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Chastity Locked Midget

“Hey, E,” Shayla Fields greeted her baby daddy.
“Hey, sexy,” smiled the tall, slim former high school basketball star. “Wassup?”
“I gotta work over. Can you pick up Katelyn from my Uncle Lamar’s house,” she inquired referring to their ten-month old baby daughter.
“Yeah. What time?”
“As soon as you can go.”
“Aiight bet! I’ma head out in five.”

Errol Reynolds locked the door of his efficiency apartment and hopped into his black 2010 Ford Focus sedan. He sped down the highway eager to retrieve his youngest c***d. He had two others – both boys. He was a stereotypical young Black man – he would admit that to himself often. He was twenty-three with three k**s by three different women. He sold d**gs. He had been locked up for a year in the county jail for third-degree theft. He loved to watch sports and play video games on his Xbox 360. All of that being said, Errol was a great father. He was determined to be an active part in his c***dren’s lives since his own dad had always been a deadbeat. He hadn’t talk to his pops in over a year. And, he was more than fine with that. He wasn’t on c***d support for any of his k**s, but he gave each of his baby mommas a thousand bucks each month. He was a very successful d**g dealer, but tried hard to keep a low profile.

Errol made it to the trailer park where Shayla’s uncle lived. He turned down the lane and brought his car to a rest in front of a tan double-wide mobile home. He got out and flicked his cigarillo on the ground. He was dressed in an A.K.O.O. plaid short-sleeve shirt, a gray Jordan baseball cap, medium-wash loose fit jeans from American Eagle, and a pair of red and white Nike Lunar Caldra sneakers. He was also decked out with his 14 carat gold analog Kingsman watch, his 30-inch 10 millimeter Miami Cuban Curb gold chain, and a set of cubic zirconia stud earrings that were set in gold. With the way he dressed, walked, and talked, it was no wonder he had women coming at him for all directions.

Errol knocked on the door.

Uncle Lamar answered and said, “Hey there!”
“What’s up? Where’s Katelyn,” the father inquired.
“She’s asl**p in her playpen. I just put her down for a nap.”
“Good. Go get changed.”

Errol watched the four-foot-eight-inch, light-skinned midget walk down the hallway. He checked on his daughter. Then, he went to the fridge a got a beer. He was sitting on the sofa when Lamar returned. His baby momma’s uncle was now wearing a light blue sequined ballerina corset.

Errol jumped up and rushed over to the forty-one year-old little person. He hugged him and said in his baritone voice, “I missed my tiny li’l faggot.”
“Really, sexy,” asked Lamar.
“Hell yeah! Look at you in dis damn tutu and shit!”
“I’m glad you like it, baby! I ordered just for you.”
“You a good li’l midget bitch boi.”
“Thank you, sir! I’ve been so horny. I wanted to jack off yesterday.”
“Fah real,” Errol laughed. “I left the key at home.”
“No problem.”
“I know. I like seeing your li’l bitty dicky locked up in chastity,” Errol referred to the stainless steel cock cage he had put on Lamar three weeks ago. “Let’s go to your bedroom.”

Lamar sashayed. He wasn’t wearing heels like he did the first time Errol fucked him because the dominant man wanted him to be as short as possible. As he switched, Errol swatted his big firm bubble booty.

“You make mah dick so got damn hard, fag,” Errol announced.
“Thank you, daddy,” purred the high yellow little person.

Lamar and Errol entered the master suite. Lamar pulled unbuckled Errol’s jeans. Errol was free-balling. His nine-and-a-half-inch rod was hard as a rock. Lamar leaned down and began to suck it. Errol groaned with delight as he took off his shirt.

“Suck dat dick, you li’l ass pretty midget,” Errol said. “You my pussyboi! Eat dat dick, sissy!”

Lamar went hard with the blowjob. His slobber was running down Errol’s long shaft.

“Yeah, bitch,” Errol exclaimed. “Get on da bed.”

Lamar hopped onto the queen-size waterbed. He tooted his ass in the air. Errol knelt down and started licking Lamar’s brown asshole.

“Oh, baby,” cried the dwarf. “I love the way that feels.”

Errol smacked Lamar’s butt. Then, he stood up. He pushed his thick tool inside of Lamar.

Lamar screamed, “Oh, shit!”
“Yeah, faggot. Take dis dick,” ordered Errol. “I’ma open dis pussy hole back up, slut!”
“Yes, daddy! Fuck my boipussy.”
“Fuck yeah, faggot! You my bitch!”
“I’m all yours, baby!”

Errol picked up speed as he pounded harder and harder. Lamar was whining.

“Flip over, bitch! I wanna see dat locked up clitty when I fuck you,” Errol commanded.

Lamar complied with his lover’s wish. Errol went back in Lamar’s open rectum.

“Dat booty hole creamin’ and shit,” Errol shared.
“You make it wet, Errol,” Lamar cooed.
“Dat’s wassup, sissy!”
“Fuck me, sexy! I love your big dick.”
“You da best fuck I ever I had. You be takin’ all dees inches in yo’ li’l midget ass boipussy!”
“Yes, sir!”
“When da last time you got fucked?”
“The last time was with you.”
“Oh, bitch! Can I pimp yo’ li’l midget sissy faggot ass out.”
“You can do whatever you like.”
“Dat’s uh good bitch! Look at dat small thang all locked up and shit!”
“You like it, daddy?”

Suddenly, they heard Katelyn crying from the other side of the trailer.

Errol told Lamar, “I’ma nut real quick.”
“Do it, daddy,” begged the babysitter.

Errol hefted in and out of Lamar. His big, fat dick was covered in ass juice. He finally gave his seed to Lamar.

The host blew a kiss at his top. He got up and went the master bedroom to retrieve a rag. He turned on the hot water and wetted it for Errol. He walked back out and handed it over. Errol cleaned himself. Lamar went up front to check on Katelyn. He picked her and bounced her around. He warmed up the baby’s bottle. As she began taking her formula she cooled down and relaxed.

Errol appeared fully dressed again. He took Katelyn from her great-uncle. Lamar threw the baby bag over his right shoulder.

“I’ma come back tah-morrah. I might bring da key so you can skeet,” Errol spoke.
“Thank you, baby,” Lamar gleamed.
“Yeah. I’m telling my homeboy, Fred, to come fuck yo ass tonight.”
“Yeah. I’ma let you know after I talk to dat nigga.”
“Is he going to pay you?”
“Damn straight. Bye, bitch “

Errol walked out of the house. He strapped his daughter in the baby seat and headed out. He decided he could wait another week to fuck Lamar. He drove home and imagined the next time they would be together.

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