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Another aunt

It was a f****y dinner at this aunt place, about 20 guests there. I was 26yo, she was 58yo aunt of my wife. She was in the kitchen busy with the cooking and I was outside helping her husband with the bbq. Her husband asked me to get dishes for the meat and the bread […]

The Cafe Down the Road

Danny sat perched on the edge of his seat across from Alison, who was absentmindedly stirring sugar into her coffee. A soft murmur of voices surrounded them, people coughing and scrapping chairs, hanging damp coats on brass hooks or carefully laying dripping umbrellas down on the floor. The rain sizzled softly outside, hitting the pavement […]

Fun with mother-in-law

Fun with mother-in-law ——————————————————————————– My mother in law is 76 years old and has problems getting around so my wife is constantly asking me to drive her around so she can do everything that she needs to. Usually when she gets home she gives me a instant lottery ticket. One day she handed over the […]

Weekend at Dad’s

My parents divorced a few years ago. I decided to live with my mother and spend some weekends at my dad’s. Both my parents never talked much about why they divorced. I vaguely remember some arguments, but they never had any blow out fights. To me it seemed that my dad one day decided to […]

Addicted, more

After Wendy told me about how much she loved my huge cock and how she had fucked her stepb*****r after months of watching him masturbate at night, I could not get enough of her and she was so fucking horny all the time. She told me how lucky she was to find her dream cock! […]

Male harassement

Men can also be sexually harassed. I never thought about myself as sexy or special. When I started to work at a small company in our town with mostly women working there. First I did not think much about it, but after about a week I realized that all management positions were held by women. […]


My wife, Kathy, and her s****r, Linda was not very close, so I was surprised when I one day came home from work and found Linda sitting at our dining table with a bunch of suitcases next to her. Kathy told me that Linda would be staying with us for a bit, since she had […]

Mother-in-law fuck

Mother-in-law opportunity Sam noticed Jim had left the door open for him, and couldn’t resist going straight inside. He saw Wendy inside, spread out on the bed, deep asl**p. She was still wearing her party clothes…high heeled sandals, black stockings, a low cut halter dress that barely contained her tits. He stood inside the doorway, […]

Lake Trip

Best Friends Mom Trip to the lake Ok you all know the story of how I started to have sex with my best friend’s mom while I was in high school. Well this is another installment of that story line. It was summer and hot as always we have talked about going to the lake […]


We are, by my standards, a pretty average couple. We are in our late forties, both very attractive and successful, and have both been career driven throughout our lives. We have raised three beautiful c***dren, the youngest of which left home three years ago. My husband is a wonderful, kind man that I met shortly […]


The obsession with this woman is incurable. She is a widow and had been a widow for 14 years before the night of August 25, 2004. She is very attractive and a little plump but she does not have one line or wrinkle. She is 5’6″ tall with matronly 38 D cup tits that look […]

My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 3

I’m sorry for the wait of the third part I know you all have been waiting I have just been very busy lately here goes ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– it was the morning after a saw mom cum all over the dildo she was using, I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and mom was sat at the […]


My mom is a true hottie. She had me when she was sixteen, the result of a wild d***ken weekend with her friends. She was never sure who the father is. Anyway she is now thirty two, long blonde hair down to her dynamite ass, nice “D” cup tits, big blue eyes and a banging […]

Gym buddies

Every week I go down to my friend’s bar for a couple of beers and a catch up to moan about life, people, love and talk about any news we feel may be of interest. Recently I’d joined a gym with my mate, and 3 times a week we’d begrudgingly meet early morning to work […]

The Beach House

My friend Melanie had invited me to go use her parents beach house while her father and step mother were in Europe. I would spend the week and Melanie would join me for the weekend. The first few days I spent on the beach relaxing. On Thursday I woke up and started my daily ritual, […]

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