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In love with mom

EditDeleteSissy187’s Blog Trying on mom’s dirty Panties part 1 From the first time I fished out a pair of moms dirty panties an tryed them on ,almost 40 years ago, that’s when it began for me about 1976 ? I lock myself in the bathroom An pulled out a pair of moms dirty panties out […]

Halloween: The Book

Halloween Two, 10/10/2016: The Book Abergale threw her coat over the back of her regular seat at the library next to the window directly opposite the storage heater which for some reason was always on and pumped out huge amounts of heat year round. She sat down heavily in the seat and placed her head […]

Abergales Halloween: One

Abergale’s Halloween Halloween One, 3/10/2016: The Ritual Abergale sat in front of her computer. Apart from the harsh white light of the screen and the contrasting soft red glow from the keyboard the room was in total blackness. As she read the Wikipedia entry on the occult she quickly skipped down the page till she […]

My wife’s piss

My ever increasing obsession with my eyes wife peeing probably started nearly 15 years ago while on holiday in Greece. We’d taken a pedal boat out into the bay and she got caught desperately needing a pee. With nothing else to do she discreetly parted her legs , pulled her swimsuit aside and let her […]

Wife at the cum party

Hi, I’m Jason and I would prefer to use this outlet to describe what has happened in my life, especially with my sex life with regards to my wife Beth. I wrote one previous story about what happened last year at my wife’s college reunion (see “Her Bad College Days”). Since that weekend, I have […]

Zack & Julie

It wasn’t fair. My mother had all the luck. Newly divorced from “daddy number 4” she married someone fifteen years younger than her. My new step-father was only nine years older than me, and was very hot. My father had died when I was just a little girl and I had gone through a bunch […]


Caught!!!! =========================== When Beth walked into the room and I was standing there rubbing my cock with her panties, I thought I was dead. I thought my wife Tina had taken our son and his new bride to go get some food while I fixed a door in the closet. It had taken me two […]


I am a depraved individual; there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck my stepson. I had been married to his father since he was f******n (almost four years); he was just starting to fill out; I had caught glimpses of him getting out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. I’d try […]

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