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Her Duty

Her Duty My mother always told me to be obliging and submissive before the men in my life. “Their lives and ours are too different to understand each other. You’ll make a better man of your husband if you are his wife, mother, nurse, and teacher, all at once. And the same for your sons […]


Insemination “This is your last chance,” Mazie said. Mazie was my best friend. Her son, Terry was the same age as my son, Danny. “You tell me the same thing every month,” I said as I poured her another cup of coffee. “Some month it’s gonna be true. If it already isn’t true.” “What are […]


My BBW My father left my mother when I was quite young. After their divorce, my mother dedicated herself to raising me, her only son. She never dated; she only worked and supported me. After I graduated from high school and began college I worried about her future health. She was in her mid-forties, overweight, […]

City Folk

I have not been in town long. I moved out here from the Great Plains… Kansas… A very backwater place where the biggest thing that ever happens is a beer keg and cow-pie bingo. If you don’t know what that is, you are better off not knowing. Any way, I moved here to the big […]

Anna’s Mom

Anna and I had been dating for some time. She is the s****r of my best friend, Dean. We have some classes together at school and went thru puberty together. We both had our first sex with together. It took a long time to get her to that stage. We started out just kissing, then […]

Demon Dream

Last Saturday night, I brought a guy home, looking to get fucked. Turned out he was a wimp: when I said “no,” he actually took me seriously and stopped! Jesus! Whatever happened to men????? After he left, I was frustrated, my body on fire with the need for cock. Before wimping out, he had fondled […]

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