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Casual Love Affair….(Ts Love Pt.1)

As I go about my day, Clients coming in and out. Tips and winking eyes from women who assume themselves to cougars, I take my break and make my way from the spa to get some lunch and non-aroma therapy scented air. Sitting at my usual table at my usual cafe near the beach, I sit and think about how most guys would to be in position. Massaging nearly nude and for the most part, beautiful women and getting paid to do so. But i find myself needing….more. That’s when you walk in. Tall, curvy, sun kissed skin, and a smile that could cause the blind to become aroused. I try not to stare, but the vibe your giving off is just too strong to avoid. I finish my tea, check my breath, and walk over, pretending to be interested in whatever baked goods you seem to have your eye on. I throw out a “Good Afternoon” and casually keep walking, hoping you’ll take my bait. You turn, smile and give a slight acknowledging head nod. “Ehh, Good Enough.” I say to myself. As im struggling to come up with some meaningless general conversation starter, you turn and ask me what I would recommend. The male in me obviously wants to say “My lips between your thighs.” But the man in me replies, you smile, and I walk with you to the counter. After you’ve made your choices, I invite you over to my table. We introduce ourselves, and as Im watching you speak, your lips moving against one another hypothesizes me. I find myself losing all track of what your saying as I feel myself glancing your upper body up and down, meanwhile, my dick is nearly knocking on the bottom of the table. Thankfully, I hear you say “My lower back has been killing me lately, I think i sit wrong at work.” PERFECT. I tell you im a masseuse and my job is right across the way, I offer to comp you a 20 min massage, you smile, accept, and say you’ll be right over. You stand to give me a friendly hug and tell me you’ll see me later, and without thinking about it, I stand too. I see you casually glance down, and before i can think of adjusting the clearly visible bulge in my scrubs, you smile. You give me the hug, and for a moment, i swear i feel your hand brush against me and a slight moan with a smile. I rush back to work, clear my schedule and wait for you. You come in, looking just as amazing as before, I introduce myself again, as if we haven’t met before and walk you to my room. I ask you to undress and lay on the table, d**** the cover over your hips and legs and give me shout when your ready. I walk in and see you, laying on the table, skin begging to be given attention…………. To Be Continued

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:08 pm

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