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As the hair brush lashed down on Vicky’s arse the pain was so bad, Vicky wanted to scream out loud with all her might.
Anna lashed her over and over till her arm grew weak.
Vicky’s whole arse was red raw and burning like hell. Vicky was whimpering and sobbing her cheeks swollen and tear stained.
She had almost chewed the used tampon to bits as Anna flailed her arse with the big wooden hair brush.
She lay over the desk sobbing her little heart out, as Anna sat on the bed panting for breath after her hard work.
Her hair tossed and her face almost as red as Vicky’s without the tears.

”Well b*****r in law is was that one of your fantasies about me, what I’ve just done to you. I bet you never imagined it would hurt so much did you sissy boy??”.
Vicky spat out the tampon and answered ” No Mistress Anna, not that much”.
”Now Vic I want you to stand up and sit on that hard chair and tell me more about your kinky perverted thoughts you have about me. I want to hear them all, while I’m making up my mind whether I tell Helen about your dirty little secret”.

Vicky rose and stood on very wobbly legs. She looked at the chair with it’s hard wooden top and stuttered out, ”Could I not stand here and tell you Mistress”.
”No you can not, sit on the fucking chair Vic and tell me more”.
Vicky moved to the chair, the thoughts of how it was going to feel to sit her burning stinging very sore arse on that chair were bringing more tears to her eyes. Vicky stood beside the chair waiting.

”Sit your sissy arse on the fucking chair Vic”
”Yes Mistress”.
Vicky lowered herself slowly onto the cold hard wood, she winced as her burning backside met the wood. She tried to ease herself down as softly as possible but the pain was so awful, she kept lifting her arse every time it came in contact with the wood.
Anna stood and walked over to her, placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down onto the seat.
Vicky moaned as her lashed arse sat fully on the chair. She began to move around a bit to try and ease the pain.
”Sit still you fucking little sissy and let the pain burn till it stops, trashing around like that will only make it worse, and I haven’t got all day to wait till you stop sobbing your sissy heart out”.
Vicky sat still even though the pain was so bad, like nothing she’d ever felt on her sissy arse before.
”Good now sissy boy tell more of your perverted fantasies about me”.
Vicky felt so ashamed as she sat there knowing that she was going to have to tell Anna everything. Anna would know if she was been lied to. Vicky sucked in air and began with her hung low to tell Anna the things that she’d imagined in her mind.

”Sometimes I imagine that you dress me in girly clothes, put a collar and lead on and bring me for walks,, like a little pet dog. You make get into the boot of the car and your drive to the woods. When we get there you take me out and lead along the paths by my lead. If we meet anyone you make me lift up my dress or skirt and show them my little clit dick. You ask them”, ”How does that look for an excuse for a cock”,
”I imagine them answering”, ”It’s a good job she has a dress on because that looks more like a clit than a cock”, ”Then you laugh at me making me blush bright red”.

” Holly fuck Vic you really are fucked in the head. Ok go on sissy boy tell me more”.
Vicky gulps and continues.
” I like to daydream about you putting a cock cage on my clity and hand cuffing me to your bed while you go out dancing and clubbing. Hoping that when you come home you will have been with a real man and that he will have filled your pussy with sperm, so that when you get back you will make me lick you clean, drinking your pussy juice and his cum mingled”.

”Vic that is so fucking disgusting, but it might be fun, it would save me having a shower when all I wanted to do was fall into bed and sl**p. Yes sissy boy you could clean my pussy while I dozed off to sl**p. Interesting thought. Ok then tell me more”.

Sitting on the chair had made Vicky’s arse numb and the pain wasn’t so bad now, also telling Anna her dirty little secrets was making her clit grow hard. Vicky decided that now that she’d started she was going to tell Anna everything and get it out no matter what she did afterwards. If she told Helen or not didn’t really matter anymore, Vicky knew her life would never be the same again after this day.

”I also like to imagine that when we’re in the woods going for walkies that you offer me to strangers to suck cock and swallow cum. I have to take as much cock into my sissy mouth as I can and swallow all that they shoot into it and then lick them clean, cock and balls”.

”Now that I would really like to see Vic, you on your knees sucking cock like a slut. More filthy details Vic”.

” I also like to imagine you bringing home men and you both fuck while I’m tied to a chair watching you. My little clit straining against the cage you put over it, leaking pre cum. When you two are finished you order me to lick you both clean, or if you’re feeling really horny, you make me suck him hard again so he can pleasure you again”.

”Oh my Vic you have one very fucked up little mind. It’s no wonder Helen goes out looking for real men to fuck her. With that thing you have between your legs she’d need to. I wonder have you ever licked the sperm form another man out of her pussy when she got home,,,. Well Vic have you????”.

”Yes I think I have, sometimes she tastes tangy when she lets me lick her”.

” Oh my poor little sissy boy, how bad must that make you feel. Knowing you cant pleasure her, but still licking another man’s cum out of her cunt”.
”I don’t mind, I like to try and pleasure her in whatever way I can”.

”She has hinted to me a few times that you were not the biggest tool in the box, but I never thought she’d make you clean up when she gets home. Ok so Vic lets see what you’ve got between your legs. Stand up sissy boy and pull my panties down. Oh that sounds weird, but get on with it I want to see, as you call it your clit dick”.
As Vicky stands Anna can see that whatever she has between her legs is rock hard straining against her panties pushing then out in a bulge.

”Ok Vic drop them”.
Vicky pushes her thumbs into both sides of the panties and pushes them down, her clity springs out, rock hard and Anna laughs.
”It’s seems very hard Vic, well I suppose it wouldn’t take much bl**d to fill that little thing, but I think it’s cute, sort of like a penis only smaller”.

Vicky stands before Anna filled with shame as she eyes up her little clity dick.
Anna moves closer and reaches for it and wraps her fingers round it holding it firmly.
Vicky’s breathing quickens and her heart pounds as Anna grips the little member.
Vicky whispers a very low ”Please”.

”Oh does the little sissy want me to want his little cock for him???”.
”Yes please Mistress Anna”.
”Yes Vic I am going to wank your little cock for you, but only because I want to see how quick you cum and how much a little cock like that spits out”.
Anna lets go of Vicky’s clit and orders her to lay on the bed.
Vicky lays down wincing once more from the pain in her very sore arse.
Anna sits beside her and takes her clity dick in right hand and begins to wank it off.
Vicky is moaning softly as Anna’s moves up and down, she’s been dreaming of this happening for so long and knows that she will soon cum.

”Feels strange having such a small cock in my hand, it’s making me feel like a c***d m*****er, like I’m wanking off a little boy”.
Vicky has her eyes closed as her clit is brought to orgasm.
Anna feels Vicky’s body tense and knows she about to cum, she points the little cock downwards and lets Vicky shoot into her other hand. Vicky’s little clit shoots out it’s load into Anna’s hand while Vicky moans and coos in pleasure, at last a dream cum true.
Anna milks her clit dry and squeezes every last drop into her hand, looking down she says,
” That wasn’t very much now was it Vic, do you always shoot so little or have you been pulling the guts out of yourself all day”.
Vicky doesn’t answer.
”Well I know you want to lick cum from my pussy, but now your going to take it from my hand, it’ll fulfil part of your dirty little fantasy”.
Anna offers her hand to Vicky and Vicky licks her cum from it, sucking and licking each finger clean.

”Good gurl,,, gurl???, That’s what people like you like to be called, isn’t it.. Yes my little gurly, gurl..”

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