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Caught flashing and severely punished

Caught flashing and severely punished

I was in a park which had a long winding path. I had stripped naked in the bushes and was walking along the path, my huge freshly shaved 10 inch long fat cock was rock hard, I was looking for women to flash to. I love flashing to women and girls, to wank in front of them and spunk as they watch. Suddenly I heard female voices approaching along the path. I jumped into the bushes and peeped out. Two young women aged around 19 rounded a bend in the path. When they were a couple of feet from me, I jumped out of the bushes and stood wanking in front of them. They stopped dead, they gasped, their eyes wide with surprise. After a few seconds of silence, they burst out laughing. My heart was pounding, I was trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement as they shouted insults, they called me “wanker”, “pervert”, “filthy cunt” “fucking p**o” and other names. I was close to cumming. But I hadn’t heard two women and two men approaching me from behind.
The two women (Alice and Jane) threw me to the ground and began to kick me around.
“Filthy fucking cunt” Jane growled, “You should be castrated you bastard”
The two men, (Peter and Alan) two huge back guys, and the two young women (Tracy and Mary) gathered round to kick me all over. I cried out in pain and twisted around as they kicked me, I was crying, I begged them to stop. When they got tired, the guys dragged me to my feet and held me firmly as the women and girls kicked me hard in the balls over and over again. I screamed in agony, struggled around but the guys held me tight. I was close to passing out when they stopped.
“Let’s take him home and give him a really good beating” Alice said.
“Good idea” said Jane, she grabbed my balls and twisted them. “We’re going to torture you and make these suffer you sick fucking pervert” she snarled at me.
“We might even cut them off and make you eat them” Alice laughed.
“Can we come with you and join in?” asked Tracy.
“Certainly” Jane said, “But we hope you’re not too timid”
“Yes” said the Alice, “Because we are very, very sadistic, we’re going to smash him to bits and totally destroy his cock and balls, would you be capable of watching very extreme torture and maybe join in?”
The girls replied enthusiastically “Yes” and the black guys, holding me firmly, marched me down the path as the women followed behind. I was sobbing with fear.
“Please, my clothes” I sobbed as we passed by the gap in the bushes where I had hidden them. Jane punched me in the balls, I screamed.
“You won’t be needing clothes where you’re going” she snarled.
They marched me naked to the car park, I was sobbing with shame and terror. Their cars were parked in the middle of the park, several drivers and passers bye saw me being led naked across the park, they all laughed and called out insults. They bundled me into the boot of one car then they drove to the couple’s house.
It was a secluded house on the outskirts of town, they pulled me out of the boot and dragged me to a barn. On opening the barn doors, the girls gasped in surprise, the barn had been converted into a fully equipped torture chamber, I sobbed at the sight, I was terrified, I knew I was going to suffer. In the middle of the barn was a steel torture table and a gynecologic chair, the wall were adorned with racks of whips and vicious looking torture implements.
Alice held me firmly while Jane delivered enormous kicks to my balls as I struggled and screamed. The two girls stood watching, gasping at each kick as the two men stripped naked. The men advanced towards me, their huge clean shaven cocks sticking straight out in front of them, the girls cried out in astonishment.
“My god” Tracy exclaimed, “Those are huge cocks!!!”
Peter and Alan stood beside the girls, they took their hands and placed them on their enormous cocks.
“Stroke us girls” Peter said. The girls wanked them slowly, their eyes wide in surprise at the hardness of their huge, hot black cocks. While they stroked the guys, the two men put their hands up the girl’s short skirts and stroked their soaking wet pussies through their thin panties. As the four of them fondled each other, Alice and Jane put various torture instruments on a trolley and wheeled it next to the gynecological chair. Then they slammed me face down on the torture table, my ankles tied to the base of the table’s legs with a leg spreader between my knees to keep my legs spread wide, my wrists were tied to the other table legs and a wide strap fastened across my back. In this way, I was totally immobile. The two men came up behind me, Peter rammed his huge black cock up my arse, I screamed. The two women began to undress.
“Make yourselves comfortable” Jane said to the girls, “Strip off so we can deal with this filthy pervert together”
As Peter ****d me savagely, the girls stripped naked, they were both clean shaven, and the four women gathered round to watch. They all had shaved pussies, Alice put a hand between Tracy’s legs and stroked her bald lips gently, her pussy began to get wet.
“What a lovely pussy” Alice commented, running a finger gently between the young girls soaking wet lips, “Do you like having it licked?”
“Oh god yes” Tracy sighed.
Alice put her other hand between Mary’s legs and fingered her cunt. Mary gasped.
“What about you Mary, do you like it too?”
“Oooh yes” she replied, panting, “And I love being fucked hard too, your husbands have enormous cocks, I’d love them to fuck me hard, one up my arse and the other in my cunt at the same time” Alice laughed.
“We’ll arrange that later” she said.
“And I’d love to suck them until they come in my mouth” Tracy added, “I love the taste of spunk”
Peter finished r****g me, shooting his hot thick spunk deep up my hole. He was immediately replaced Alan whose cock was even fatter, I groaned as he penetrated me brutally. The women stood watching, fingering themselves vigorously.
Starting with Alice, the four women came to stand in front of me and one after the other, the f***ed my screaming mouth onto their pussies and came in my mouth. Alan finished r****g me with a powerful thrust, his sperm jetting deep into my bowels then withdrew from my hole.
I was sobbing in pain and shame, my hole was on fire, ripped open by the huge cocks. Alice and Jane released me from the table and attached me solidly to the gynecological chair, my legs in the air. Alice took a cricket bat and smashed me in the balls, I howled in agony, twisting and struggling in the chair. She smashed my balls again, and again, six hard strokes in total then handed the bat to Jane. Smiling sadistically, Jane smashed my balls six times as well before handing the bat to Mary, then Tracy. They continued, each one taking turns with the bat, until I passed out.
When I came round, I was still attached to the chair and there were 4 other men and two other women in the barn, all naked. While I had been u*********s, they had phoned some friends and invited them round.
“Good” Jane said, “You’re back with us, we can continue”
“No please” I blubbered, “No more please, I won’t do it again”
“Fucking liar” Alice snapped, “Perverts like you are incapable of stopping your disgusting acts, the only way to stop you is to destroy your filthy cock and balls, you disgusting cunt”
“Maybe we should castrate the bastard” Jane said sadistically. I began to cry and tremble with terror.
“No please I beg you, don’t castrate me, I’ll do anything you want I promise” I sobbed, trembling with fear. Alice laughed.
“No not yet Jane” she said, “We’ll castrate him one day but in the meantime, we’re going to have a lot of fun with his cock and balls, the fucking pervert is really going to suffer”
“Can’t we at least cut his nipples off?” Jane asked.
“Yeah, great idea, you can do that with pleasure, maybe the girls would like to help you” Alice said.
“Oh yes, that would be great” the two girls replied.
As Alice prepared the trolley with equipment, the six men stood round my head and f***ed their cocks down my throat, they face-fucked me savagely, shooting their spunk down my throat making me swallow it all as the young girls watched fingering themselves.
When the men had all finished cumming in my mouth, Jane told the girls to stand on either side of my chest. She handed Mary a pair of long-nosed pliers and told her to stretch my first nipple up as far as possible. She gave Tracy a flat bladed knife and told her to heat it up in the flame of a Bunsen burner. Then using a blunt scalpel, she began to slowly, very slowly, cut the nipple off. I screamed in agony as she worked, using the scalpel in slow sawing movements until the nipple finally detached from my body. Then she told Tracy to place the red hot knife on the wound to cauterize it. The smell of burning flesh filled the air and my screams reached a new crescendo.
“Now you know how to do it” Jane said, “Cut the other one off yourselves”
As the two girls worked on my other nipple Jane and the two other women whipped my cock and balls with heavy leather straps while Alice placed thirty long, thick needles on the trolley. My screams intensified even more as Mary slowly, very slowly sawed off my second nipple. When she had finished, Alice wheeled the trolley between my legs.
“Good work girls” she said, “Now we’re going to show you how to torture a pervert’s balls”
She took a needle, heated it up in the flame until it was red hot then pushed it slowly through my balls as I howled in agony. Alice, the two other women and the two girls repeated the operation, pushing the needles through my balls from different angles, Alice put more needles on the trolley, in the end there were 50 needles piercing my balls, as the last one was pushed through, I passed out again.
When I came round, I had been let down from the chair and I was solidly attached to the table, my legs spread wide. One after the other, the men ****d me over and over again for two hours as the women and girls pissed in my mouth and made me lick their pussies and arseholes. When the men had finished, all the women fisted my spunk filled arsehole savagely.
Then they released me, cuffed my wrists behind my back and cuffed my ankles, the cuffs joined together with a short chain, the tied my balls up tightly and dragged me to their, they threw me into the boot.
After a short drive, the boot opened and they dragged me out, I was in a car park. Alice hung a five kilo weight from my balls.
“Right pervert” she snarled, “Because you like being naked in public, you’re going to walk back to the park like that to get your clothes. It’s two miles that way” she said pointing to the exit of the car park, “We’ll be waiting for you there with your clothes but don’t take too long, we’ll wait for you for an hour, if you’re not there we’ll leave with your clothes and you’ll have to find a solution to detach yourself” She pushed my towards the exit, kicking my buttocks. With that they got in their car and drove away laughing.
I took side streets, hoping not to meet anyone on the way. I could only hobble forward because of the short chain between my ankles, I couldn’t cover my cock with my wrists cuffed behind me, the weight on my balls swung back and forth painfully. Several times I crossed women and girls, some of them laughed, others insulted me, some of them punched me, slapped me and spat in my face. I arrived at the park just as Alice, Jane and the two girls were about to leave.
“It’s about time” Alice snarled as she released me from the cuffs and took the weight from my balls. She threw my clothes at me and ordered me to get dressed.
“Cover yourself you prick” she sneered, “We’ve seen enough of your disgusting cock” Jane had my wallet in her hand.
“Now we know your name, your address and telephone number” she said, “So this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to drive you back to your place, we want to inspect your apartment”
They dragged me to their car and threw me into the boot once more. In my flat, they made me strip naked again and searched all my cupboards and drawers. They found my large collection of porn mags, my dildos and my women’s clothes. They laughed.
“You like dressing up as a girl?” Jane asked.
“Yes mistress” I replied, my face burning red with shame.
“You really are disgusting” Alice snarled. Jane took a hold all and packed all my clothes inside, all they left me with was a padded bra, a frilly top and a very short mini-skirt … no panties.
“Right” Jane said, “You’ve got one week to arrange your affairs then we’re going to take you as our slave. We’re going to build a prison in our cellar in which you will live, you will only be brought out to be ****d, tortured and humiliated”
“Yes” Alice added, “You belong to us now for the rest of your miserable life you filthy cunt, eventually we will castrate you in public and make you eat your disgusting balls”
“We’re leaving you some women’s clothes, if you need to go shopping, you’ll have to go as a woman” Jane added. Alice laughed.
“Like that the whole neighborhood will know what a filthy pervert you are” she said.
With that they left. I sobbed, my balls were black and swollen, my arsehole on fire and still full of spunk. During the next week the two student girls came round three times accompanied by several of their friends from the university. They all howled with laughter when I answered the door dressed as a girl. Each time they whipped me, kicked my balls, fisted me, made me wank in front of them and swallow my spunk then they pissed in my mouth. A week later, Alice and Jane came to get me.
They led me down naked, wrists cuffed behind me to their car. Several of my neighbors saw me and called out insults. While they bundled me into the boot, three women approached and spat in my face. At their house they led me down to the cellar.
They had had constructed 3 cages, one was tall and very thin, I could only be locked inside standing up, the second I could only be put in sitting down, the bench inside had a 30 inch long and 20 inch round vibrating dildo fixed to it, the third was a cube in which I was put inside curled up into a ball. From that moment on, according to the women’s whims, I was kept in one of the cages the whole time except when I was taken out to do the housework or get fucked hard, whipped, tortured and humiliated.
I am of course kept naked at all times with my balls tied up tightly and a huge plug f***ed all the way up my arsehole. After I’m brought out every morning to serve as their toilet (they shit and piss in my mouth, I must swallow it all then lick their arseholes and pussies clean) I do the housework. I am supervised by one of the women who whips me for the slightest reason (real or imaginary).
Every day I am taken to the torture chamber, hung by the wrists and whipped severely over my whole body, back and front, from my neck to my ankles. Sometimes in the afternoon, they take me out to a gay meeting place in the forest to be fucked hard by strange men. In the evenings, they invite groups of men (at least ten each time) to **** me brutally. They also invite other women to torture me.
The tortures always started with a “warm up”, the women smashed my balls with cricket bats for thirty minutes? They gave me injections to keep me awake and accentuate the pain. Then it was cock and ball piercing with red hot needles, each day they try to put more and more needles through them … I am now at 200 needles through my balls and 100 through my cock. Then comes the acid. Little drops of sulphuric acid dripped onto my cock head and down my urethra. Once a month, they cut open my ball sack, take out my balls and torture them with cigarettes and a red hot soldering iron before sewing the sack back up after having soaked them in surgical alcohol.
The aim is to totally destroy both my cock and balls before castrating me in public, which they plan to do this Christmas. The ultimate aim is to turn me into a woman (they have started giving me hormone injections to give me breasts, they are already starting to grow and are now the size of those of a teenage girl). Next year, after my castration, I will be made to suffer a penis amputation (without anesthetics of course). Once I am a woman, they plan to turn me into a prostitute, hiring me out to sadistic men and women to be ****d, beaten and torture.
My mistresses have ordered me to write this account a s warning to other flashers and different types of pervert so that they will know what will happen once they’re caught.

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