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Jeremy and I have been friends since elementary school. We were both frequent targets for bullies so it seemed natural that we’d become friends. He was a shy, skinny k** with sandy blond hair that fell around his shoulders and he never spoke about girls. I was too naive and inexperienced at the time to […]


My name is Kirk. I have four buddies that I’ve known since the first grade. They’re Bill, Cal, Daryl, and Eric. They were quite a crew as we grew up together. At the time, you couldn’t ask for a better set of friends to bum around with. They got a bit rowdy at times, but […]


African Terms for Same-Sex Patterns* kimbanda, diviners; esenge (pl. omasenge), man possessed by female spirit; eshengi (pl. ovashengi), “he who is approached from behind” —Ambo/Ovambo (Wanyama) wändarwäräd, “male-female” wändawände,”mannish women” —Amhara (Amharic) jigele ketön, reciprocal anal intercourse —Bafia (Fia) mzili (pl., inzili); buyazi —Bagishu/Bageshu, Gisu kitesha (pl. bitesha), male and female —Bala/Basongye/Ba-songe/Songe mokobo, tongo, sterile […]

Darren the Lodger.

One evening just me and Darren went out without my wife, we had a great evening both getting a little d***k and Darren introducing me to some of his young girlfriends. Later that evening and we were nearing time to calling it a night, he asked me what i thought of the girls we meet……..”Lovely” […]


This is a story of one of the times I was busted masterbating. I was in the 10th grade at the time. I woke up that morning as always, with a raging hard-on. I rub one off before getting ready for school. By the time second period rolled around I was hard again. Mainly because […]

Buddy Fuck

Andrea worked for an economic development company that traveled with business leaders to different cities to entice companies to move to our city. On one of these trips she was with two fellows who we actually knew pretty well. Andrea and these guys had done these trips before and always had a great time. They […]

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