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Caught Shaving – Returning the Favour

Caught Shaving – Returning the Favour

This is for those who enjoyed ‘Caught Shaving. It may be helpful for others if you read the earlier story. That’s if you want to know how we got to where we are. I’ve had trouble writing this part and so Astrid, who is looking over my shoulder pressing her firm boobs into upper arm, suggests that she should tell this part. Agreeing we exchange places and I watch her settling her unforgettable naked body in front of the computer. Before going to get a coffee I watch from the doorway as she starts typing one handed. The other hand is gently grazing her pussy as she recalls the day ‘I returned the favour’ to my step daughter. P.S. She normally calls me Dad or Dave and never Daddy, unless she’s planning on or being ‘naughty’.

Daddy is still whistling three days after having a weekend of ‘welcome home sex’ with Mom. I was sent to my friends so that I didn’t cramp their style. I’ve seen pictures of Mom at my age and if I’m as good looking as her when I get to 38 I will be very happy. Like me she has great looks, perfect pale Scandinavian skin and an hourglass figure; her firm 36Cs boobs balances out her peach of a bum when seen in profile. She wears tops that cover her cleavage and upper breasts, very necessary in reducing the attention from the British Lads. I on the other hand enjoy showing my unmarried curves and relish the extra attention.

“Hi Daddy, has Mom gone shopping?” Dad immediately says yes then realises that I’ve called him Daddy. “Good because I need your shaving skills! I’m going out with Jonathan tonight and he won’t go down on me unless I’m presentable.” “Astrid that’s tooo muc…..” I place a finger on his lips before I kiss him. As if that didn’t take his breath away I slide a hand down his firm 40 something body stopping at his semi hard dick. He opens his mouth as a low moan escapes and I take the opportunity to drive my young tongue between his lips. His dick instantly flexes and hardens. Slipping Dad’s running pants over his hips with his underwear, I take hold of his now upward pointing shaft. Tickling his balls I say, “If you do a great job as a barber, I may reward this lovely dick of yours with a little playtime. It’s not the biggest dick I’ve seen, sorry Daddy but you describe me and Mom for the men reading so I thought the ladies might like to know. Don’t get too disappointed ladies, if you get a chance take it. It’s above average and DADDY knows how to use it, as I was soon to find out. Ladies, don’t let his tongue work on your clit and/or pussy either or you’ll never want him to leave. Well Mom and me, I found out after a slow start, can’t get enough. Leading Dad by his dick to my bedroom he is surprised that I’ve laid out everything he is going to need. Letting go of his dick I slip off my short skirt and Dad’s dick jumps as he finds that I’m without panties. I sit on the bed and lie back, legs apart. “And the rest?” Dad demands. My tiny tank top only just covers the base of my boobs and can’t possible be in the way. I start to protest but he says. “The top off or I’m off!” “Very poetetic Daddy” I respond. Even though I didn’t believe he would leave I happily slipped it over my head and lie back. Yes, pantyless and braless. Dad stands rooted to the spot. This is the first time he has ever, and I mean ever, seen me naked. His 40 year old dick is bouncing in rhythm with his heart beat as he stares at my beauty. I’m getting turned on displaying myself and seeing the lust in his eyes. Is he going to take me where I lie, out stretched and venerable or will he control himself long enough to shave me?
“Daddy!” I raise my voice, “Daddy,” He shakes himself and apologises. Picking up his trimmers he moves in close. Close enough to smell my excitement. I chuckle as I watch him tremble. His hand firmly holds my thigh just below my pussy. “Do you want it all off or what?” “Will you trim it into a triangle and if Jonathan wants less then YOU can take a little more off NEXT TIME. OK?” I laugh at Dad’s discomfort as he starts the trimmers and moves in even closer. He gingerly trims the long hairs and then shapes down one side stopping half an inch above my clit. Daddy then rests the vibrating trimmer against my hooded clit. It’s my turn to shake as he wakes my pussy up. Dad takes tooooo much time blowing and wiping the cut hairs away. I moan softly in disappointment as he takes the trimmers once more and sculpts the other side. Dad is no longer nervous and takes pleasure in the enjoyment the trimmers cause me, as he once again holds them down on my hooded clit. He doesn’t linger as long this time before he picks up the trimmers and straightens the top line of the triangle. The final few strokes of the trimmers cut the remaining long hairs giving a close blonde crop. I raise myself up peering over my ample breasts as I watch Daddy eagerly applying cool shaving gel. I don’t shave often but I’m sure that it doesn’t take that long to work the foam in! Daddy finally stood back to admire his handy work. His dick is showing no signs of losing interest. Taking his razor, Dad’s strong hand holds my skin tight as he takes the first swipe. He seems to have forgotten that he’s shaving his step daughter’s female bits and efficiently shaves the top and sides forming a perfect triangle. His constant touching of my pubic zone has got me squirming and occasionally his touch causes me to involuntary thrust my hips. Daddy wipes the shaved area with a towel which catches my clit causing my pussy and abs to clench as a mini orgasm ripples through me. Dad is delighted with his handy works. He can clearly see moisture glistening along the line of my pussy-lips. Looking up to me we make eye contact momentarily before my heaving bosom has his full attention. He can’t resist a long grope of his teenaged step daughter’s breasts. Reluctantly his hands leave my aching nipples before sliding under my knees. With one swift movement he raises my legs. He happily says “Sorry Astrid. I got a little more to do.” “Yea right Daddy! You do look disappointed, NOT! Well if you must?” I giggle. Dad asks me to move further up the bed and hold my ankles then to let my legs part. He pushes my thighs against my torso and I adjust my grip holding the backs of my knees. My pussy and anus are beautifully displayed and framed between my upper thighs. I jump as cold shaving foam covers my expose parts. He gently and thoroughly works the foam in. His fingers massage the foam close to my labia causing the hood to rub my clit. Another mini orgasm has my body tremble which causes Dad to smile; he knows he has me wanting more. I catch him taking a glimpse at the bedside clock and seeing the time he realises Mom won’t be too much longer. He takes his razor and swipes away. He washes and dries my intimate areas with a little more haste. He applies shaving balm to his strong hands and starts massaging it in. The areas of my pussy NOT shaved seem to need more balm than the shaved areas! But Daddies know best. I jump as Dad starts working the balm around my anus! His actions have me clawing at the sheets beneath me, reaching my third mini orgasm. I’ve shaved before but it’s not been so much fun. I’m still holding my legs close to my chest as Daddy inspects his work. I can feel his breathing on my pussy causing me to release a trickle of lady juice. He runs a finger along my slit stopping at my clit. I groan loudly and beg for more. A finger slides my hood up exposing my clit fully. Taking this opportunity Daddy blows on my clit causing me to wet myself further. I can feel Dad slip a wayward finger along my lips and I watch him put that finger in his mouth and savour my juice. I’ve never been so aroused or my pussy so wet. Dad’s tongue is introduced to my clit for the very first time. For the next half an hour Dad sucks, licks and ploughs my pussy and surrounding zone. Never knowing what will come next. My sixth and strongest ever orgasm explodes. All I could do is scream obscenities and hug my knees tighter as I squirm and shake uncontrollably. I’m gasping for air as I try to regain my composure. I feel Daddy’s knees slide against my hips and kneel on the bed just below my bum. His dick rests on my burning labia. This touch has my hips automatically rocking trying to encourage some firmer treatment or at least to tease my clit.

‘Oooohhh Daddy,’ Dad has interrupted my story. He has come up behind me and cupped my boobs. He’s weighing them in his warm palms and now his fingers and thumbs are tweaking and stretching my already aroused nipples. My pussy is tingling from Daddy’s fondling, my own touching and re-living our story. As my excitement grows I can feel I’m wetting his leather chair. The room is filled with the unmistakable aroma of an aroused female. I need to take a little break as Daddy is now on all fours crawling between my thighs. He’s looking into my eyes and I can see his tongue is just about to torment my clit. ‘OoooooH Gooooood.’

Sorry for the break. I’m still shaking a little but I must finish this story quickly. Then I AM GOING TO FUCK DADDY and leave begging for more! He’ll have to quench his needs when Mom comes back. Just like before!

Dad then slides his dick just below my love tube and presses his dick–head against my entrance. I give an encouraging moan as I lift my head and probably looking quite flushed I say. “Great job Daddy. Why don’t you slip him in and get me off? Again.” I flop back and release my legs as Daddy holds one and pushes his nob in just an inch or two. Now with both hands on my thighs he pushes in. I roll my head back and grunt approval with every thrust. Feeling full of Daddy’s dick I thrust my hips triggering Dad into fucking me. Within seconds I’m lost in the most blissful feelings a woman can ever have. I scream for my loving Daddy to fuck me. If I thought my earlier orgasm was the best possible, I was wrong. Daddy has me blabbering like an idiot and after several minutes of sheer bliss I blackout. My hansom step Dad immediately stops. As I come round I’m wrapped in his strong arms and he’s apologising for hurting me. The daft sod! I couldn’t be more happy. I rest my hand on his drooping dick and looking up into his caring chestnut eyes and ask, “Did you Cum Daddy?” “No but I was close. May be another time?” I move down to give him a blow job to finish him off but he stops me as we hear Mom’s car returning.
We hurriedly dress and as Dad turns to leave my room I hand him my handcuffs and say, “You deserve to cum. Go and get Mom to fuck you.” “Astrid, don’t talk that way about your Mom.” “Don’t you want the cuffs then?” He didn’t give them back until the weekend.
I asked what happened but all he said is, “I’ll show you next time Karoline goes away.”

I can’t wait to fine out. Can you?

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