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my mom part 2

After watching Stephen fuck my mother I was so fucking horny luckily I had the knickers that Stephen spunked in earlier so I grabbed my cock and start rubbing it where his juicey bellend spunked and my mothers filthy cunt was I shot so much spunk over them which made it more fun to lick […]

Housewife Prostitutes

” I find it secretly exciting to think that a very respectable looking housewife like me could be doing something like this.” From an e-mail account Although accurate statistics are impossible, there is evidence that that a growing number of middle-class housewives are secretly working as prostitutes. Many do it for the age-old motivation of […]

Day Three

Mom started yelling at me again as we walked through the back door. Steve told my mom that everything was okay. “We took her friend home, then I wanted to go see the city lights. I used to love going to the city, when I was a k**.” Steve told her. Mom said she was […]

Mikey’s Mom

Mikey thinks we have been friends for a very long time. I’m not sure why he thinks we’re friends really. I’m always making fun of him, telling him what to do, and talking about how much of a MILF his big tit mom is. Yet he puts up with all of it and doesn’t even […]

Horrible mom

My best friend, Steve had a difficult time at home since his parents got divorced. He had decided to stay with his mother, Carrie because she had been very depressed when her hubby moved out. Steve was afraid that she was not going to handle it if he moved with his father. The divorce had […]

Surprise Party

Husband discovers wife’s affair & plans a surprise. The first time I suspected my wife of being unfaithful was after my son Matt’s 13th birthday. I picked up the pictures from the d**g store on my way home from work. Julie wasn’t home yet so I sat and looked through the pictures. What a great […]

Mrs. Andrews part 1

Mrs. Andrews was the wife of a real obnoxious jerk that Kyle and I worked with. We’d met her different times at company functions and wondered how her and her husband ever ended up together. We were all getting into our 40’s now, but he had really gone soft, while she still looked sexy even […]

Hockey mom

This happened 2 years ago, and another true story. 100% true I’ve know Liz and Ted (Not there real names) for at least 7 years I think. our youngest boys go to school together and have played hockey together for sometime. Liz is 5.9 with blond hair brownish green eyes full figure large fake tits […]

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