighs.
He holds me down and digs his grip into my skin
I braced my hands against the wall and he pulled down my lacy panties.
His lips were practically suction cupped around my clitoris, and his hands dug painfully, but pleasingly, into my ribs.
Three fingers wiggled their way into me, his tongue explored….
God his tongue…years my senior and the most talented mouth I’ve ever met.
He leans back pulling me to him. sliding his callused hand under my loose t-shirt, one up under my arm the other down over my shoulder.
caressing and pinching my breast
His mouth m*****s my neck.
I reach back for him, wanting to consume him as much as he is me, but he shoves me against the wall pulling my hair and griping my throat he pillages my mouth with his
His hands part my damp thighs. I was so embarrassingly wet and he fingers me again…
My body began to tremble and tingle… and I cum like I can’t stop I leaned breathlessly against the wall and he got up smacked me lightly on the ass and said to me

“My wife hates it when I do this…goddamn the noises you make drive me insane.”

He gave a harsh parting bite to my thigh….

“See you in class. Don’t be late.” and wiped his mouth, then licked his fingers.

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