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Flexible S****r part 3

Flexible $i$ter – This is the third part – check out the other chapters on my profile. This story will make more sense if you do. Susan has just walked in on her best friend and her friend’s br0ther having sex… ****************************************************************************************** Susan’s face melted from complete astonishment to a sinful smile in just a […]

Happy birthday Angie

She was so nervous she could hardly contain herself as her parents got ready to go out. They felt safe leaving her home by herself, now, since she had Davey to protect her. Just a few days before, Angie wouldn’t have even dreamed of the things currently running through her mind. The difference between then […]

Jenny, Mum and Dad.

Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part One. Jenny could not resist her mother’s invitation to come and spend some time with her parents for the summer break. They had just finished installing a new swimming pool and spa in their backyard and the landscaping should be finished by the time she arrives. She works and lives […]

The bully part 1

A fantasy. “WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?” Mrs Claire Davis screamed in horror after seeing her son. Her son John was beat up so badly all over and his shirt was wet. Claire was never aware of her son getting bullied in school until this day. John proceeded to tell her everything in detail. He told […]

Neighbor in Need I have a buddy whose wife has always caught my eye and a few months ago he told me she was wearing him out. I laughed at him and told him that was what he got for marrying a girl ten years his junior!! He corrected me as he always does and said it […]

Our Little Game

I’ve known Tablitha, or Tabby as I affectionately dubbed her, since we were in high school. She was the new girl and completely wild and crazy! We clicked right from the get go. I look back on those days like they’re yesterday. Hmm, more like 15 years ago at least. I’ve lost count. She and […]

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