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When Beth walked into the room and I was standing there rubbing my cock with her panties, I thought I was dead. I thought my wife Tina had taken our son and his new bride to go get some food while I fixed a door in the closet. It had taken me two minutes. Then I had found the bag of dirty clothes and pulled out the silky red ones I had seen as I carried a load in earlier in the day. All morning I had thought about those panties; that and Beth’s beautiful body.

The girl is almost as tall as I am; thin as a rail with one very notable exception. She has got to have D cup tits! I swear to God they look enormous especially when she is wearing tight fitting tops. Today her top was not just tight it also showed most of her sculpted abs and the shorts she wore kept showing way more ass crack than she knew! When my wife asked if I wanted to go get a bite with them, I had seized my opportunity to finally get some relief from having been staring and “bumping into” Beth all morning.

But now…? I felt my whole self just turn to ice and melt through the floor as I sat there on the edge of her mattress, those red satin panties wrapped around my thick leaking cock and her standing there in the door way holding a beer. “Beth! Oh my God I’m so sorry I….”

She put the beer on the top of the dresser and came over and knelt down on the floor in front of me. I did not know what to say as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. Without a word, she pulled her shirt up, hooked her fingers under the bottom of her sport bra and in one motion she raised the whole thing up and over her head, shaking her long black hair free of the garments. I stared at her swinging tits!

“You better keep going if you are going to cum before they get back with the pizza.” That was all she said before rising up and resting her forearms along my thighs and running her fingernails over my hips.

I gulped. I had instantaneously lost a lot of the strength of my erection when I saw her and while I leaked a lot, my rigidity was gone. I gave myself a couple of quick squeezes and then said, “I’m sorry. I’ll just…”

“Here let me help.” She pulled my hands away and then took her panties and raised them to my mouth. “Open wide and taste my pussy. I wore these last night right before I fucked your son. I bet you can still taste me in them!” She stuffed them in my lips then grabbed my soft cock and held it to her lips, which eagerly gobbled me up.

In no time, the little whore had me hard. The spit of my mouth on the gusset of her underwear released the scent of her pussy and it was almost as if she was sitting on my face! Her mouth though was what was incredible. She had pulled me rigid in less than a minute and then as she stroked my shaft with her hand she sucked, licked and teased my cock to the very edge of existence in about five minutes!

I was just thinking about asking her where she wanted me to cum when she let me pop out of her mouth. “Lay on your back,” she said with a voice that was thick with lust. She then got up and leaned over me with those big tits hanging to either side of my throbbing cock. “Squeeze them together, Daddy. Guys are always wanting to fuck my tits and I love having you shoot your cum on them and clear up my chin and on my lips! Mmmm yeah, that’s it. Use my fucking big tittiess to get that fat cock of yours to blow.”

“Cum for me old man! Show me how badly you want me! Use me like a whore. I want to make you cum screaming like I do your little boy! That’s it Daddy, give me your baby batter! I want to see what kind of a f****y I married into. Cum for me Daddy! Oh my god I am so close. Shoot it Daddy!! Make me cum!”

I was thrusting between her soft pillows and squeezing and pulling on her long hard nipples when I felt the white gold of my f****y jewels melt and froth and then explode up and out of me! The first rope hit her bottom lip and the next her chin and throat! After that, my eyes crossed and I was roaring like the 3:00 express train! There was nothing going to stop me and whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

I felt her stand up and opened my eye to see her pick up the panties that I had blown out of my mouth. She wrapped them around my cock and with three or four mind numbing twists and wipes she had my cock fairly well clean. She then tossed the underwear back into the laundry bag before leaning over me and giving me a long sensuous kiss. “I think I am going to enjoy being a part of your f****y!” She whispered. Laughing she stood up, picked up her top and scampered into the bathroom. “You better get yourself covered. I don’t know what your wife would think, but your son was not expecting me to seduce you at least in the first year!” she called.

My head was spinning as I reached down and pulled up my pants.


I just had to get this fantasy out there. It popped into my mind when a girl this kind of build was standing in front of me this afternoon at lunch!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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